What Life Is Like With New Lights

I wanted to update you all with how our life has changed with new lights. Really. Might sound silly but I promise you it’s the truth. *Spoiler-giveaway at the bottom of post* About a month ago I showed you all where we installed a Lutron Maestro Occupancy Sensor dimmer switch in our hallway, which is now a cool striped mudroom! I loved it then and living with it a month or so, I love it even more.


Sorry that pic was with the light on in the hallway–see better pics of the mudroom and stripes here.

But what I love most about this light switch is that it’s automatic and it’s been so nice to have my daughter just walk in the hallway to get something without needing help to flip the switch. Plus it’s entertaining for kids to sit and watch the light go on and off by itself. Not that mine have done that or anything though. <cough>

What I also love is not having to remember if we turned out the lights when we leave the house and question whether or not we are wasting precious energy. And now I can say with ease that we aren’t!

We loved the hallway dimmer switch so much we decided to install more of these in different rooms in the house! The next room we did was the laundry room.

Lutron Light switch | www.decorchick.com

Having the switch in this room has been SO incredibly handy you have no idea. Walking in and out with the laundry basket and not worrying about the light switch is just too convenient. I am very spoiled now and expect everything to be hands-free now. That doesn’t always work out in my favor though.

We also installed them in the hallway powder room and our master bathroom. Again, total lifesaver with kids. I plan to install them in all of our closets too. Can’t wait! Oh, and we have all of ours set to turn off after 3 minutes of no one being in the rooms. There are different settings you can do which is a nice feature.

Lutron is running a special promotion too if you wanted to change your life with some new switches too:

  • 25% off Maestro occupancy/vacancy sensor dimmers and switches* on LutronStore.com PLUS one free Claro single-gang wallplate ($4.90 suggested list price) with each qualifying item
  • Promo Code: wholeftthelightson
  • Code expiration date: Sunday, Oct. 31, 2013
OH, and guess what? They are letting me give away FIVE Lutron devices so 5 lucky readers will get to try them out. Just leave a comment on this post with what room you’d like to try them in and that’s it. I’ll have random.org choose 5 winners on October 4, 2013.
Update: The winners are:
  • #18 Leslie S.
  • #28 Brad McGhee
  • #105 Vicky McGovern
  • #135 Jennifer
  • #202 Edie Cummings
Good luck!



*Thanks to Lutron for sponsoring this post. All opinions are always my own*

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  1. I love your idea of one in the laundry room. Terrific!!

  2. My dining room light is always on since the kids turn it on to get to the kitchen. This is must do first!

  3. I’d like to put one in my mother’s bathroom. She is 82 and it would be great if the light would come on automatically.

  4. I just told my husband that we need something like this in the bathroom! Our three year old can’t turn on the light by himself, but refuses to pee unless the overhead light is on. It would be great if I didn’t have to turn them on and off for him.

  5. Definitely laundry room, Switching the light on with hands full of laundry is a bit hard.

  6. Oh my!! I definitely need one in my dark laundry room. I wouldn’t need to use my elbow to turn the light on! Ha

  7. I have a few rooms I could use this in but the laundry room would be my first choice.

  8. Kitchen!

  9. I live in a small cabin in the woods, on a lake, with tons of trees around. There’s NOT a lot of lighting in the home ANYWHERE, so I would love light anywhere I can get it!! Wish me luck!!

  10. I would use it in my laundry room. Thank you.

  11. I love the idea of one in the laundry room. It serves as our entry from the garage and would be nice to come home and have the light turn on!

  12. I think I would have to probably say my daughters bedroom..she gets a little scared sometimes and something like this would really help out.

  13. I love the laundry room idea! We have a storage/laundry room combo and I am constantly trying to balance landry baskets or armfuls of canned goods to get the the light switch! It would be a total life changer!

  14. I want to try it in our master bedroom closet. Hubby can NEVER remember to turn that one off!

  15. I think thy would be great in my baby room

  16. I might try them in my dining room/kitchen.

  17. Lindsay R. says:

    I’d LOVE to try it out in my laundry room! They sound awesome!

  18. Leslie S. says:

    These look terrific! The laundry room at my house would be perfect for these! That light is always on in our house, 99% of the time because we’ve f rotten to turn it off due to full hands or walking through to the garage. This would be a great energy saver!

