The Laundry Room Makeover!

Hey everyone, hope you had a great weekend!  I was able to finish up some painting and snap some shots of the laundry room finally, and am so excited to show you the room now!  It’s come a long way that’s for sure. :)  And now, here’s the new orange and aqua laundry room!

UPDATE: I have since added a few more things to this room and new shelving. See the post here.

I tried to do my best with the photos but there are no windows in this room, or in the hallway leading to it, so it was a bit challenging. But I just love this room now!!

Let’s look at a few before pictures now so we can see where this room started.

It was chaos. Complete and utter chaos. I first just cleared out the room and decided I wanted none of this stuff in here anymore. So I found a new place for everything (besides the vacuum) and got to work.  I painted the room Chrysanthemum by Sherwin Williams in their HGTV line of paint and love the color.  I know orange might not be for everyone but if you like an intense orange, this is a good one.

You’ll notice I decided to not remove the existing shelf and bar for now and just added some pretty bins for extra storage.

The 2 little white shelves I did add (from Lowe’s), and they are merely for decorative purposes only. You would not want to set a bottle of detergent on them. :) And yes, one is crooked.  I hate hanging shelves.  When I saw all of those pretty plates at Target I had to have them. The colors were perfect for this room.  And yes it might be weird to have plates in a laundry room, but hey, they make me happy and it’s my kind of “art.”  And I bought those over a month ago (maybe 2?) so I’m not sure if they are still there? If so they are probably on clearance now.  Oh, and the bins came from Lowe’s, Homegoods, and Target.

Oh yea, and I slapped up some beadboard and a chair rail too for added charm. :)

Molding makes the world just a little bit better. And I just did it on this one wall because it is the only wall it made sense on. This room is way too choppy with the staircase and all.

And we also had that ugly florescent light in here, which was replaced with this $8 thrift store chandelier that I redid.

I love it! And yes it puts off plenty of light like most of you said it would, so thank you very much!

And on the other side of the room we have this now.

We just added an Expedit unit from Ikea and that is now where I keep all of the detergents, the iron, and other miscellaneous things.  Only 2 of those bins have stuff in them right now too, so I have plenty of space for extra storage. It’s amazing what these little Expedits do to a space am I right?  It’s instant organization that looks pretty.  Those little baskets on top of the Expedit are also from Target, and 2 of them from the dollar spot section. I figure the extra things I find in pockets can be thrown in here. :)

That beadboard hook thing I found at Lowe’s on clearance for about $12. I’m so mad I didn’t get 2 of them because when I went back they were all gone, and they are discontinued now. :(

So cute right?  I’ve just been hanging whatever clothes need to dry on these hooks and it works great.

Oh and let’s not forget about this gorgeous rug from Urban Outfitters.

It’s one of my favorite things in the room.

And here’s a few more shots for ya.

And for anyone wondering, I still LOVE my top loading washing machine.  We didn’t get the matching dryer because our dryer is only about 3 years old and works great.  But they are both by LG and love them!

But between the new washer and the new pretty laundry room, I can say that doing laundry is just a tad bit better.  Now if they can just make a machine that folds and puts the laundry away…now that would be awesome.

So what do you think?  If you do not like orange, ummm, I’m guessing this isn’t for you.  And that’s ok!  But I just looooove orange/coral and aqua and can’t get enough. :)  Would you be bold and paint a room orange?  Or what’s a color you’d like to use but might be scared to try?  If you love it, I say go for it!  It’s just paint after all…it can be painted again. :)

I’ll be sharing this post at Sarah’s before and after party, Weekend Wrap Up Party, Inspired by Charm and Between Naps on the Porch.

UPDATE: I have since added a few more things to this room and new shelving. See the post here.




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  1. Wow – you have been busy! The laundry room is gorgeous! I bet you smile every time you go in there! Love the rug, too.

  2. Everything looks FABULOUS!!! I bet you love doing laundry now! My washer and dryer do not match either. I guess both need to die at the same time to make that happen.

  3. Wow…. what a gorgeous laundry room! Love the color combination. It’s bright and cheerful now.

    Great job!

