The Dresser That Was Meant To Be

Have you ever been so excited you found that perfect piece of furniture for your home?  Well I am, and I found mine while out garage sale-ing.  My mom’s area had a neighborhood-wide garage sale a few weeks ago and I was not going to miss it.  I have been on the hunt for a bigger piece of furniture to put in our entry way for a while now, so we scoured all of the houses that listed furniture on the ad and hit those up first.

When I was on my way to mom’s house early in the morning, I spotted this one house that had some nice looking furniture out in the driveway and I wanted to stop but I didn’t.  I kept on to my mom’s but kept thinking about that dresser I saw.  And this my friends, is what I saw that fateful morning.

Isn’t she a beauty?

So anyway, I get to my mom’s and we all leave about 20 minutes later, drive to another house that was supposed to have good stuff, but it was a bust, and then I said let’s go back to that one house I passed up on the way here.

So we did, and when I walked up I was like “OH YES.”  I didn’t even look around at the other things for sale.  This was solid, old, good furniture. They were selling this dresser with the mirror, the matching chest of drawers, and a small side table….for $250 as a set and the lady didn’t want to break them up.  Problem was I only wanted the dresser.  And the other problem was that I didn’t have $250 either.  I stood by this furniture probably a good 10 minutes and the lady knew I really wanted it. And I was getting nervous because every single person that walked up to her garage sale went to come and look at this furniture!  So I knew it would sell quickly.

Finally, I said we can leave, and so we did.  And I knew right then that was a mistake.

We get in the car and drive like 2 houses down, then I tell my mom I have to go back and measure the depth of it, so I had her turn around.

As I was walking up, the owner JUST PUT A SOLD SIGN ON IT!!!!

I seriously was crushed, you have no idea.  Even the owner said “oh no! she came back!”


once she said that, the lady that actually just bought the set turned around and said “Oh, well what piece did you want?” I said just the dresser.  And she said “well great, because I just wanted the chest of drawers!!!!!”  So we ended up splitting the cost and somehow I walked away paying just $100 for the dresser, the mirror, and the little side table!!! (and I’m not using the mirror right now, and I haven’t found a home yet for the side table but it looks just like the dresser.) I should also mention both the dresser and the side table came with the glass tops as well. Awesome.

But oh my gosh can you believe it????  I was ecstatic.  It did have several little knicks and scrapes and such, but when I got it home I just used a staining pen and filled all of them in and it looked good as new, to me at least. It probably could stand to be refinished but that’s not happening any time soon, and I’m surely not painting it. :)

Ok, so that was the story on this dresser, now I’ll show you some more pictures. :)

I love the original hardware too.

This is the brand on the inside of the drawer.

I looked it up and it Sears introduced Harmony House in 1940 through 1968.  Does that make this an antique? To some yes, to others no…just depends who you ask. If you ask me, I say absolutely. Haha!

And it has the dovetail joints too.

Here is a little spring vignette using my DIY Aqua Painted Mason Jar, and this time I put in some orange tulips.  You all know I love that color combo!

It really was meant to be huh?  I love how it’s much bigger, has more storage, and that the top surface is bigger and deeper for decorating. I couldn’t fit many things on the other table.

Oh, and if you don’t remember, here is what the entryway used to look like with the old table

It wasn’t bad, but the scale was off with that new pretty mirror I found and the table, plus I just needed something bigger for the entry.

And here it is with the new dresser.

Pin It

I love it so much! And for the inquiring minds out there, the old table is in the office now in a little corner. :)

So remember, don’t wait and buy something if you see it at a garage sale, thrift store, goodwill or wherever you may be. A piece like this definitely won’t last long!

Do you like the new dresser in here as much as me? So what treasures have you found lately?  Garage sale season is upon us now so your treasure could be awaiting!

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  1. Sounds like it was totally meant to be!! What a gorgeous dresser!! I love the shape & the hardware! It looks awesome in your entryway! Congrats on such a great find!

  2. Wow – the new dresser is perfect! What a difference it makes in your entry. Great story that goes with it!

  3. Love the dresser! It certainly was meant to be.

  4. That piece is great, love the color.

  5. That’s a fantastic piece! It definitely fits the space much better. I love that it worked out so well with splitting it with the other lady.

