The Machine That Reigned Supreme Was…?

Goodness, thank you all so much for your help and thoughts on the washing machine debate.  I am thrilled to announce that I am able to do laundry again!! And yes, it really is thrilling to do laundry now.

I read all of the comments several times (again thank you!), and they pretty much confirmed some of the thoughts I had, so….this is what we have now:

The LG HE top loader!!  And oh my, this baby is amazing.  And again, I know the front loaders can be great too, and a lot of people love theirs.  A top loader just made more sense for our setup anyway right now, and I got a really good deal on it.

And yes, I guess this one would have the bells and whistles as you would say, and I went back and forth on that aspect of the machines, but in the end chose this model because of all of the different cycles it has, and its capacity size.  And yes, I’ve already used about 6 of the cycles so far, so they will get used for sure.

I am especially excited about the sanitary cycle (which I haven’t used yet), but will soon.  It’s a 3 hour long cycle and reviewers seem to love it.  The reviews on this machine were also excellent I have to say.  I did get the extended warranty (for free), so if anything happens I’m covered.  These new machines are like computers these days so the chips and stuff can go out and break I read.  So I have a little peace of mind with the warranty. :)

And there are definitely some marketing geniuses out there because having the clear lid definitely sways customers! Haha.  And noooooo, I didn’t pick this machine just because of the clear lid.  It’s just a nice little bonus. :)  I have to say it’s pretty fun watching it wash clothes and doing it’s magic.  And our clothes come out clean and smell lovely.

I know a reader (hi Shawna!) said that the clear lids can begin to show mineral deposits from hard water, but hopefully if that does happen with mine I will be able to find a good cleaner to get that off. I’ll keep you posted if that happens.

And check out the inside of the tub.

It’s HUGE and amazing and shiny and pretty. And no agitator.  The capacity on this washer is 4.5 and that is ummm, big.  Oh, and the dryer we had already is a large capacity dryer as well, so it can accomodate the large loads.  The dryer we have is also an LG (3 years old), and it’s capacity is 7.3.  Someday I would love to get the matching dryer to the new washing machine, because it’s a steam dryer.  I really think I would use that function for the kids’ toys, stuffed animals, bags, etc. But that’s just a wish list–not a necessity at this point. :)

And that is the latest purchase my friends.  Maybe not the most exciting to you all, but to me it was pretty darn exhilarating.  I’ve never had a brand new washing machine!

Just be sure and do your homework and research all of the places you may buy from so you can get the best deal.  And research the stores’ warranties too.  And get the places to price match (most do anyway), and see if they will throw in the same promotions the other store is offering too.  That’s what I did, and while it took talking to 2 different people and not giving up, they granted my requests. :)

Yay for clean clothes and good deals!



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  1. I am sure you will be very happy with the top loader. Love mine. And, the sani-cycle…perfect for towels and sheets every now and then when you want them REALLY clean. I’ve not had any problems with deposits on my clear lid and we’ve had our washer for quite awhile now. Might depend on your local water (hard/soft/etc).

  2. Great choice. Love mine, too! :)

  3. I have been very curious about the new top loaders. They just look so pretty to me! Loved your review. Good to know!

  4. I have this exact machine, got it in December and I really like it. It’s fun watching it do its thing!

  5. Wow, you got yourself a beauty. My sanitary cycle on my frontloader LG is only 1.50 hours. You will love it though. Mine is great for washing whites, i.e. towels.

    Congratulations. I know you’re glad that decision is over and done.

  6. I REALLY want this, but i have one concern. Can someone help? :)

    I have read that your clothes get tangled in top loads w/o an agitator. Is that true?

    • Hey Jessica I had read that too. From my short experience with the machine, they do get tangled a little, but nothing crazy (not like some reviews I read). I don’t think it’s that big of a deal. Ours got tangled in our old front loader too, so I don’t think it really matters. :)

  7. Happy laundering! There’s a whole series at “Ask Anna ” about vinegar right now, and today’s included removing hard water spots from faucets? But I bet it wud work on your clear lid, no scratches, not hurt it, etc. Hope that helps. I am going to try some of the other ez cheap ideas. Help budget & allergies /asthma. :) No hard long freeze, year long steenkin allergies. :( all good wishes with the new. Washer!

  8. I am SO.JEALOUS.

    Another positive: You are excited about doing laundry again. That in itself is priceless! :)

  9. I”m so glad you posted about your new washer. I was curious as to which washer you would choose in the end. You did all of the leg work for the rest of us. Your new washer is beautiful. I also have a washer, old style top loader, with the clear lid. I love being able to check it during the rinse cycle without opening the lid. If it’s looks like too many suds are left, I just hit the second rinse button. I do get the water spotting but nothing a little vinegar can’t take care of. Happy washing!

