The New Living Room Wall!

Well our gallery wall and board and batten is done. And….we love it!!

Let’s first take a look at the before picture of this wall in our living room before I show you the rest.

You know, the one where the picture is hung too high? :)  Well since this is a big 2-story wall, it needed something with a little oomph, so this is what we did…

Yummy! :)

I will add a source list at the bottom of the post for all of the new things you see, in case you missed my previous posts on them.

The 3 big new things are obviously the paneling (or board and batten), the gallery wall, and the crown molding on the door.  I did the paneling exactly like I did in my stepson’s room, so I won’t give another tutorial on that.  This version is just a shorter one.  The only thing I did do differently was:

  • I used primed MDF this time, and I’d highly, highly recommend if you can splurge for it. Painting was a breeze this time around.
  • I used satin/eg-shell white paint this time instead of semi-gloss like I usually do. Just wanted to try something different and I like it!

I went back and forth and back again on what type of wainscoting to do in the living room.  This went on for several months and I couldn’t make up my mind, but I finally went with this chunkier paneling because I love it so much.  I don’t care that it isn’t the same wainscoting we have in the office or the other living/entry wall with the chair rail and boxes.  This wall called for something bigger in my opinion, and something that needed to stand out.  If I had done just the regular chair rail and boxes, they would hardly even be seen.  And well, I wanted that pretty molding to be seen!  But anyway, I’m really happy I just went for what I loved, and not what I thought a future buyer or other people might love.

And now for the gallery wall….my new favorite thing.  Let me first say that both me and my husband are pretty symmetrical people. My husband even a little more. In overcoming my fears of actually putting up a gallery wall, I knew that the types of gallery walls that have several different items other than frames displayed wouldn’t work with us.  Although I love the look of those too, it wouldn’t work on this huge wall space to fill and would have end up looking cluttered.  We wanted a clean and modern look.

So this is what I did first .

I went to Ikea and took a pic of a gallery wall they had displayed that I liked, and pretty much bought the exact same frames (all Ribba frames).  Pretty smart right? All the work was done for me. :)  I did end up expanding on Ikea’s gallery wall and added more frames to fill in our wall more.

Got home and we laid them out on the floor, and did a little rearranging…

And then this sweet guy hung them all up, and it wasn’t fun for him.  Not at all.

How awesome is he for letting me post up a pic of him wearing the apron my grandma made me, and using it as a tool belt?  (Sorry Mom, guess I shouldn’t have returned that tool belt you got me last year…).

I did help him string them all up with the wire hanging stuff though, because of course nothing comes fully assembled from Ikea (which was just as much as a pain to do!)

My husband just used the laser level and put up the bottom row of frames first, and then worked his way up. The spacing of the frames are all p.e.r.f.e.c.t.  Did I mention he has OCD?  Having OCD though pays off in cases like this because you get a pretty immaculate looking gallery wall if you ask me!

The big poster prints you see are also from Ikea that I got until I can get some good photos blown up. But now, I like the mixture of the prints and the photos, so they will stay for a while.

So what else is in the frames? Beautiful family pics, some artwork from my stepson and daughter, an old NY map, and some pretty, modern, and colorful fabric that I got at JoAnn’s half off because it’s outdoor fabric.  The fabric in the little square frames I already had.

Um, are those hilarious or what?  Those were when we went to Disney World and Busch Gardens for our Honeymoon. Yes, we’re thrill seekers.  That has to be the ugliest picture of me that ever existed, but it cracks me up and I have been dying to use these pics somewhere. And I love having random pictures of people we don’t know on our gallery wall too. Ahh, gotta love roller coasters.

And because I couldn’t stop…

And another before…

And after.

We love it!! What do you think??  Everything just kind of came together with all of the fabrics, ottomans, pillows, and all of the geometric prints we have going on.  Love when that happens!

And let me just explain real quick why the couch still isn’t centered with the wall (which doesn’t even bother us).  But if we did do that, then my husband’s recliner would have to pushed back all the way against the windows. We like to have that space back there open since Emma’s toy storage is back there and she goes and plays in that little nook. And yes I know we could move my chair (with the blanket on it) across from the couch so it’s more conversation style, but honestly, that isn’t us, and we do both like to be facing the tv.  We still have conversations at angles. :)  Plus, we like the open space so the kids can play, and the room feels bigger, so having the furniture arranged this way works out good for us.  Just in case you were wonderin…:)

Source list:

  • See this post for a how-to on the new paneling/board and batten
  • See this post for a how-to on the crown molding above the door
  • See this post for a few new additions added to the room
  • See this post for the info on the black and white ottoman
  • See this post for the info on the yellow rosette pillows
  • See this post for the info on the rugs

Let me know what you think of our new wall! I’m so happy I can say we have a gallery wall now and more pretty molding…you have no idea! :)

And for more gallery wall goodness, check out Mrs. Limestone’s, John & Sherry’s, and Shellie’s walls. There are TONS of great gallery walls out there, but these have always stuck out in my mind and I love how clean looking these all are.