  6. kristin M says:

    It’s perfect! The lighter color and the legs make it a much lighter piece in that place even though it’s bigger.
    Maybe lose the ledge shelves flanking it? Just a suggestion but they distract from this beautiful statement piece of furniture where as they used to ground the smaller darker piece. I know you’ll live with it and make the right choice.
    So happy this set worked out for you! Serendipity!

  7. Darlene (MyHeartCreates) says:

    LOVE the dresser … I have a buffet that is almost identical. Sometimes pieces are not meant to be painted and shouldn’t be. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder … and it looks gorgeous in its natural finish. Good find!! So happy for you!!

  8. That is absolutely gorgeous! I am so jealous. It was definitely meant to be!

    -Erin Spain

  9. P.S. (Totally Random question) – what is the paint color on that wall? I like it a lot!

    -Erin Spain

  10. so awesome! i just found a vintage dresser set on craigslist for our daughter’s room – $100 and it’s just perfect!

  11. That is the most beautiful piece of furniture I have ever seen! I LOVE it!! Rich color, beautiful hardware…WOW! Good for you!!!

  12. What a great dresser, so unique and well-built. And it worked out so well that it was meant-to-be!

  13. What a beautiful piece!!! I love how it worked out for you.

  14. So beautiful! The new dresser fits so nicely and I love that mirror! It definitely pays to wait to find the perfect item and then snatching it up when you do :-)

  15. Oh, my, what a wonderful find- your new entry chest is beautiful! I thought the other table looked great, but you’re right, the scale on this one looks really good, especially with the white table/bench/seat thingy. What are those things called anyway? :]

  16. It looks like it was always supposed to have been there. Great buy!!! Now you’ll have more space to store all of your misc. future projects and crafts!

    Oh and I love the dog’s cameo apperance in the last photo! He’s a cutie!

    I also noticed from the last photo that you seem to really enjoy round mirrors (3 pictured). :)

  17. It’s beautiful….you lucky duck!!!

  18. Love the new piece n your entry way. Please don’t refinish it. It will diminish its value and remove the marks that are there from love and use. So glad you were able to get this from the person who wanted the chest. Woo!

  19. wow! that is the best garage sale story ever! It was so meant to be in that space!! Love it

  20. It is beautiful! What a great buy!
    Where did you get that beautiful mirror? Love that too!

  21. Wonder if they still have those mirrors??? Sure wish could order online!

  22. Love it! I adore mahogany furniture in this style and it looks great in your entry. What a great story! Did you know that Sears also sold dishes under the Harmony House label? I know because I snagged a whole box of vintage pink rose style dishes once for $20 at an estate sale. :-) I didn’t realize the brand extended to furniture. If you go to or similar site and search by Harmony House you’ll see a lot of patterns.

  23. OMG, I’m so excited and envious all at the same time. You know when things are “meant to be.” That was just perfect timing. I’m so happy for you. If I found a dresser like that for $100 I’d faint. Congratulations, you did great.

  24. LOVE it!!!! Looks great! And, and I am totally checking out your mason jar painting. The jar is beautiful with the orange tulips!

  25. Oh, wow…you got such a pretty piece there! I’m really happy for you! I know that feeling when you see something you really, really love…and you just gotta have it. And when you get it, your heart is racing a mile a minute. So glad you went back! (I wouldn’t paint it, either…it looks fantastic just as it is!)


  26. OK, I’m head over heels for this dresser! I guess fate wanted you to have this beauty!! Kinda happy you’re not painting this… love the lines and hardware. SWOON!!

  27. Meghan Grace says:

    What a gorgeous piece! I am so glad you were able to get this! LOVE the color of it in your entry. Perfect!

  28. It’s really gorgeous… what a score!! I can’t believe what a difference it made in your entryway. Just perfect… it was your lucky day my dear!! AJ@queenofmynest

  29. I can’t believe how much of a difference the shape/color of the dresser makes that whole area pop. Wow, it looks beautiful.

