Surprise! I Redid Our Master Bedroom Again! {Navy and Coral Bedroom}

Yes you read that right. Let me tell you one more time in case you missed it…but I redid our bedroom again!! This makes #4 I think? There wasn’t anything wrong with the old room, but it was just lacking. Lacking life, lacking coziness, and lacking personality. I like the word lack today apparently. But once we got in the new upholstered bed, everything was just grey. Grey I love, but the grey walls, grey bed and grey curtains were just too much together. So now, here is a room I love. Our new navy and coral bedroom!

Navy Bedroom

Hello new full of life room! And I’m bringing accent walls back y’all. When I hinted to you all last week about this secret project, I only showed you the white wall…so I hope you are shocked with the blue wall! :)

Here is the before.

Upholstered Bed

Pretty drastic yes? I have Sherwin Williams to thank for it since they asked me if I wanted to be a part of National Painting Week, and I’m of course like YES!! It was the perfect opportunity to do something with our room that’s always been that not so perfect room in my eyes, and to really have fun with it. I chose the color blue to work with because I have been drooling over navy spaces lately. And pair that with coral and orange and I go bananas.

And what do you think of Ms. Peacock?

Sherwin Williams Naval Paint

That was a total non-usual Emily purchase (at Homegoods) and I’m so glad I went for it.

Isn’t that navy blue color fabulous? It’s of course Sherwin Williams in Naval. It’s a rich and true navy blue and not royal blue, which I did not want.

We used their Emerald line of paints.

Sherwin Williams Emerald Paint

I’ve been using the Emerald a lot lately and love it. It covers great and goes on super smooth. I used the matte finish in both colors. I just did the 1 wall in the navy blue, and the rest of the walls and the ceiling I painted white (SW Alabaster), the same color as our kitchen cabinets.

Blue Accent Wall

I love the coziness of the dark moody blue and then the crisp clean white. It’s refreshing. I wasn’t sure about white walls, but I am loving them.

I found this great ikat chair at Homegoods too and it fit in perfectly with the room.

Ikat Chair

Now these curtains. Can we talk about them for a sec? They were a TOTAL splurge from Anthropologie. But oh my heavens they were totally worth it and I don’t regret that purchase one bit.

Bedroom Sitting Area

A close up of this gorgeous hand-stitched fabric and detail on them.

Anthro Curtains

They were meant to be. Navy and coral curtains? Nearly impossible to find. Don’t believe me, try and google some. So I thought and thought about these for several days before purchasing. So glad I did!  Not so glad that I’m addicted to Anthro now, but oh well.

The bedding and pillows I ordered online from Echo.

Coral Pillows

I’ve complained numerous times about duvet covers and how they make me want to pull my hair out strand by strand, so I’m happy to say this is NOT a duvet and just a comforter. It makes life much easier for me. One day maybe I will get the hang of duvet covers, but until then…

White Accent Wall

Here is a full room shot so you can see more of the white walls and ceiling.

Navy and Coral Bedroom

The new pictures hanging on the wall are all from Homegoods. They were on clearance too except the peacock. I think I paid $60 for her? The little wooden half-moon table was from Marshall’s on clearance for $35 too because of a broken leg that I fixed.

The big mirror above the bed I had (from Kirkland’s), and the other small accent mirrors are the Target Threshold mirrors that come 3 in a box. They don’t look impressive in the box at the store, but once you hang on the wall no one will know they are like plastic. :) I gave them a little rub n’ buff rub down too to give them a little more brassy effect.

Aren’t these orange tulips beautiful?

That pic was straight out of the camera with no edits. So vibrant!

Navy and Coral Room

And one more before for grins and giggles…

Upholstered Bed

And after!

Navy Bedroom

For even more grins and giggles, you can see the first bedroom makeover here, the second one here, and the 3rd one here. Wow. Be prepared for awful photography skills back then, have mercy on me. So this really is the 4th redo! I wonder how many I can do in my blogging career? Guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

Throughout this entire week some of my favorite bloggers are doing their own DIY projects in honor of National Painting Week too! Be sure and check out Amanda from Recycled Consign & Design today as she has transformed something with a shade of blue too, and then tomorrow you can look forward to some pops of orange from Design Crush & The Brick House so I hope you will follow along!

So are you shocked about the transformation? I hope so. That’s my goal in life–to keep y’all on your toes! :)  You ready to bring accent walls back? Oh yea baby.



