Our New White, Pink, and Grey Bedroom

Yes it’s true. Our master bedroom has undergone a few changes yet again.  When I started using the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint toward the end of last year, I couldn’t stop.  And I ended up painting all of our furniture in our bedroom white.  And then I decided to go pink and grey with the rest of the decor, so that’s what our bedroom is now and I think it’s so pretty!

The good thing is that I did not have to repaint our walls or anything. I still like the color from the last master redo.  And the color is Sherwin Williams Mindful Grey (flat finish) in case you don’t remember.

I love how the painted dresser ties in with the grey/silver curtains and the wall color don’t you?  And yes that bed was a beast to paint.

Let me show you a pic of the last bedroom makeover to show you what the furniture looked like previously.

It was all shiny and that faux marble stuff.  I hated it.  So I covered it up with the white chalk paint.  This is still not my dream bed or furniture, but I do love it SO much better in white!  I really want an upholstered headboard/bed–that would be my forever bed. :)

And here it is now.

Big difference right?  I’d still like to replace the wicker bench and get a nicer chair for the corner, but for now they will do. :)

Basically everything in this room is exactly the same, except for the painted furniture, bedding and curtains, which I’ll get to now. The beautiful bedding was sent to me from DKNY Home and it is the most luxurious bedding I have ever owned. Seriously.

The duvet is just beautiful and billowy. It ALWAYS stays fluffy and my duvet comforter doesn’t get lost in it, which was a huge complaint I had with the last duvet cover from West Elm.  I have been calling this “pink” but it’s actually called “Blush” and that would be more accurate.  So don’t let the word pink scare you away or especially if your guy would freak out about pink bedding. It’s actually in between a very pale pink and peach.  So yea, it’s blush.  :)  You can find it here on the DKNY Home website.  I love the shams and decorative pillows it came with too.

See how billowy it is?  LOVE! I hope billowy is a word.

I know, don’t hate me, but DKNYHome also sent me this amazing quilt set.

Can I just say how awesome it is to have a quilt to sleep with AND a comforter??  I know that may sound silly, but it’s nice to just keep the comforter at the foot of the bed when it’s hot and sleep with just the quilt, or you can pull up the comforter and be all nice and comfy. It’s luxury I’m telling ya. And this quilt is all 100% cotton so it’s super soft and does not get hot. It is called the Haven quilt and you can find it here.

Would you be surprised if I told you Curtainworks sent the beautiful new curtains?

I know you aren’t surprised, but they did!  And these are quite luxurious as well.  They are real Dupioni Silk and these are in the color Pewter. You can find them here. I love the pinch pleat too–gives it a more sophisticated look.

Oh, and also notice I painted our nightstands white too! I told you I couldn’t put the brush down.

And just a few more.

And that’s about it!

What do you think of the new look?  Of course there are still other things I’d like to do in here. Lots of things actually.  But we gotta take baby steps, especially with a new baby coming!  At least I love it for now. :)

Linking this post to the Weekend Wrap Up Party at Tatertots and Jello.



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  1. I’m finding the green-eyed monster hard to keep away!! You lucky girl!!

    I love the look of your bedroom. You’ve done a great job with all that painting. It’s great paint, isn’t it? No sanding is such a plus – I hate that job with a passion!!


  2. I love all the white furniture. It’s such a clean look. Much better than the wood going on before. Nice job.

  3. I looks a-mazing. The bed makes such a dramatic change, even just going white. It’s all looks so soft & restfull too. I layer the heck out of my bedding. I have mine reversed. I have 100% organic cotton duvet on a down comforter, with a quilt at the foot of my bed. Everything is so fluffy. It’s my haven!! Enjoy your “new” room. It’s DREAMY =)

  4. I love the colors! So calm and relaxing. The bedding is just gorgeous!

  5. This looks amazing! I am in love with the Blush color. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Is that “Blush” or “Bashful”? LOL – name that movie :) The updo on the furniture is awesome, I can only imagine how much painting you had to do….oy! I’m crushing on those curtains….