  19. I want one in the laundry room!

  20. Wendy Mclean says:

    I would love one for our hallway. We only have one switch at the end of the hall so we always have to walk at least one way I’m the dark.

  21. I would love to have one in my laundry room!!

  22. I would probably try this in my kitchen. For some reason, everyone in my house thinks that light should stay on at all times, even when unoccupied!

  23. Becky Bixler says:

    Laundry sounds like a perfect spot to me!

  24. The bathrooms for sure! I’m always yelling for the kids to turn the light off as they come out :)

  25. The master bedroom!

  26. I would love to put this in my kids rooms. They are always leaving their lights on. It drives my husband nuts!

  27. I would love one in my office!

  28. For high traffic areas this makes total sense and would be a life saver. Much like the garage or entry hallway. Thanks for sharing.

  29. Love your ideas!! Would love some in my boys rooms and laundry room!!

  30. I would love them in the hall near my kids’ rooms. It’s downstairs so it’s always dark there & they are too scared to turn the light on or off all the time! This would be great :)

  31. My daughters can never seem to remember to turn the light off in their bathroom upstairs. I would love to have the switches in there.

  32. closet!!

  33. The hallway for sure! :-)

  34. Oh my gosh my older boys need this in their room they are constantly leaving on the light and it drives me crazy.

  35. April Lopez says:

    Family room for sure!

  36. Sandi Allen says:

    What a wonderful giveaway.
    I’m thinking the laundry room, then again, maybe my craft room.

  37. mary eguia says:

    sounds great.would love to win

  38. Oh, gosh, I don’t know. The bathrooms or the kitchen. Any one of the bedrooms or even the hallways or I could use one in the basement. Oh, I know……. All The Rooms!
    I swear I’m the only person around here who knows how to turn a light off around here.

  39. laura dassance says:

    our entry hallway or the laundry room would be most practical, but my craft room is what I’d want it for the most!

  40. Jessica Siddall says:

    Wow. Those are great. I would probably do the laundry room first as well.

  41. What a cool device! I would put one upstairs in the hall where the kids bedrooms are. My 6 year old is having me leave the hall light on till she falls asleep at night. This would be a great option for that!

  42. My little girls would love this! I think I’d put mine in the kitchen.

  43. Katie Zack says:

    I’d love the pantry or laundry room!

  44. Laurie Sharp says:

    Oh, I would love to put one in our den! Or maybe the living room! Thanks for the opportunity!

  45. Laurel Hensley says:

    I’d love them everywhere but first I’d have to go with the laundry room. My hands are usually full when I’m heading in there.

  46. Arrica Kilburn says:

    Laundry room or Kids bathroom :)

  47. Definitely the laundry room – my switch is around the corner from the door. So annoying!

  48. I would love to win one of these light switches. The laundry room would be perfect for us, too. The basement might not be a bad idea either since our hands are usually full when we get to the top of the steps. Jo @ Let’s Face the Music

  49. Rhonda MIller says:

    My laundry room would be perfect! Always have my hands full when I go in or out of there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. This would be perfect in the garage but sadly the office needs this first. A beautiful room with French doors and the light switch behind one if them. It’s awful to not be able to just enter the room and begin work. We actually took the door off because I got so fed up with it. But then we ended up with a large bookcase over the light switch.

  51. LeeAnne Fusco says:

    I would love to have one of these in the bathroom. My kids can never remember to shut off that light on their way out!!

  52. I would love to try this in our laundry room..and garage and 1/2 bath and hallway. I don’t have small children but I think it would be helpful in my life too.

  53. bathroom!

  54. Karie Caldwell says:

    The laundry room idea is perfect!!

  55. Kaitlynn nielsen says:

    This is such a great idea! I would put them in the kitchen, laundry room, and playroom for sure!

  56. I love the lighting in this room, so magically. Keep up the good work.

  57. Wow! This would be awesome -when have an armful of laundry you wouldn’t have to use your elbow to flip switch!

  58. Courtney Kelly says:

    I have really been wanting to get one installed in my child’s bathroom, but I love the idea of having one in the laundry room too!