  10. Congrats!
    I knew you would love it. I know I love mine! And I love the chime too! :)

    and I was told if there is a lot of suds…too much detergent is being used. I know I had a hard time making my old mind understand that it is new and does not need what I use to put in.

    Have fun!

  11. Your blog is a breath of fresh air!! Love it!! :)

  12. Damn girl (pardon the french, but nothing else quite said it)! That is gorgeous! Great job!

  13. We have the samsung top loader. Wasn’t ready for a new machine since I thought my expensive front loader should have lasted longer…LOL. I really love this machine. Some clothes do come out very wrinkled…but not all cycles…haven’t figured that out yet. Didn’t get all the bells and whistles – but do have the sanitize cycle that I love. You know that deodorant gunk that builds up on men’s undershirts…it got it out. You did AWESOME to get the extended warranty for free.

    Glad you are enjoying it…I have finally stopped watching it fill up and self adjust the load. The glass top is great!

  14. Can I ask how you got the extended warranty for free? I am shopping right now for a new set and the add on’s really jack up the price.

  15. So are you still loving your top loader? We just purchased this exact one a week ago and I tried to LOVE it because really look at it,whats not to love and the sound it makes when clothes are done. I mean really it draws you in at the turn on button!:) After doing our first load I was reedy to wash everything in the house. Thats when it went down hill for us. No matter what setting, no matter fabric softener, all of our clothes came out extremely wrinkled. Also out of the 10 loads I have done I have had to baby sit 6 of them due to the loads becoming off balanced. I load them exactly as it said to so I was very frustrated with it. We bought the matching dryer and not so much loving it either. It leaves jeans damp and the bulky bedding setting doesn’t dry blankets. So sadly enough we returned our set yesterday and have the front load version headed this way next week. I am hoping that we will love it otherwise I have no clue what to buy because we did our research and the LGs are the best of the best.

    • Hey Pamela I am SO sorry to hear that! That is so strange because it’s almost been a year now, and I haven’t had my machine get off balance once! I have had another person mention to me that problem as well. And I am not even careful about it at all. Now, I will say that our clothes do come out wrinkled/tangled. It’s not a big deal though because they get fixed in the dryer. But sometimes yes, my husband’s dress shirts that I hang to dry, get really wrinkled if it’s not a wrinkle-free shirt. But I really do love our machine still! Wish it worked out for you, but better luck with these new ones you’re getting next week. :)

    • Link about a recall regarding certain washing machines getting off balance.

    • I have this washer and matching dryer – actually 1 level up dryer and it is steam. I HATE this washer. I HATE THIS WASHER!
      Nothing has broken down – but I do have the 3 yr extended warranty, but I just HATE so much about the washer. Clothes don’t get clean. period. they don’t get clean. I use shout for pre wash and they don’t get clean. Remember the old ad Ring Around the Collar? This machine leaves ring around the collar.

      Tangled is one thing – and wrinkled is another. Clothes come out very wrinkled and my dryer does not fix this unless I run a steam first.

      This machine takes FOREVER! I cannot put a double load size in because it doesn’t clean the clothes so I am doing the same number of loads. And the cycles are LONG. About an hour for each. And I wind up doing an extra rinse so it is even longer.

      Not enough water and agitation. Sometimes underwear doesn’t even get entirely wet since it is tangled or hidden in another item.

      Even when loading sheets and/or towels per directions, they don’t get clean. They get tangled with one sheet making a “tent” over the rest and what is under it didn’t get wet enough to clean.

      Tub is so deep if you are short like me it is hard to reach to the bottom to get items out.

      Per instructions you CANNNOT wash anything waterproof or water repellant. Why? because there is not an agitator to bring the items back down into the small amount of water and when it spins so fast the items get stuck on the top and caught – example – washable ultra suede sofa throw pillows – cannot wash them in this machine. They “blow up” when wet and nothing pulls them down. I actually have to go to the Laundromat to wash these in a front loader or agitator machine when I have almost $2k of laundry equipment!

      I HATE this machine. I clean it once a month with the cleaner. I use good detergent, Clothes don’t get clean there is not type of power scrubbing.

      Claim is it is gentler on the clothes than an agitator. True because it doesn’t agitate them to get them clean. Think of dunking clothes in and out of water versus in and out of water and a washboard. This is like not having a washboard and no elbow grease! The tangling ruins the clothes and the spin is so fast it wrinkles them and that is harder on the clothes in my opinion than the agitator.

      Dryer is no great shakes either.