*thanks to Sherwin Williams for sponsoring this project. And as always, all photos, musings, opinions are always mine.

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  1. That looks wonderful! I agree with you that there was nothing wrong with the way it was, it just could be better, and better it IS! I LOVEEEE those anthro curtains…and that hurts my soul and pocketbook. I hope you enjoy the space!

  2. Wow! Great job! Love it!

  3. Anonymous says:

    This new style is so much more chic than before. Although, the last one falls more in line with my personal taste… so if you are looking for a new home for that stuff…

    Isn’t it neat to see your own style evolve?

  4. Wow, that is an amazing transformation. It’s so bold, and seems so summery to me! Beautiful!

  5. Love, love, love, the navy. It’s my favorite color. I totally understand you doing your room over and over. Not everyone can understand the frustration one can have (myself) included . If I feel like a room is a little off. Or if I don’t think its just rite. My poor husband can tell you how frustrated he gets with me too Lol. Oh I have been eye balling those little sun bursts from Target. :). What a beautiful bedroom rest well!!!

  6. I would switch the peacock and the other one on the white wall, but otherwise your room is beautiful…i love anything coral…

  7. LOVE! STUNNING! So beautiful and colorful and full of pattern and it all works together perfectly! Amazing job! I just posted about our master bedroom too, though it wasn’t a ‘recent’ makeover, but it was “almost free”. Thanks for sharing your absolutely stunning and fabulous navy and coral DREAM!!
    Krista @thehappyhousie

  8. Emily, your bedroom is simply stunning!!! I’m in love with the colors. And I just know you have a secret love for UVA (blue & orange) as do me and my hubs ;-D. Nice job!


  10. EMILY! I love seeing the whole thing and how it came together. Those curtains were totally worth it :)

  11. Cindy Schwerdt says:

    Gorgeous, looks like something from a magazine.

  12. It looks amazing! I love the bold colors.

  13. Great job I was so excited to see what my fellow “blue” lover picked! Bravo!

  14. LOVE LOVE LOVE everything! Completely inspiring and makes me want to go in and redo everything in my bedroom! Fantastic job!

  15. Oh my goodness! That looks amazing! I wouldn’t want to leave my bedroom after a wonderful makeover like that!!!

  16. Love the bright colors! This looks great!!

  17. Love, love, love the color scheme…and am crushing on the mirror gallery wall!

  18. Really like your color combinations!! Totally inspiring! I do like your headboard as well. Did you make that?

  19. Gorgeous! The curtains are my favorite but that chair is a close second. I’ve already called around to all of our Homegoods and they are nowhere to be found. Time to go on a hunting expedition! The room looks amazing, great job!

    • Aw man I’m sorry! I have had it a little over a month now (had to finish this project a while back). Be sure and check out TJMaxx and Marshalls too since a lot of the same stuff is in all places.

  20. I love it all! The textures, the colors, the focus wall, the art. It is all fabulous! You did a fantastic job piecing it all together! Stunning! Definitely a place to relax and retreat to.

  21. LOVE! So, so pretty! One of my favorite outfits is navy and coral. I have been trying to convince my husband that we should paint our master that same color. I am definitely showing him this.
    I love the curtains, but don’t know if splurging will fit in my budget…
    I have seen some nice curtains at and I have been thinking about stenciling them to make them look like custom curtains.
    Anyway, thanks for the inspiration!

  22. Beautiful job! I am such a sucker for blues! I have noticed that glass/brass round table in several of your previous redo posts and I am curious where you found that gem?? I have been searching for a round one myself for my formal living room, and everything I see that is reasonably priced is square and so “box” looking. I’d love to know where I might find something like that if you’ll share :).

    • Hey Jen I found that on clearance at Homegoods too! I think it was about $35. They only had 1 but I’d like another one like it or similar. Check out the new one at Target in the threshhold line. It’s a brass wired table with a mirrored top I believe? And it’s $49 or $59. I want it! :)

  23. It must be my monitor, but the colors are navy and orange to me. Not coral at all. The room is very pretty; I’d have to go with a different comforter though.
    I still love accent walls so thanks for bringing them back. And being a BAMA fan, I’d never do blue and orange in room.

  24. I have an accent wall in my bedroom now…a deep teal. It is so elegant! However, I’m going to be moving by the end of June and I just saw an apt with a navy accent wall and my heart went pitty-pat. I loved it! So now, I’m going to go with navy too. :)

    I absolutely LOVE the Threshold line at Target. I started to buy those mirrors the other day, however, I thought I’d better see what I have here prior to making another purchase.

