Our New Kitchen Countertops and Gorgeous Quartz Sink! {Kitchen Remodel}

I’m back and rested and finally more kitchen remodeling coming your way today. I’ve been so excited to show you our new countertops and quartz sink I could just burst! I gave you a sneak peek the other day about how our cabinets have been painted white, and the new countertops looks oh so amazing with them. But what material are they you ask?

Crema Mascarello Countertop


The answer might surprise you, but they are laminate! And I couldn’t be more in love with them. Seriously. I’m not a granite snob or particular marble lover or anything, and with the way that laminate looks these days, there’s no reason not to love it! I mean sure, I think granite and marble and quartz are beautiful of course, but laminate now has come SO far and is able to replicate those gorgeous patterns! At a fraction of the cost too. This is 180fx laminate by Formica in the color “Crema Mascarello” and here’s what they say about it on their site. “180fx captures the true scale and visual drama of a full granite slab, recreating the dynamic sweep of its striking colorations and exquisite veining. Affordable luxury on a grand scale.”  And when I say “granite snob,” I say that jokingly. I know people out there who just love their granite and won’t settle for anything less. I actually had granite one time in an apartment of mine and I didn’t really even like it. It’s cold, and loud when you set dishes on it. It annoyed me.

Take a look at our old countertops that I disliked.

Venetian Gold Laminate

What I mainly hated about those was the wood trim that was going all around.

I know that wood trim was custom work done by our builder, but it was just not for me. And oh my gosh I can’t believe our cabinets are not brown stain any longer!!  But anyway, those old countertops were also laminate (Venetian Gold) and the durability was great and required no maintenance, but the color was just not my cup of tea.

The countertops have this new special edge on them (no more laminate “brown lines!”) that really makes it more upscale and real-granite looking. It’s called Ideal Edge by Formica.

Crema Mascarello Laminate

I chose an Ogee edge, just like what you would choose if you had granite or something too. You can also choose a bullnose edge if you’d like.

I’ll come back to the countertops in a bit. Now let me show you my new favorite possession…our Karran quartz sink!

Karran Seamless

Oh goodness where do I even begin. There are SO many cool things about this sink it’s really hard to contain myself. I guess the first being that it’s QUARTZ. Hello, Ms. Fancy Pants sink. Second cool thing is that it’s BLACK!! Um, hello Ms. Unpredictable sink color. And the third thing? That the sink is SEAMLESS!! What do I mean by seamless? Check it out.

Seamless Edge

That’s what I mean. It’s virtually seamless from the countertop to the sink. That is what is so unique about Karran’s sinks is because they can be undermounted seamlessly into laminate! Traditional undermount sinks typically have a gap (that gets dirty and funky) between the sink and the countertop. You do need to find a fabricator of course that is familiar with doing this though. And especially since I chose quartz which is a much heavier sink, you just need to make sure the company doing the install knows that they are doing. :)

And I can’t tell you how happy I am I  chose the dark sink. It is Karran’s Q-55 series in Midnight. I seriously agonized over this for weeks! I was close to getting a white one too. I knew I did not want stainless because of the scratches. Our old one looked bad and you have to wipe them out every time you used it if you didn’t want water spots. And well, that never happened. But I ultimately decided against the white sink because our cabinets were going to be white, our countertops a light color, so I just thought it would be too much white. The black sink looks fab with our stainless appliances (which have some black on them too). The contrast is just perfect!

Being able to just wipe stuff in the sink is a lifesaver. I couldn’t do that before with our old drop-in stainless sink.

Karran Sink

And if you were worried (like I was) about a black sink and waterspots, let me tell you something. It’s amazing how there are NOT waterspots! There are already little white speckles you can see in the sink from the quartz material, and I kid you not, that the sink never looks dirty. Ever. It’s amazing. And I want to kiss it. It’s my glistening gem. :)

Craftmasters here in Houston did the install and they did amazing work. Most of the countertops were built here on site, but the grooves were already routed out for the sink when they got here. They used a special glue to bond the sink to the wood, flipped it over and inserted it on top of the cabinet bases.

Seamless Sink Install

Then the guy sanded and sanded and sanded some more until it was completely smooth.

