Mudroom Makeover Under $100! | And A Striped Wall

Woohoo! I am SO excited to finally share this space with you all! Funny thing is though, is that I’ve never really mentioned I was creating a mudroom. Well, I sort of have a long time ago, but nothing detailed. So surprise, you get a full reveal instead of just snippets. :) I did however mention that I had a striping fail (not to be confused with stripping), and this was the little hallway that I was doing the stripes on. Another funny thing is that you’ve never seen this hallway ever on my blog! You’ll see why soon. Until then, here is the mudroom makeover done under $100, and with the striped wall!

Mudroom Makeover on a Budget with Striped Wall |

I’m very excited about this space can you tell? When I show you the before you’ll know why. Here ya go.


Yep. That’s the hallway you’ve never really seen. That before pic was taken about a year ago, but the only thing that had changed was that I moved the printer into our office. Other than that though, that console table was a landing spot for junk, as you can tell. Plus that stuff isn’t really my style any longer. So operation mudroom/functional hallway began.

When my cousin and her husband were down visiting last year, I had him build me that bench! I’ll show the tutorial for that at a later date, but the materials for it ended up being about $65. You can find similar benches all over the place for usually about double that.

DIY Mudroom Bench |

The baskets I already had from Ikea. They are to mostly store shoes, and I do have one where I keep tools that we use regularly in the house.

I don’t know that I’ll do a tutorial on how I did the stripes because after all it did take me 3 tries, but if I get several requests I will.:)

And another reason you haven’t seen this hallway is because it’s a very dark hallway, no natural lighting anywhere, and getting a tripod to fit anywhere is hard! We also have a powder room in this hallway that you’ve never seen for the exact same reason. So needless to say I was in very many awkward positions trying to take these photos.

This is also the hallway that leads to our orange and aqua laundry room, so I used colors that would flow with that room as well.

Mudroom Hallway Decor |

I did not do the stripes all around because there are like 4 doors in this little area, the side you can’t see, so there really would have been no point. It would have been a choppy mess.

And while this isn’t the greatest picture, I wanted you to see how the stripes look by the archway.

How To Paint Stripes |

I have to say I am pretty impressed with those stripes with nice crisp lines because we have very textured walls! Okay, yes I better do a separate post on those stripes eh? (UPDATE: See How To Paint Stripes Tutorial Here)

Ok, now just enjoy the rest of the photos!

Striped Wall Mudroom |

Family Command Center |

Mudroom Organization |

Hat Hook |

Drop Space Station |

Mudroom with Striped Wall |

I think that’ll do it. :) That last shot above is so you can see the stripes up to the ceiling. And yes, on my husband’s hook he has an army bag there. He’s always got a bag of some sorts with him. He loves man-bags like I love nice purses. We are quite the pair.

For such a small space, it packs a lot of function. Backpacks and purses and keys are no longer thrown on the office desk and office floor. It’s joyous. It’s a proven fact that people are happier when there is a designated place for everything. Okay I made that up, but that rings true for our family. :)

Budget Breakdown:

  • $65 in materials for the bench
  • $10 for the sign with hooks. Garage sale find that still had a Homegoods sticker on it. :)
  • $20 for the green chevron runner, found at Homegoods
  • Everything else including paint, tape, etc I already had.
  • Total: $95

Not too shabby to have this look for under $100!

Mudroom Makeover on a Budget with Striped Wall |

Paint base color is Sherwin Williams Balanced Beige (like the rest of most of our downstairs area), and the charcoal grey stripes I did the same color (SW Iron Ore) as our Painted Pantry Door.

I didn’t plan on talking this much for this post sorry, but I have to say that it’s amazing how much bigger this hallway feels with the stripes. They just make such an impact and it’s SO cheap to do! And you can see the tutorial for how to paint the stripes in this post.

Soooo, what do you think?! Sharing this post at Thrifty Decor Chick’s Before and After Party.



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  1. *making mental note* if we ever move again it shall be close to a Home Goods store… Gosh I miss shopping there.

    You really did a great job on choosing your color and I LOVE the stripes on the wall… Good job!!

  2. It’s looks wonderful…especially that bench! I have been wanting some similar in our entryway for awhile now…and that chalkboard with the hooks is great too! Thanks for sharing!

  3. It looks great…you stripes turned out really good especially around your arched doorway…looking forward to the “how to’s” yet to come.

  4. <3, <3, <3 it!!!!!!

  5. Lovely!! I don’t think of Houston as being a place where one might need a mud room in a traditional sense (snow boots, big heavy coats, etc). But you’ve made yours functional for everyday accessories. Fun!

    • Hey Erin, yes you’re right…I just chose to call it a mudroom since most people can relate to what that is and it was just easier. And since we store our shoes and such (and sweaters and jackets when winter does come) in here too I thought it worked. :)

  6. Wow this is gorgeous! You did a fantastic job, love the stripes and the ladder!!

  7. Jane Petersen says:

    I absolutely love everything about this space! It’s both beautiful and functional and that bench….want one. Nice job Emily! Always enjoy your posts!

