A Dreamy Girl Room Makeover With Hidden Door Bookcase

Today is THE DAY!! It’s been so hard keeping this room all to myself for several months now. Sitting on a completed room and not being able to write about it immediately is almost torturous to a blogger. But finally, the dreamy, and very pink girl room we have worked so hard on for our daughter can be shared!

Little Girl Room Makeover with Secret Hidden Bookshelf Door | www.decorchick.com

You’re gonna have to hang with me in this post guys–lots of info! There will be tons of photos, and I will be doing several separate posts after this too.

You all know that I participated in Sherwin-Williams’ National Painting Week last year with our master bedroom makeover, and I was thrilled to be a part again this year being assigned the color PINK! Perfect for Emma and to get her big girl room done. And I used FIVE shades of pink! :) Will get to all of that later though.

Here is what her room looked like before. I took lots of time cleaning it up before I snapped photos.




It’s important to know a little history about our daughter and how this room finally came together.  She will be 5 in July. You may remember she wanted her entire room in pink and purple from her cute little video last year. And while I tried to go against her wishes of having everything painted in pink (I decided to just have a few purple-ish accessories), that was not cool with her. So I had to repaint this room twice.

See? I tried to do a few white walls at first with softer shades of pink.


I was hoping she would be happy with the 1 pink wall, and the rest of the walls white and a light pink ceiling. But NO. She wanted it top to bottom PINK! And not just any pink. She wanted those bright, barbie-ish, purple-y pinks. The pinks I first chose were again, not the ones she picked. I was playing it safe (and going against her wishes again) by going with lighter and softer pinks.

And well, ultimately, we wanted EMMA to love her room, and because you are only 4 and 5 years old once. So let them be a kid for pete’s sake and have a colorful room if that’s what they want.

So I put on my big girl panties and went bold.

Girl Room Makeover With Built-in Desk Area | www.decorchick.com

Can you believe that’s the same room?

And I have to say, Emma was right and chose the perfect pinks all from the very beginning. I should have listened to her all along. Otherwise she wouldn’t have a bright, spunky room like this, and a room that she wanted.

I mulled and mulled (and my husband played a big part in this room too) over the design of this room. I had plans all along to flank her bed with those 2 bookshelves. But then we placed them by the bed and then you barely saw the stripes I painted (which aren’t supposed to be hidden), so hubby suggested to put them on the opposite wall. And of course he was right.

Built-in Desk and Bookshelf Area | www.decorchick.com

Of course there are a few mama touches in here with the accessories, but I really tried to keep the colors bright and fun and something a little girl would like, and of course things that Emma already loves. And things that would grow with her as she gets older.

If you are asking where the toys are, or where that dollhouse is that is in the before picture, well we have cleaned up the gameroom, which is right across the hall from her room, so the play kitchen, the dollhouse, and other toys are in there now. Emma’s books and stuffed animals and dolls she plays with daily are still in her room though. But it’s great to have the big dollhouse in the gameroom now too, so her little sister can play too.

I bought a big laundry hamper thing at Homegoods for the toys that stay in Emma’s room now.

Pink Stripes in Girl's Room | www.decorchick.com

I will admit I was stumped what to do over Emma’s bed for a long time. So I went to my favorite antique store and enlisted Tracey from Southern Sister Designs to help and get some new fresh ideas from her. She spotted this old antique screen door, told me it would be magnetic, and I was sold. So I hung it up!

Antique Screen Door Decor | www.decorchick.com

Magnetic Screen Door | www.decorchick.com

I just bought those little gems and attached magnets on the back so Emma could play with them and put where she wanted. The door she can just have fun with and display her art and everything!

I found that lacy fabric at the antique store (think it was curtains at one time?) and just draped it behind the door for a little more detail, and put crystal knobs around it for some princess bling.

Jewelry Hanger with Crystal Knobs | www.decorchick.com

I’ll show you how I made the jewelry hanger with the knobs in a different post.

So gosh, I bet you are wondering about that hidden door bookcase aren’t you?

Hidden Door Bookcase Opens Up To a Magical Castle Closet | www.decorchick.com

Can you believe that? It’s a bookcase. BUT A HIDDEN DOOR!!! THAT MY HUSBAND BUILT!!

Magical Castle Closet with Secret Hidden Door | www.decorchick.com

Sorry guys I get a little excited. It’s just not everyday you see a hidden door that leads to a magical play closet.