Seamless Sink

Once that was completely smooth they were ready to put the laminate on top. Then he sanded those edges a TON around the sink so it’s perfectly smooth. It was pretty amazing.

Karran Sink

Another thing I LOVE about my sink is how massive it is compared to my old one. And it’s deep. It is SO nice to have.  The right side is very large and deep, and the left side is smaller and sits up a bit higher. I wasn’t sure how I’d like the 2  different size bowls, but I actually love it. The only thing we had to get used to was having the garbage disposal moved to the left side. Not a big deal now. Have I mentioned I love my sink yet? Yea, I do. Very much.

Quartz Sink

Karran Quartz Sink

Now can we talk about that gorgeous faucet with a long beautiful neck for a moment?  Gosh I know this post is forever long please forgive me.

But my Ms. Fancy Pants sink needed a mate, and this Moen beauty won her heart.

Moen Faucet

Yes I have to rave about my faucet too because well, it’s amazing. Duh. I’ve never had a nice faucet before. Like, ever. Much less one with a pull down sprayer that goes back up itself because of Moen’s reflex system. They also sent the soap dispenser too and I love not having that extra bottle on the countertop cluttering things up. This is Moen’s Woodmere faucet in classic stainless and it’s beautiful. I never thought I could love a faucet as much as I do this one.  And I am very particular about it too if people (cough cough, kids) handle it too rough for my liking they get in trouble. So step away from the faucet people! :)

Now back to the countertops real quick…Y’all won’t even notice this, but when Craftmasters was here doing the countertop install, I had them do 2 more cool things for me. One I’ll show you later this week, and the other one is this:

Laminate Bar

Might not look like much to you, but they actually extended our bar by 3 inches! You don’t know how HAPPY I was they could do that. Now we have more of an actual breakfast bar all around and it’s much more comfortable to sit there now and you aren’t banging your knees on the wall near as much. :) Our wimpy bar was something that always bugged me and now I’m bugged  no more hallelujah. Can’t wait to  show you what else they did!

And one more.

Crema Mascarello Countertop

Ok. Whew. I know that was a lot of info. I worked with several great companies for this kitchen remodel and I can’t thank them enough for their generosity and support! This particular part of the remodel was with Karran (sink), Formica (countertops), Moen (sink faucet) and Craftmasters in Houston, Texas (countertop installation). They were all so wonderful to work with so thank you!

A few cliff notes to take away from this post:

I think that’s about it! If there is anything I missed I will update the post or leave a question in the comments for me. I am getting so close to showing you the full kitchen reveal I’m so excited about it! More great kitchen updates coming your way this week. :)

I’d love to know though what you think about our new kitchen thus far!



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  1. abjacabjacal kris says:

    AH! My neighbor just had this put in her kitchen as a demo product for an installer and I saw it, fell IN LOVE! I told her to tell the guy if he needed another demo kitchen to do, I would surely volunteer mine. SO pretty! I hope you love it.

  2. LOVE! You must love walking in there now. That sink looks wonderful congratulations!

  3. I would LOVE an undermounted sink! And I can’t wait to see your whole kitchen :) Thank you so much for sharing!

  4. I LOVE the laminate counter! You are right about it, there are some great laminates out there today to provide affordable, beautiful countertops for those who don’t want or can’t afford the solid/natural surfaces :)

    The sink is very cool!

  5. They turned out great. Goes with your backsplash very nicely!

  6. I love it! You have such great taste, I can’t wait to see the whole kitchen reveal.

  7. I really love the countertops!! It’s amazing what laminate they have out now. Beautiful!

    And that sink… Wow!!!

  8. Everything looks great! I also really like your blacksplash.

  9. Beautiful transformation, gorgeous remake and your sink has been added to my wishlist! Hugs, Lori m

  10. Shiela Stringfield says:

    I am remodeling my kitchen this summer and I am so glad to have seen the quartz sink. I already looked at the pro’s and con’s online and I may just have to have this material in my kitchen! THANKS!

