DIY Painted Coral Vanity

Hi guys hope you had a good weekend! The weather in Texas was gorgeous!! I was able to finally snap some pictures of our new master bathroom, and the diy coral painted vanity! I just love it!! The pop of color in there is so fun, and not overwhelming since I went neutral with the grey paint on the walls. Now come say hello to Coral Beauty.

Coral Vanity 4

I don’t know why she’s called Coral Beauty, but my daughter names all of her animals and toys, so I figure I should name my projects too. Isn’t she pretty? And so fun and unexpected! When I mentioned before about this project, I said in that post that I haven’t seen many coral vanities around. White and black yes. But coral or another fun color, not so much. But I am now convinced you all need to go paint your vanities YESTERDAY and I promise it will give your life a dose of happy. :)

Remember the before of the bathroom? Beige beige beige and a white vanity?

Beige Walls

And if you are paying attention, you will notice in that before the frame around the mirror is black. Well, the black frame looked horrific with the coral vanity, so I just painted it white! It is one of those mirrormate frames that stick on (like, permanently), and rather than deal with trying to get that frame down in one piece and not shattering our mirror, I decided paint would be the way to go. So glad I tried it. I used some latex Emerald paint by Sherwin Williams in Alabaster (same white I’ve been using everywhere lately) in a semi-gloss for it.

Vanity Accessories

For the vanity, I used Sherwin Williams’ All Surface Enamel, latex base in a satin finish.

Sherwin Williams All Surface Enamel

Coral Paint

The color I used is called Coral Reef. It’s a perfect coral shade in my opinion. One word about this enamel paint though…It’s very thick! Almost like glue. And a quart was more than enough for my vanity and I did 2 coats (all with a brush) and I still have a full can almost. It spreads out really nice and covers well so I’d definitely use again.  With it being so thick you don’t get drips or anything which is nice.

Since my vanity was already painted white, all I did as far as prep work goes was clean the cabinets really well (I removed the cabinet doors), then sanded down a few spots where the paint was chipped until it was smooth, and that was it.  Very simple. I just used a brush to paint the whole thing because there was no point really in a roller since I have that extra trim on the doors.

I got the hardware from Anthro…

Anthropologie Hardware

Fun fact: I tried 2 other sets of knobs from Anthro, and 1 from Hobby Lobby and didn’t like all 3! Then when I had to go back to return again at Anthro, I decided to try some different knobs yet again, and these were the winners.  Coral Beauty turned out to be pretty high maintenance.

Here are a few more pictures for your viewing pleasure. :)

Apothecary Jar Filler

Coral Vanity 2

Apothecary Jar with Soap

(remember everything is prettier in glass!)

Coral Vanity 3

And here’s a full room shot of the bathroom so you can see everything.

Grey Bathroom

grey bathroom

Grey master Bathroom

There isn’t a lot of wall space to do any fun treatment really (or it’s at least not top priority now), and I’m still on the hunt for some decorative things to hang on the wall. Finding cool stuff for bathroom walls isn’t easy. And honestly I’m just happy with the grey walls and diy painted vanity now. Oh, and my Anthro rugs. Totally worth it. :)

I still need to paint the doors and trim in the Alabaster too because the old trim is too creamy/yellowy now. I did paint the little medicine cabinet above the vanity the new bright white and it’s way better. Makes SUCH a difference.

So what do you think of the coral vanity?

Coral Vanity 4

My husband’s face was priceless when he walked in on me painting it this color, but turns out he actually loves it. Really. And he loves the rugs. He’s a keeper. And I particularly love it because I am madly in love with coral (duh), and it goes awesome with our navy and coral bedroom.

So I want to know now…what are you going to go and paint?! :)

Sources: Paint Color-SW Agreeable Grey // Vanity Color-SW Coral Reef // Rugs, Towels & Hardware-Anthropologie //

Sharing this post at Sarah’s before and after party.



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  1. Gorgeous girl!!

  2. It is amazing Emily! And yes, I can imagine your hubby’s expression…would make my husband’s!! Not sure my husband would be so agreeable however. LOL

  3. Absolutely Amazing. I love it!

  4. Love! Love! Love this!

  5. Love this!!!! So bright and pretty!

  6. Kristina Frisk says:

    I think its great..definitely not the first color I could see but I really do think it looks great! And I love the rugs. We don’t have an anthro here but maybe I wish we did lol

  7. Such a great idea!

  8. It’s bold and beautiful! I love it!

  9. You get two thumbs up from me: One for picking such a delicious color and two for having a hubby who doesn’t mind such fabulousness! The knobs are just perfect!