    Your room is stunning! Love the Anthro touch ~ and hey, doesn’t everyone have an Anthro addiction? ;-)


  25. BEE-YOOOOO-TI-FULL!!!!! I love your room. If only my hubster would let me do something like that, but alas, he is quite the boring person and only likes white walls (poo!). You did a fabulous job.

  26. i love it- blue is my fave color

  27. OH how pretty! I know it is really nice because my husband was impressed! Trust me, he can be a hard audience. He has a good eye for finished design (just a hard time imagining it up front…) And guess what??? I have a $50 gift card from Sherwin Williams!!!! Can you say happy, happy girl?!? :) yeppers buying primer to paint over a parrot green and mocha room! It’ll now be peppercorn & ???? (I want white but the boy is pretty admit about it not being white… now to see if i can come up with pictures to show him how cool it could look… if you see anything feel free to send it my way… this room is for a 13 yr old who will be a freshman in high school this fall. thanks in advance!!)

  28. Wow, Emily. I love every single details. The color palette is gorgeous, your accents are stunning and I love the mix of patterns! Beautiful work!

  29. Wow Emily! Each time you’ve redone your room it has looked great but this looks like you stepped into a high end magazine! You really have an eye for design, I love reading your blog and seeing how you make your rooms come to life with beauty! Love the colors you used it all just looks so fantastic :)

  30. I absolutely love your new room! I’m happy to see that the colors coral and orange have made a comeback. I adore your koi painting. Where can I get one?

  31. Really like the transformation it really has a WOW factor now. The Peacock picture is lovely.

  32. Oh, DC, this is stunning! I gasped aloud when I saw it!!!
    So fresh, indeed! Just in time for Spring…!

  33. I really love these colors together!!

  34. Are. You. Serious!!! This is so beyond fabulous!! I’m not even kidding, my mouth is still hanging open!! You did amazing on this!! AMAZING!

  35. Drastic indeed but it looks awesome! I especially love the mix of patterns.

  36. Re-doing your master bedroom for the fourth time was totally worth it. I was excited to see what you were working on and I admit I am totally envious :)
    Coral, orange, blue…the whole room is brimming with energy. Navy blue is a stunningly bold shade and has really brought the entire space to life. The curtain and bed linen add a piquant touch. The shades, textures and patterns are incredibly vibrant and they have worked together very harmoniously. The mirrors have teamed up really well with your new wall. No clumpy décor pieces. This is fantastic work!!!!

  37. It is beautiful!! I love it!

  38. I’m loving the navy and coral too. What a great bedroom!
    I understand about the pictures taken at the beginning, mine were horrendous too!

  39. Gorgeous!!! Love that blue and coral together!

  40. I LOOOOVE this Emily!! we are moving next month and you are tempting me to do this to our new bedroom!!

  41. So that was the “secret project”!!! BEAUTIFUL!!

  42. Shut the front door. Are you kidding me???? This is stunning! Holy smokes. I love every last detail, girl!

  43. Love, love, love that color combination! Beautiful room!

  44. Love the comforter and pillows but can’t find the website to order. My Google must be broke:(. Help me out?

  45. Love it! What is the name of the curtains. I love them but can’t find them. Thanks!

    • Nevermind – I found them! They didn’t show up under curtains where I was looking, but I was able to track them down in the sale section separately.

  46. Ashley Cosby says:

    Love, LOVE the room. Quick question, though. Did you get the gray bed or the pewter one from Joss and Main? Thanks!!! Ashley

  47. Do you happen to remember the style nameof the curtains? I’d love to try and find them on eBay! Love the room, I’m looking to do this same color combo in our bedroom :)

  48. WOooooooooooooooowwww… So beautiful colors and so pure beautiful styling… one of the most beautiful room i ever seen.. I also love that beautiful mirror frame <3

  49. Wooooooowwwwwww its holy beautiful… one of the most beautiful decoration mess i ever seen. I like specially that beautiful mirror frame <3

  50. Wow,,,,,, Awesomest decor ever

  51. Emily! I sent you an email via your website form. Did you receive it! Need your help!! SOS!


    PS: Love what you do!

  52. I love the colors!! I have blue in my entry way and its just so beautiful! I can’t find where you got your bed :) please share, I shee this style allot and love it but can’t seem to find the one that gives me a warm fuzzy.