  59. I would put them in my kids bathroom. They leave that light on at least once a day.

  60. I would love one in our hallway! That way I’m not scared to go to the back of our house when my husband is gone ;)

  61. I would love these in my living room

  62. I would definitely put one in my laundry room/ mudroom. Its right off the garage and I cant tell you how many times I have come home from work and the light is on. I’m always walking out the door with a bunch of stuff in my hands, it would be nice to not have to worry about the lights!

  63. Rebecca B. says:

    My first thought was the kids bathroom for those late night trips where the light magically stays on. But, I can’t help but want one in the mudroom/entry way so when I come inside with my hands full I won’t have to worry about tripping over the dog in the dark!!

  64. Totally need in my toddlers room and bathroom.

  65. I would love to use one in a newborn baby nursery. Thank you for the opportunity to enter this wonderful giveaway.

  66. I would love to have this for our dark, scary, needs to be renovated laundry room.

  67. I would like to try them in the room they call a mudroom. In reality, it is not a mudroom, it’s a hall and the entrance to the office, bathroom, kitchen, powder room AND garage are all there. There is maybe three feet of actual wall. But… it would be great to have a sensor for the spot. As you can guess it can get lots of brief traffic.

  68. I’d love to install one in my mudroom. We always leave the light on when we leave, cause it’s hard to come home to the dark entryway. This is the perfect solution!

  69. My bathroom so my shorty 3 year old can use the bathroom without someone turning on a light.

  70. We have a dark hallway leading to the garage and this would be great!

  71. Cheryl Francis says:

    I would love them for my living room.

  72. I would love to try them in my hallway.

  73. Pam Wagner says:

    I’d love to have one in the den!

  74. Beverly Killian says:

    I am new to your blog…love it by the way!!! These would be great in our master bedroom as well as the laundry and bathrooms. My hubby tends to leave the lights on in every room he goes in. So I might actually lower my power bill with these :O)

  75. I would love to add this to the Master Bedroom.

  76. I would love one in the entry way where the stairs to the upper floor are. So that at night when someone gets up the stairs will be lighted.

  77. Jennifer G says:

    I would love one for our hallway and my sons room!

  78. Windy White says:

    That would be great in our pantry!

  79. I’d love them in my laundry room (which also leads to our garage) or in our loft.

  80. I’d love to try one for the kitchen- where we always seem to leave the lights on!

  81. kitchen or downstairs family room!

  82. the laundry room is a great idea or my sons room – he’s always leaving the lights on.

  83. Kimberly Deacon says:

    Sounds great, I would want it for my Hallway!

  84. Kayla Spicer says:

    Bathroom or kitchen would be great. :-)

  85. Julie Thompson says:

    I would for sure use it for our down stairs toy room. The kids always get scared going down to torn the light on and always forget to turn it off.

  86. Ashley Fancher says:

    It’s a toss up between the kitchen and the kids’ bathroom. The lights are always being left on in those 2 rooms. I’d probably start with the bathroom though.

  87. I would definitely do the hallway as my two little ones cannot reach and constantly have to ask for help. It is also a central location in our house so it’d get a kot of use :)

  88. Donna Madray says:

    Any room that my husband has just left would be a canidate! But I’d probably put one in our bedroom. When that one gets left on it isn’t visible from the main living area, so it burns a LONG time!

  89. Candy Thayer says:

    I’d love one for the garage. I’m in and out a million times a day….and only remember the light half a million.

  90. I would like to try them in our bathroom. I have two little girls who can’t turn the light on and often times I usually have my hands full, or messy in the middle of cooking a meal. These would be perfect.

  91. I would live to try these as we enter the front door! Perfect!!!

  92. Because I have to get up several time a night, I would love one in hallway so I’m not stumbling in the dark. I’ve tripped and fell twice over the dog, luckily no serious injury. But as my hubby says, I’m an accident looking for a place to happen!

  93. Our hallway would be my choice. I have grandchildren stay with me quite often, and it would be wonderful for them at night when they need to get up. It’s long, and dark (yes, a home improvement project just crying out to have something done with it) and really could use something just like this. Thanks for the chance!