  11. I finally get to meet someone who is not into granite! Thank you for validating me. :) I do not like granite…plain and simple, and for the same reasons you state and an extra one. I have only antique dishes and they need that little cushion laminate gives when they are set down too roughly by other members of the family (who will remain unnamed!) to survive everyday use. We are in the planning stages of building a new home and everyone seems to think I am nuts for not doing granite on countertops and tiles floors in kitchen etc. But I know me and my family and they just won’t be a comfortable fit. I want solid hardwood floors in the kitchen and they look at me like I am crazy. But I had them in an older home and loved them. So much nicer on the legs and back.

    Your kitchen looks beautiful and thanks again!

    • Put me in the “nuts” category, too, because my kitchen is hardwood floors and lovely formica. We are also in the planning stages of building the new house, and the same will be put in my kitchen (probably a different color formica this time, though)…..hardwood floors and formica.

    • Although I do like the look granite countertops, I completely agree about tiles in the kitchen! We had them in the house before last, and EVERYTHING you dropped would break in a million pieces. Our next house (which we are now selling) has beautiful wood floors throughout the main floor, including the kitchen, and I just loved them. A lot of times, something that dropped would survive just fine. Much nicer on the feet, too. I won’t even consider a house with tile on the kitchen floor now that we are looking for a new house. ha

    • I agree! I cannot stand tile floors or granite and I know that most people think that’s nuts. We live in the PNW and it’s cool here most of the time. Tile is so cold and hard and ditto on the granite. Plus, some of the granite patterns look so busy and overwhelming to me.

  12. LOVE it! I do not care for granite at all and I thought I was the only one. Have it in the bathroom, and while it is beautiful, it is terrible to take care of and I am a perfectionist. So happy to see there is someone else that doesn’t think it is the ONLY choice. Your counters are beautiful and they will be a cinch to care for! The whole kitchen looks GREAT!

  13. I love this laminate as well and am thinking of switching out my countertops to this newer style also! I have a question though, it looks like there is a seam all around the edge of the counters…based on that last picture…and I am wondering if it could catch there? I’m sort of like the bull in the china store when it comes to using my kitchen and wonder what you think of the wearability of the ogee edge? Thanks! It’s beautiful!!

    • Hi Laura, the seam is soooooo tiny that anything catching in there isn’t an issue. I’d say it’s pretty impossible actually. That line you see there on our bar is from where the ogee edge is attached. They attach that with a special glue at the end. Wearability should be great but if anything changes I’ll be sure and update everyone. And btw, you really don’t notice it much when you’re in the kitchen…it just looks really obvious in that last pic because I am focusing on edge of the bar so you can see it was extended. :)

  14. Looks lovely! :) Can’t wait till we get to do this in our kitchen!

  15. so pretty I LOVE a white and bright kitchen, I’m still dreaming of having one :)
    Love the color of the counters!

  16. Looks great! You will find your laminate counters much more forgiving when you drop something. :)

  17. I was talking to my brother who is a contractor about the undermount sink. I think the concept is fantastic but he did point out that a possible drawback is that if you ever have to take the sink out for any reason, you have to break the countertop. That would be a bummer but really, how often does one have to remove a sink?

    • I thought most undermount sinks were at risk of damage if you ever need to replace? But yea, sinks aren’t replaced often enough to worry about that I don’t think. I will say though I did keep that in mind and another reason I decided against stainless. Stainless looks really pretty of course when scratch-free and polished, but that’s just not likely with our family. :)

  18. looks fabulous!!

  19. Looks amazing Em! I can’t wait to see the reveal!

  20. Looks great. We just finished our kitchen remodel and I must say I am a bit of a granite snob and love it but really dont like marble at all so it is nice that there are so many c hoices out there. And little things like an undermount sink can make us so happy! Enjoy your new kitchen and thanks for sharing.

  21. So gorgeous! What a beautiful transformation! Pinned & shared this post. What a great product!

  22. Your kitchen is absolutely beautiful. I love your sink. I have an older quartz sink in black and back then they did stain, but a little baby oil takes care of it or oxyclean.

    Can’t wait to see the entire kitchen.

  23. Holly Townsend says:

    Your countertops are just gorgeous! And that sink and faucet combo is dreamy!We just painted our kitchen cabinets white last year and are now wanting to replace our dated looking laminate (in our 11 yr old home). We live in the Houston area as well (closer to Galveston), so I was glad to hear your installer is in the area. I was wondering if you would share how you ordered your countertops…through a big box store like Lowe’s or through Craftmaster’s? Thanks so much for sharing your info with us!