  30. I’m totally in love with the dresser….but you knew that already, right? :) It’s perfect for your entry way!

  31. What an awesome story! Talk about the favor of God!!! And it’s a beautiful dresser and looks great in your entryway!

  32. Absolutely meant to be! Perfect!

  33. I absolutely love this gorgeous dresser! It looks great in your entryway. (So glad you didn’t paint it.)

  34. I ADORE the dresser! Can you say stunning!!!!

  35. Your new dresser is gorgeous, so glad you got it!

  36. I love garage sale season, estate sales… I can hardly wait! The dresser is fabulous! You are right about the larger one, good move, for all the reasons you stated. Sometimes things just work out the way they are supposed to! Great blog!!
    I once found 2 arm less chairs circa 1940’s for $15. each , The upholstery was olive green & in good shape, I used them as is until they looked too faded and My taste changed. So I dyed them using Black Rit Dye and a sponge. They were in my bedroom until the fabric was worn out, then a cream shade of fabric & re-upholstery gave them new life, now they are in my upstairs common hallway. I have been using them for over 20 years now!

    Your dresser is vintage not antique, it would have to be 100 years old to actually be considered an antique. I bet you will end up loving & using that dresser for ever!

  37. What a beautiful piece!! Megan

  38. How lucky! It looks gorgeous! I love the entryway.

  39. OH MY GOSH I AM SO JEALOUS!!!! When my hubs and I lived in Ohio (outside Cleveland) in 2010, we had such good luck with garage sales – people were selling AWESOME stuff! Then we moved back to NC and ever since, I haven’t found a single thing. So annoying. Anywho, I absolutely love your dresser!

  40. OMG – I JUST sold that dresser 2 months ago!! Although I live in Charlotte and I don’t think you do so it’s not my dresser but I what you’ve done with yours. Maybe if I had seen this BEFORE I sold it, I would have kept it :)

  41. Anonymous says:

    Lucky you! You cannot find a lady to split the deal everyday and $100 for the dresser is really a steal (for most of the time).
    I live in Houston and browse through a lot of estate sales to find bargins. I have seen very similar furnitures (including dressers) in color and shape of this one for a couple of times. Since it is not to my taste, I did not even look at the tags so I did not know how much they asked for. But I am pretty sure was over $100.
    I can feel your joy on finding this precious. When you come up to something you really like with a fraction of what a new piece will cost, you can’t be happier than that:)

  42. Lots of great pieces here. Thanks for sharing.

  43. Great post. Excited to see more!

  44. You got such a great deal on this dresser. I bought a similar federal style dresser for my entry was a few weeks ago. It is well-crafted, solid and old; however, I paid A LOT more than $100 for just the dresser. Way to go!!!!

  45. love your dresser in the entry…but the mirror….oh I love the mirror…where do I purchase one?

  46. Where can I find that mirror???

  47. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on dresser. Regards

  48. For anyone who loves this piece, and in the Toronto area, I have the full bedroom set available.

    I was going to keep it for myself as it was my parents. I was thinking about taking the top clear coat off ( shellack?) to show a less red colour and remove some top coat damage in some places… really would give a a much different look- even better I think..

    If interested, I will sell for fair price.


  49. Barbara Perkins says:

    Just bought the whole set for my mom for a Christmas surprize !

  50. I absolutely love your dresser. I recently found a chest of drawers in the same style in beautiful condition in a little antique store while on a road trip. I happily paid the vendor, wrapped the piece up carefully, and drove it 1200 miles back home strapped to the top of my VW.

    I am now trying to research the piece and haven’t come up with it catalog name for it but it appears it should be from around 1951. I am also on a quest to find additional pieces to complete the bedroom set.

    Great find. I want to steal it from you!

  51. Awesome Score! I just love it when that happens because 1. It hardly ever happens and 2. It feels like you’ve found a hidden pirate’s chest filled with gold!
    I stumbled on your post while actually Googling HARMONY FURNITURE for a piece from it that I’m interested in getting. I’m hooked now. The piece you have looks fantastic, and you’re right – it looks perfectly made for that spot.
    Knowing that you paid so little for a solid wood authentic mid century piece that’s heirloom quality must make you feel you’ve won the lotto!
    Now I’m off to get that dresser ($85) before it gets away.


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