      I am about to sell them both and the warranty is transferrable. I have had them just about a year. I need to find the best agitator machine out there that is not real noisy and then I am putting these up for sale.

      • I have a Maytag Bravos X top loading washer and I have the same problem with some clothes not getting clean. I don’t over fill it and when I pull out an item and see a bit of dirt that comes off with no problem by running it under the faucet using only plain water…how energy efficient is that? It’s making me crazy. I have followed all the instructions, but in my opinion the clothes really need to be submerged in water to clean properly. When I have to rewash loads…not saving energy!!

      • Hi Eileen,

        I can’t thank you enough for your comments – and the time and effort you put into them. You’ve saved me from making a very expensive mistake. I especially appreciated your analogy of the clothes dunking and wash board, which makes perfect sense. As you say, the agitator machines submerge all the laundry in water and then agitates as the clothing flows from top to bottom continuously. Common sense, really. My 20 year-old machine is still running great, but I would like one that has a water softening dispenser – for convenience – and some sort of chime or buzzer that let’s me know when the washing is complete. I’d love to have the glass top, just for fun, but I can live without it. So far I’ve found that GE has the best line of ‘traditional’ washers, but I’d really like to know what you ended up buying. Again, thanks for you’re very insightful and honest review.

        • Whatever you do, do not buy a GE washer. We purchased a new HE top loader the summer of 2010 and the machine ran fine until December 17th, 2014. We had purchased an extended warranty for 4 years and with the 1 year warranty from GE, that gave us 5 years if anything went wrong. When it stopped working as it should, I had a string of techs out here and after 2 months, they got it fixed but the machine is sitting in the yard until it gets hauled away. It is a piece of junk.

          Just bought an old school Kenmore washer on Craigslist this past weekend, hooked it up and it works great and my clothes were clean and smelled clean. Price of GE washer was 500 bucks versus price of old school washer at 75 bucks….that’s a no brainer. If you have an older washer, keep it and repairs can be made. My last washer worked great for 22 years with a few minor repairs by my hubster.

      • Joe Danielek says:

        No front loader for me, no “NO CENTER AGITATOR” for me – has to be old school with the selection of water level…………. I’ll decide my water usage etc etc. Have a Cabrio with that little wave action no center agitator – JUNK. Told the family 3 years ago it was tearing cloths up and not getting to soap out even with extra rinses etc etc…… Ties pants and long sleeve shirts in knots, sheets as well, so tied in knots how can it clean let alone rinse. Try hanging a load from the washer on the line outside and spray with your garden hose and watch the suds on the ground –

  16. Thanks so much for the reviews on the LG washer. I have an LG refrigerator and love it! I currently have the Maytag Bravo washer (as well as the matching dryer) and my clothes have never come out clean or white. In fact, the whites started getting gray from the beginning. For years I used Cheer and got complements on my white clothes. Well, not now, I’m ashamed to wear them! I’ve called Maytag Co. and they put the blame on detergent or water, or whatever else they can blame, except for their product. It’s certainly strange that I never had any problems with my wash until I purchased this piece of junk! Will be looking at the LG washer this week!

  17. I just wanted to 2nd (or 3rd or 4th) Eileen’s comments. I purchased the LG machine too (exact model being discussed), and for me, it’s been like dumping money down the drain & being frustrated… Regardless of the cycle, there’s simply not enough water — clothes don’t get cleaned & they get horribly wrinkled. The “wave” action is a joke when there’s not enough water to make waves! Many times I’ve pulled clothes out of the washer that didn’t even get completely wet!

    But wait — there’s an “extra water” feature (function within the extra rinse – hold down 3 seconds) — so that should take care of it, right? Not so much. Honestly see no difference in amount of water in the tub, and there’s no other way to get more water.

    That is, except for the “bulky bedding” cycle. This is the one cycle that puts excessive amounts of water into the tub… But you can’t regulate that either, so it’s either full to the brim or not enough to wet the clothes…

    So, I’m truly glad that many have had success with this LG washer. Sorry to say I’m not among you. I’m looking forward to the day I can get rid of this overrated, expensive, and excessively electronic machine & go back to a standard agitator with manual controls…