UPDATE: See THIS POST for the details on the hidden door and secret room. 

But I do have to thank my incredibly talented brother-in-law, David, who DREW AND PAINTED THE MURAL HIMSELF, BY HAND!!

Castle and Rainbow Mural inside Dream Closet | www.decorchick.com

Magical Castle Closet and Play Area | www.decorchick.com

Mercy, I need to go put on some Peace & Calming oil I get so excited!!

And again, mad props to the hubby because that was all his idea too. I was just going to play it safe again, and paint the door hot pink because I’m wild and crazy like that. Which I did. But then he took the door down so we have a pink door in our garage. :)

Okay, so more on the room…

Room With Hidden Bookshelf Door | www.decorchick.com

Ombre Dresser | www.decorchick.com

We re-purposed her old white dresser and I painted it ombre style as shown here.

TONS of things came from the antique store for her room makeover. I wanted things you couldn’t find at any old store, and special things. The milkglass lamp, these cranberry candle holders, her desk and wooden chair, many frames, the needlepoint art, the screen door to name a few.

Antique Lamp Candle | www.decorchick.com

Girl Vanity Area | www.decorchick.com

Antique Milk Glass Lamp | www.decorchick.com

This little side of the room where her silhouette that we made is, also has a little place for her to hang up pictures and her bags and whatnot. And have a tea party on her old table that I painted the top white on.

Backpack Holder | www.decorchick.com

Framed Silhouette | www.decorchick.com

Tea Party Set from Ikea | www.decorchick.com

And a few more little touches. Emma loves baby pictures of her and family photos, so I was sure to include many in her new room. And a little art supply area.

Bookshelf Styling and Art Center | www.decorchick.com

Daddy's Little Girl | www.decorchick.com


Bookshelves | www.decorchick.com

Homemade Birthday Hat | www.decorchick.com

(that was the homemade birthday hat I made her when she turned 1 year old. Sniffle.)

Floral Girl Bedding | www.decorchick.com

And a crystal chandelier dripping with pink jewels completes this one of a kind big girl room.

Crystal Chandelier with Pink Jewels, On and Off | www.decorchick.com

If you want to see me all awkward again on camera, here’s another chance because I did a tutorial on how to paint stripes on textured walls. And hubby’s mad editing skills.

Okay, and a few more.

Pink Girl Room Makeover | www.decorchick.com

Princess Girl Room | www.decorchick.com

The day we finally called the room done, and when I finished taking the photos, Emma wanted to have a little party in her new room. So this is the special little girl herself, along with little sis and us having a tea party complete with raisins and Strawberry Shortcake birthday hats.


She loves her room, and we do too. And surprisingly, this was the most difficult room I’ve done to date. You would think it would be the easiest because she is only 4. But she is 4 almost 5, and has opinions and her own style too. So when you put your heart and soul into every single detail praying your daughter loves it because you REALLY want her to, is just a different feeling than if I were painting our entryway or something. I got really emotionally attached to this room as it came together, so I hope all of the little details reflect that.

Don’t forget I’ll do plenty more posts after this one, including sources and tutorials and tricks I did in here. There is a little hack project too, and I don’t know if you recognized it yet? But I will get to it soon. :)

Here is another before and after for giggles.

Girl Room Before and After with Secret Bookshelf Door | www.decorchick.com

Here’s a handy little collage too.

Girl Room Makeover With Hidden Door Bookcase and Magical Secret Room | www.decorchick.com

I hope you like it! And I hope you like pink!! :)

The colors used in this room are all of course from Sherwin-Williams and I used their Emerald Paint:

  • SW 6852 Desire Pink (Ceiling)
  • SW 6853 Fussy Pink (Main 2 Walls with Ombre Dresser & Small Tea Table)
  • SW 6854 Impatient Pink (One of the Drawers on the Dresser)
  • SW 6855 Dragon Fruit (Big Accent Wall with Bookshelves, Pink Stripe Color, and Interior of Door)
  • SW 6856 Reverie Pink (Backs of Bookcases, and topped with Glitter craft paint)
  • SW 7000 Ibis White (White Stripe Color)
  • SW 7005 Pure White (Trim Color & Hidden Door Bookcase)

Please note the first 4 pinks were used on the ombre dresser, and most all were used for mural in the closet. Will get to that Monday. :)

Thanks again to Sherwin-Williams and SWPaintingWeek.com for the challenge again this year!  For more pink inspiration today, be sure and check out Beth at Home Stories A to Z and what she did to her craft room, and The Decorista’s side table. They are fab! Coming up tomorrow, and closing out National Painting week with the color purple are Curbly, Thrifty Decor Chick, and Recycle, Consign & Design. So check those out too!

