Our Bedroom Dresser Got a Makeover!

Remember the dresser in our master bedroom that I hated?  Well, hate might be a strong word, but I’ve said before I don’t really like it.  And I haven’t found anything I like to replace it yet, soooo, out came the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and now I loooooove it!

If I was fancy I would have inserted little red hearts around this picture. :)

Here are a few before photos to refresh your memory.

So yea, the dresser was beige, and um beige.  And I’m not a fan of the faux marble on top.  Or maybe it’s real because the dresser is SUPER heavy.  But I don’t think it’s real.  It felt plastic-like to me, and the entire dresser was SO shiny and slick.

And I must warn you that it’s dangerous to have leftover chalk paint lying around because you’ll be looking all over your home for shiny surfaces to paint.  :)  But the chalk paint worked amazingly on this dresser.  Like, I am a total fan of the paint now. Not that I wasn’t before, but I was still a little up in the air about a few things.  There is NO way latex paint would have stuck to this, and I even tried a long time ago. :)

So anyway, I painted the dresser with the ASCP in Pure White like I did my stepdaughter’s dresser, and I painted the top of it in Paris Grey just to do something a little different than all white.

I love it y’all. Like seriously.  The Paris Grey is such a pretty color too!  I only had a sample size of that one, but I will definitely be getting some more.

And remember when I posted my experience and tips on using the Annie Sloan paint?  Let me just add another one here and say I think it’s really important to thin your paint with water for all coats.  I had WAY less brush strokes on this dresser, and I did find the darker colors, like the grey, do dry almost brush-stroke free.  Awesome.  And I also have to say that the hand-painted look has definitely grown on me and I love it now.  It really does add character and just reminds you that you put a lot of love into refinishing old furniture to make it beautiful again! :)

And for all of you observant people, you may have noticed some pretty new curtains hanging in the background.  Yep, it’s true. I’ve changed up a few more things in our room and can’t wait to show you!

So what do you think?  I love free projects that make such a big difference!  Do you like the new white and grey dresser or did you prefer the shiny faux marble everywhere? Please say the first one. Haha.  Have you bought any chalk paint yet?  Get some…it’s totally worth it.

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  1. Oooo la la ~ she’s a beauty now! I just ordered my first batch of ASCP and can’t wait to try it out. Thanks for all the tips!

  2. It looks AWESOME! I love the color combination you chose. And, I love all the mercury glass candle sticks!

  3. What a transformation!! It turned out lovely! I can feel some before christmas projects coming on…:))

  4. What a gorgeous makeover! Amazing what you can do with paint…


  5. That is a major improvement! Love the grey on the top.

  6. OMW! I LOVE how it turned out! The paris grey is to DIE for! :)

  7. Love the change. Amazing what paint will do.

  8. What a great combination in colors! I think it looks so much better. I’m still working on my huge cabinet with some pure white. I had to get another can! I hope to finish it soon.

  9. Love! What a great finish! How did you get it so smooth? Lightly sand after dried?

    …and I especially love the top in grey. Good idea. :)

    • Thank you Dana! And I should have put in the post that I didn’t even sand this piece! I don’t know how it got so smooth. The painting Gods were on my side that day I think…:) I did sand the other dresser I did (but that was wood). This material was seriously something like plastic. I know it’s not plastic, but you know what I mean…So the surface was extremely smooth to begin with.

  10. Your dresser looks amazing. Couple of questions: Would you use this type of paint instead of regular paint because it adheres well to shiny surfaces, or are there other things that make this paint better? Also, what would you say your ratio of water to paint would be? I’ve never waxed any of my projects before…does that help wear and tear? Great job!

    • Thanks Becky! Yes definitely use this paint if you are painting shiny surfaces. With regular latex paint you usually have to prime everything, and with this you don’t. And you don’t have to sand anything down to bare wood for prep work or anything so that’s also a bonus. Be sure and read my tips and experience post using this paint (I referenced it in this post).

      Just a little water…If you put it directly in the can maybe just like 10 drops or something? I usually just hold it under the faucet for a sec (on really low pressure). Then I shake it up really good and I guess I try to get it about the consistency of regular latex paint.

      Yes the wax is the protective finish, and when you buff it is when you will get a little luster from it. Gives it a really nice finish. Be sure and read my other posts too! :)

      • Love the look of the dresser!

        I have done a few things with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint also. I took a mini class before I started. They recommend that you use a spray bottle with water to spray water on the piece you are painting, thinning the paint as you work, rather than add water directly to the paint. Water can contaminate the paint and cause molding. I would hate to open my jar, at a later date, to find it molded. ASCP also has a dark wax if you want to further antique a piece. I love the look of ASCP but it isn’t cheap.

