Master Bedroom Makeover (Again)

I’m beyond excited to show you our new master bedroom…again!  I explained in this post why I decided to change it up again. But the biggest change in here was just paint.  Paint is your friend, and a cheap friend.  When I redid our master bedroom back in June last year, I did love that color (SW Rainwashed), but after living with it for 6 months, I decided that I do love to decorate with blue, but just in small doses with accessories…not blue walls.  Blue walls are pretty, but I grew tired of it too quickly.  And since I am finally learning to try and go more neutral and bring in colors through accessories and not the walls, I opted for a beautiful gray as the neutral backdrop.

Goals for the room:
1.  To be more sophisticated and less beachy;
2.  Less cluttery so that means less accessories on the dresser;
3.  Neutral with a few pops of fun sprinkled in; and
4.  Pretty, clean & crisp, flowy, and soothing. (Can a room be flowy?)

So here are the before pics:


Paint is amazing right?  The only big changes in here were paint, the new West Elm duvet (the color of the duvet is dark gray…not brown like it’s appearing on some of your monitors) that was a gift from my Mom, the Ikea curtains, and the Starburst mirror above the bed.  That was another Michael’s score during their after Christmas sale and it was $25. Again, why is that mirror a holiday mirror?

I changed out the hideous 50’s hardware on the dresser, FINALLY. I should have done that 5 years ago.  The new pulls were only $3.20 at Lowe’s.


Much better:

Sure a new bed and dresser would be awesome, but it’s not happening right now. For now I’m happy with the $3 pulls that totally changed the look of the dresser.  A pretty chandelier would be great too, but I’m not ready to part with our fan. It’s necessary.

The mercury glass candle holders were more Christmas scores at Target and Michael’s, and the little white vases are from Ikea and were like $1.99 I think?

My accent color of choice was yellow, but not a lot…I’m liking the monochromatic feel of the gray and white, but small doses of yellow are yummy.

I love that front pillow on the bed that has pops of yellow in it.  It’s from Ikea and the 2 white floral ones are from Homegoods.

One of my favorite changes to the room were the curtains.  Ikea is the BEST place to get curtains.  You get 2 panels per pack, and mine were $30. I bought 2 packs of these curtains so I could have 4 panels hanging.  And 118 inches in length!  I did hem them a bit though.  The 98in panels in this style are only $20 a pair. Bargain.

We can even use these as real functional curtains now instead of the big pieces of fabric I previously had just hanging. What a concept.

Found a 4-pack of crystal knobs on clearance at Homegoods for $5.

I should paint our end tables white…didn’t even think of that till now. They are on their last leg anyway.

And now just enjoy a few more photos because I took a million at different times of the day.

Just for grins, our room first went from this…

To this…

And now to this.

And I absolutely adore it.  I feel like a big girl. :)  Ok spill it, what do you think?  Some of you may even like the blue room better which is totally cool.  I’m loving the gray though! Just ask me 6 months from now if I still love gray and see if I have changed again. :)

Special thanks to Nester and Sarah for giving me a few tips on taking pics of sunny windows.  I tried my darndest and think I’m finally getting it now.  It’s not an easy task!

Source List:
Paint color- SW Mindful Gray (Flat finish);
Starburst Mirror – Michael’s holiday clearance;
Curtains – Ikea Ritva panels;
Duvet – West Elm Organic Cotton Pintuck Duvet; (It’s dark gray, not brown)
Pillows – Homegoods and Ikea;
Mercury Glass Accessories – Target and Michael’s holiday clearance

To see the previous master makeover click here (it will have where everything else came from if you are interested), and to see how I did the free and long bedskirt click here.

Whew! I think that’s it…if you even made it this far.

Sharing this post at Just a Girl and Thrifty Decor Chick’s Before and After Party.



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  1. Amazing what a change in paint colour will do. I love the gray. I’ve been thinking about grey for bedroom and I might just pick up that swatch to see what it would look like in our bedroom. I love your sunburst mirror too. And your right, why is it a holiday mirror!?!??!

    • Just a word about Ikea. they do not take back wrapped fabric goods that have been opened. curtains included. Seems strange to me, but be sure to read the small print.

  2. Wow! I loved both transformations! Your current design looks delightful. I need to swap our drawer pulls out too. That makes such a difference and I hadn’t really thought about it! Thanks for sharing & inspiring!