  94. I would put one in my husband’s bathroom!

  95. phyllis henry says:

    Boy, I love the ideas above and know I would have no trouble putting switches in multiple areas. I’m a senior now and living with declining vision, so it would be nice to have strong light in task areas yet be able to dim it at times for safety and security. I hope I win one

  96. I would also put it in my laundry room. That would make it so much easier.

  97. Definitely the bathroom! This would make potty time for my 3 year old so much fun.

  98. My upstairs hallway….the kiddos leave this light on all the time….this would solve the problem.

  99. I really need one of these in my laundry room and my bedroom. My husband is notorious for leaving lights on!

  100. I’ve been dying to try these in our kids’ bathroom!

  101. id love to try it in the laundry room.

  102. Oh I would love to try this in my bedroom!!

  103. Wow,,,the choices of where to put one are pretty extensive,,,,each room has a perfectly good reason for need. I’m just going to put my “oh yes,,one in here would be a great idea list”
    Master & Half Bath
    Entry Hallway
    Laundry Room
    My Craft Room
    and EVERY walk in closet!
    Awesome Idea for sure!!!

    LOVE the Blog too,,,keep up the great info!

  104. Lindsay James says:

    I’d love one of these for our main floor powder room. The light switch is installed on the left side of the door and I’m forever trying to find it on the right side instead and it takes me a while to remember to look on the other side. By this time, I’m usually getting desperate!

  105. Vicky McGovern says:

    In the laundry room and the main bathroom.

  106. Belinda S says:

    I would like to put one in my daughter’s bathroom because she’s a sleep walker. One in the hall by the stairs in case she walks to the stairs in her sleep. Another in my laundry room. The fourth in my garage and the fifth in our fitness room! :) These switches would help us more than you know! Thanks for sharing!

  107. Lisa Romans says:

    I would love these in my laundry room, family room, hallway, bathrooms!!! These switches would be a blessing!

  108. Autumn Spencer says:

    Laundry room or master closet would be a toss up!

  109. Trish C. / Mama B. says:

    Definitely the breakfast room . . . It is a pass-through between the kitchen and family room/garage. It’s also our highest traffic room, and that light always gets left on!

  110. Would have to go in the basement! I run a home daycare, and I can’t tell you how often the kids leave the lights on down there!
    New to the blog – really enjoying it!

  111. Having them in my laundry room will be amazing, my master closet will be next :)

  112. My kids hallway (so I don’t have to go turn it on for them), the garage (I always don’t have enough hands to turn that off and have to go back out), my son’s bathroom (he is constantly leaving it on). Thanks for the giveaway!!!

  113. L McCormac says:

    That would be great for the bathroom! Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  114. Tara Howes says:

    Ohh in the laundry room or kitchen!

  115. Kat Crutchfield says:

    I would love to put one our hallway, laundry room and the garage! :-)

  116. The bathroom and the halls for sure.

  117. I have not heard of these before today. Great idea!

  118. Anonymous says:

    I would absolutely use one in the laundry room, especially now that the daycare getting shorter it’s not always light when I throw in my laundry first thing in the morning.

  119. I have a long dark hallway and that is where I would use the light…

  120. Bathroom lights are always being left on at my house. These lights sound perfect for us!! :)

  121. Diana Duncan says:

    I would like one in every room! But for sure in the craft room and hallway bathroom for the grandkids when they are here!

  122. Bathroom! Perfect for those visits during the night.

    Thanks for the opportunity!


  123. I could use one in the laundry room, the upstairs hallway, the entryway,actually almost any room in the house.

  124. Mary Stewart says:

    I need one for each bathroom!

  125. Lillian Phelps says:

    The laundry room and the hallway would be my first areas to put one in.

  126. I’d put them in almost every room, especially living room, kitchen (both are entrances to the house), my daughter’s room and the hallway, and laundry room! Great point that it would save energy!

  127. I would put it one in my hallway and the stairs.

  128. Stephanie R. says:

    I’d love to install this in my daughter’s room. She has a really hard time remembering to turn the light off in the morning and sometimes I don’t notice for an hour or so.

  129. My master bedroom is at the end of a long dark hallway. This would sure add extra security knowing tha the hall will be lit up as we walk down it.

  130. How flipping awesome are these! I would love to win!!

  131. Exactly what we have been looking for!! Thanks for the great insight!

  132. would love this in my mudroom

  133. Katt Lewis says:

    My hallway. It’s dark and I have to walk 8 feet to get to the switch. Not the greatest.

