Color Crushin’: Orange and Aqua

I haven’t painted anything in a while, like a room or anything, but I have the itch now.  Maybe it’s my 2nd trimester nesting kicking in?  Regardless, me and my bump are ready to have some fun with a paint roller again. And I think I am going to start the laundry room redo.  And since the laundry room is kind of closed off from the rest of the house, it can be fun colors in there. Hey, anything to make laundry fun, right?

I was looking through my Pinterest boards today and kept coming back to this one board where everything I have pinned is orange and aqua.  I just love those color combos so much.

Pretty right?  I still haven’t decided if I’ll do orange or aqua walls.  I’m considering more of a coral-like orange too.

Oh, I guess you want to see the actual laundry room now. Brace yourself–this photo is from when I had the mess link party.

See, I had already started painting this room over a year ago and decided I didn’t want grey in this room.  And sadly this room hasn’t changed much since this photo was taken…a year ago. Ha!

This room is just awkwardly shaped because of the staircase.

So I need to come up with some kind of storage solution and make this room functional instead of a junk yard. The dog and the cage are up for grabs too if you’re interested.

I’ll get some better photos of this room when I start painting. And that may be tonight because my husband is gone.  I seem to do crazy things when he’s gone and not sure why…

So do any of you have any bright ideas for storage in here? I’m kind of leery of any type of permanent built ins in here because we do use this room for storage and for big things, like the vacuum, strollers, saxophones (hubby’s), etc. so built ins would limit the items that can go in here, to a degree.

Anyway, if you can think of anything I’d love to hear! Do you like orange and aqua too?  Or what’s your favorite color combos? I’m ready for a bright and cheery laundry room! :)

And if you’re in the market for any beds or bedframes check out Tesco.




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  1. Orange and aqua. And then I died. Amen. If you have ever been to my site which I am sure you haven’t cuz im not all cool with major friends like you, my favorite combos are:


    Thats just what I am crushing on but I love the orange and aqua as well. I am pretty good in photoshop so if I get a chance I will come up with a storage idea and post a photo for you. Deal? Love your site.


  2. Why do all laundry rooms suffer the same fate? I know mine looks like this and worse on any given day and I even have cupboards to stash stuff in! If I had that nook under the stairs I would put a shelving unit or two under there with baskets as needed, leaving enough room for the vacuum and other large items, and then cover the front with fabric panels. Maybe attach some small hooks along the top edge every few inches and use ties that are attached to the panels at a slightly wider spacing so the panels softly slouch along the top. That way you could pull back the panels as needed with traditional tie backs or more hooks and cording or ribbon. In my house that would be all of the time EXCEPT when I had company coming over. I can’t wait to see what you decide to do.

  3. I know you are preggers and all but when you are done with your laundry room, would you come and do mine?

    I love orange and aqua. I just did my girls’ room in yellow and aqua and it is a very fresh look too!

  4. I love the orange. Never have been a big fan of aqua. Although, I know it is very popular right now. I am thinking of doing our guest bedroom in orange. Maybe a burnt orange. My daughter actually had burnt orange as one of her wedding colors. Didn’t think I would like it but was very pretty with her other color,lavender. Orange is starting to grow on me. So, maybe aqua will too. LOL. I enjoy your site so much. Very nice to see how you have transformed the rooms in your house. Thank you for sharing your home with us.

  5. I’m such a fan of these colors… if aqua is a trend I’ll cry when it’s over and one of my favorite colors is rendered passe ;) I do love the combo and I’ve actually posted about it, too… so many fun rooms. I think it would be a great, happy laundry room.

    Could you fit some Expedits in there with the angled ceilings? I swear, the uses for those suckers are endless.

  6. Totally in love with aqua, I’ve been redoing our living room with gray walls, and pops of aqua and yellow. But the orange is totally awesome too! I think i’d go for a light aqua on the walls with some orange shelving above the washer/dryer! I think it’ll be gorgeous!

  7. I LOVE this combo. So gorgeous. I am going to do this in my guest bath today. unfortunately I can’t paint since we rent, but I will be changing the shower curtain and accessories asap!
    {Also, would totally take that dog cage off your hands if only you were in CA :( }

  8. La Chanchita Rosa says:

    How about making some PVC tubing fit into the funky shape along the back wall. Like this picture:
    You could store the rarely used items in the cubby holes and leave space on the side for the larger items or put decorative bins in front?

  9. Are you serious about the DOG?

  10. Love that color combination!!! So fun:)

  11. Hi,
    What can you tell me about your dog? I’m a dog lover, maybe we can figure something out.

  12. I’m crushing this color combo too! Thinking of throwing in a bit of sage green

  13. I think it might be a good idea to put a nice dresser or even an area with 4-6 baskets underneath the staircase. For one, it will hide all your laundry supplies! Also, you can hide all your other items that you don’t want showcased all the time. Great way to make the room look fashionably organized while hiding all the clutter! <3


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