    • Hi Holly! Yes Craftmasters will handle it all for you. I’m not sure on the pricing of them vs. HD or Lowe’s, but it’s worth checking into. :)

  24. Emily!!! Gorgeous!! I can’t believe the difference and I liked your kitchen before! I’m looking forward to seeing it in person soon:)

  25. It is just great! I wait to see your kitchen complete!!!

  26. I LOVE the dark sink, and I never would have guessed the counters were laminate. I personally was drawn to the colorful set of bowls on the counter top. Love! Great job!

  27. I just love your kitchen, and I’m inspired to use a countertop similar to yours. I love how much $$ you save, but still have the same look.

  28. LOVE LOVE LOVE!! I can see why you are so excited to share. Your before kitchen looks sooo much like mine, which btw, I hate! I also saw your post about your painted cabinets, again LOVE! I’ve been drooling over painted cabinets that I see everyone painting. One thing I never really see much of though is the inside of the cabinets. Do people (you) paint the inside also? Why doeen’t anyone share that part??

    • Karen I will be showing mine when I do the reveal! If not in the reveal, then in another post when I go into detail about the paint job. And I haven’t decided what post that will be in yet. :) But to answer your question, I left mine wood inside. The backs of the doors are painted though. I didn’t see the point in painting all of the insides since I”m not doing any open shelving, and then all that would happen is they would get chipped from getting dishes in and out all the time ya know? But I’ll be sure and show what they look like inside as well so stay tuned.

  29. They are so pretty!

  30. Sheila Moore says:

    Your kitchen is a beauty! I love all the new things you had installed. I am getting ready to paint my stained cabinets as soon as Spring gets here…so looking forward to not having brown cabinets anymore.

  31. LOVE those countertops! We’re in the process of buying a new house and I love the idea of upgraded Formica instead of granite (due to the price and the weird clanging sounds). Looks fabulous!! So, do you notice any patterns throughout the Formica that seem to re-run every couple of feet or so?

  32. I love everything, just gorgeous and those countertops, who would have known they were not granite, so pretty!

  33. When we updated our kitchen we chose a black quartz sink too. Originally I was going to go with a lighter bisque color to match the color we painted the cabinets, but since we did a darker granite for the counter-tops, the light sink just stood out too much. We have black specs in the counter so it looks great! Love how your kitchen turned out!

  34. Beautiful…and my prayers have been answered. I had no idea laminate could look like that! This is most definitely what I will get now. Thank you so much fo sharing.

  35. The kitchen make over is awesome. I so want to get rid of my walnut cabinets. My husband thinks just because we paid top dollar for them 35 I should like them for the rest of my life.

    He does want to replace the counter tops. SO maybe some year.

    WHere did you buy the awesome colored bowls?

  36. Awesome countertops – can’t believe they’re laminate! And that sink is super cool, I’ve never seen one done like that before.

  37. Love the info. Not too long at all. I grew up in Houston and graduated from Lamar. I married and moved first to Hawaii and now (gasp!) am a Yankee and love living in New Hampshire. We have a 1910 Victorian that we adore and I have wanted to redo the countertops. That new formica is a Godsend! Can’t wait for the followups.

  38. Wow I’m impressed! I love everything I saw. I too have old formica counter tops that I would love to change/update, as well as a ss sink, old style faucet. Wood cabinets I would love to paint against my husbands wishes. Love the fresh new modern look. My remod day will come… Thanks for sharing.

  39. Bernadette says:

    Your kitchen is exactly what I want. I still have the old formica countertops and backsplash and walnut cabinets. I am replacing all my appliances with SS but never considered a sink of another color, actually I never saw a quartz sink before but I LOVE it. I cant wait to see pictures of your complete kitchen … hope you dont mind if I copy most of it but I am in love with your kitchen. Thanks for sharing with us.

  40. What color did you use for the cabinets? What kind of white, or is it off white?

  41. You smashed it again my good friend continue the excellent work I constantly get satisfaction from the content.
    ! . !

  42. that is one gorgeous sink! and I’m in love with that faucet!!