    • I am so happy to hear these comments about the LG washer. I have been stuck with mine for 2 1/2 years and I’m ready to pull out my hair. Everything comes out in knots, especially bluejeans and sheets and often times they have dry spots on them. One of my biggest frustrations is not being able to get hot water to come in. I called LGs service department shortly after we purchased it and they used the electronic trouble detector via phone on the machine and it showed nothing was wrong and then they proceeded to tell me in a foreign language that was hard to understand that hot water does not come in on most cycles even if you select. This is by far the most money I’ve ever paid for a washer and I am at my wits end. I don’t know if I can salvage any money out of it but I’m ready to go back to a washer with an agitator and one where I myself can select how much water goes in to a load of wash. I hate the person at Home Depot who swore to me it was a wonderful thing. It actually wastes more water than our old agitator type washer. Our water bill has gone up since owning this piece of junk machine designed by people who do not know how to do laundry. Our jeans are so tied up in knots at the end of the wash cycle that I have to have my husband literally lift them out of the washer so that we can untangle them. There is no recourse for buyers after making this purchase mistake. The only bright side to this washer is that our little grandson loves to look in the lid and watch the wash taking place. :-)

      • And I forgot to mention I also have the problem with wrinkled clothes. If you want to hang them to dry, you can forget it they have permanent wrinkles. If you put them in the steam dryer half of the wrinkles might come out but not totally. Add to that the fact that this washer takes about one hour for every kind of load.

  18. I do not have the LG top loader, but I do have a GE top loader with NO AGITATOR. DON’T DO IT! The comments that say your clothes do not get clean are “spot on” literally. Yes as one commenter said, think about dunking your clothes up and down no washboard, no elbow grease and that is about it. Expensive machines, hunt for HE detergent, wrinkled, wrinkled, wrinkled, and harder on my clothes than agitator machines ever were. FORGET washing blankets, mattress pads, etc. Not enough water or action in the tub, they come out with black suds streaks, literally black! Yes have to use the extra rinse cycles ALL OF THE TIME. Where is the energy efficiency and water savings in that. Don’t bother. My machine is 3 years old. I told hubby a couple of days ago, by the end of the year we WILL have a new agitator washing.

    • I feel your pain. Look on your local Craigslist and get you an old school washer. We just did and our not even 5 year old GE HE top loader is sitting out in the yard after it was practically rebuilt by A&E, who Lowes uses for the extended 4 year warranty we purchased. It’s such a piece of junk that we won’t even give it away. How freaking sad is that?

  19. Hi. I enjoyed your information about the washing machine. I am curious how you were able to get an extended warranty for free. We are about to have to buy a new washing machine, and I HATE to pay for extended warranties, but also hate not having one. Thanks!

  20. I had this washing machine as a loaner from Lowes. We never were able to get a clean load out of the machine. I relearned how to do laundry but put the clothing in evenly, heaviest on bottom. I tried large loads, small loads, nothing worked. I just took delivery on my actual front loading washing machine. The clothes are cleaner and I don’t have to pay attention how I load the clothing. I still have to trick the sensor by picking rinse to add weight to the washer, then the machine works great. EYEROLL at the gov’t. Maybe they stink and don’t know it. I’m nuts about my kids smelling good. I’m glad you are happy, but both have their downfalls. It seems you just got to pick the devil you can live with

  21. Read your article. And like you said you got all the bells and whistles and it’s pretty and shiny, but that thing will be having service calls and if not completely broken within 6 years. They definitely don’t make washers or any appliance worth anything anymore.

    • I just purchased a new whirlpool top loader with no agitator. Delivered today. I’ve washed two loads and my clothes are NOT clean. I seriously hate this machine. I hope that I’m able to return this machine for the old conventional machine with the agitator. I agree it is junk.

  22. I have had a wave force washer and matching dryer for 5 years now, we love it!
    All my clothes come out really clean
    Unfortunately we have the model before they came out with the steam dryer
    Never have had any issues with it

  23. If You’re Stuck With A Pair of These Top Load Nightmare Machines, Consider Buying A Hose and A Clothing Rack

    We moved cross country, so I left my Samsung front load washer behind. Although my front loader cleaned well, I was disappointed with the long wash cycles, and it only worked well because I had tinkered with the water pressure valve to increase water usage. I was excited to try out a HE top load machine. What a mistake! Just as so many of you have commented, I, too am extremely dissatisfied with my top load washer and matching dryer. I have the LG WT5680HVA washer and the matching LG DLEX5780VE dryer, that we bought 10/2015 at Best Buy bc the salesperson said they were wonderful, and it had many good online reviews (I should have given more weight to the bad reviews.) I told my husband that we bought an $850 large bucket to dunk our clothes in. So disappointing!
    All the cycles are extremely long (longer than my former Samsung frontloader.)
    2 hours to wash cottons on the water plus setting with fabric softener and an extra rinse! 4 hours to sanitize anything! Really?
    It does NOT clean or get stains out
    Clothing gets tangled in knots
    No way to select your water level
    No way to select warm rinses
    No way to soak your clothes for as long as you like
    Such a pain to add clothes after cycle has started bc lid locks
    Must not pause cycle for too long. After appx 9 mins, the washer will cancel the wash and drain itself
    No way to turn light on during the cycle to see inside machine (this was a nice perk with my frontloader.)
    Clothing comes out EXTREMELY wrinkled.
    I have to BABYSIT every load!

