I Know I’m a Fraud, But I Have a Good Reason.

Let me explain something. I’ve been talking about white kitchens for ohhh about 3 years now. First I was going to paint my cabinets, then I wasn’t, then I was, and on and on. I know, I’m annoying. I first asked you all if I should paint our oak cabinets. Then the last you heard about me painting cabinets was 2 years ago! Then I tried to even stain them darker and that was a disaster. Then I wrote yet another post about white kitchens and decided that white kitchens are what makes my heart flutter in peculiar ways. What a roller coaster I’ve had you dear readers on!

So back to be being a fraud…

I was looking back at an old post and I said this: “I swear I’m done talking about painting our cabinets white because it’s not happening.  It’s good to get it out of my system.” I actually laughed out loud when I read that the other day because I definitely did not remember saying it. BUT, everyone always has a good reason and method to their madness, and here is mine. I finally found that when your cabinets are painted correctly, the heavens open up and angels sing and those visions you had in your head of your dream white kitchen actually is possible.

White Cabinet

Yes that is MY kitchen!! My dark oak cabinets are painted white now!! I’ll go into detail about them more when I reveal the entire kitchen. But over this past Christmas I told you a white kitchen was in the works, so I just had to post about it so you all believe me this time. And I wouldn’t be a good blogger if I didn’t show you just snippets up until the final reveal. Haha. But seriously, there is so much to post about in here so it’s coming. Remember those countertops…? :)

Back to the cabinets. Sorry, I know I’m all over the place today. I write how I think which can be scary.

Remember 2 years ago when I said I really was done talking about white cabinets? Well in that post I posted a really crappy picture of why and here it is again to refresh your memory.

Painted Oak

See that doesn’t look good. I had that sample made from our builder’s painter and it just wasn’t a good job. It was sub-par. And the color wasn’t right.

Here is another picture I took of it against my new white cabinets so you can see how creamy/yellow it was.

white cabinet

The other thing I did not like about that first sample was how much the grain showed through. It looked like painted wood. I did NOT want that. It takes a ton of work to get a smooth finish like priming, sanding, filling in, painting with paint sprayer, and repeat (not in that order) if you are painting oak. And yes I hired this job out and my painter got the most amazing finish on our cabinets.

White Cabinet

They are soooooo smooth and just gorgeous and look way professional. And they look nothing like that first sample I had made thank goodness.

White Cabinet

I wish I could have you all over here for a white kitchen party! :)

So even though I said I was done talking about white cabinets and wasn’t going to do it, I think my reason back then was understandable because the paint job was a cruddy one. It’s kind of like that saying “you get what you pay for.”

Anyway, I’ll talk more about the paint, color and cabinets soon. I still have some things to do in here before the reveal but I was just so excited to show you all some progress. I know you want to see the full thing but big makeovers like this take time! I like to break it up into several shorter posts anyway so all of the information isn’t in one huge long post. It makes it easier for you all to find the sources etc. :)

Okay I better get back to work now! So are you shocked I went for it? There’s no turning back now!  And I hope I convinced you that I’m not a fraud.

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  1. ha ha! It’s not fraudulent to change your mind, it’s women’s nature to do so! Especially when it comes to the space we live in. I have several projects that I have the same dilemma with. i finally decided NOT to paint my oak cabs because my kitchen opens up into our den, but yours look great. And yes – you do get what you pay for. Sometimes it’s worth it to get a professional.

  2. They look amazing! I’m just so sad that I probably won’t be able to do it on my own. Is it super expensive to have it contracted out?

    • Misty well I’ve had 3 years to save. Haha. And you totally could do this on your own! There are TONS of bloggers who have. But hiring this one out was just the best route for us. It would have been a huge undertaking. The 2 main reasons are because I don’t have the space (our garage is jam packed) to lay out all the doors and drawers. And with me still nursing the baby I just don’t have the time. It’s not like I can just drop off the baby with grandma for the day or anything you know? Anyway, if you are up for some tedious DIY’ing, then you could do it. :)

  3. I think you will love the white kitchen. Our cabinets are white and the kitchen is so amazingly dedigned that it is open and bright. Every visitor comments on how great our kitchen is and it always puts me in a good mood to be in it. Watch out for stains from curry powder though!

  4. glad you went for it. the peek looks fantastic!

  5. LOVE!!! im loving the backsplash! thanks for the peak! dont you just feel so happy staring at your new almost complete kitchen?

  6. Looking forward to the reveal and the details. I too have oak cabinets that need to be painted. It’s hard with oak to pull the trigger! I’m going for a bit more creamy white IF I can do it, and I love the way your painter got that finish! Will he, or you, share those nitty gritty details?

    • Hi Deb yes I will talk a bit more about that soon. For the really smooth finish though, the main key is using a paint sprayer and several light coats of paint.