  4. Holy cow! This makes me S-M-I-L-E! Happy-happy room. Looks great!

  5. What a transformation! Love the storage unit and the baskets and the chandelier is awesome. Great job!

  6. Love the orange! Perfectly bright color for a normally small and dreary space. The room looks fab!

  7. Love it! I painted my laundry room a bright color, too. It’s a work in progress, but it already makes doing the laundry a little more pleasant. The chandelier looks fabulous! It’s not an expensive addition, but it adds so much style to the room. And it’s easy to do! Thanks for sharing!

  8. OMG! what a great room. It’s so girly :0) perfection! I am super jealous.
    Great job. Love the orange, love it all especially the chandy!!!

  9. kristin M says:

    great storage and colors. do you have room in there for a little table for folding clothes? i have one of these in my laundry room and I LOVE it!!! It is great to have a surface right there to fold things rather than bringing it out to your living room or whatever your usual habit is. something small that you can paint white would fit the bill and add a little vintage charm.

    • Kristin,
      That is a wonderful idea. I find myself either folding laundry on the couch or my bed, even though I have counter space in my laundry room/mudroom/bill-paying/crafting room. Perhaps there is room for her to fold clothes on the unit from IKEA?

  10. Wow! What a wonderful change. I love the beadboard and the colors.
    Orange is really making its way to the front of the pack this year and it is looking amazing. Great choices.

    Jake’s a Girl

  11. I love the rug!!

  12. Hello Decorchick, Wow-y! Bold colors make us happy so we’re ecstatic over this room. Amazing before and after. Thanks for shouting to us on Twitter. Your friends at HomeGoods

  13. I’ve been waiting to see the results and just love the way it looks! I do like the idea of just adding some beadboard; makes it look very elegant (even though it’s just laundry), but hey, just going into this room would make doing laundry a little bit easier!

  14. I love it! I think the laundry room is the perfect place to try a bold color because you aren’t spending hours at a stretch in there so you are less likely to get tired of it. Yes, we spend hours in there but we are in and out. I love this color and I love the chandelier.

  15. I love the look it is so fresh ….great Job!

  16. What an incredible makeover. Absolutely fabulous!

  17. I love the color! And that rug is awesome!

    We are redoing our laundry room too. Right now it’s lime green with a red washer and dryer. It’s way to Christmassy. I love the shelves and may be copying your ideas because our room is small too, with no windows.

    Great job!

  18. Sheryll & Critters. says:

    Oh my gosh, I love it… and I think it is just perfect. Adding it to my already long wish list….. I really want as close to this one as I possibly can get. Which might take a while for me.

    But it is just so beautiful.

  19. Wow, so beautiful! Makes me want to add some glam to my laundry room — my laundry room is oh so utilitarian(and ugly) right now. :(

  20. Wow, your laundry room is absolutely beautiful! I wouldn’t mind doing laundry as much if mine looked like that. It may be the first laundry room I have seen with a chandelier but I love it! The room has such personality and is really a great place to use the orange and blue combo that is so popular right now.

  21. Wow! That is stunning. You really have a talent for transforming a space into an elegant and welcoming area. Love the orange you chose. Such a great color choice. I wouldn’t mind coming to your place to do laundry! *haha*

  22. Wow! Love it. I never would have thought to pick orange, but I really like the shade you picked. Love all the added storage too!

  23. I love it. You must be the only person with an orange and aqua laundry room on this planet lol. Or at least until everyone starts duplicating this. I love orange and I recently became an aqua lover. It was just the other day it hit me that I can have an orange and agua bedroom!!! But now I’m thinking laundry too lol. Love it!!!

  24. Orange is not my favorite color, it’s fair to say.ha But I do LOVE your new laundry room! Especially the beadboard, rug, and storage unit. So cute. You did a great job!

  25. Amazing! Love the colors. Wish I had a laundry room that size!!

  26. I love your new orange and aqua laundry room!

  27. I love the orange and aqua. As for the discontinued hook thing, I’ll bet you could make one just like it!

  28. The storage bins are great, anything that gets clutter out of site is awesome. Great job with the whole space! :)

  29. Jessie C. says:

    I like it! Those beadboard hooks are adorable!