    Buying something else is not an option for us. We are stuck with these terrible machines until they die. I have heard that Speed Queen makes a very good back to basics washer. I will be looking into those while I pray that our current machines have a short life.

    Here’s some things that I do to offset the terrible performance of the washer. These methods probably defeat any efficiency I may have hoped for (water conservation and electricity savings) and they all involve hovering around the machine, so not the best solution, but if you’re desperate to get clean clothes out of these machines, as I am, it may help.
    I bought a hose, and hooked it up to my laundry room sink. If you don’t have a laundry room sink, you can try following these tips using a bucket, but I should tell you, I started off using a bucket and it was too labor intensive. You can buy a kit at your local home improvement store to connect a hose to the sink spout.
    I put clothes in the machine, and run the hose into the tub to wet the clothes. Then, I turn the machine on, and select my cycle to wash. This will trick the machine into thinking that there’s a heavier load to wash, and it will use more water.
    I run small loads whenever possible. If I have to run a larger load, I will always set the agitation speed to “Extra High” — even at “extra high,” the water barely moves at the top when I wash bedding. I will also pause it during the wash cycle, and push down on the clothes/towels/bedding with my hands to agitate them. Yes, I am hand washing my clothes/towels/bedding in this worthless machine. So sad!
    I also prefer a warm water rinse for items such as towels, and since that’s not an option with these machines, I will also stop the machine on the cold rinse cycle and add some hot water to the rinse to make the water warm.
    I must be speedy any time I stop the machine to add water or agitate the clothes, because after appx 9 minutes, it will cancel the wash and drain the machine.
    If I want to soak clothes (eg: white socks) for an hour, I don’t turn the machine on. I fill the machine up with my hose water, add my detergent/borax, put my socks in, set my kitchen timer for an hour, and then turn the washer on and run it on one of the useless cycles.
    For dress shirts, and clothes that can’t be too wrinkled, I stop the washer after just a few minutes in the spin cycle, pull it out, and hang to dry. I can also place it in the dryer, but that usually results in having to keep restarting the dryer over and over because it doesn’t dry well enough the first time.

    The LG Dryer
    The steam option is worthless. Unlike many dryers, this dryer does not have a connection directly to a water source. It has a water cassette at the top that holds your water. The water cassette completely empties out after just a couple of minutes on steam setting. The clothes is not steamed, it’s just soaking wet. Then, you have to remember to refill the cassette with water. I have found that I’m better off not using the steam setting at all, and just throwing a wet washcloth into the dryer when I am trying to dewrinkle clothes.
    Any time I run the dryer, I always set to “More Dry” or “Very Dry” and clothing still turns out damp. Sometimes I have to set the dryer for “Timed Dry” for an extra 30 minutes for the clothing to dry appropriately (eg: Pants pockets and polo collars are still damp/wet.) By the way, this is the clothes that I allowed to run the full spin cycle in the washer; not the clothes that I pulled out early.

    I have been researching to find out if there’s any way to replace the worthless waffle bottom on the washer with an agitator, or jicky-fix an addition of something to agitate (and not damage) clothes. If any of you wonderful do-it-yourself types have come up with a solution, please, please do share.

    I’ll try anything. I don’t care too much about voiding the warranty or breaking the machine. If I break it, I’ll have more leverage to beg hubby to buy me a Speed Queen, or as some of you have suggested — find an older model washer on Craigslist or at a garage sale. Good luck, everyone!

    Thanks for listening. ;)

  24. Anonymous says:

    Re washing machines- Don’t get one without agitator. The machine tell you
    How much water you can have in your machine. You may try to get high level but machine will only let you do medium. You may want warm water but machine will only let u get cold water.
    I tried today to do delicate cycle- high. I can’t .it only lets me do delicate cycle medium or low. Now I have to do 2 washes. Also no matter setting there is very little water In machine

  25. We didn’t get notified of the recall – important to follow up if you did or not. We had great luck with our units until today. The washer catastrophically failed, severely damaged the dryer and punched holes through the walls. The drum completely separated, beat up the outside housing and blew the top up and through the wall a foot above the unit. Don’t stay in the room during the spin cycle.

  26. Manufacturers of washers and dryers are all Corporate Criminals, bleeding taxpaying Moms and Dads, offering junk to good, hard-working Americans. Maytag used to be honorable, now complete JUNK.


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