What Makes My Jaw Drop

White kitchens. Yep, I talking about white kitchens again.  I just can’t help it. I can’t get them out of my head.  Every time I see one on the internet (and in person) they really just take my breath away.  I love the dark kitchens too, but there’s just something about white that gets me all weak in the knees.

Source: houzz.com via Decorchick on Pinterest

Source: bhg.com via Decorchick on Pinterest

Source: meohmymama.blogspot.com via Decorchick on Pinterest

For more beautiful white kitchens that I’ve pinned, you can check out my White Kitchen Board on Pinterest.  I’m really diggin’ this Pinterest thing. Don’t y’all love it?

So, just don’t be surprised if you see our cabinets painted white at some point.  I know there is absolutely nothing wrong with ours, and I am sure you are wondering why I am even still talking about white kitchens since I have already had a sample made before and didn’t really like it (I’ll explain on that more in a different post), and then I even tried to stain ours darker and failed miserably.  I’m wishy washy, that’s all.  Don’t hate me please.



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  1. I’m with you! Something about a crisp white kitchen… it’s like a blank canvas, too, for all kinds of cool accents. Happy Wednesday!

  2. I am right there with you! The one thing I love about our 20 year old home is the white kitchen cabinets. Many friends have faux finished or stained/painted theirs darker, but I love my white! We did however paint our island dark, and I love the contrast. It really is timeless, and despite what most think is really easy to maintain.

  3. I love white kitchens too! I have a Pinterest board and a Houzz ideabook devoted to my love of crisp, white, clean kitchens!! Drooling :)

  4. We are about to do a re-do on a cottage that has 2 kitchens..
    I have been debating & debating on trying a color, BUT I am pretty sure we will do white… as it always looks so bright, crisp & clean.
    Thanks for sharing the lovely pics… off to check out your pinterest board of white kitchens….

  5. I drool, too!! I love the look, and have never had a white kitchen….it does make me twitch a bit to think of white cabs and nicks or the dirt that would show……..but I do love the look…I know, I have issues….LOL!


  6. I just got finished painting my cabinets white and I LOVE LOVE LOVE them! I used the Rustoleum Cabinet Transformations kit. It ended up requiring more coats of paint than the instructions said it would, but I guess that’s ok. Now onto the next project…putting beadboard on the island. Nothing like having a “new” kitchen. :)

  7. I am with you! but Im not sure it will ever happen with three kids in the house.

  8. In theory, white kitchens are AMAZING! If you are single, do not cook, do not have kids or have a maid. I highly recommend. During that short period of my life where all those things applied it was FABULOUS! Then the kids arrived, 1 after the next, 4 in total. I had no idea how often I would have to remove puke from the crevices of the white glass cabinets, grease from the solid white doors or dirty finger prints. Unless my next kitchen comes with a full time maid, I’m going to go in a different direction. I’m thinking the kids need to put their hands on a few samples, the one that matches the best wins.

    • haha, yea I’m sure cleaning them will be a total pain. But with beauty comes suffering right? :)

      I guess I’ll just have to stop cooking too so I don’t dirty up the cabinets.

  9. I know totally drool worthy!
    I am itching to paint ours white, still trying to convince the husband…

  10. I have plans to redo my builder grade oak cabinets white and have been checking into the Rustoleum kit. That first pic with the white wood ceiling definitely made me drool.

  11. Elizabeth Anderson says:

    These kitchens are stunning! I love the stainless accents and think the subway tiles really make the cabinets stand out. Great post!

  12. I’m with you on the white kitchens – especially cabinets. I’m so glad you posted these because I was debating whether or not I could go with white cabinets since our floor and counter top are so neutral. Now, maybe? :)

    • Ours are neutral too–beige tile floor and backsplash. But I think they will at least stand out a little more with the white cabs. Someday I hope to redo the backsplash and the countertops. So many wishes. :)

  13. Oh, I am blushing. So fun to pop over here and see my little kitchen. Thanks, girl. Happy Wednesday, my friend.

  14. I am totally with you on this one! I hate my ugly cabinets and wall color in my kitchen. I dream of a white kitchen!

  15. I love me some white or cream cabinets! Mine are cream now. I really don’t have a problem with them being clean and I have two kids ( three if you count my husband). They are cream though. Maybe that’s why? My dream kitchen would have cream cabinets with dark wood floors and a big old farm house sink. Swoon!!

  16. I’ve been house hunting and there is such a turn off when the kitchen is dark and uniniviting. Although I do love the dark granite and dark cabinets… you just can’t have the whole kitchen dark… it is depressing. I love a white kitchen cabinet with cool blues and greens in glass tiles as a backsplash with a white/gray colored granite countertop. Then go with a dark wood floor to balance it out.

  17. Me too!! White kitchens are gorrrgeous.

  18. I have a white kitchen and am thinking about painting it. It’s just so hard to keep looking crisp and clean!

  19. Linda Burke says:

    I have a black kitchen – black cabinets with white countertop. Love the black. My oldest son has white cabinets and they are so hard to keep clean.

    Perhaps you could have another room in all white.

  20. I love your white kitchens! I am going over and make sure that I am following you on Pinterest!


  21. I have a big dreamy white kitchen, I hate it. Doesn’t look anything like the beautiful ones online, I think it just needs someone else’s design touch.

  22. Okay, that first picture made my jaw drop too! That is just gorgeous. The floors, the ceiling, the stove…yes, I will take it all!

  23. The kitchen samples are really elegant. I really like it! Thanks for posting this very informative blog. I really enjoyed the article and the pictures. Thanks!

  24. white cabinets & dark wood floors w/ silver drawer pulls!!! one day it will be mine!!!!

  25. I love white kitchens too! I have a Pinterest board and a Houzz ideabook devoted to my love of crisp, white, clean kitchens!! Drooling :)

  26. I want to join the fan club. I have a dilemma. Installing corian rain cloud counter tops with a corian integrated sink. I don’t know what size sink to get. At first I was leaning toward standard double but that seems boring. Now thinking about 1 large bowl. Kids are raised and gone. Just me and husband. I have a dishwasher. Would appreciate thoughts.

  27. Blanco, Blanco, blanco. White boring white. When will the I can’t decide on a look go away! It literally makes me want to scream. White’s not allowed in our home anymore unless its trim wood. White never feels like home only hospital cold! I actually I think they have more colour! I’m not Norwegian nor do I shop at Ikea! I have personality! That means I like colour and don’t want my home devoid of character and looking like my office and I don’t want my kid like some sort of drone who can’t relate to colour. Oh no, am I not fitting in? Don’t care. And, I’m not autistic so I don’t need everything devoid of feeling, no pictures or colour or humanity. Oh wait, I remember Alexis Stewart having one framed pic of her kid. OOps, doesn’t go! Doesn’t fit in. How stimulating for children not to mention uncomfortable for kids or is it the adult children who want the whte? God I’m so sick of today’s bullshit.