  30. Beverly Thomas-Brewer says:

    Luv the room, the colors, lighting, everything u did a great job!♥

  31. I love the orange! The white breadboard helps to balance it so it is not overpowering. You can’t tell there are no windows. The color looks happy and bright. Great job!

  32. wow! This is awesomely beautiful! What a fun place to be in to do chores!
    I love the colors, this is more tangerine than pumpkin orange , right? The beadboard balances it so well, that even if one just painted the bottom of the wall white and no beadboard, it would still have that fresh fun look. The rug and the chandelier make this EXTRA special! Great touches! Beautiful!

  33. Seriously, I’m trying to calm my mind down. Because of your makeover I’m imaging beadboard in my laundry room, a fresh, vibrant paint color…oooo gotta stop, gotta stop. Hubs will kill me:-)

  34. Gorgeous!! I love how it turned out!!

  35. My goodness, what a gorgeous laundry room. Really love the rug, the color, it’s all amazing!

  36. It’s totally awesome and glamorous! Just wondering how high your ceiling is? Coz I reckon if it’s high enough you could make it a tad more functional with some additional hanging space for wet weather days with one of those racks that can be raised and lowered with a pulley.

  37. WOW! I love it! You did a great job! I feel some inspiration coming…….

  38. You did a fabulous job! Not an easy color to pull off and you rocked it! I seriously love that rug and would love to use it and another color from it for my 1/2 bath!

    I’m no longer an “orange” person – emphasis on “no longer” – I painted my bedroom that color in the beginning of the 70s as a high schooler! Yes, it helped a teenager wake up more agreeably (more often with a smile) and also helped to keep me feeling a bit of a renegade since friends all had pastels! (And greatly dismayed my parents as I did it while they were grocery shopping.)

    So, not a hater of orange by any means, but have just downgraded to using as accent to remind me I can change the boundaries of my color comfort zone!

  39. Love the orange and teal – who knew a laundry room could look so great!!!

  40. Looks lovely. Many happy and clean loads of laundry are wished for you.

  41. Wow, love the orange and teal! Makes me want to re-do my laundry room. We are running a Before and After Link party to support Habitat for Humanity, with a chance to be featured on other big blogs and win gift cards. Would love if you entered!

  42. I haven’t commented here, but I just had to when I saw your laundry room! Our laundry rooms are practically twins!

    Because I, too, have no window in the room, I wanted a bright happy color. I settled on a shade of tangerine that looks pretty identical to yours. And the accents are…..aqua. :) Aqua chandelier, aqua-framed chicken wire inspiration board on one wall, framed aqua “LOVE” poster that is B- I -G taking up the main wall. I have built in cabinets above my machines with bead board doors. I put Anthro knobs on the doors — don’t know how to link to a product, but they are clear aqua glass that look like they are full of bubbles — perfect for a room that revolves around suds. :) On top of the cabinets, I have vintage metal locker baskets (4) lined up.

    Like you, I LOVE this room. Orange was bold, but boy is it cheerful. I think there should be something a bit unexpected in each home, and the laundry room is a good place for it. Your room turned out great. Nice job! Have a great day! ~Amy~

  43. It looks great, E! So cheery and bright! The rug is the perfect thing to tie it all in together. Now you’re ready to wash all those cutie-pie onesies!!

  44. WOWZA! What a difference! I love the pop of color and the new over all feel of the room! Great job :)

  45. WOW!! I love the colors in this room! I also LOVE the round mosaic mirror, do you know where I could find it or one similar? I have been looking for something like that for our house.
    Thanks and Awesome job!

  46. I love the color combo! The rug is my favorite part of the room! :)

  47. OMG, I LOVE the orange!! And who knew a laundry room could be soo cute??!! Question: does the vibration of the machines make the plates fall off?? That would be my only worry.