  10. I really love it! But I think to make it look more like a piece of furniture you should put a few legs/ turned feet? On the bottom, just to ground it more too. I love it, don’t get me wrong, I just feel like its missing something.

  11. Really pretty, my bathroom is plumb!

  12. This is going to look great in my new bathroom in my Florida house. Thanks for the PIN.

  13. That is gorgeous!! Seriously makes me reconsider the gray/white theme we chose for our new bathroom remodel.

  14. I love this SOO much!! Such a gorgeous color choice! The vanity looks so custom and you just can’t help but smile when you look at it!

  15. Wow girl! That color is so bold and just gorgeous! I love this!

  16. Love the color! So fun!

  17. It’s very pretty!! I love coral and I love those great rugs and towels. I’m actually in the middle of giving my bathroom a mini makeover and I’m taking notes;) Your bathroom is lovely!!

    Jenny from

  18. Pretty! I don’t know if I could commit to that bold a color myself…i’m a chicken…but it looks awesome!

  19. Your vanity looks awesome I think coral is coming back in a great way (no ugly 80s versions allowed) and we just painted our walls in our otherwise gray and white bathroom with SW Rejuvenate – a much more orange tone but I love this Coral Reef, too! Great work!

  20. Wow Emily! Your bathroom looks fantastic :) I love the colors and the rug!!!! You got the finish on your cabinets perfect too! So jealous wish you would come to my house and paint my kitchen cabinets LOL!

  21. Becki Foster says:

    Wow – Coral Beauty is beautiful! I would love to try a fresh color on my vanity someday! I name things too – My Kitchen Aid Mixer is Madge. I thought she needed a retro name!

  22. Kim Hebberd says:

    Your vanity looks so pretty. I never would of thought about painting the vanity a coral but it totally works! You truly do inspire me.

  23. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this!!! The color is so perfect, and such a fun accent! But the shade is perfect and not too overpowering!! Great job!!!! Love the idea of a color on the vanity, too!!

  24. Coral is my favvvorite color, I’m in love with this! It really does brighten the whole room!

  25. Love love love!!!

  26. What a gorgeous color! I think painted anything looks so much fresher than the standard builder’s wood stains used in most homes. Glad to see you pair it with deep colors like navy as opposed to the more expected turquoise. Good job!

  27. What a gorgeous, cheerful and perky color for a bathroom! Love it! Hugs, Leena

  28. WOWZERS!!!! So beautiful!!!! I love the rugs, too. You did a fabulous job. Can I borrow your husband and pretend he is mine for a minute so I can do the same? Or… better yet, can he come down to Round Rock and talk to my husband saying it’s cool to have color in a house?!!!!! Emily, you truly inspire me! Thank you again for sharing.

    • Aww thank you Kim! We’d love to come to RR! Haha. Just paint something while he’s gone. Maybe it’ll grow on him? :)

      • Well…. I have 2 problems with those suggestions. Hubby rarely goes out of town (I travel more than he does!); and I would probably be served divorce papers!!! ;-) I’ve started just doing things and then turn on my selective hearing! I think my selective hearing is much better than his!!!

  29. Oh, I love it! My vanity is black, and I thought that was daring!!…..I think I need to paint!! Awesome!!~~Angela

  30. I love it!! I also can’t believe that your husband went for it. In general, I struggle with design decisions because I don’t want my house to look too “girly” since I’m not the only one who lives here. However, I’m the one doing most of the decorating, and I happen to be a girl :)

    Am I alone in this struggle?

    I really do love the vanity. And in the case of this room, the dark grey/white rugs and other accessories do a great job of balancing out the “girly-ness” of the coral vanity.

  31. I LOVE color so I think this looks gorgeous! Perfect with the grey and white in other areas. Color like this makes me happy ~ what more can you ask?


  32. I love that color! Coral not orange. If it can’t be crimson, might as well be coral. I didn’t read all the comments but I also like the idea of adding feet to make it look more built in. Great job!

  33. I love the new color! Perfect for the bathroom. I just painted my sons room a light gray. Trying to decide on an accent color. Don’t think he’ll agree to coral! :)

  34. Pink is my happy color! I would love to see this first thing in the morning! So cheery!!

  35. This is absolutely beautiful! That shade of coral is as perfect as it gets! Great job!!!

  36. Suzanne B says:

    I need someone to give me some guts to paint my vanity. I keep thinking I will mess it up.

