Floored: The Office

I’m finally going to show you all the new wood floors in the Office!  I’ll be doing a few little home tour posts and this room is first up. I have added a “Our Home” tab on the navigation bar at the top of the page and will continue to update it as rooms get complete, or near completion. :)  Hopefully this will be easier for you all to navigate through the main areas of our home when I post about them. :)

And now, may I present you with the new love of our lives-beautiful hand-scraped engineered hardwood floors:

I just love them.  Best money ever spent.  Me and the Bona cleaner have become good friends too. :)  I may get a rug in here eventually, but I’m not in any hurry.

Here is a before with carpet…

During installation before any trim was added…

And several afters.

5 inch wide planks:

It was a joy to work in here before, but now it’s an even greater joy.  I know that may sound silly, but something about wood floors is just so soothing and inviting.  Plus, all of the carpet stains are gone and the house feels so much cleaner. :)

Next up on the little tour will be the living room!

To see the full office makeover you can read this post, and any questions you might have about the decor/paint in this room should be there.  You can also read more about the flooring we chose in this post.

If any of you are local (Houston area) and are in the market for some wood floors, you can email me and I’ll get you in touch with the lady we used who had excellent pricing, and beat everyone else I got estimates from by a long shot.  A really long shot.

Sharing this post at Thrifty Decor Chick’s Before and After Party.



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  1. Your floors are gorgeous! We’re in the process of picking out new flooring for our house too. The carpets (at least downstairs) have to go because they are looking old and filthy and I’ve got a severe dust mite allergy. I’m in Katy, but I’d LOVE to get the details about where you got your flooring! :)

  2. Decorchick, your new hardwood floors look amazing! I LOVE that dark color and wide plank. So beautiful – they add so much to the space!

  3. They look beautiful! We are getting ready to get the dark wood laminate flooring installed in our living room, kitchen, & hallway and I can not wait!! Like you, I am sooo over the carpet stains!! I chose the dark wide plank laminate, so I think it will look a lot like yours!! So excited!!

  4. Oh wow, I LOVE your office. Gives me inspiration to finish mine! Thank you for the post!


  5. I love it! Now I have wood floor envy. Back to saving my pennies.

  6. Emily, the floors are awesome! Your office is just stunning. I mean, it was BEFORE, but now…WOW!!

  7. Wasn’t this room your dining room at one point? What a transformation….lovely :)

  8. Lovely! Great Job!

  9. SO beautiful!!! Isn’t it crazy how much of a difference wood floors make?!?!? We have very similar floors (wide plank, dark, handscraped) except they are laminate. We get TONS of compliments on them. I think dark wood floors are GORGEOUS! Congrats on the new flooring!!

  10. The floor look fabulous! Going from carpet to dark hardwoods is money well spent. I totally understand how you feel when you say it just feels great to walk by your office & see the huge change. It is a warm, inviting space! Love it, love it!! Visit & like me on FB at Gracious Spaces for decorating tips, style updates, & projects :)

  11. Stunning, Emily! And I’m just a smidge jealous because we left behind gorgeous hand scraped floors when we moved. :)

  12. beautiful emily!!!

  13. Stunning. Love the new look. I would love “working” in that room. :)


  14. Beautiful! I am jealous of your floors!

    When we had Pergo in our old place, the planks were wider, more brown and more rustic looking like yours. The builder in our current house didn’t offer anything in that style. I miss it!

  15. Oh! Oh! Oh! The floors look FABULOUS!!!!!!!!

    Seeing the room empty with just the new floors makes me want to roll around on them like a kiddo! They are just that great!!

  16. What a BEAUTIFUL workspace!!!!! Fabulous!

  17. I don’t know if anyone’s mentioned this before, but your house reminds my of the children’s book series, “If You Give A Mouse A Cookie…”

    So, your latest saga would begin: If you give a decorchick some board & batten… then she’ll want greige paint…. next the chick would have to change her curtains… then she’ll have to have new floors…

    It all b-e-a–YOU–tiful, Emily. Thanks for sharing your gift!

  18. I love the shade of wood you chose! Looks fantastic!

  19. Love the floors so much! Engineered flooring is my favorite. They’re sustainable and they last so long! Such a great transformation (:

  20. The floors look great!

  21. Thank you everyone!!

  22. I just love it! I love the stain , I love the look! Gorgeous!! Just curious.. what was the hardest part about this makeover??

    Great, great job!!

  23. Looks gorgeous!!! Way to beautify that room!! Oh happy day for you!! ;-)

  24. Beautiful! Love the wide planks and hand scraped finish. I can see why you love them!!

  25. Can you share the manufacturer, color and style number with us? We are getting ready to do our entire first floor and this is exactly what I’ve been looking for!
    Awesome! Simply awesome!


  26. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous !! *Becca*

  27. That turned out just gorgeous! I’ve been wanting to repaint my office grey – and yours is so inspiring for me to get my booty in gear!

  28. I love the flooring. The texture is wonderful.

  29. oh my WORD! I love it, I love it, I LOVE IT!! Gorgeous. I want that office!

  30. This floor is b.u.t.t.e.r!

    all I can say, truly awesome. congrats. wait…I think I can see my reflection in those shiny floors…

  31. Now, that wood floor looks sturdy and totally complements the table and the whole design of the office.

  32. We are thinking of replacing carpet. I know a few other comments asked for the details of the hardwood floors. I was wondering if you were ready to share! They look terrific! Engineered is what was recommended for our home as well, due to the humidity and no basement under the room we are looking into remodeling!

    Thanks for your fantastic blog. I spend way too much time here, just ask my husband:)

  33. Looks awesome! I am in the process of doing the same thing and am wondering what you did about your cords? I can not stand seeing cords all over the place. Any suggestions would be great.


  34. Hubby and I have been out looking at new flooring today in our lovely Houston weather! I love your blog and your floors! I would very much like to have the information for the company that you used! Also, we have been pouring over paint samples and Balanced Beige is on our short list! Are you still loving it?

  35. Hey There!
    I’m so in love with your office floor! Would you mind sharing where it was you got your flooring from? Also, the price of the flooring.

    Much thanks,
    Jessica Zafereo

  36. Hey There!
    I’m so in love with your office floor! Would you mind sharing where it was you got your flooring from? Also, the price of the flooring.

    Much thanks!


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