  48. How in the world did I miss this? this is amazing. I LOVE the colors. Wow. It’s so pretty, girl. I am very envious that you have room for an Expedit in there. I would be doing laundry all day {LOL}. Well done!

  49. LOVE! You did a fantastic job. It truly is a beautiful room.

  50. Marian Nowakowski says:

    Your makeover is so fresh and inviting, what a great place to enjoy doing your laundry! If I remember you were wanting to do something about the water pipe connection opening – if not I would like to share what I have done. I used a basket with a silk green plant and set it between the wall and the top of the washer, another idea would be to use some ivy (or any type of green vine) and make it look like a window looking out on the porch with ivy on the trellis or something like that. I have used garlands to cover unsightly plugs that are not used, phone lines when the phone was on the wall and the cord seemed to hang and go for miles if you know what I mean. You really did a fantastic job in your laundry room – enjoy your laundry day and smile!

  51. I love your new laundry room! :] I really like the colors together, too! I absolutely love your new storage bin from IKEA. I was looking at the “before” photos about a week ago and I envisioned something just like that in that space! So smart, organized, and stunning! Very cute re-do! <3

  52. Stumbled across your blog and am thrilled to see someone else has an orange laundry room! I painted mine orange in my former house and am thinking about recreating it in my current one. I got my paint from the Disney colors at Home Depot. No I do not have any children and I had a room painted in 100 Acre Wood from the Winnie the Pooh collection! It was the perfect orange! You may have just made the decision for me to try the color again. I miss my orange room. Enjoying your home pictures.

  53. Gorgeous!! I love everything you’ve done. But, I do have one question. Is it working having the detergent on the other side of the room…or is it really not that far? The best part of the room? The rug! It’s, well, perfect!!!!

  54. So pretty! We are thinking about getting an Expedit unit, too. Yours looks so nice in the space! Good job!

  55. Gorgeous. (But I expect nothing less from you.) ;)

  56. Hello — love the beadboard and chair rail. Were they difficult to install?

  57. This is so great!! I love the color scheme you chose – it’s so fun. Everything looks so well put together!

  58. Very lovely – great colors.

  59. Anonymous says:

    I love your new laundry room, it looks great! I recently painted our guest bedroom orange and the bathroom aqua and I love the two mixtures too! Browns look great with it too. Now I am inspired to do my laundry room!

  60. This is gorgeous! I can’t even pick a favorite part…the mirror, the colors, the storage or the chandelier! Lovely place to do a not-so-lovely chore! ;)

  61. OhMyGosh this room makes me so fantastically happy! The colors are AMAZING! I love the chandelier and the bead board wall and the color and the aqua pops…oh man do I love it! I would do laundry 6 times a day in that room! :)

  62. This is the NICEST laundry room I’ve ever seen!

  63. Love the bright color, makes the room look completely awesome!! Love all the little details you have added that make it so cheery!

  64. Love your room! Lowe’s has those white and silver hooks online if you still want more. Its under the category of garment hooks. Little more than what you paid @ $20.00.

  65. O SO Beautiful!! You have Inspired me… My laundry room is similar so this will be easy :)

  66. found your site @ iheartorganizing and your laundry room just makes my heart melt… i am so jealous right now…i have been working on my laundry room to make it pretty while being useful…still an ongoing project

    i llloovee the Chrysanthemum by Sherwin Williams color of your wall!! ah!
    and the plates?! pretty smart :) who cares if you have plates in your laundry – it looks pretty and besides we will never know when we’re gonna need one – so it’s better to have it anywhere :) lol!

    i am adding you to my fave blogs & sites right now!!

    smart momma

  67. I do love your laundry room makeover & admire your creativity (aqua is my favorite color). But is that a LIVE animal in the wire cage amid the clutter of your “Before” pictures? Please tell me you’ve found a better home for it…hopefully not in a cage.

  68. Camila Vieira da Silva says:

    Hi girls!

    I’m Camila from São Paulo , Brazil.

    This is gorgeous! I loved the bright color!

    I just wanna know why don’t you have
    any tank in your laundry?