  134. Pat Schultz says:

    I live with my daughter and would love one in the hall so when I get up at night the light would come on as I walk out of my bedroom. Keeping my fingers…. Thank you.

  135. I would use it in our basement. The kids ALWAYS forget to turn off the lights!

  136. jennifer zacharias says:

    We just looked at these and went crazy over wanting to change out all of our switches. The most useful place would be our kitchen but we really want them all over. Would love to win at least one to get the ball rolling.

  137. I would try one in our bathroom. Our three-year-old son always wants the light on whenever he is in there. A hands-free switch would be great! Thank you!

  138. I would love to have this in my living room. We have our lights on a timer now, and this would simplify things. Thanks!!

  139. Sara Boverhof says:

    I’d LOVE to try this in our main bathroom. ALWAYS turning lights off after kids in there!!! Thanks for the giveaway!

  140. I would love to try them in my den next to the fireplace…would make a cozy atmosphere.

  141. Somer jones says:

    Would love these on my stairs and bathrooms. Get for my 2 boys that can’t ever remember to turn the lights off!!

  142. Brittany c says:

    Man, I think I want one in every room! For sure the hallway, kids bathroom and laundry room !

  143. Rosalie Sharps says:

    I love the idea of the light turning off by itself! Economical ! Great idea…would love to have one for my sewing room…I kinda forget to turn the light off on my way out !

  144. Well, had already planned to put one in our daughter’s closet since that light is on more than it is off! Now that we installed an automatic door closer on our closet (so the little doggie will stop eating underwear from the hamper) we definitely need one in there too since the door closes and if you didn’t flip the switch it gets forgotten behind the closed door! Laundry room was on the list as well, not only for ease when hands are full, but b/c it gets left on a lot too by 2 family members!

    I will just say that my OCD son and I don’t have any problems remembering to turn off lights, and it will make living with those who do a little easier!!!!!

  145. Those are awesome! I need one in my teenage son’s room. He can never remember to turn of the light.

  146. I’d love to try these in my kitchen!

  147. The kitchen/laundry room. The most used space in our house!

  148. Love love love these!!!

  149. These would be great to put throughout our little apartment for my toddler who is too short to use the light switch but needs to have the lights on everywhere she goes.

  150. I would put the first one in the hallway because that light is always left on!

  151. We just moved into a 1960s home with a ton more lights than we’ve been used. I’ve got four kids which constantly leave lights on. This would be amazing to have. Bathroom. Laundry room. Bedroom. Toy room. You name it. Thanks for sharing.

  152. Jennifer Madigan says:

    The kids playroom. They are always leaving the lights on in there.

  153. My husband and I were just talking about doing this in our kids bathroom. They have a jack and Jill style so when they forget to turn it off (all the time) it is hard to see so it ends up on all day unless I check on them. This would be a life saver.

  154. Hmmm, I could use this in the master closet first (hubby forgets to turn it off). Laundry room next, kitchen,etc, so many needs. Thank you for the contest!

  155. Utility room /laundry room and/or the basement.

  156. I would love to have this in our family room. Everyone walks into this room turns on the light but can never remember to turn it off.

  157. Would be great for basement stairway and laundry room!!

  158. Kim Armstrong says:

    I would love to win these for my home. We have them at work and they are so nice and convenient.

  159. Denise Rosales says:

    I need this in my laundry room & bathrooms! Would be so helpful

  160. W have those at church and they are awesome! I would love to try one in the laundry room – I’m always going in there with my hands full!

  161. I would love to try them in the bedroom! It’d be perfect to give me time to get ready for bed and up in the morning!

  162. Tiffany Galvez says:

    Ooh,that sound soooo handy! I would love to put one in my bathroom, laundry room, and possibly the entryway. Hmmm…perhaps in my basement hallway too! Now that you told me about them, I’m jealous. I just might go buy so e…if I don’t win of course! ;) with 3 kids 3 and under, my house could use a little hands free!

  163. My daughter’s bathroom or closet! She is ALWAYS leaving them on!!

  164. Love this idea! I woul probably put them in hallway, laundry room and closets.

  165. Suzanne S. says:

    I would love to win and put one in the dining room.

  166. Kristy Montgomery says:

    I need these in EVERY bedroom! Especially my own! My husband fusses at me all the time and is constantly turning lights off as soon as I walk out a room.