  7. wow. beautiful. so serene. LOVE the white bed. Great job :)

  8. i love this! It’s so fresh and bright!
    great job!


  9. I am loving the fluffy bedding. And those dupioni silk curtains!!!! I love dupioni silk. It is so good to see someone using it instead of the usual that we see. Dupioni silk is timeless. Everything is so beautiful! I love your style!

  10. girl it looks awesome!! and totally thought of Steel Magnolia’s when you said “blush” lol
    You are a rock star with that AS chalk paint. It all looks great!

  11. I have been looking into mindful grey in my guest bedroom. My GB gets strong light in the day because it faces the rising sun so everything looks washed out and COLD. Mindful grey looked like a taupe that would fade to a nice gray in the sun, but still look nice at night too. Your walls aren’t cold at all to me, it’s lovely. How do you like it?

    • Hi Elz, well it says a lot that I haven’t repainted them yet and it’s been a year now. haha. I still love the color a lot and it’s not cold to me at all. Our bedroom gets light all day long too.

      Another color you could try would be the color we have in the rest of the house, SW Balanced Beige. It’s a taupey grey and I love it a lot too. :) You can see the color in this post. http://decorchick.com/the-new-living-room-wall/

  12. Love the new bedding and the draperies! And, the furniture turned out fantastic. It will be a nice retreat for you once the baby comes!!

  13. That room looks fabulous!!! Love the bedding, colors and the curtains! The room looks great!

  14. Oh I love that duvet cover. Going to go check out the website now! Beautiful makeover.

  15. susan beaty says:

    all i can say is WOW!!!!!! i absolutely love the colors. they are perfect. what a great job. you “keep” going girl. i could handle the bedspread but the curtains (which i also love), might have to take out a small loan. lol or win the lottery, or have someone buy them for me orrr maybe they would sponsor a giveaway??????? they really are gorgeous, or maybe a giveaway for duvet, comforter. was just kidding but????????????? thanks for sharing. tonight i can dream im under that comfy duvet. great job…..

  16. Love the pink and grey scheme and the overall style. Your “old” duvet cover…the grey pintuck West Elm one is the one I used in our new bedroom makeover this past month! Weird how it photographs more brown. I actually wrote West Elm to make sure it was grey before I bought it!

  17. Oh lovely! It looks so restful and peaceful. Really, it’s just beautiful.

  18. I love the pink & gray! So soft & pretty!! I also like all of the white furniture! Your new master bedroom is DREAMY!

  19. Beautiful! I love how peaceful it is! Visiting from TT & J

  20. I love this look. In fact I just redecorated my daughter’s old room …green and white stripe w/pink … into a nursery (grandbaby) and decided to go all white. I’ve always loved white rooms … so I thought why not? In fact I bought the same comforter that you have in white from Nordstroms. I made a wispy white layered bed skirt. Now I’m thinking about a wall color. Like you I think I might try a light, light neutral….possibly light brown. Looks great. Hmmm let me know if you have any sponsors that would like to give me a nice shaggy throw…..

  21. I wish I had seen this post before I put up my curtains! Ah! I spent $$ buying the 100 inch width from PB but I like this idea better with them hanging between the windows! Ahhh! So ticked right now! :-/ Your curtains and new bright room look awesome! I love it!

  22. Wow!! I love your bedroom…looks so inviting!

  23. I love everything about it, oh my goodness, Blush is beautiful! You lucky girl and curtains too and chalkpaint. I might have to hate you for a second-just kidding. It looks so perfect!

  24. I love the color combo, very nice. And no, I don’t hate you for your blessings, but sure would enjoy some of them myself! :) Since you don’t really like your bed, why don’t you just try upholstering within the arch of it, add some tufting, see how you like it. Can’t hurt, right?

  25. I love the blush bedding and your white bedroom, so pretty with the gray! I’ve pinned it to my “Lovely Bedrooms” board!