  3. Absolutely gorgeous! I loved your previous bedroom transformation but I think I love this one even more!

  4. Awh..I like the new look but I liked the old one too. Don’t you wish that sometimes you could switch it to match your mood? So, since you bought new bedding and all, what did you do with the old? I always have problems letting go of previous bedding…therefore my linen closet is slowly filling. *smile*

    Looks great though. A nice get-a-way!

  5. I have to say I really like the comforter, IKEA pillow, and curtains. Little things that add up to a lot. The new color on the walls is lovely and if you decide to add blue instead of yellow, it will still go – the beauty of a more neutral shade! I like it – great job! Makes me want to go shopping at IKEA! (:

  6. That’s gorgeous! I’m going to have to check out that gray paint. I want to paint our bedroom walls a nice soft gray, a lot of the grays I look at end up being too bluish (our bedroom is black and white with touches of tiffany blue, so a bluish gray just looks wrong). It’s gorgeous! I already said that. Oh well, it is!

  7. This is incredible – what a difference! I am obsessed with mercury glass! Love!


  9. Looks fabulicious! What’s funny is that I just did a master makeover for my in-laws and used the same starburst mirror from Michaels over their bed. I also used similar lamps and accessories. Great minds really do think alike! Ha!

  10. Oh love the new paint color and accessories! Looks so pretty. Good job girlie : )

  11. Anonymous says:

    I love gray, my room is gray and I think it is much more elegant, I think you could still add a little blue. but it looks fabulous!

  12. It’s just georgous Emily! I love how peaceful it feels. I just bought those same curtains! Gotta love Ikea’s prices! :)

  13. It’s so sophisticated……….You’re a big kid now! (singing the pullups commercial in my head!) :) Love it!

  14. Love it!!!! Good Job!

  15. Looks amazing- again!

  16. I liked the first redo but I LOVE this one! It’s very elegant! Great job!

  17. Emily, I love how your {now} makeover is so much warmer! Score! :) See you soon!

  18. It looks FANTASTIC Emily!

    We actually just painted our master bedroom Blue Hubbard (SW), but we only coated a few walls (the others are planked with white wood) ’cause I was worried about getting “blue-d out” too! :-D

    I love the collection of plates over your headboard. Really, really pretty!

    And way to go shooting towards those windows- that’s always so challenging!

    • the blue hubbard looks so pretty in there. I wish I could do something cool like y’all with the wood planking…but eh. :) I’ll just add some crown and some other trim work and call it good!

  19. Gorgeous! Definitely love the updates, Emily!

  20. It looks great! I love the duvet!

  21. LOVE it! I am so like you in that I love the blue but in small doses! I love your new comforter… very ELEGANT =)

  22. Just beautiful! It’s amazing what a bit of paint and different panels can do. Love that duvet too! Jenny

  23. It looks amazing! I am completely loving the gray.

  24. I love it with the gray! It has such a nice serene feel to it. I liked the blue also, but the gray does look more “grown up” as you said. Really pretty. Love your bedspread!

  25. Super job! I love that new color….You worked with what you had and just added a few new things to make it completely different!!! Thanks for the inspiration.

  26. Oh yes, I’m lovin this!!!! you are amazing!

  27. I love this duvet, I used it on my daughter’s bedroom. And I bought drapes from Ikea as well for their windows! Great minds think a like. I love the new paint color in your room, very soothing and calm. I haven’t finished the room, but you can see your duvet here

  28. You’ve really illustrated how a few small tweaks can mean big changes. I love the gray walls and the details you added. The little yellow bouquet and the silver candle sticks look great, and the handles on the dresser make such a difference. Great job! And thanks for the tip about Ikea curtains. I wouldn’t have thought to look there.

  29. I like it but I love that scalloped blue pillow on the old bed…what did you do with that??

  30. I love the new look. I liked all three of them, but I really understand when you feel you want to make a change once in a while. A girl after my own heart! I love the plates above the headboard. Beautiful job!


  31. OOOH! Much better!

  32. I love it! Calm and relaxing! It’s just what I hope to accomplish in my own master bedroom this year! I like the blue, but not for the bedroom. I am all about some calm and soothing! And grown up! :) God bless!