  167. I would LOVE to put these in the playroom and kids rooms!

  168. Love it. I could sure use those in my Basement.

  169. Linda Carson says:

    I want one!! I would use it in my laundry room! Thanks!

  170. I would love to have these throughout my house; it would make life so much easier!

  171. Would be great in family room…or actually any…because I have to have some kind of dim light on in every room.

  172. Oooo! I would love one for my bathroom or laundry room. Awesome!

  173. I would like to put this type of light in my laundry room. That way, when we come in the back door, the light will automatically come on. That would be great!

    Thank you!

  174. I’d love to put one in my laundry room! We have to walk through it to get to our powder room, so it would be perfect.

  175. Sylvia Nelson-Campbell says:


  176. Would definitely like one in laundry, guest bath and master closet!!

  177. Daphne Murray says:

    I would love this in my living room!! Love this!

  178. Catherine says:

    Great gadget! Love it

  179. Carol Williams says:

    The bathroom so my 6 year old son won’t pee in the dark missing the mark!

  180. The kid’s bathroom, most definitely!

  181. Stacy Moore says:

    We need them in every room!!!!!

  182. I could use them in many rooms, but think I would start with the mudroom where the light is constantly being left on, which means it can be left on while we are gone from home too……there goes my utility bill!!

  183. Rose Castillo says:

    I would definitely put one in the downstairs mudroom and in the closets.

  184. I would love them everywhere- but the main place we could use it is in our toy room. It’s used mostly by the children and they always forget to turn the light off when they leave. I was just thinking about getting a motion sensor light yesterday. What good timing. :) Thanks Decorchick and Lutron!

  185. Master bathroom for me

  186. Definitely the laundry room!

  187. Shari Jones says:

    The laundry room!!!

  188. Summer crow says:

    We need this in our kitchen!! The kitchen light is always on. The kids never remember to turn It off!!!

  189. Jenny Bryde says:

    I really need this in my breakfast room! I have Lutron in one bedroom and they are wonderful! Thanks!

  190. Valerie J. says:

    This is great! It would definitely be great in our laundry room too!

  191. I would put it in my boys’ bathroom, so it’s easier for them to use the bathroom in the middle of night.

  192. I would use it in our upstairs hallway. The switches are in rather inconvenient places, and having the lights come on automatically would make it much safer, particularly with the stairway.

  193. Did a winner get chosen for countertops????

  194. I would LOVE this switch in our laundry room and/or our kitchen – both could use this convenience!!
    Thanks for “turning us on” to these!?!! Sorry, too punny??!!

  195. My laundry room’s light is always on, because is in the basement which means if you want to turn it off you got to walk in the dark…awesome idea, i really need one of these.
    thanks so much for the ideas

  196. Kelly Blount says:

    Laundry room is agreat idea. The playroom would be a close second.

  197. Christina Donaldson says:

    I’d love to do this in my pantry and laundry room! What a cool idea!

  198. Julie Kennedy says:

    I would put them in the upstairs hall and bonus room for the kids

  199. Yes, please! I need, especially for the.little people who.can’t reach the switch! Do I start in the bath or the mudroom?

  200. I’d like to try them in my kitchen. My husband always gets mad at me for leaving the lights on in there, but I hate to walk around in the dark at night because I never know what creepy crawly might be on the floor!

  201. Karen Tate says:

    I would put one in the kitchen, then the Master bedroom, then the hall bath. Probably one in every room! LOL. Thank you for the chance to get one. Love your inspiring blog!

  202. Edie Cummings says:

    Since I’m a middle-aged widow, coming home from work when it’s dark, I would love to have one in my kitchen at the door to the garage. I usually have my hands full of my briefcase, purse, mail, etc. to hands-free would be the most wonderful thing!

  203. I would love to have one in the kitchen, laundry room, bathrooms but most of all something to light the stair landings. We are empty nesters and not only would we feel safer but save on electricity. My husband is energy concious and he walks around behind me turning off lights. This would be a great solution. Love your blog!
    Thanks for this opportunity.


  204. Would LOVE to have this as well!!! Great update to the home!!

  205. I would install one in the stairway near the side door – would be a great help when my hands are full and I won’t have to flip the switch on with my elbow anymore!