  37. what a beautiful pop of color!

  38. looks so pretty, great color

  39. wow! I am in LOVE: The colour looks amazing, and I would never have thought of using something bright and bold for the bathroom but it just looks amazing! I am so stunned by your project :) great job!! I recently painted my tv unit purple to add some colour, and I am loving it!

  40. I love this! The color is gorgeous!

  41. Oh my ! That is gorgeous ! I really love this color, it’s so fun and joyful ! You did a great job here as usual !

  42. Love the rugs. I looked online and didn’t see them. Do you know if they have a name?

  43. You definitely inspired me to dress up our little, dingy, brown vanity in our basement guest room – it definitely needs a pop of color like Coral Beauty!

  44. Hi! I found you through a link from The Nester and LOVE your new vanity. My question is about the hardware from Anthro. I painted a dresser for my teenage daughter and bought some knobs from Anthro to make it special. The screw ends on my knobs are sooo long! They completely poke into the drawers. Were yours like that? How did you cut yours down? I’m a newbie to DIY, so I’m really limited on tools to hammers and screw drivers. :)

    • Hey Stacy! Yes they were SO long!! I was thinking why in the world would someone need a knob so long??! But I haven’t cut mine down yet. All you have to do though is get a bolt cutter to trim the ends to the length you want. :)

  45. HI! I LOVE that! I’m glad you included your husband’s reaction. I live in an all-boy household and crave something pink-ish. I won’t even tell you what my husband said when I suggested we paint our bedroom “a pink color”. Maybe the Master bathroom is the place and coral is not really pink. . . .I would paint the inside of my closet, but first I’d have to find the walls.
    thanks for posting this. –

  46. I absolutely LOVE this!!! I’m usually pretty adventurous with color but this is definitely one I wouldn’t have thought of. I’m totally going to do this in our half bath…it needs a pop of color for sure!!

  47. So awesome! This looks amazing:) Im completely in love with pretty much all things navy, coral, and mint! Im a total brush fan, too. I guess you can call me a purist. I have a question for you, though? Do you really genuinely like this particular paint for furniture? I am completely biased to painting furniture with oil based paint now. I know this is a latex product so Im wondering if it works similar to oil? Also, could you use a bit of Floetrol to help with the consistency?

  48. That turned out so cute! I love it.

  49. I absolutely LOVE this color! Your bathroom is almost the exact layout of mine, right down to the location of the little medicine cabinet. Bet I looked really silly carrying my laptop into my bathroom just now and holding the monitor up so I could see how the coral vanity would look in place of my white one. (Answer: awesome. I SO have to do this. Thanks for sharing it!)

  50. So unexpected but I love it! I’m not sure I could pull it off in my own home, but it looks AMAZING in yours! Oh and where on earth did you find those rugs?! They rock! XO

  51. I love how you’ve used coral in a bathroom. It’s such a modern use of the color and is unique! Very chic makeover!

  52. Tracy Howard says:

    I love this and the color is gorgeous. Silly question, but did you paint the inside of the cabinets too or just the outside?

  53. Just came across this post and I love the color! So fun! Question, did you seal your vanity (like with wax) once you were done painting?

  54. Ashley S. says:

    Love this! Beautiful! Are you cabinets solid wood or could this be done on dreaded thermofoil cabinets? Thanks!!

  55. Beautiful! Great change with just one color, but one of my favorites :)

  56. About how long did you let it dry between coats? What was the total time involved in the project??

  57. OMG! I am fuming at the nose with jealousy. My mother wouldn’t let me paint ANYTHING myself.
    I asked if she’d let me HAVE them painted (the cabinets) and she said no!

  58. I’ve never seen a bathroom designed at amazingly as this!

    The coral adds that perfect ‘splash’ of colour into the room and I must say, those rugs are gorgeous too! What a great styled bathroom! This must have taken a lot of planning, Well done!

  59. Hi there! Since it has been a bit since you did this project I was wondering how the paint is holding up? I am going to do this color in my downstairs bathroom and just wanted to know if you are still loving the paint quality.

    Thanks! Awesome project!

  60. Cris cruz says:

    You did an awesome job l love it I am going to do the same thing in my bathroom my husband would love it also thanks for your ideas cris.


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