A Small Change But A Big Impact! {New Entry Rug}

Hi everyone hope you had a great weekend! I’m just getting around to show you all the new rug I bought a few months ago(?) I can’t remember exactly when. I needed a new one for the entry way because the old one was too traditional looking and I wanted a fresher more current look.

It was only $66 during one of RugsUSA’s 70% off sales. And this rug is a bit wider and 2 ft longer than our old one and I love that about it. It’s the same charcoal grey (with a hint of blue when the light hits it) as our living room trellis rug. It’s a different pattern so it’s not all matchy matchy.

Now, I have to say a little bit about RugsUSA. I had talked about them one time in a post because I was happy with my rug they sent for our living room. And I bought my new runner and had a fine experience too. But, I’ve had one too many email complaints from y’all and some of you have had awful experiences with them. And I am SO sorry! I won’t be endorsing them any longer since several of you have been unhappy. I know it is not my fault, but that’s just what I feel is right to do. So a word of caution, just shop at your own risk if  you want to buy a rug. Again, my experiences have been great but since your opinions really do matter to me, this is why I am doing this. It doesn’t mean I won’t shop there again because I will (they do have great sales) so I just wanted to let y’all know! :)

Okay, back to the runner….

I do still have the same old round rug by the door so I’m still looking for something to replace it as well.

But such a difference huh? It totally clashes now but I want to wait for the right one. So I don’t mind for now. :)

And the table just has some simple valentiney decorations on it now because we had a baby shower here over the weekend.

Glitter Hearts

Valentine Decor

And another of the rug.



I really like how it updates the space with my antique dresser. Mixing styles may not be for everyone but I love it! :)

P.S.-The paint color in here is SW Balanced Beige.

Have you made any fun changes lately?  Rugs make SUCH a difference in a room. I love them. I need one really bad in our bedroom. Guess I better start shopping. :)



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  1. I like this patterned rug and I agree with you. It very easy to change the view of a place by just adding a new rug! Oh, I love also your mirror!!!

  2. I think it’s still ok to endorse them. Everyone has different experiences. Overall, their products are great! I got a great rug at a great price. But, their customer service is not so great. So, if there ever were a problem, I’d imagine you’d have a harder time getting it taken care of.
    Love the rug in your entry way!

    • I know there are likely more positive experiences than negative ones, but since I had written a post about them before and people trust my opinions on a review and then want to order themselves, I just hated that several people contacted me with their very bad experiences and money lost and no rug to show for it. So, I felt bad that happened to them and tried to rectify the situation but not really sure how far that really got. So this is the least I could do is to give people a heads up of what has happened to some readers so they can shop with caution if necessary. Hopefully everyone will have a positive experience from here on out! :)

  3. Your entryway is beautiful, as is the new rug! Great choice!

  4. Jennifer Jensen says:

    Just wanted to let you know that I have purchased from them 2 times and had good experiences. I like their prices and quality.

  5. I have the same charcoal grey trellis rug that you have in your family room. When I received it, there was a bad spot. I called RugsUSA. They asked me to send a picture of it, which I did. Right after that, they quickly made arrangements for the pickup of the flawed rug and delivery of a new one. I would definitely order from them again based on my own experience.

    The problem with other people telling you about their “bad experience” is that you don’t really know all the details. Everyone perceives things differently, so what one considers a good experience (as in my case), someone else may consider to be bad. Anyway, I believe it is perfectly acceptable for you to tell your readers about YOUR experiences. It doesn’t seem quite fair to the company to not endorse them based on other people’s experiences.

    Just my two cents… for what it’s worth.

    And your new entry rug looks wonderful!

    • Oh good I’m so glad you are happy Karen! And to be honest it was a little more than just a “bad experience” so that’s why I chose to do this. Not being mean or unprofessional or anything at all (remember I still love them!) but I just wouldn’t feel right after some of the conversations I have had with readers. Hope you understand!

      • I understand completely. And I certainly hope you didn’t think I was criticizing, because that was not my intent at all. I never thought you were being mean or unprofessional, nor did I mean to imply either by my comments. You have to do what you feel is right, and I respect that.

        You are one of my favorite bloggers, Emily, and I adore your style. Obviously so, or I wouldn’t have bought the same rug you have after seeing it on your blog! Now if I could just work up the nerve to try some of the board and batten or wainscoting you have done in your home. You certainly make it look easy!

        Thank you for your kind response…

  6. Love your new rug! I purchased an 8 x 10 rug and a 2.5 x 8 runner from them around Thanksgiving. It was my first time buying from them and the 75% off was too good to pass up. It took longer to receive the rugs than I thought but believe that was UPS not Rugs USA mix up. I got both for less than I’ve seen many runners! Love my rugs. Will buy from them again….my only complaint is its really hard to see the true colors online.

  7. Love your new rug! I am hooked on the trellis patterns too right now! You do such a fantastic job of mixing styles and pieces – I love it! I was feeling like I had some oriental rug overload going on in my house lately. I had to get a new rug for my living room after we extended our hardwoods. I had orientals in the adjoining foyer and hallway ad then a sisal in the dining room on the opposite site. So 4 rugs all in one line of site! I went with the trellis rug in my living room. And I love it so much I would like to get rid of some of my orientals but they were so pricey I just can’t justify it! Love your blog (I’m a green blogger myself)!

  8. I really like your new rug and how it goes well with your other rug. You’d think it was bought together! I’ll have to check out that website. I have to say, I love your entry way and your style. Thanks for sharing it!

  9. Love this rug! Most of all I love to see it with the paint color! We are building a new home and had very few color choices SW Balanced Beige was among them. I wanted a creamy gray tone that was not too dark and this is it! The one in my home now is Behr’s Sculptors Clay and these two colors are very close! I googled the color and found your site. SO great to see how it reads in a real home! Thanks for all of the wonderful pics!

  10. I really love the pattern in your new rug. And the colors in the rug coordinate so beautifully with your interior!

  11. Love your new runner. I am wondering what it is called. I could not find a link with a name.

  12. I’d love to know the name of the runner as well. Couldn’t find it on the website. Looking for one. Love it!

  13. I appreciate your honesty. I am still waiting on my refund, but please know I don’t hold you accountable. A big thanks to you for everything!

  14. I really like how your runner looks with your living room rug! Great choice!

  15. love the entry! Which rug is it? Can’t find it on website!


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