  206. The better question is what room wouldn’t I put them in? :) I could use one in the laundry room, kitchen, daughter’s bathroom and bedroom…..the list goes on.

  207. My first choice would be to put them in the master bath–would be great for night time visist. Second choice would be the prep pantry–would help as I go to and from the area with hands full.

  208. Love these. My husband is always behind me shutting out the lights and 2 minutes later I am back turning them on. These are my ideal solution!

  209. Antoinette says:

    This would be helpful in our laundry room!!!!

  210. I’d love to try it out in my hallway

  211. J. Johnston says:

    Definitely in my laundry room! It’s the passage way between the garage and main part of the house. Our hands are always filled with groceries, backpacks….you name it! Would love some hands-free light!

  212. Hi! The dimmer switches sound great. Do they work with fluorescent light fixtures? Trying to be green a few years ago, I installed all new flurorescent fixtures in my home. The guy who installed them told me that they won’t work with dimmer switches — I don’t know if that’s true or not.

  213. Joy Leftwich says:

    Definitely laundry room! Would be a wonderful addition.

  214. P. McKenna says:

    I’d definitely use these in my entry hallway or upstairs hallway for the kids!

  215. The laundry room and the bathrooms!

  216. BreeAnn Sjostrom says:

    These would be perfect in our baby’s room our playroom

  217. I would love this in my washroom!

  218. It would be so great to have one of these in our hallway for our kids.

  219. Lisa Antaya says:

    I’d love it in the foyer! I have a split-level, and it’s SO dark when I come into the house at night!

  220. I’d use one in the kitchen.

  221. I could really use one in the laundry room. Always in and out with me hands full
    ! Thanks!

  222. I would like this light in the room with the stairs leading to the kids’ bedroom. The only light in the room now is a pull chain from a very high ceiling so it makes it impossible for the kids to turn on the light by themselves. If they’re too impatient to wait for me, they turn on the bathroom light next to the stairs and it only lights the stairs half way. It would be wonderful to have these installed so the kids would just have to talk in the room and the light would turn on.

  223. Laundry room
    master closet (with the auto closing door)
    daughter’s closet

  224. Would love one for my living room.

  225. Jennifer Geist says:

    The basement playroom.

  226. jessica sievers says:

    I would definitely put it in my laundry room. the light switch is behind the door and it’s a pain to get to, so I pretty much NEVER turn the light off. my husband would love it!!

  227. I’d probably use it in the laundry.

  228. Sue DeChant says:

    The laundry room for sure! With hands full coming and leaving, not having to worry about the light is a no brainer!

  229. I’d like to try them in my family room!

  230. I’ll give them to my mom for her bed room, bath room, and hall way because she never ever ever remembers to turn them off!

  231. We have one in our laundry room and love it!!! I want to put one in my toilet area of my bathroom and have been thinking about our master bedroom closet.

  232. Ooooo! I would LOVE to win this! I would put it in my Family Room!

  233. Renee Smason says:

    In the living room. That is the room the kids watch TV in, and I have one that won’t go in by herself if the lights are off and neither will EVER turn the lights out when they leave.

  234. upstairs hallway and kids bathroom, yay! no more:..turn the lights off!!!

  235. Christine Green says:

    I would like it in the bathroom. Thats where the light switches get the most fingerprints.

  236. Amy Perry says:

    In the living room.!!

  237. I would have to say the hallway, because it’s very dark and my cats sleep in the weirdest places and I have stepped on them.

  238. Julie Stinchfield says:

    The bathroom would be a great place for automatic lights! We are constantly leaving that light on. Also, our hall would be a great place too.

  239. Kim Herman says:

    Oh there would be so many places! To start I would love one in our entry or laundry room so as you enter the house from either the front or the back you would be greeted with light.

  240. Windy White says:

    This would be great for my pantry or stairs.

  241. Patrice H. says:

    I would love to try it in my girls’ (ages 4 and 10) bathroom!

  242. Me Me Me!!

  243. I would put one in my laundry room. I think it would be great in there since I go in and out of there with my hands full.

  244. I woyld love one in the bathroom for allll the times i have to get up during this stage of life:/ my second one would go in the breakfast nook :-) fingers crossed for a win!,, xxxx

  245. I want some new switches for my dining room and garage. :)

  246. The kitchen for sure!