        Hope this helps.

  11. Wow! What a difference… It looks, chic, sleek and totally refreshed.
    Enjoy your brand new dresser ;)

  12. It looks like a totally different piece of furniture! Love the gray top with the mercury candlesticks.

  13. Thank you so much for this post! We have “hand-me-down” furniture is our bedroom and our commitment to live debt-free means no money for new stuff. I have the cheap, shiney faux wood finish furniture and thought I would NEVER be able to cover it up. I will be investing in some Chalk ASCP ASAP! And I am going to use the exact color combination as you (you are so inspiring)!

    Thank you, thank you, thank you… I love reading practical, cheap advice on your blog!

  14. Wow! Amazing, I absolutely love it! The color has a very calming effect! So very sophisticated!! Great Job!

  15. Love the Paris Gray paint! I’ll have to remember that one. I don’t think I would have thought of bringing a shiny gray into the bedroom, but you know, it looks great!

  16. That is one of the best examples of ASCP I’ve seen. Great job – totally enlightens the room. I’ve used the paint on several pieces – thrilled with most, not to thrilled with others. I love your advice on thinning a bit with water. That makes sense, and I will do that with my future projects. One question….what was your waxing technique? one coat and buff then another? Your project is a perfect example of what ASCP is able to do. Great job!

  17. Hi! This dresser looks amazing! Love what you did and I’m actually thinking I may try it on an old Chow coffee table I love but has seen better days :) Great Job!

    Sandy http://www.etsy.com/shop/SandyNewhartDesigns

  18. Love it…great color combo. Turned out fab!

  19. yolanda sopranos says:

    I absolutely LOVE it!!! The grey looks almost metallic. Given how it used to have that shiny look, you don’t miss that feature. This is amazing! You have inspired me! I have four pieces I want to redo. Two have that exact type shiny top. Can’t wait to makeover my furniture. WOW!

  20. The dresser looks fabulous! Question: how much water did you use to thin down the paint? I will be using some ASCP for some side tables soon and would love to know your formula! Thanks!

    • Thanks Beth! I just put the can under the faucet on low pressure for just a second and stir and shake it up. Not a lot of water at all. Just enough to make it about the same consistency as regular latex paint.

  21. Holy Chalk Paint!!!! Girl this is awesome!!! really really love this transformation- and its got a modern feel to it- which is hard with chalk paint b/c most DIY-;s I see with it are rustic-sanded-distressed. Im ordering that White now!!

  22. I love it!! I love that you painted the top of the dresser gray! It looks so good!

  23. OMG! I love it! Awesome job! Did it make the room feel bigger and brighter?

  24. LOVE it ! It looks so different – just beautiful !


  25. That is a fantastic transformation…I love the new white! I will have to try chalk paint soon. Thanks for the inspiration

  26. WOW! I love it–it looks wonderful!!!

  27. Love this dresser! I am going to try it on my ugly dresser too!! I especially love your wall color in your bedroom, mind sharing what it is???

  28. That looks so great, Emily! I’ve yet to try that paint, but you’ve got me excited about it! The new dresser looks completely transformed and modern…and even changes the colors of the room around it!!

  29. I am an Annie Sloan mini-stockist and have followed Decorchick for a while. Let me just warn you …if you add water to the paint put it in another container. Water contaminates the paint and when you close the can to save the paint for another use it can cause the paint to smell funny and kind of mold. remember it is different than latex. Love, love the dresser! Paris Grey is beautiful!

  30. It looks soooo much better! I haven’t tried any chalk paint yet, but you’ve definitely sold me on the stuff! Gonna have to get my hands on some!!

  31. I love this. Please link it to my linky party & anything else you have to share. Thanks, Peggy.

  32. lovely! i’m featuring this dresser tomorrow!
    check it out!

  33. Wow I think I love it more than you:). Seriously that is such a transformation I can’t believe it. I have some unopened ascp but have yet to find a piece to paint! Oops about the water, oh well, now we know right? Great job.

  34. Love the grey top, it is the perfect choice!!

  35. I love the colors you chose! I do have one question. Did you have any difficulty painting over the marble top with chalk paint? I am refinishing a buffet I recently got off Craigslist and it has these three ugly marble inserts on the top. I would love to paint them but I have read that the process of painting marble is a lot. Thank you!

  36. Love the look of your painted chest. Have you used ASCP dark wax over other paint, such as a latex, to give it the same warm look?

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