  43. Hi there! I absolutely love that you chose to work with a material that typically gets a bad rap. I, too am in the middle of a kitchen revamp and am not really into granite or quartz either so for now we are just gonna work with the existing Corian that the builder installed. I would love to install wood one day though. I love all the changes you’ve made so far. That sink is pretty fabulous! I love that you chose a dark color. It’s such a lovely contrast. Thanks so much for sharing. I would love your feedback on some if our updates as well.

  44. That’s awesome! I also discovered Formica’s 180Fx and just had the Bianca Luna with ideal edge put in my kitchen! A local countertop company was also able to do an undermount sink by putting a closely matching solid surface trim around the top of the sink. It looks awesome and for a reasonable price!!!!

    • We are going with the Bianca Luna as well!!! I don’t really like either the ogee or the bullnose edge to be perfectly honest, I prefer a perfectly straight edge, but then I will get a seam right? When I look at counters at Ikea, the seam doesn’t look that bad to me….
      My husband will be installing it all himself…meaning buying the Formica on a roll and doing the entire thing…He says an undermount sink is too risky, in case the Formica lifts up over time, damaging it all…I am so disappointed, I love the look of your sink, and that is exactly what I want! I am not going to be able to convince him to have someone else install, as he is builder and can do it himself, but he doesn’t have this expertise with the seamless sink…I gotta find some way for him to learn how to do this….

      • @Daniella, do you have pictures anywhere of your countertops with undermount sink? I would love to see what they have done….

      • @Suzanne, yes! I have pictures of the counter tops and sink I can send, what’s your email?
        With formica, you’ll have a seam regardless of the edge you chose…although I think a flat edge is WAAAAY more noticeable than the bullnose or ogee. I can send you pics of mine and you’ll see. Honestly you can’t even tell there’s a seam unless you look really hard. I just got rid of formica with the flat edge and I think it looks a million times better with the bullnose.
        When I first started looking at the 180fx at home depot and lowes, one told me you definitely can’t do an undermount and the other said, it depends on the contractor they use….so then I went to a local place (Alaska Counter Tops) and they showed me one in the shop where they use a thin piece of matching solid surface from a remnant to put around the sink hole and then mount the sink to that. So it can be done….we haven’t had any problems at all with ours…and apparently there are some contractors who can do this. Youtube ? or maybe calling a countertop shop that does it to see if they could explain how they do it? Just let me know where to send pics!

        • Suzanne, Daniella is right. Not all contractors know how to do the seamless install. You will have to call around to some contractors and see who is familiar with it. And the seam from the edge is really no big deal at all. I love them!

        • Thank you both so much for replying… often on blogs you don’t hear anything back, so it is much appreciated. Daniella I can be reached at joceylichtenstein@yahoo.ca The place we will be getting our Formica is the wholesalers…They have quoted us 4 x 8 sheet $150 canadian, and 5 x 12 sheet $260. I don’t know much about cost, but I think that’s a good deal. Unfortunately, they don’t have any sort of showroom, it’s a contractors type of warehouse…BUT…I could go to a few showroom type of counter places and scout out their ideas on undermounts, maybe we can find out some info from them on install…my husband is pretty handy, he just hasn’t done this before….I also would really appreciate pics of your Bianca Luna as well as your bullnose edge as all I have is a 6 x 6 sample of it, and I haven’t been able to visit a showroom anywhere (we live 2hrs from any sort of half decent city). thanks again.

        • Sarah Bullock says:

          Hi Daniella could you email me also at sarahbullock@me.com I am looking to get the Formica 180fx and possibly using Alaska Countertops as well and am looking into undermount sink and a different edge besides the square with seam ones!!! Could you please also email me your pictures? THANK YOU SO MUCH if you can help me!

  45. I just moved out of a house with a black sink, and I HATED it, it was awful. Such a black hole. To make it look even normal I had to clean it extremely well and apply Pledge thoroughly and I am not that particular of a house keeper. So it looked terrible much of the time. It was a good brand, Kohler’s, but didn’t hold up well.
    I completely agree with you about the granite. I personally love Formica even without the lower cost, it’s a great product. Also, I think the granite/stainless steel combo will be the avocado/harvest gold of the near future.