  26. Visiting from TT&J. Everything is so very, very pretty! I’ve been redoing our master suite for a while now and trying to decide what color to paint our second dresser. White or bright and glossy color. Wanting to try the Annie Sloan chalk paint. Maybe this will be the push I need.

  27. Oh my gosh! that is super gorgeous!! Jealous! ;)
    Stopping by from TT & J and would LOVE for you to come by and link this up at my “Create and Inspire” Party! :)

    Thanks so much!

    P.S. New follower

    Angie from A Little Inspiration

  28. Love everything! I’ve been wanting to paint my bedroom Mindful Grey for a while… maybe this will give me the inspiration to get started already!

    And the pink is fantastic. How on earth you convinced your hubby to let you do that should be your next post! (And I can’t think blush without thinking bashful… from Steel Magnolias!)

  29. Your bedroom is absolutely dreamy. I want it!!!

    I featured it on my TT&J FB page :)


  30. So beautiful! Love the colors, and that duvet cover is gorgeous!!

  31. Gorgeous! I LOVE the pink and grey combo (obviously). :)

  32. Looks so bright and airy! Love the painted furniture and the gorgeous bedding. Lovely!

  33. Wow… It is so light and bright now! I love the bedding… We have a quilt and comforter, too. I love having both. And the curtains are lovely, too! Great job!

  34. wow! a beautifully soothing room!

  35. love your bedroom! i saw these pale pink chevron pillows at target last week, would look so cute on your bed :-) you’re adorable, love your blog! ~ jenny


  36. So light & airy, pretty and tranquil. Great transformation!

  37. I know you already have a million comments telling you how wonderful it is – IT TOTALLY IS!! you are lucky – I am in love with that bedding!

  38. When your post popped up in my e-mail I couldn’t wait to open it after reading the title – I LOVE these colors together! The room looks great. I was thinking, though, the pink would have been a bit more “pinkier”, maybe it’s the photography? It’s looking a little bit on the “peachy” side??

  39. I also have a quilt and comforter on our bed. My feet are usually the coldest anyway, so it works out well.

    The real question is-how does hubby feel surrounded by pink?! ;)

  40. I adore your blog. Just found it. :) Really funny note…I was “home blog” hopping because we are thinking of repainting our ENTIRE house. (All the walls flow together so it’s all or nothing.) I really want to repaint, (it’s been 9 years…fo real!) but I’m sentimental about our paint color and i told my husband, “we really have the perfect paint color. We have build our whole decorating scheme around it. The color is Plantation Beige. We still have the paint swatch which is about 5 colors in the strip…the one above Plantation Beige being Tobacco Road. For years my husband had said, “we should have gone one more step up, up to Tobacco Road.” It’s been part of our decor banter for years! To come to your blog today and see you talk about it and people mention that and our color (Plantaion Beige) was so funny!! I read parts of out loud to my husband and said “we painted that color in 2002! We were cool before it was cool!” LOL, hey we get our kicks in where we can right? Was just very ironic!! :) Glad to have found you. Coincidentally, our new color looks like it is going to be a greige also, but were going darker!! :)

    • Nicole,
      All of the living areas of my home are Plantation Beige and Tobacco Road, and have been for over 8 yrs, DH and I find it easy to live with,goes with everything we pick out in the way of furniture and flooring.

  41. Would it be creepy if I send I want to get in your bed and fall asleep? Yeah, that sounds creepy, but I mean it as a compliment. LOVE how light and airy everything looks. I am a new follower visiting from Tatertots and Jello. Vicky from Mess For Less

  42. I love it! So, soft and pretty. Sweet dreams!

  43. Oh my GOSH!!! It looks AMAZING!!! I LOVE it!! LOVE!!!

  44. Lovely! I love pink and gray together. Doesn’t even look super girly. It’s just peaceful and serene. Stumbled it!

  45. It looks fabulous!!! love the blush and gray!

  46. the power of paint never ceases to amaze me!!! i can’t beleive you whipped out this makeover (and your awesome entrance hall!!), while pregnant and chasing a wee one!! You are super woman. Everything looks so pretty!!!