Tell me what you think!




*Thanks to Sherwin-Williams for sponsoring this post and including me in National Painting Week 2014. All ideas to make this a pinkalicious room are 100% mine. And my husband’s.*

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  1. Wow, the room looks incredible! I wish I could be a little girl again, just to have this kind of room! It’s full of good ideas and beautiful details, it’s unique and perfect for a little girl! Emma looks so happy!

  2. No closet in this room?

  3. Absolutely fabulous!!!! I know you put in a ton of work on her room but it was sooo worth it. She has a room that every little girl only dreams about. Very pretty and such a great job! I love it!!!

  4. It’s a little girl’s dream come true! Such a special space for your baby :). I love it!

  5. Love all the different shades of pink and your daughter must be out of her mind with excitement with this new room! :) Nicely done!

  6. The room is absolutly amazing! I love the bold colors. I really want to know how you (your husband) build the door :)

  7. The room is fabulous! Love it! Did you mention where the rug is from and I missed it? I love it!

  8. This room is STUNNING! I know I would have loved this bedroom as a little girl! I’m sure your little lady is so pleased!! :)

  9. Fantastic job, Emily! Love it all and the pink is perfect for your little girl. So many cool details in the room, you did a great job!

  10. I love the different shades of pink. These are exactly the wall colors I’m looking for for my little girl’s nursery.

  11. Oh my goodness, I’m going around my house now, looking for where I can put a bookcase secret door, haha! I love this room!

  12. Her room is absolutely gorgeous!!! Wish I had a little girl…. Love it!!! <3

  13. Wow! Love this room! Just showed the pics to my daughter..and she said she wants a room just like it too. Maybe I’ll just hire you and your husband to come and redo her room! :-) A room for a true princess! The stripes, the dresser, the bookcase/secret room…just magic! Love the Emma pillowcase too! Can I ask where you got it? Love all your projects, but you knocked it out of the park with this one!

    • Thanks so much Amanda. The bedding and that pillowcase is from Pottery Barn Kids. I bought it back in January and the duvet was on clearance or sale back then.

  14. You have got to be kidding me! You did so much work! I can’t believe all the amazing little details every where. And that secret door? Mind blown! You totally rocked this girl!

  15. Such a dreamy space for any little girl! Love, love, love the secret space! My little girl would be in perfectly pink heaven!

  16. Can I move in that room???? Please….
    The room is FABULOUS! My favorite is the hidden room behind the bookcase.

  17. I love the secret room! A place for a little one’s imagination to know no bounds! You did a beautiful job and so did your BIL. Love the gradient colors on the dresser. So sweet a room.


  18. You did an amazing job! I love everything about this room! great attention to details!

  19. Cindy Schwerdt says:

    Wow! You are very talented and you have one very lucky little girl. Great Job!

  20. I love the mirror! Where did you find it???

  21. I love the bookcase door into a secret nook. How fantastic! I would love one in my room! The finished room looks so pretty. A little girl’s dream room.

    I updated my grand-nieces’ bedrooms as a surprise while they were away on holidays. Pink and lime green; pink and aqua are their favourite colours. It was a fun experience. If you have time you might enjoy the read.


    I also made them and their cousin tee pees for Christmas. They were a great success.


  22. What a beautiful pink room! I love everything about this room. I am almost 50 years old and I think I should have a pink room as well…

  23. Absolutely amazing! ! I’m so inspired!

  24. What an adorable room!!! I’m loving all the pink and especially that secret little room behind the bookcase door!! Love it! Great job mama!!

  25. Just beautiful! Love this room. You did an excellent job! Where did you get the bookcases?

  26. This is absolutley perfect! so classy & funky for a little girl!

  27. Awww, her face says it all! This is such a sweet and inspired room. Great job, DC!

  28. You outdid yourself Emily. Any little girl (and big girl) would love to have a room like this. I never liked pink until a few years ago and now I can’t get enough of it. I love all of the different shades. Kim in Round Rock

  29. Anonymous says:

    Insanely ingenious! Love every aspect.