  69. Wow! The before picture of your laundry room could’ve been taken straight from my house. LOL! I hate to admit it but, between my job at Dish and keeping up with the rest of the house, my laundry room gets completely neglected. This post has really inspired me to give that room a face lift though! Did you use any resources to help you complete the job so professionally? The only places I know to get renovation advice are HGTV and the DIY network. My DVR is chalk full of project shows. Luckily, I have the Hopper DVR box that has tons of recording space, so I record any and all projects I may be interested in and use that as my little DIY encyclopedia. I’m going to start using your blog as a resource as well. You definitely know what you’re doing!

  70. I just wanted to let you know that your laundry room looks fabulous. We just bought a house at the end of June and it was your laundry room that inspired me to make mine a beautiful place to do laundry. We haven’t even moved in yet. My husband was so sweet and installed the beadboard and chair rail before we had painters begin painting the house (Thank You Honey!). I decided to use Sherwin Williams “Indulgent” color (in the violet family). There are no windows in our laundry room either so I wanted something bright and fun. I can’t wait to see it. The laundry room should be painted today. I’ve ordered a crystal mini chandelier. As of right now I am most excited about this particular room. Thanks again for your creativity and inspiration!

  71. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it…I’m looking for paint colors for my bathroom and I really want to do orange now…I don’t know if my husband will let me, but maybe if I show him your pictures he will see how beautiful it is…wish me luck!

  72. I am OBSSESED with your laundry room! That’s the one room I never quite manage to get looking good, I think I’m gonna take some pointers from yours and just dive into it.

  73. Wow! Orange is not a favorite color of mine but with that white beadboard, and the aqua baskets..white appliances and that beautiful chandelier and is beautiful! I need a new washer/dryer but it’s going to be a 2014 project. Our laundry room only has enough room for the washer/dryer and next to it is the hot water heater, furnace/ac..and this ugly old dryer vent that goes into the attic and out the vent on the roof. (Or I think that’s where it goes1) The appliances were in the house when we bought it 8 years ago. The dryer seems to take forever to dry clothes and the washer is rusty around where the bleach dispenser. Hope they last till 2014..I have a SW swatch book here but it is a few years old as that color is not in it, but I just realized I was spelling it incorrectly so will look again. Found it but it looks much darker on the you think because all of the white used against it changes the color or softens it? Thanks for sharing this with us. That has inspired me but I won’t have room for a rug and the floor has 1977 peel and stick tile under the washer/dryer. Have no idea how they even got both appliances in that small space. I’m like you, I want no part of a front loader. My Daughter bought stackables in her previous home and the dryer was at the top and you needed a step stool to reach inside the dryer. I can’t deal with that but it would give me more room but I’d want a large load washer/heavy duty. Although there are only two of us, I wash almost every other 2 or 3 days. Can’t stand dirty clothes laying around, especially underwear.

  74. Once I spelled the color name correctly, I found it in the SW swatch book that I have. SW6347 Strip#50. it may be different in a newer swatch book but the # would be the same I would think. It looks darker in the book but all that white in that room and that accent color of Aqua really adds to that laundry room. Also the mirror does something to add to the light I think.

  75. He visto tu sitio y me parece de lo más interesante.
    No solo porque lo que estás planteando tiene un extenso
    conocimiento (o bien al menos eso aparenta) sino más bien que la manera que tienes de expresar tus ideas es
    genial. Espero que en algún instante podamos
    trabajar algo juntos o bien por lo menos que me des la oportunidad de recibir alguna visita tuya a mi
    blog y me des tus puntos de vista. Al final del día quien sino otro blogger para juzgar el trabajo de uno.

  76. Barb Hughes says:

    It IS beautiful, but for me, aqua with turquoise works better. The first time I designed a room in High school, my mom cringed to think of tangerine for the kitchen, but it was beautiful. Thanks for the lovely update… I like it again.

  77. Jamie's mom says:

    You did am AMAZING job. Thank you sooooo much for sharing. This is truly an inspiration. I love bright colours and it’s great to see a beautiful layout that uses top loader machines. Well done on this gem.

    Awesome sauce!!


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