  53. Jenelle Miller says:

    Can you send me the link to the website that you got the bedding from? I searched for echo but couldn’t find it?
    Thank you :)

  54. Jenelle Miller says:

    Can you send me the link to the website that you got the bedding from? I searched for echo, but couldn’t find anything. Thank you !

  55. Lovely BR and those curtains are to DIE for!!!!! I didn’t even know you could get crewel work anymore, such a colorful and rich look. You did right to snatch them up. And re: starburst mirrors– in my opinion they always make an impact, especially on that colored wall. I have to confess, bout a year ago I went on a rampage and hung a bunch of them on the long wall above my LR sofa. They looked great, and for very little money.

  56. Where did you get the bed frame/headboard? I love it

  57. LOVE this room! It’s the inspiration for my guest room. Can you share where the night stands are from? They’re a great alternative to all the square night stands I’m seeing and would love to get a pair for my room. Thanks!

  58. PLEASE HELP… I absolutely adore the coral and navy curtains you have pictured and they would go perfectly in my new house. Unfortunately, I can’t for the life if me find them, possibly as they were last years? What were they called?
    From a very envious fan! ;o)

    • Hey Clara, yea I don’t think they offer them anymore at Anthro. Such a bummer!!

    • Hi Clara – I did a little searching around on Google to try and find the name of these curtains too… I can’t find them anywhere unfortunately but the name of the curtain is Mansoa. They have a blue only version on eBay right now but I’m with you, I want the coral and blue. ;)

  59. Analisa Garza says:

    Hi! I love your comforter and the color and I’m actually looking into buying the same one but I was wondering is it soft or on the rougher side? I tried some today and they just weren’t really soft so before buying it I wanted to see if you thought it was pretty comfortable to sleep on! Thanks :)

    • I would say it’s medium soft. I actually prefer something softer and am just using a down blanket right now. :) It was ok for a while, but ended up making us hot.

  60. Hi, I think I am a year late on seeing this post, but the room is perfect! What is the name of the color of paint on the wall?
    Also as a side note, I only ever use duvets and the trick is to turn the duvet cover inside out then reach up through the inside and grab hold of the corners. Then grab the corresponding corners of the comforter while holding the cover still and do a giant big whoosh flip and flip it inside out. Viola!!! Cover is completely ON without stuffing tugging or sweating!


  61. I’m thinking of doing my bedroom with these same colors. I want the baseboards on the blue wall to be white, but I’m afraid it will look weird since the rest of the walls will be white. I can’t really see the baseboards in your pictures, what did you do?

  62. Hi! I am so in love with this room! I know its been awhile since you posted this, so I figured I would ask. If and when you decide to change things up a bit, will you please email me? I would love to buy the curtains and blue pillow off of you. And I of course would pay for the shipping as well. Thank you!

    • Hey Lindsey, surprisingly, the room is exactly the same and I still love it!

      • I am glad you are still in love with it! If you ever decide to change it up and are willing to part with things, please let me know. Thank you for your inspiring post!

  63. So I recently came upon this post and absolutely LOVE this color scheme! So much so that I really want to use it for my baby girl’s nursery! I absolutely adore the curtains but can’t find them anywhere. :( Do you have any suggestions? Are they still available somewhere??

  64. Rachel Gibbs says:

    Beautiful room!!! Can I ask you where you purchased the comforter from? I just love the color. I’m so glad I came across your blog.

  65. I really like this room, and I was wondering where did you get the comforter from?!

    • Becky Parker says:

      Search online for “Echo Cozumel bedding” The king and twin are the only sizes remaining I believe. I ordered a twin and am going to place it long dimension across a full bed.

  66. Your room is gorgeous! I have been looking for navy and coral curtains forever and am in LOVE with yours. Of course, Anthropologie no longer sells them and I couldn’t find them on ebay or anywhere I looked. Any idea what they are called or where I could find them now?? I am obsessed. lol! :)

    • Lydmila Klementyeva says:

      Yes I am also obsessed with them and I want them toi!!! Where can I get them??????

  67. Anonymous says:

    Hi!! What color is the blue if you can remember …I’d like to try this in my house…I, usually boring but I think it will Look awesome..

  68. Where did you get the comforter??

  69. Emily Cotter says:

    Hi! I really want to do my bedroom like this but I’m having trouble with finding the bedding not in twin sizing… If you could steer me in the right direction it’d be very appreciated!


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