The Entryway Got a Facelift

I’m so excited to show you all a few changes I made to our entryway!  As part of a blogger challenge sponsored by Apartment Guide, I was given $150 and was supposed to give an area of our home a little freshening up. Don’t have to ask me twice to go out and spend money!

But the odd thing about that was I tried to spend the money on several occasions and went to probably 10 different stores!  Isn’t that how it always happens? When you actually have a little money to spend you can’t find anything? Annoying.  But finally the stars aligned and Homegoods finally got restocked since being bare after Christmas.

I am in LOVE with that mirror!!  And it is pretty much identical to the Z Gallerie Devon Mirror, and mine is 2 inches bigger, and was $120 less than theirs! Score. So yes my mirror from Homegoods was $79.99.

Here is what the entry looked like before.

Nothing really wrong with it, but I wanted to lighten things up and replace the mirrors because I knew that would help.  And that lamp had broke so I needed a new lamp too.

I chose to spend my money for the makeover on bigger items that I will use for a long time, instead of a bunch of little accessories that I will likely tire of.  So I just used the same accessories I already had.

The next thing I bought was this garden stool.

It was $39.99 and I think it’s so cute in the entry. Plus if we ever need any extra seating, this can be moved around and can act as an extra seat. Maybe not the most comfy seat available, but a seat nonetheless.

And I found a lamp at Homegoods too for $29.99.

It’s sleeker and a little more modern so it fits this space better now with the new mirror I think. I’m so happy to have a working lamp again! :)

Here are some more shots of the new decor.

Is it obvious I like round mirrors since I have 3 right by each other? :)

So what do you think of the spruce up?  I think the $150 went a long way because your entryway or foyer sets the tone for the rest of the house.  It’s much lighter and brighter and a little more my style now.  I still need a new runner too and have looked everywhere for a cool rug.  No luck yet.  But you know I’ll let you know when I do! :)

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  1. I love the makeover! Well done. :). So inviting and fresh!

  2. I so need an entryway makeover…great inspiration for me! Love what you did and totally want that mirror!

  3. Love the update! The new mirror really sets the tone for the space. I want the garden stool…I can’t wait for our Homegoods to open! Everyone always finds the most amazing things there.

  4. Loogs great! I don’t know what you’re looking for in a new rug but this place is an amazing place to get rugs – It’s a local shop here but I’m sure they could find you whatever you wanted and ship it to you. Good luck!

  5. Absolutely stunning!!!!! I love the mirror too!!!

  6. Love the mirror, I was just staring at it yesterday at HomeGoods (but it was $99….) to put over my headboard. Good work!

  7. Love the new mirror and the whole redo.
    Your painted cabinet is beautiful too!

  8. I’m currently working on a living room makeover (which I’ve been posting about) and that mirror would be perfect for my entryway area! The original mirrors I had selected are no longer available at the store, and now I am just looking for one big mirror. I need to go check out HomeGoods. Maybe mine has one – this is the perfect look and size!! Love your new space!

  9. Anonymous says:

    Very pretty! It has such a lighter feel to the space. The garden stool is my favorite…must find one of those!

  10. LOL! Yes that IS how it always happens!

    It looks fabulous!!

  11. LOVE the new mirror! Very fresh, and you’re right, the sleek lamp really completes the look. Breath of fresh air. :)

  12. Love the makeover! I think it accomplishes your goal of lightening up the area! I’m so jealous of your garden stool and mirror finds. I love those pieces, but don’t want to spend the money on them yet. Maybe my Home Goods will surprise me soon! :)

  13. It really does look 10 times lighter! Love that little stool too, would be super cute with a plant on it or something. :) Gotta love Homegoods!

  14. Oooh, it looks so nice and bright now. And all the round mirrors and garden stool are a nice complement to your angled molding etc. Nicely done!

  15. Girl, it’s so beautiful. So current looking. I love that mirror. I keep eyeing the one at our HomeGoods. I should probably scoop it up. You have inspired me!

  16. I absolutely loovvve this! This is so my style. Glass, mirrors, silver, bling bling bling! good job!

  17. Fantastic change….I am in love with that new mirror! Amazing how just a few little changes can make such a difference….Thanks for the inspiration…I’m pinning you all over! Lori

  18. Great makeover, love how bright it looks, so welcoming. I think I have matching area rugs to your entry runner, bought them on a spur of the moment thing, now wishing I had waited for what I really wanted (something lighter). Oh, well. :)

  19. Great makeover!!! Love how pretty and new it all looks for $150! Way to go!

  20. Love the update! I am holding my iPad up to my husband and asking, how’d she take that photo (the one that’s pretty much straight on) without having herself or even her camera in the photo? Very impressive. Girl has skills. :-)

  21. Love the make over and the mirror is perfect! The garden stools are so versatile!

  22. Great update! The mirror really makes a statement and I can’t believe that you only spent $150 on the transformation!

  23. You know, I don’t tend to like that style of mirror… and the only reason I say that is because, I really like this one. It sure made an impact and I am pleasantly surprised how much I actually really like it! It sure works beautifully in your space.

  24. That mirror is amazing! I have yet to visit a Home Goods store… but that mirror makes me want to get in the car right now! Beautiful.

  25. I can’t believe you did all of that for 150 bucks! That mirror makes such a big difference. It’s makes the space so brighter. Beautiful choice! Now I am wishing my Home Goods store was closer than 2 hours to my house. I would be in there everyday!

  26. Love, love, LOVE that mirror! It really changes the space! Good work!


  27. Hi Decor Chick, we’re so glad you waited and shopped with us!!! We heart that mirror and garden stool – fashionable but they won’t go out of style anytime soon. Very nice. Thanks for giving us a shout on Twitter. Your friends at HomeGoods

  28. It looks awesome! I have that same mirror except in white in my office- gotta love HomeGoods. I saw that garden stool there the other day too and wanted to get it, but had not place to put it- totally didnt think about my entry-good idea! But of course if I go back it will be gone- isnt that always the case.

  29. Love the freshen-up of the entry way! And the saying: “When you actually have a little money to spend you can’t find anything?” Isn’t that the truth? What is it with that? When money is the tightest- I can find a ka-gillion things that are appealing! Money in hand- not so much!


  30. Accessories are just fabulous, they add so much to a space and you picked out some lovely ones.

    Yes, mirrors are addicting. I’m trying not to put multiples in our rooms too. I think I remember you tweeted about that mirror and I was wondering what it looked like :-) Perfect!

  31. The sleek mirror and other accents compliment the ornate details of the credenza perfectly, and the silver brightens up the whole area. Beautiful!

  32. Very chic and elegant and sophisticated!

  33. I love it Emily! It turned out beautiful! I’m so glad to hear Home Goods finally got restocked too!!!! I’ll be heading to HG today for sure!

  34. Laura Hardy Lambie says:

    gorgeous, I love it

  35. What an awesome job! That mirror..what a find. I love it.

  36. A great low budget makeover. The transformation is wonderful. Love it. Love those round mirrors but haven’t found quite the right spot for them in my house.

  37. Love the makeover! Do u know the wall color?

  38. Where is the foyer table from?? I am looking for one this size:). Love the Mirror too!!


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