  8. Beautiful job, Emily! You created such a lovely little space with a lot of character and function.

    PS. Did you know actress Katherine Heigl pinned an image from your blog?! That’s pretty neat,eh!

  9. It looks great!!! I think any space improves with stripes!! :)

  10. It looks wonderful, it’s amazing what you can do for so little money!

  11. Regina Poole says:

    I would love to see the tutorial on how the bench is made! I want one!! :)

    • I’d like a tutorial on the bench as well! Need one for our entryway too and can’t wait to redo it! :)

  12. Wow, I must say the entire room is perfect. I love every aspect. The stripes are my favorite part although I could really use that bench! By the way, I love your purse

  13. I have been toying with a bunch of different ideas for my mudroom. I think I just found my idea. I love the stripes and I think they will go great with my chevron painted staircase.

    Thanks for the post!

  14. I was curious what you did to make it so much brighter in there? I love everything about this room! It’s happy and functional!

  15. Fantastical! :) I love everything about it.
    I’m crazy in love with the $10 sign. I think that would be a great diy project

    Jake’s a Girl

  16. I am going to have to shop at HomeGoods, because I love that chevron runner! You did a superb job on your mudroom! Seeing your beautiful space makes me want to finish up my mudroom!

  17. Love the stripes! Especially with the archway I can understand why it would take at least 3 attempts to get them so even. Great Job!

  18. I love it! I so need to do something with my entry way, and I think you just lit a fire under me! AWESOME!

  19. So jealous, I want a mudroom that looks like this! :) So apparently Facebook no longer notifies you when someone tags your FB page, so I thought I would let you know that I shared this with my FB fans :)

  20. Such a pretty space! I am a sucker for a cute entryway, and for under $100? You’ve got my attention :-)

    Want to hear something funny? I have those EXACT same stripes in my boys’ closet..check it out! Yours makes me want to venture out of the closet with them!

  21. Hi! I love this idea. The stripes are great, can’t wait to hear about how you did those successfully!

  22. I love this!! I have the same hallway right off the garage and would love to do something like this with a bench, but worry about it feeling cramped because it’s such a small area. Would you mind telling me the dimensions of the bench? I just don’t want to bump into it every time I’m going laundry :) thanks!!

  23. I have been wanting to do something similar with my teeny tiny entryway. Not a “mudroom” per sey, but more just a hallway makeover. I have been looking at benches just like the one your cousins husband made for you (nice!), with a shoe storage area, that will free up the teeny tiny matching hallway closet. Also to keep the shoes from cluttering the entry way…so, I hope you do have a DIY on the bench at some point. Hubby’s always saying “I could make that”…right (rolling eyes), like that will ever happen (insert sarcastic tone).
    I have just discovered your site Via Pinterest, and like what I have seen so far, so I hope you keep the creative juices flowing.
    Thanks so much for sharing and inspiring :)

  24. It looks amazing! Such a simple but effective makeover!

  25. LOVE your makeover- and the striped wall is so perfect. Thinking of doing stripes like those in my sons’ new combined bedroom. Pinning this – a few times!!

  26. You did a great job I love the stripes on the wall

  27. Really liking these colors as well! Thanks for sharing!

  28. We are looking to build a bench just like that. Where did you get your build plans? What type of materials did you use?!

  29. Hi, after reading this awesome piece of writing i am
    too cheerful to share my knowledge here wigh friends.

  30. Hi Emily, do you have the measures of the bench, I am looking for one and I think this looks perfect, my house is identical to yours so it needs to be the same size because the hallway is a little narrow, I am looking on walmart website maybe I can find one more o less like yours. Thanks

  31. I know you said you got your rug at home goods… but I have been hunting for one (same color and size and everything) forever! I don’t live near a home goods… if anyone happens to find one similar pretty please tell me where :) This mudroom is beautiful!!! I also have stripes in my mudroom (gray and cream) :)

  32. Just came across this old post. I love all it all came together.
    Where are your baskets from that have the square opening/handle? I see them on a lot of finished spaces and have always liked that look.
    Thank you and I love following you!

  33. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! You are a decorating genius!!

  34. Looking for paint/decorating ideas for my small hallway and found this post. Love the grey stripes – I can’t believe this is the same color as your pantry door! It looks blue in the hallway, and grey in the kitchen. I will attempt stripes in my hallway with a muted grey and hope it turns out as nice as your mudroom.

  35. where can i find your tutorial for the bench?

  36. Hi,
    Have you posted the directions for the bench yet? It is great and just what I am looking for for the foot of our bed

  37. Well Decorchick(:….good job with the photos…the room looks vibrant and fun now…lovely makeover… it is amazing how the strip can actually create such a impact to the visual look and feel of the room space…cool

  38. Hey, Was the bench tutorial ever put up on your site??

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  40. So, bench plans? lol


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