  30. this is an adorable room!! such a little girls dream!! that secret door is amazing! great job Emily!

  31. This is so much fun! My youngest daughter, our girly-girl, would LOVE to call this hers!

  32. Amazing, you truly inspired me. I have done some cute things in my house inspired by you, this weekend I got a lot of compliments and Thought you should know that I would not have done any of it if I was not following you. So thank you! Question do you have specific stored where you get your antiques/vintage objects for decoration?

    • Thanks so much Ana!! I’m glad you’ve done some things to your own home. And I shop at several local antique shops around my area, and also stores like Homegoods and Marshal’s etc. :)

  33. Emily! This room came out so pretty, love the colors, the stripe wall and of course the hidden door (we had one of those in the house I grew up in). As usual you really did a beautiful job on this makeover I love it!

  34. Oh my granddaughter would swoon over the hidden room! She has a play area beneath the staircase in their basement and just snuggles away in there for hours to play. I think the hidden room was genius on your part, and to be honest, very young girls do not need a closet anyway… as she grows older it can once again be a closet… xox

  35. Pam from PA says:

    Love what you did with the room – so much work with all of the tiny details!
    Just curious, what kind of window treatment did you use? I couldn’t find the window in any of the AFTER photos,

    • It was so hard to get a good photo of the curtains because the windows kept blinding them! But they are a pink and white stripe curtain that I used from Land of Nod.

  36. This is pretty much the cutest thing in the history of everything ever. Great job–Emma’s a lucky lady!

  37. What an incredible transformation. A little girl’s dream come true. That hidden room is fantastic! Great job!

  38. Beautiful..I love it! We are in the process of redoing my 5 year olds room as well! Can I ask you where you purchased the E hanging on her wall and the little table with the flowers on it?

  39. Las Moonves: Portabrocas, nosotros gotta cancelar el espectaculo.
    Steve piensa no es gracioso.Portabrocas Lorre: Oh mi Dios, no, no Steve!
    Eres correcto, no hay ninguna esperanza.

  40. jajajaja esto si me gusto eeeeh!! y aparte esa foto me parece conocida jikji :)

  41. Good one! want some more storiies dear!!

  42. Bendiciones de Hola a Todos a Mi nombre es soja mariela maestra
    de Escuela Dominical de la ONU Hace mes y Deseo me ayuden Con las ensenanzas
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    Deseo que Dios les siga bendicniendo en este ministerio.
    No hay palabras que alcancen a expresar todo el agradecimiento por este valioso material.

  43. Your daughter chose the perfect pink! Bet she’s loving her new room! (Love the hidden door/bookcase!!!)

  44. Shontavia says:

    Wow! This is so beautiful! What did you do storage wise for her toys?

  45. Love your daughter’s day bed. Where’d you get it. I’ve been looking for one for mine!

  46. Where did you get the large ‘E’ hanging above the bed?

  47. Hey! My daughter loves this! We are looking into making her room more functional. I love the shelving & desk. I have 2 windows that were boarded up & painted over but I am thinking that it would be great to open them back up & turn them into shelving like your secret door. Love her daybed. Where did you find it?

  48. Hi there!
    I was scrolling through my pins on pinterest, and my daughter fell in love with this room, but she wants it in purple…. do you have any insight on which paint colors I could do? If you can help at all, please please let me know!!!

  49. Susan Johnson says:

    Hello! I just wanted to tell you that this room is adorable! we have foster girls and have chosen to decorate their room “just like that one” lol
    It appears that the flooring is painted as well before you added the pink area rug, if so please let me know the color you chose for it. I have 4 little ladies that are so excited!
    Thank you,
    Susan and girls

  50. Excellent ideas for kids room.
    Pink color is always a good solution.
    Chandeliers and furniture look like real stylish furniture.

    Thnaks for sharing.


  51. Tiffany Cruz says:

    Love this!! Perfect for a little kids room!! If you don’t mind me asking where are the knobs on the bed from and the heart knobs? I love them all so much!

  52. Wow! I am so in love with this room. May I ask where you found the chandelier? I am preparing to redo my daughter’s room and would love to use a small chandelier! Too cute!


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