  33. LOVES it!

  34. LOVE IT!!

    We have that same duvet cover in the natural cream color.
    So cozy and pretty. : )

  35. Okay, while I liked the old room, the new is AMAZING! It just screams “sophistication”!!! Love the new duvet, drapes, and I am a huge fan of Mercury Glass (have a few of the same pieces). Great Job!!

  36. i want the old handles please .. thought the new look is great but
    love hteold handles …… great work

  37. Really lovely! Enjoy!

  38. Very chic. I love your style.

  39. Beautiful! I love it! Where is the brown bed spread from? You did a great job making over your room with a few simple and thrifty changes.

  40. Our bedroom is the SW rainwashed!! I love it!! Your new room is great too.

  41. It looks amazing. I love the new color and the bedding is gorgeous. It looks like a picture out of a decor magazine. Beautiful. Hugs, Marty

  42. Looks great. I think your bed would look cool painted black.

    Warmly, Michelle

  43. I do love the new look, but really loved the old drawer pulls. I love anything vintage and would have left those on.

  44. Love it! It looks so sophisticated and like a grown ups room! You did an amazing job, and those curtains make the room look so dramatic (in a good way!)!!!

  45. I love the changes that you have made. That duet is to die for!!! I really like the curtains too. Why or why do we not have an Ikea in Nashville TN?

  46. What a difference! So soothing and restful. Well done.
    P.S. Check out our site for some affordable fabrics to add throw pillows, or bench cushions when you are ready for a “new” accent color since anything will go with that wall color.

  47. I LOVE the grey! I thought I liked the blue but the grey – GORGEOUS! The pops of yellow are perfect and I love the Ikea curtains too… I think I am going to get those for my living room. Lovely bedroom!

  48. I really like the changes to your room!I liked the blue walls, but it did look kind of beachy. As for the pops of color, I think you could use a few more (and still maintain the monochromatic look) maybe on the bed or the bedside tables. I wish I had your talent to transform a room into something beautiful!

  49. I’m not normally a fan of grey, but your bedroom is changing my mind! Gorgeous!

  50. WOW! It’s absolutely gorgeous!! I LOVE IT!!!!!

  51. I think a very sophisticated bluish-gray would have looked fabulous too and still given you the calm feeling in the room you are going after. I love your new duvet. It looks fabulous! If you truly love the gray, I would have probably gone just one shade darker on the fan deck. With that said, I have seen some fabulous fabrics while out shopping for clients that have a gray and yellow color scheme this season. I am a huge fan of making duvets, shams, pillows and cushions with different fabrics on each side to get double duty of them. It doesn’t cost any more to fabricate and gives those of us that like to change our decor often more decorating options. I would love to see cushions made for your chair and foot of the bed bench to add a little color. One side could have a bit more pop of color with some yellow and one side could be more subdued. Have you every considered painting the bed and dresser until you can afford to replace them? I think the higher contrast of a white dresser and bed against the gray walls would look amazing (like the white curtains at the window) and you could keep the dresser top and bedpost tops as is if you wish. I also love taking solid ready made panels and adding beautiful tapes or ribbons to the outside edges to give them a custom made look for a fraction of the price. The tape or ribbon can be attached with fabric glue or iron on tape if you don’t want to sew them on. Very easy with a high end look. Emily, I have been reading your blog since practically Day 1 and love it! I hope you take my suggestions in the spirit of love in which they are intended. As an interior designer, it is rare for me to not have an opinion. I think with just a few details, your room will be as amazing as you are! :-)

    • Thanks Susie! I appreciate your input. More little details like that would be nice, but I’m really just enjoying simple right now. I can always add to later if it feels like I’m missing something. I’m digging the minimalist feel of things right now. :)

  52. Beautiful and elegant. Great job!

  53. I am loving the changes in your master bedroom! I think you managed to meet the goals you were hoping to reach! Love all the small pops of yellow throughout the room as well! Curtains from IKEA are gorgeous & a great price! Another place to get a great price on curtains is TJ Maxx…I got panels for my living room & kitchen for $14.99 a pair! Great job on your makeover!

  54. you did a beautiful job!!! how about sharing those sunny window picture tips with us! ;)

  55. I love it! I think it looks so much nicer then the blue – much more sophisticated. I don’t really like the plates and the mirror together though. Maybe plates in a different area?

