The Kitchen Cabinet Jewels {Cabinet Hardware}

Eeeek I am so thrilled y’all love our new countertops and quartz sink as much as we do! Thanks for the great feedback. :) Today I am switching gears back to the white cabinets, and am going to show you the lovely jewels, a/k/a, the hardware we put on them! It made SUCH a difference wowee!

Stainless Cup Pull

Amazing, yes?

Here are the painted doors without hardware…

White Cabinet

And with.

White Cabinet and Hardware

I knew adding hardware would make a big difference, but I still can’t believe how HUGE of a difference it made. We didn’t have any hardware at all before, and I must say that it is so nice having handles to use. Having easier functioning cabinets and dreamy shiny hardware is an all around bonus. :)

These cabinet gems came from D. Lawless Hardware who is an importer and distributor of cabinet and furniture hardware. They have THE best prices on the web for hardware (and several other items) so you must check them out. Derrick, who I worked with, was SO nice to work with. He was very patient with me as I am very indecisive, and even went as far as sending me some pictures of a few things I was thinking about and matching them up for me. Top notch service all around.

As for the handles and pulls I picked out, they are top quality and very heavy. I chose the Stainless Conical Pull for our cabinet doors and love them! They are sleek but not too contemporary. Then I mixed it up a bit with a more traditional satin nickel cup pull. I knew I didn’t want just regular knobs for our doors because everyone has knobs. I wanted something a little bigger that made more of a presence. And these do! Ack I can’t wait to show you the entire kitchen. You’re going to flip!

D. Lawless Hardware also replaced our hinges with the same type of hinge we already had, but found one that matched the new hardware in a satin nickel finish. They fit like a glove in our existing hinge holes so that was a relief.

Cabinet Hardware

Another pic for ya.

Stainless Pull

I just love love love them! Thank you D. Lawless for the hardware and the amazing prices. Be sure and check them out when you need something. And if you don’t have any hardware on your cabinets, PUT SOME HARDWARE ON THEM! You’ll be amazed at how dramatically it will change the look of things. And for little money. Perfect.



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  1. They look so great with the hardware! Getting very excited for the reveal I know you must be thrilled.

  2. Excited to check out D Lawless thanks for the heads up. Will be checking them out since I’m always looking for hardware deals. Thanks!

  3. looking great! We’re painting our cabinets soon! Eeek, getting so excited to see how they come out!

  4. Wow! The hardware is STUNNING! Love it, girl! :)

  5. Gonna be a strange question, but do you leave those pretty colorful bowls stacked on your counter, or is that just a “prop” for the pictures? The kitchen is gorgeous…..THANK you for sharing this with us. Love your site!

    • Hey Laura, it actually was first a prop, but I’ve left them out for several days now because they are just so darn pretty. I think they will stay out forever. Kind of like “open shelving” on my countertop. :)

      And thank you so much!

  6. Your kitchen looks amazing. Its hard to say, because i love white kitchen ;)

  7. Well we certainly agree, for obvious reasons, that hardware is so important to a kitchen and your choices are lovely.

  8. Hardware is essential! and this looks like it turned out great!

  9. Edie Cummings says:

    Love it! I’m actually looking for new hardware & this is a great source.

  10. Just wanted to echo the shout out to Lawless. I’ve also bought from them and was very happy, indeed!

  11. Love, love love all the pictures and thoughts poured into your kitchen and website. How did you go about choosing a painter? Did he offer to do one door first or was that your idea? I know it costs, but definitely in the range that is affordable. I’m not sure what would be the going rate in our city, but you get what you pay for and definitely want it to be outstanding. Can you say a range that would be acceptable for your size kitchen?

  12. Love your kitchen. It’s fabulous! Would you share any info about the countertops???

  13. Love your whole kitchen! What is the name of the countertop material????

  14. What color paint did you use for your cabinets, and where did you get it?

  15. Can you tell me the finish on your countertops. I was looking at samples for my kitchen and was not sure about the radiance finish. Do you have this finish or a more matte one like etchings? Do you like it? Thanks.

  16. Which hinges did you end up going with? Would love the details on them. Thank you so much for sharing the details on your other hardware!!


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