Sharing this post at Sarah’s Before and After PartyTip Junkie, Between Naps on the Porch, The Lettered Cottage and Tatertots and Jello.

I’m also joining in the Pinterest Challenge for this project since I have been scared to do a gallery wall for forevah!!



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  1. Love it! I’m a big fan of symmetry, so this really appeals to me.

    Nice apron.

  2. Looks great! It’s just funny he’s using your apron as a tool belt.

  3. Love the gallery- your room looks amazing

  4. LOVE this! This is definitely on my list to do!

  5. Gotta love IKEA! Your gallery wall is fantastic! Love how your room has evolved and even better that you shared it with us!

  6. Just absolutely perfect!!! It is inspiring to see how your home has evolved over time, this reminds me that it takes time to get that vision you have in your head into reality!!! great job!!!

  7. Amazing transformation!! Love the mix of art, fabric and photos in the gallery wall. Very fresh and personal. :) Kudos!!

  8. oh I LOVE IT! Looks PERFECT! What a sweet hubby for being so “OCD” and getting it done so perfectly…tell him we all give him major kudos :)

  9. Oh wow Emily, it turned out fabulous! What a great idea! The picture of your husband made my morning! What a great hubby! I took a picture of my husband’s hand as he hung something last week and he freaked out! LOL! Great job Emily!

  10. I absolutely love this! You know I have the same problem in my living room…that big long wall that the sofa is on and its just there with nothing on it…lack of anything. This idea is ingenious. I may try to talk my husband into something a tad bit similar. Thanks so much for sharing such a wonderful idea!

  11. Emily, this room looks gorgeous! I love the gallery wall-it’s just what that big space needed. And your husband is adorable for not only wearing that sexy apron, but also for putting up those pictures so perfectly!

    Ever consider painting those fabulous lamps?

  12. What an amazing transformation. The room looks so much more contemporary and fresh with the board and batten and gallery wall. Great job on the perfection on the hanging of the wall!

  13. This wall looks fantastic!! The art gallery looks awesome & the board & batten is the perfect added touch!! Great job!!

  14. It looks PERFECT! I love it!

  15. Holy Cow…what a difference! I love everything. So bright and cheerful. Great job Emily. And, I’m with ya…I like things symetrical too.

  16. I love it! It brightens up the space so much. Great job!!

  17. Wow… so pretty! I really love the mix of pictures and prints!

    Have you thought about breaking it up about and centering one gallery over the sofa and doing a small separate vignette to the left? It might help ground the sofa/seating area. Something about this make the sofa look like it’s in the wrong place to me, but that might just be how it photographs.

    Love it though! :) It’s been fun watching everything come together!

  18. I really like the gallery wall by itself, but I am not convinced it “matches” the flow of the rest of the room. The seating and side tables read very traditional to me, while the ottoman/pillows/wall are modern.
    But really, this is just my opinion. All that matters is you love it!

  19. wow- totally in love! that OCD majorly paid off. HA!

    i LOVE THE 3rd from the last shot and the very last shot. LOVE! winks-jen

  20. Man that was a big job…and man did it turn out INCREDIBLE!!!
    Way to go!

  21. Big transformation! Looks great!

  22. Beautiful Emily!!! What a transformation your family room has made these past couple of months. It’s all coming together so beautifully and I love the mix of fabrics!

  23. I love it, love it, love it. I recently did my own gallery wall, and it was SO fun!

  24. I love it all. This is just gorgeous. Hugs, Marty

  25. Yay Emily!!! It looks awesome!! I bet you are so excited. I too have a hubby thats OCD -there are times it drives me nuts-but in the end I truly appreciate it b/c if it were up to me- all our photos, curtains and anything else on the walls would be wonky.

  26. Suezi Gurzi says:

    love it! the sofa and how it fits your family is far more important than it being “properly” centered. i didn’t even notice until you pointed it out. gallery wall is fabulous!

    • I was going to say the same thing, I didn’t even notice. It looks fantastic!! I also love to see pics that I’ve taken & have no idea who the people are in them. It always makes me wonder how many pictures of me are out there that I don’t know about, lol!

  27. LOVE IT! I’m slightly OCD and I have to say, that’s one perfect gallery wall. You are seriously making me wish I had paneling all over my walls! And that picture is too funny…lol.

  28. The room looks great!! I love how everything came together. The gallery wall looks like it was a lot of work to put up, but it’s beautiful!