    And how in the world do you get these companies to send you shizz?!?!?!?!?

  47. Loving your bedroom makeover! Pink and gray are such a pretty combination. The bedding really makes the room – just gorgeous!

  48. Joan Adolf says:

    I have never been a fan of pink, but even I love this!!

  49. What a great look! I love the color scheme.

  50. Your bedroom looks so pretty- love the gray, pink and white combination!

  51. soooo beautiful! i love how it’s light and airy and fresh and dainty!!

  52. can you tell me where you found your curtain rod or if you made it? i have similar windows like yours in our bedroom. except we have five windows all next to each other on one wall. so i need an extra long curtain rod. thanks!

  53. I just love that duvet and the shams! The texture is gorgeous.

    And the new bright look in the bedroom is like a breath of fresh air.


  54. I love your duvet! I just bought a pintuck one similar to your West Elm version, but cheaper and in white. However, I don’t think I like it. And now I’m envious of your duvet! Sadly, I can’t afford the price.

  55. Wow I just love your room. I know what you mean about paint once I have a paint brush I just can’t stop myself! Your bedding is beautiful and yeah I hate you just a little! lol Thanks for sharing.

  56. Light and bright and fabulous! Love the pink (oops, blush) duvet. I have the problem of my comforter shifting around in my duvet cover – need to upgrade!

  57. Looks incredible !! I love the pink, gray and white combination. And, what a lucky girl for scoring such gorgeous bedding from DKNY! Thanks for sharing!

  58. Your new bedroom is really lovely. How lucky are you to be sent the bedding and new curtains! You said the furniture had a shiny finish….
    how did you prime or get them ready for paint? I have some in my bedroom I’m hesitant to paint because they would seem to have the same finish as yours. I’m a little curious to know how the mister is with the pink and white bedroom?

  59. I love your new bedroom it looks so light and airy with the light colors and the mirrors.

  60. I love this makeover. I’m loving the duvet cover, I pinned one just like it the other day :) I’m pinning this too!

  61. I love the colors and the beautiful serene look. My favorite color is white (never thought grey could look so cool!) Wowsers! Could you help me out? I’m a NuyoRican, living now in a huge apt in Park Slope, Bklyn. You are truly talented. God bless you and all your inspirational ideas.

  62. Gorgeous room! Where is the sunburst mirror from?

  63. DKNY uses rabbit fur in her design… Sorry I just can’t see anything right about her designs at the expense of animals. L ove the room, it’s absolutely stunning. I think there are “greener” alternatives.

  64. Love it! So pretty…my daughter is using the same colors in her new apt;
    she did pink blush walls and is going for the grey comforter and curtains.

    My only critique is that the room is so elegant feeling-until you see the mirror square art; maybe some DIY art in lighter colors-silhouettes etc-would be fun? No matter, it’s still a great room :)

  65. Ok, seriously Emily is your house ALWAYS perfectly clean, if so PLEASE give me your secret, because I feel like I am constantly cleaning and I still can’t keep it spotless like yours, but then again I also have 3 teen girls at home :)

  66. This looks soo amazing and comfy! I love every aspect of it.

  67. Love the bedroom…and if you aren’t happy with that bench, I’ll take it!

    Thanks so much for sharing this with us!

  68. Hi! I found your website while searching for info on Annie Sloan paint and wow, your new bedroom is gorgeous! Can you tell me if you used Pure White or Old White? I have to mail order my paint, and I am worried that Old White will be too cream, or that Pure White will be too cool. I am looking for a milky white. I am so inspired by you!

  69. How is it that you get these company’s to send you all this free stuff all the time? Just curious….love your blog and its given me lots of new ideas! :)

  70. where did you purchase the bedding?

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  74. Gema hardy says:

    Hi , your room looks great , i am thinking of purchasing this online but i am just wondering what kind of pillows it comes with thanks


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