  46. Wow – loving the Formica (never thought those words would come out of my mouth :-) Your sink is awesome too!

  47. I am very interested in this countertop, but I am looking for more cream and gold tones. Would you say this has more cool tones of white and gray or creamy warm tones? I plan to use a toffee colored cabinet color and wanted a countertop that had more of a free-flowing feel without being too busy.


    • Hi Charla it would definitely be more cream. Not cool. Even though they do have some grey in the marbling, it doesn’t say “cool” at all. Love them!

  48. I’m with you on the laminate! When we bought our current house it had recently been remodeled and there’s granite in the kitchen, laundry room and master bath… at the time, I was all “oooooh, granite!!!” because that’s why I was supposed to say. Now, I’m all “When can I rip this crap out and get something that doesn’t break every tumber, bottle, light bulb, and jar that happens to brush against it???” Blagh… so over-rated.

    LOVE the black sink too. Great job!

  49. And when I say “tumber”… I mean tumbLER :)

  50. The countertops looked fabulous.

  51. Aren’t you concerned about chipping the edge of the laminate around the sink, especially when washing large items such as pots and pans?

  52. I’m considering formica for our guest bathroom counter. does formica scratches easily?

  53. LoEtta Yaden says:

    Your kitchen is so nice, i especially like the sink and have made a note of the name and color,
    i would enjoy the counter top because i have been in a breaking things mode the past week. Never do that but I sure have this week, so think your counte tops are the best for me,
    thank you for sharing .

  54. We are building a new home this summer and I’ve been AGONIZING over countertops…I just knew if I picked out a granite top, then ended up hating it, I would be totally stuck! Too much pressure! So I decided to stick with laminate, and this is the same one I have picked out! It’s SO nice to see it in an actual kitchen instead of just on the Formica site. Congrats on your wonderful new kitchen! I hope I love mine as much as you love yours!


  55. It looks fabulous, girl! I don’t know how I missed your kitchen, but it is beautiful!

  56. Love the backsplash and wanted to know what is the name of the tile?

  57. Love this formica. I am in the midst of a kitchen remodel and have chosen this countertop. I love the backsplash too. I still can’t decide about a sink though. This is a budget kitchen remodel so don’t know if I can go with the high-end quartz. But I love, love, love what you have done. Thanks for sharing!

  58. Looks great!!!

  59. Nice post! Granite worktops have become favorite of people from past many years. Almost in every home you can find a granite worktop. The beauty and elegance it gives is totally unmatchable.

  60. I just want to chime in and say your kitchen is gorgeous!! I love the counter tops, the cabinets, the sink and your Moen beauty! Hubby and I are building a new home and we’re not fans of granite either for many reasons so we are going with the Formica 180fx in Calcatta Marble and my main question is we have two corners in our kitchen layout similar to the corner in your kitchen and I’m wondering if you have a seam? If so, I’m curious how noticeable the seam is at that particular spot? I appreciate your feedback and thanks for sharing your lovely home makeover!!

    • Hi Vicki thank you! No, I don’t have any seams on the countertop. I don’t think you should since they can cut it to whatever size right? They laid the wood down first for the actual countertop part, then they cut and measured many times for the top of the formica. The formica was rolled up in a big sheet so they could cut it to size. Mine weren’t pre-assembled or anything. Hope that helps?!

  61. It is SO refreshing to hear someone say they don’t NEED granite countertops! I just roll my eyes when I watch a Househunters and there’s a couple buying their first home, saying they really don’t cook, but they must have granite and stainless. I do like the look of granite, but I’d rather put the savings into my kids’ college tuition when I see the very nice options available. Your kitchen is lovely!

  62. Love the kitchen. I live in NC and absolutely love your kitchen design. Have purchased an old cottage on the creek and remodeling the kitchen. Everyone in family thinks I should use granite but I feel like it will take away from cottage design. Were your counter tops purchased as an assembled unit or did your contractor have to build them from a sheet? If so, where did you purchase them? What dimensions are your tops? Is your sink still holding up well? Went to Lowe’s and they told me they no longer sold the under-mount sink because of leakage problems. I love it all…… Thanks for your timely response as start remodel in Jan, 2014.