  29. Absolutely beautiful! I just love how you set every time up big frames have art and smaller have photos, brilliant! Keep those ideas coming because you keep inspiring us with them =)

  30. It looks great! It’s funny that the new things are hung just as high as the old things but because of the b&b and the large overall size, they don’t look too high at all now. Also, the sofa not being centered was obvious before but I didn’t even notice it until you mentioned it in the after photo. I wonder why? It doesn’t look “wrong” now. Kudos to hubby for the hanging. Mine just helped me hang a much smaller gallery and it…was…NOT…fun.

  31. Totally ?ing the b&b lower wall! That gallery looks like so much painstaking work – even for Mr. OCD…

    My only question is on your lamps. The white bases looked great when shown against the wall color, but now get kinda lost against your gorgeous b&b.

    (I need to get my hubs an apron/workbelt… )

  32. I LOVE everything about it! Looks like I need to take a trip to Ikea soon!!

  33. Looks beautiful! You’ve done a fabulous job transforming the room, I’ve enjoyed watching you work :). I’ve had the frames and the vision for my own gallery wall for about 3 months, you’ve inspired me to get mine done this weekend! Let’s just hope I can get the hubby inspired as well!

  34. Wow! What a difference the wall makes. The room looks so much brighter with the white frames. Those are the same frames I want to use for my future gallery wall. I love that IKEA has them in so many different shapes and sizes! The fabric you chose is gorgeous and really ties your whole geometric theme together nicely. Great job! :)

  35. It looks fantastic!!!!! It’s sad that IKEA is only about an hour away and I have never been…and btw, I didn’t notice the off centered sofa until you said something :)

  36. looks really amazing!!

  37. Awesome! I love the mix. Your hubby is a great sport!

  38. Thank you so much for finishing that wall! I’m off to Ikea to buy frames because, I’m going to copy your version for a hugh blank wall I have off my dining room. I just love what you did and your cute apron wearing hubby too! Chow!

  39. I absolutely LOVE it!!!

  40. it looks fabulous! I want to do the same thing over a desk we have..have to work up to the B/B but your post gives me courage!!!

  41. Oh my gosh Emily! This was well worth the wait! I love the paneling and the gallery wall is awesome ( I am pinning this for future gallery wall inspiration). The mixture of prints and photos is actual pretty nice, you really could just keep it that way!

    I laughed at the pic of your husband in the apron. Too funny!

    You’re from Houston right?! Didn’t you do a post about a thrift store recently?? If so what was it called again. I am trying to track down a chair to re-upholster. Can’t find one with good bones anywhere!

  42. Thank you so much for your ideas. I have just recently purchased many different sized white frames from Ikea also and have been unsure how to go on from here. You have inspired me to hang them and I think I need more!
    Yes loved the handsome man in the apron….only a husband would do this!!

  43. Looks amazing!

  44. I. LOVE. it! Everything looks so good!!

  45. Great job Emily! I love the wall and the board and batten.

    And just for the record, next time we get together you and I are sooo going roller-coastering together! Did you do Everest at Animal Kingdom? Loved it.


  46. Bev Brewer says:

    I love your design…my daugther is going to be a graduate and I would love to do something like this!

  47. It’s GORGEOUS! Definitely worth the work.

  48. Looks GREAT! I love it.

  49. Holy moly, what a difference! It looks fantastic! Your husband did an amazing job with getting it all lined up. I really like the mix of items in your frames too. Well done!

  50. That looks great! Totally love the wall. What would we do without IKEA?

  51. Looks amazing. Great Job!

  52. I love it Emily! I think the ottoman looks perfect too! Randy is so cute in the apron! Ha! :)

  53. I just love love love this paneling. I would love to try it myself but I don’t have the tools (or the guts!) to do it myself. Too bad I can’t bribe you into coming to my place and doing it for me. :) Just gorge!

  54. LOVE THIS!!!! Amazing!

  55. I’m in love with your new living room wall!!! So creative. And I love those pics of Randy in the apron. So funny!

  56. it doesn’t even look like the same room with all your fab changes!!! great job, emily!

  57. this is sooooooooooooo much better! so much. would you consider centering your couch under the beautiful gallery wall and sliding the lamps and lamp tables either under the blank space to each side of the wall or closer to the couch? you can slide your rug further from the couch and then slide both your chairs into the room further. see what you think….just a thought.
    you really did good on that gallery wall, girlie…..

  58. Fantastic! I love it, Emily. Your hard work has paid off. I love all of the changes you have made.

  59. Love all the white frames together. Looks fabulous. I think it looks great not perfectly centered! A room has to be useable and comfortable to be truly beautiful and work for your family.

  60. This is soooo fabulous!! LOVE it! We just moved into a new house and I’m dying to do a big gallery wall of our family photos. I love how you included prints and children’s artwork, too though. It looks fantastic! I’ve been collecting pinterest pics of gallery walls to help me with the layout.