  56. Stunning! I really, really liked when you went from the original to the blue and I’ll admit, I almost rolled my eyes when I saw the title, saying that you’d made it over again. Almost. I’m glad I kept scrolling down because that simple color change made all the difference in the world and I love the new dresser handles, too. It does seem like it’d be a pain to move everything in order to paint again and then move it all back, but totally worth it to be happy with where you’re sleeping and such. Love it.

  57. I love it BOTH ways! If it were me, I would switch out the pillows and accessories – using your beachy ones for Spring/Summer and the sophisticated ones for Fall/Winter. I get bored with my bedroom often. So, last year I bought two different bedding sets and now switch them out- one for cool seasons and one for warm. It makes me happy :). I love your IKEA curtains. Are they a stark white, or off white?

  58. Both versions of the room are beautiful! I can’t even pick a favorite.
    And would you mind passing on the tips about taking photos of sunny windows. I CANNOT figure it out. :(

  59. New to your blog…I like the bedroom make-over though! I love those pintucks….I was debating over them but went with the parachute duvet that is on its way!

  60. Where did you get the tall mercury glass candlesticks?? Michael’s or Target? I LOVE mercury glass and those are gorgeous! I love the brown comforter and little pops of yellow!

    • They were from both places…mismatched mercury glass…the comforter is dark gray, but thank you! It’s showing up as brown on several monitors for whatever reason.

  61. You know I’m a beachy, blue loving girl, but I LOVE your bedroom! I think it’s so smart to go with neutral. I always tell myself I’m going to do that (but never do :). Your duvet is heavenly and the neutral palette uber chic. I think what’s so smart about your update is that you can easily add or subtract some punches of color as you wish. Beautiful job Em!

  62. I LOVE it! This is too funny, I am having the exact same dilemna right now with my bedroom. When we built our house just shy of a year ago I wanted a dark grayish/blue wall, and intended to accent with black and white. I was never in love from the get go and now I’m so sick of the blue. I haven’t really even decorated the room at all yet because I just couldn’t seem to put it together in my mind the way I wanted to. I finally made the decision a few days ago that the real problem was the wall color and there’s no point in decorating a room around something I don’t love… so the paint is going! I am also planning on painting my walls a very light gray, and still using tiches of pale blue and teal but mostly using white (curtains are already white) and painting my night stands white. You did a great job! Come check out my bedroom transformation in a few weeks. Love your stuff!

  63. I do love the gray better for this room! I have Rainwashed right now in my Piano Room & love it, too. I also have those same IKEA curtains. Love them! I’d love it if you’d link this to my Paint Party going on now.

  64. I’m with you–I’m loving the gray! It looks fantastic. That duvet is just a show stopper. Well chosen! It’s a beautiful room, Emily!

  65. So gorgeous! I love the splashes of yellow throughout! Great job!

  66. Love. your. lamps. LOVE them =)

  67. The room looks fantastic Emily. Really sophisticated! It’s funny how our taste’s continue to change. And I totally need you to share your photo hints with me!

  68. Beautiful! It’s very calming and classy in an effortless way — although I’m sure it took lots of effort. I like the pops of yellow. You’ve really changed the look of your existing furniture by updating the other stuff, which helps add life to those big items and postpone a major purchase.

  69. I am quite partial to blue paint, even with my most recent dramatic search for the right shade in our kitchen. However, I do think your grey tone is lovely and quite adult.

  70. Oh my heavens I had to follow your blog after I saw the to die for window treatment! What a HUGE improvement – what GREAT TASTE you have…. love the brown comforter and that you changed the wall color – just amazingly tasteful is all I can say. I hope you’ll stop by my blog and visit sometime and maybe follow me too :)

  71. Where did you buy that big glass with the swirly sticks in the corner of your room?

  72. So pretty. Wow, paint is amazing! I really like the more subdued color scheme. I have a duvet similar to that only it is sort of the color of your old walls. I love the ruching!

  73. Oh my gosh this took my breath away. The bed is exactly what I’ve been envisioning for my master bedroom, right down to the sunburst mirror over the bed. I just wish I had seen that at Michael’s I would have scooped it right up. It’s truly beautiful!!!

  74. Pamela Manes says:

    This really looks great! Beige can be so sophisticated. Paint is transformational and totally affordable.