    • My son-in-law and his first wife lived in NC and died of lung cancer and I truly believe it was because they lived in a split
      level house for 17 yrs. and drank well water. Well~the house was built over a vein of GRANITE and it
      emitted gas fumes called RADON. Granite comes from all over the world and none the less it will put out Radon. I will not buy GRANITE of any kind. Even in a home it can give out RADON.
      My grandson is a Radon inspector in Raleigh. He finds lots of it. I really like your Formica.

  63. Beautiful! Is that laminate? What type of countertop is that?

  64. Don’t let the seller of granite fool you when he says granite will not put out fumes.
    It is ordorless and you will never know it.
    My grandson is a RADON inspector in Raleigh and he finds lots of it in the homes and under the homes.

  65. Is it a white white or more cream? And the other color, I can’t tell if grey or more in the browns. I deciding between darker counter with the white cabinets or light and I really like this one.

  66. I love what you did with your kitchen! It looks so good. We are currently doing renos and refacing our kitchen. We have picked the same counter as you! I was just wondering, do you notice the seams at all. I’ve heard that with lighter counters you can sometimes see the seams more then with darker ones. Thanks!

    • I just read in your thread that you don’t have any seams! My counter guy says I’ll have to have one. Hopefully it looks ok! Again great kitchen!

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  71. I really like that which you performed using your kitchen’s! The idea looks so great. We have been presently performing renos in addition to refacing your kitchen’s. We have now picked out the identical counter as you! I was simply just wanting to know, does one spot the seams by any means. I’ve heard that will with brighter counters you are able to sometimes view the seams far more subsequently with darker types.

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  77. We are in the midst of a kitchen remodel. It has been a disaster – we had the crema mascarello countertop installed and we have major issues with it being unlevel and seams not matching up and a sort of dip/hole in the corner of the backsplash. (Installer will redo). Also, my dura ceramic tile on the floor (color-greige) seems to be competing with the pattern of the countertop a little bit. Not sure if I should change to a countertop in a more plain pattern. My cabinets are Cherry Wheat and I have slate appliances and both go well with the current countertop (crema mascarello). Also my kitchen needs some color – its all earthtones right now. I would love to hear some suggestions for wall paint color to go with this countertop. Thanks!

  78. Very excited to find your kitchen remodel!! I am looking at the exact same countertop to go with barely off white cabinets! I even have a sample of SW Alabaster paint which I was thinking to use for the trim throughout my house! SUCH tough decisions for me, but seeing your results, I am convinced these colors will work well for me! Thank you! :)

  79. The counter looks great! Does it hav. The radiant finish? If so how do you feel about it? I wasnt sure if it looked too fake in the sample I saw but going by your pics it looks wonderful!

  80. Fantastic kitchen. We are also going to go for laminate due to the extreme cost difference. You have really helped me settle in my mind the colors I want to use. can you tell me the paint color you used for your walls?

  81. Was interested in doing this exact sink in this seamless option; however, when I called one of the laminate installers in town they said they are not longer installing them because they have had so many problems with the laminate coming unsealed with the sink. So…wondering how yours has held up in the last two years. Also, Do you still feel the same as far as being easy to keep clean??

    • Oh wow yes I have been hearing installers say that too, but luckily we have had no issues at all. Hopefully it stays that way! The sink though has held up amazingly well, and I still think it’s VERY easy to keep clean. And it never looks dirty which is baffling to me, since it’s black!

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  83. Hello! Could you tell me more info on your kitchen floor? I’m looking for something similar and didn’t know if you knew the name of the tile/where it was purchased, etc.? Thank you! Your kitchen looks great!

  84. Marble Cut to Size Tile for Kitchen Flooring and Wall Covering

  85. The counter top and sink look fantastic, laminate is an excellent choice for exhibiting a luxurious look but at a more affordable price. This is because the material has come so far, in terms of visuals.

  86. Suzanne Shirley says:

    Are your kitchen walls Balanced Beige?
    Your home is lovely!

  87. I love love love your kitchen! I have a very retro kitchen that is knotty pine. I used to want to paint it, but now I am so into antiques and vintage I have grown to love it. I wonder what you think about the countertop you have chosen on top of old knotty pine? I am not that great at decor, but I love it on your cabinets. Sure wish I could find something that pretty for my kitchen!


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