  61. I love your new wall! I love all of the variety of pictures in the frames. Beautiful!

  62. Looks great! I missed this last week because I was on vacation! Your projects always make me wanna get over my fear of power tools ;) The woodwork looks AMAZING!

  63. Looks AMAZING! Looooove the board and batten! One of these days I swear I’m gonna try that! ;)

  64. I absolutely love all of the geometric designs you have going on here. It really works well. I wish I had an eye for design.

  65. Personally, I like the apron. ;) I love the board and batten. It adds so much to a room. It all looks very nice.

  66. Love the wainscotting-I used the pre primed mdf on my family room project and loved it. I’m working on a gallery wall this weekend I
    Using Command Picture hanging strips. They’ve made it pretty easy to get everything lined up, hope they keep sticking!

  67. Wow! Looks great! I love the paneling- it really grounds the room. And I love the gallery wall with the mix of photos, art and graphic pics.

  68. This is stunning, I can’t believe what character it added to that big wall. Oh and hubby looks darn cute in the apron too :)

  69. wow! that wall turned out gorgeous. well done to both of you!

  70. Ok so I’m drooling over here! Your wall and whole room looks fantastic! Love the ottomon and the pillows that give a pop to the arrangement!

  71. I’m in love with your wall. The board and batton are perfect, and that gallery makes me happy!

    Great job!

    (I hoped over from TDC’s before and after party)

  72. We also have a 2 story family room so I was thrilled to see this transformation! It’s been a challenging room to decorate and I was currently in the process of redoing the same wall. Thanks for some more ideas!

  73. I absolutely LOVE this wall. Can you share the breakdown of sizes (and how many of each) of the frames that you bought from IKEA? I think they are about to sell out of these frames after everyone sees this amazing wall.

  74. Love the gallery wall! I’ve been wanting to do something similar in my living room. Do you mind telling me what size those small square frames are? I don’t think the ones I found online are the same.


  75. This looks amazing!!! You may have already mentioned this, but can you share the name/color of paint you used in this room? Also, I live approximately 3 hours from the nearest Ikea store (no, I have never been), but I’ve been dying to go for such a long time and I’m planning on making a trip soon. Can you give me an estimate on the total cost of the frames? I’m interested in doing a gallery wall in my living room and I’m curious to learn how much I should budget for this project. Thanks!

  76. WOW WOW WOW! What an incredible room! :-D
    I love the colors, patterns and textures SO MUCH!
    Don’t even get me started on those rugs and that board and batten!!!!

  77. This is GREAT! You have a GORGEOUS home! And your hubby is a great sport! LOVE!

  78. Awesome way to dress up a room!

  79. I love that art gallery look! I’ve been wanting to try something like that in my home for so long.

  80. Elizabeth says:

    Stumbled across your blog because I’m looking to buy that same rug. Why did you decide to go with two as opposed to one 8X10? I absolutely LOVE your gallery wall. You did a fabulous job, and big props to your man for having the patience to hang all of them so perfectly! You’re a lucky gal.

  81. So in love with this, what an amazing difference! Great job!!

    BTW, love the new ottoman too!

  82. WOWZA!!!!!!!! What a phenomenal improvement! BTW, your husband with the apron on MADE the post! A job well done! :)

  83. jenn boileau says:

    I think you did such a great job-loving all your projects…i have been swimming in paint chips lately and my husband is going insane. Found your blog, and saw that our houses look very similar, you had same “before” colors im dying to paint over, and your new color looks amazing….and was one of my favs. So it is great to see how gorgeous it looks in your home. Im a bit indecisive…i showed my husband last night snd he said it looks perfect, NOW will you trash the 400 paint chips you have all ovr the place? So glad i found you!!!

  84. I LOVE your gallery wall! I really want to base my gallery wall off of yours. I am trying to figure out what size frames they are from IKEA but am having a hard time piecing it together from their website. Could you please tell me what size frames they are? I would greatly appreciate it!!

  85. Love the paneling and your gallery walls!

  86. rob graff says:

    Looks great. I am working on doing same thing to my living room. What are the measurements of your board & batten boxes? height and width?

  87. Where did you get the rug in the living room?

  88. What size are the very small square frames?

  89. Love the MDF paneled wall. We have very similar couches and would like to create a panel wall just like this one! A few questions:

    1. How thick is each MDF board?
    2. How long and wide is each vertical MDF piece?


  90. Thanks for finally writing about >The New Living Room Wall!
    – Decorchick! <Liked it!

  91. What color paint did you use for your living room?

  92. Love it! You guys really did an awesome job. That is a really stunning room!


  93. Absolutely love this room! Amazing work. Wondering what color and where you purchased your curtains?

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    Thanks, very great article.

  97. I LOVE your gallery!! What size and how many of each did you use?

  98. I LOVE your wall gallery! What size frames and how many of each did you use?


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