  75. Very sophisticated! I have to say I like the original drawer pulls. There may be a market for them, they are wonderfully mid-century!

  76. Love it! Isn’t it amazing who powerful a few, small changes can be?! We have a similar comforter – but from Target. Love the texture and richness it brings to the room! Great job!

  77. Oh wow! You did such a beautiful job! I love the color you choose. It does look much more sophisticated! come link up to my Sew Crafty party & giveaway!

  78. Looks great, love the bedding!

  79. What a lovely room. I really like the curtains too. I wish we have IKEA here in Las Vegas, I’m so in need to add curtains in my house and with those prices it will be so easy!

  80. I would be honored to have you add it to my blog party

    Amaze Me Monday Blog Party

  81. Entertaining Women says:

    Your bedroom looks so sophisticated now. I can even visualize some pops of your blue as effective accents…vases, pillows, etc. Way to go…you did a great job! Cherry Kay

  82. This is an awesome post, I would really love it if you linked this up to Masterpiece Monday at Boogieboard Cottage as well! Have a nice Week! Mary :O)

  83. What a beautiful transformation! It’s amazing how much more sophisticated it looks. I bet you will love it for a long time.

  84. OOH! LOVING the new look in your room, Emily! It is SO sophisticated — I’m in love with it! And the duvet is stunning! You did a great job! :)

  85. Love the new look SOOOO much better.. Awesome choice! :)

  86. Visiting form Just a Girl. Nice transformation! Isn’t it amazing what new knobs can do to change the entire look of furniture?!
    Scissors & Spatulas

  87. Love the gray! Great job!

  88. Gorgeous!! This looks amazing- love the changes! Glad you feel like a grown-up now, ha!

  89. I am a fanatic when it comes to blue but I like your new paint selection. It turned out really pretty.

  90. Just a word about Ikea. they do not take back wrapped fabric goods that have been opened. curtains included. Seems strange to me, but be sure to read the small print.

  91. It looks wonderful. Very sophisticated. Great job. :)

  92. I absolutely love the drawer pulls that you removed..the hideous ones. LOVE. May I have them, please?

  93. I just did a search for RITVA curtains and your blog came up. Your room is gorgeous by the way, and it’s totally ‘flowy’. I love the colour scheme and how all your furniture an accessories stand out more now that you’ve paired it down a little. We are currently re-doing our living room, and yesterday we were quoted $1600 for curtains for 4 windows. I am NOT happy to pay that, and being a bit of a IKEA groupie, I am inpired by how the RITVA curtains look in your bedroom. Thanks for posting x

  94. Gosh I just love this, paint really does make a huge difference doesn’t it. I am on a bedroom makeover of my own. It is in progress but you can see a few before and after shots via

  95. I loved those window pane mirrors. Where are those from? It would be nice to have a mirror with a little more function like that. And I love the latest room redo the best. So much calmer!

  96. Where did you get the white plates above your bed? Sorry if you mentioned that in your post – I just couldnt find it and I even went back to the previous post…

  97. I’m jealous! Not only are both absolutely gorgeous, but you have a knack for decorating that I just wish I had. I want to redo my bedroom from top to bottom. I just don’t know what to do with it.

    Your taste and creativity is wonderful!

  98. Jessica Reurich says:


  99. Jolene Kosloski says:

    Hi there,

    Beautiful room! I stumbled upon your site via pinterest where I plan to try your painted mason jars for centerpieces at an upcoming event. I LOVE the new pintuck duvet cover. Can you comment on how it’s held up? I think it’s cotton, so does it wrinkle or attract much lint?


  100. Love the gray paint you chose. I was on the fence trying to decide if SW Mindful Gray was the shade of gray I was going to commit to….and your makeover sold me! Serene, sophisticated, PERFECT :)

  101. Love the gray walls! Curious what color shade did you paint the ceiling? Is it the same color?

  102. We must have VERY similar taste!! I just painted my walls the same exact color after buying almost the same exact bedding (I bought the plum one). I was googling advice for what color curtains to do. We are in the process of sanding our dressers to paint them black and replacing the handles with silver ones. Not sure wether to do black curtains or purple curtains. I also think we are doing black for the skirt. Also have a purple floor vase in the corner. Can’t believe how similar our rooms are! Love it! Any advice would be great. First time redoing a bedroom to this extent. Thanks!


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