  7. Sheila Stringfield says:

    Getting ready to get new cabinets this summer and seriously thinking about going white. I have white appliances though, (new because they broke down one at a time last year) and worry it will be too much white.

    Yours look amazing and I am looking forward to the reveal!

    • Thank you Sheila! If you think all white cabs might be too much with the white appliances, you could always consider leaving a few cabinets open if you like that look and decorate inside with the dishes, OR you could do a 2-toned kitchen. Like white uppers and grey lowers or something. I love those types of kitchens! :)

      • Sheila Stringfield says:

        I am planning to have some glass doors, but I hadn’t thought of the two-tone idea! THANKS!

  8. Like night and day! I love the new color and the perfect, creamy finish!! Bet you are in love ;) Can’t wait to see them.

  9. Stacy Risenmay says:

    They look so good! I can’t wait to see the whole kitchen! When I painted my cabinets it was one of the best decisions I ever made. It does make SUCH a difference :)

  10. I’m looking forward to seeing the finished kitchen. I still haven’t revealed my kitchen. I have much older cabinets and the brown was sucking the life out of me. Especially since I don’t get a lot of natural light in there. I can not tell you the HUGE difference it is for me walking into my white kitchen. I actually want to cook now!

  11. I’ve got 14 year old golden oak cabinets that I want to do SOMETHING with, but living with the humidity of the deep south, I’ve never had good luck painting furniture, so I’m afraid to try the cabinets. I look forward to hearing how this was done, and – if you’re willing to share – a ball park cost.

    • I’m in South Texas too so if you’re going to paint, I’d recommend NOT doing it in the summer time! And everyone’s kitchen size will be different so if I told you a price it really wouldn’t matter. I’ve had ridiculous estimates before so you just need to get several and choose the middle one (if you like them) and bargain! :)

  12. Love the cabinets, I can’t wait to see the reveal! Could you share the paint color? I want to do mine but having the same problem all the colors I pick are too yellow yours is perfect.

  13. I love the white cabinets! And you’re not a fraud for changing your mind after 3 years… I love white kitchens though no matter how hard they are to keep clean! LOL

  14. I love your cabinets white and am so glad you finally did it! I have builder grade oak cabinets that I want white so I’m going to be visiting multiple times daily to find out how that finish was achieved! I have already read I’ll need a paint sprayer!

    By the way, I don’t call the process of making up my mind “being a fraud” no matter how long it takes! After a year of agonizing over gray paint colors and dozens of chips, I found your old post of finding a true (as possible) gray. Between gift cards, coupons & member discount, I got my gallon of Mindful Gray for $3 and change! Back hall here I come!

    • Yes Guerrina definitely a sprayer! It also depends on your cabinets and the oak grain, how deep it is etc. Some oak doesn’t show as much grain as others.

      It just annoyed me because I REALLY thought I was done with white kitchens. I talked about it so much I felt like a liar! And I really hope you love the mindful grey! Be sure and test it first because paint is different in everyone’s home. :)

  15. Oooooooooooh can’t wait to see it! I’m sure it will be amazing!!

  16. Amazing! I’m so happy for you. They really look great. It is well worth it to have professional painters do the work for you. They are quick and their work flawless. You will love your cabinets for years to come!


  17. Gorgeous!! I know you’re so happy now. No wonder you didn’t like the original sample…it doesn’t look “white” does it? My son & d-i-l had their former taupe cabinets (builder) painted white last year. Looks gorgeous! I asked to have my cabinets here painted last year when I signed a new lease…not sure if you were aware of the fiasco that was. We had a new manager and the painters she hired were less than good. Anyway, the cabinets are white ~ after 4 trips here and me almost losing what little mind I have. :)

    Can’t wait to see the reveal!


  18. Yay for white kitchens. We never regretted painting ours! You are going to love it. The only thing I don’t like is there is one cabinet in particular that always gets all smudged with fingers (the one that goes to under the sink). Other than that the white makes me soooo happy!

  19. Love the white kitchen. I’m not going for a totally white kitchen but after years of declaring that I hate white cabinets, I’ve just decided to paint mine white. Mine aren’t wood (laminate), so I’m hoping that I can find the time to paint them myself. Given that my bathroom cabinets are the same and I’ve already painted the cabinets in one bathroom, I’m thinking I should be okay in painting them.

  20. I love your new cabinets! I have 14 year old light oak cabinets that have turned a bit “orange” and I just don’t like them. Do you have oak woodwork? Wondering if I have someone paint them white for me, how the would they look with the woodwork. I don’t want to paint those! Ha! Maybe I should just move! Can’t wait to see your entire kitchen! Good for you! :)

  21. Hi Emily! I am getting ready to paint my kitchen cabinets! Just curious what color you ended up going with!? Thanks!

  22. Love this remodel. What tile did you use for the backsplash that went so well with your new counter?


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