The Day I Was Ruthless

Last week, something came over me. The piles of crap, the endless amount of useless things that I’ve been holding on to, the closets that you couldn’t walk in…yea, you get the picture I am sure.

Our upstairs area has kind of been a disaster up until last week when I went nuts, because we pulled everything out of Emma’s room so we could redo it, so all of her stuff was in the gameroom, hallways, and Ellie’s closet. So that means it’s been like this for 2 1/2 months now.

So one day when I saw this huge box up in the hallway I couldn’t take it anymore and went a little postal.


Really, how many spare pillows do you need anyway? The amount that were up here was quite ridiculous.

So that box was hauled out to the van. That box led to me tackling Ellie’s closet who is innocent in all of this mess because NONE of it was hers.


I know. Animals.

I did keep the yellow rosette pillows though.

So I yanked everything out of the closet, including 20 year old fake gucci’s and prada’s and pleather purses.


All of that was to donate. Ridiculous y’all.

Then after Ellie’s room, the fun didn’t stop. Me and Emma went into the game room and cleaned it up and donated tons of toys. And toys that she willingly wanted to donate. Made this mama happy.


Oh, and we were on a roll I tell ya.

Then I opened up the closet door downstairs in the mudroom that is the coat closet turned storage closet. Then I shut it hard. And then I opened it back up letting all of the grocery bags fall on me again and then I went postal on the closet too.


The amount of grocery bags that I had in there was crazy. I kind of have a bad habit of buying a bag at the store if I forget mine, so yea, that’s how I have so many. But I donated about 20. Ha! I came up with a new plan to just unload my groceries, then go put the bags in the car for next time. So I’ll never be without them.

I was ruthless with items we donated. I was tired of all.of.this.stuff. It’s unnecessary , clutter makes me unhappy, and we all function better when we can actually walk in closets and my kids can find their toys easily. And too many toys isn’t good for kids because they don’t know where to begin with their things. I tell you, that whole minimalist thing sounds better and better each day. I would say though, that we have FAR less toys in our home than many people I know.

So after me and Emma were done being ruthless, we loaded up the swagger wagon.



I’m still not done, but this was a crazy good start. It was so freeing and liberating to be set free from stuff we no longer need, and keeping other families in mind who really might.

Is it time for you to be ruthless with things in your home? Do you need a good purging day too? It was good for the soul, highly recommend. :)



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  1. Want to go postal at my house? :D I sat here this morning just thinking *as I’m about to swap out my sewing room and book room* what a disaster I’ve got on my hands. Some of this junk has to go! So come on over and bring your postal.


  2. As I read this I am looking at all the crap that is in my office closet (I took the doors off to paint) might be time to get rid of it…thanks for keeping it real – and giving me the inspiration!

  3. I need to….I really do!! I just keep thinking, “what if I give it away and then NEED it next week”. I know that is my insanity speaking! I am by no means a bonified hoarder, but I do like to keep things a little too long! It looks like you did a great job at getting started! Way to go!!

  4. Doesn’t it feel good?!!! We did a major purge a few years back when semi finishing our basement. Felt amazing to be rid of things we just do not need. I have been much more selective about the things I bring into my home since then.

  5. I love it! You have inspired me! I am buried in “stuff!”

  6. Yes I know what you mean! I went postal on my cabinets in the kitchen today. You open the dr and ALL these plastic lids go flying everywhere. Well that changed today and I’m not finished either. You go girl!!

  7. I’ve been known to do this – in fact, I did our upstairs linen closet last weekend and am in the process of reorganizing the kitchen! It feels great!

    As for your grocery bag issue, try hanging them on the door knob – that way you grab them on your next trip out to the car. That works for me….though I do get most of our groceries delivered, which is an amazing time saver.

  8. Antoinette says:

    LOL!!! Now I’m feeling a little guilty cause when I open my closet, I look in then shut the door, thinking it can wait till tomorrow. Haha, do you know how many tomorrows there have been? K,sometime soon I’ll get to it, I promise :)
    Now, if I can get my hubby to really organize the garage, then we’ll really be doing good. Fingers crossed.
    Great job by the way & great post.

  9. Impressive. I could use a good clean out too. Seems like I throw out the stuff I need, and keep the “what was I thinking” stuff. There must be a support group somewhere….

  10. I’ve been doing a lot of this myself lately, at least until I got sidetracked by a little wrist surgery! Still, I got a lot done and it felt amazing! I have plenty left to do, especially since my garage is like my own personal dumpster where I can go diving for all manner of junk at any time. Great inspiration to keep purging!

  11. Purging “DAY”?? I’ve been going for a couple weeks, lol! Mostly because I’ve been purging most of our stored baby/kids clothes, washing load after load, with our regular laundry in between (seven of us at home, with two grown kids borrowing the washer, too), dividing it all between a cousin, a friend, and another friend’s thrift store, and the few things I want to keep “just in case”. I know it will feel great very soon, but for now our living/dining room is filled with storage tubs – though it is truly WONDERFUL to see them becoming empty!! This post was a great encouragement, I admit I was feeling a bit tired and down, like it was never going to end, so back at it! Realistically, I think I can start stacking and getting those tubs out of here!

  12. I just posted about this very thing a week or so ago…the NUMBER ONE rule to home decorating is to DECLUTTER AND CLEAN!! and PURGE! Get rid of “stuff.” It is just “stuff” after all…and seriously, we hang on to “stuff” because we might need it. That is why I had 2-3 of everything…because I hang on to it because I might need it, then I can’t find it, so I go buy it. Vicious cycle. I am a world class purger and I am forever on the hunt for ways to organize and better utilize the space I have for my NEEDS (different from wants!) And I don’t mean cute little baskets with chalkboard tags…I mean ways to organize the stuff I NEED without going and buy more stuff to put it in or on! Always warms my heart to see people donate “stuff” they know they don’t need!

  13. Good for you! A few years ago I did a challenge for Lent called 40 bags in 40 days. Yes – 40 bags of stuff that I was so happy to say good-bye to! I still do it every year, but I don’t know that I get up to 40 (I just counted that first year). I’m a lot more careful with what I bring into the house as a result. Freedom. That’s what it is! :)

  14. That had to feel good! I am ready for a dumpster myself!