The Rug Has Got To Go

Well, sadly, I need to start looking for a new rug for the living room.  It breaks my heart actually because I LOVE the look of this rug, but it is still shedding!!!  It’s been over a year people.

Yes, those beautiful rugs! They really make the room I think.

And if you’re new here you can read about the rugs in this post and this post, and yes, I bought 2 of the same rug and put them together to make 1 big area rug.  No limits y’all.

But unfortunately, little fibers get everywhere on the wood floors and makes the floor look dirty when it’s not, so these rugs would best work on carpet where you can’t see them. :)  Also, after the kids romp around on it for a day or so, little fuzz balls form on the rugs and it’s just annoying.  I just can’t believe it is STILL shedding after all this time.  Really makes me want to cry because they look so pretty in here.

So now I’m in the market for just a synthetic rug…not a wool rug like these are because they are just going to shed like mad.  But I want it to be soft and cushiony.

Now what’s your favorite place to shop for rugs that don’t cost a fortune?  These were from Overstock, but I need some different resources.  Anyone have good luck with  Let me know then we can go rug shopping together!  Online of course. :)



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  1. Christine Aldinger says:

    USA Rugs…….and they always have a sale…sadly i haven’t ordered from them but have been looking …….term is *dragging my feet* gl!!

  2. That is a shame, but after a year of putting up with it, I would say they have to go as well. Have you contacted the company you purchased them from? I would complain. If they have a review section and others have complained, you’ll have more recourse. Rugs USA usually has a great selection and fairly good prices. I have not ordered from them personally, but several friends have.

  3. Well that stinks! For you & me. I have an overstock wool rug (neutral) in the family room. Bought it in the fall. A once-over with the Dyson fills the WHOLE bin. And there are fibers everywhere. Like all over the floors in the whole house. It kind of looks like dog hair but my dog is black so it isn’t. I keep thinking it will stop. But maybe not. Ugh!

  4. I have had good luck at Lowe’s and yes I have had wool rugs and they never get better.

  5. I’ve also had great luck with Rugs USA. Sign up for their newsletter and they email discount codes often. I got a huge rug (synthetic) for our family room for less than $200 shipped! I also got a great 5×7 wool rug for my son’s room for $100 shipped. They have great deals!

  6. I will also echo Rugs USA. I ordered two rugs from them last August and they have held up very nicely. The rugs I have are similar to yours, and are also wool, but haven’t had any problems with shedding (I have this one: 200HJHK03A-P). I don’t have kids, but I do have two cats who still have their claws (front and back) and are always playing on the rugs. Good luck in your rug search!

  7. I don’t know what vacuum you use, but for you other poster using a Dyson, you should google Dyson and wool rug damage. I used to use one on my wool rug and hated the shedding. Then I switched to using a suction only vacuum and the problem went away. Some manufacturers are even voiding warranties when you use a Dyson on their rugs.

  8. Oh, I feel your pain!!! I only kept mine a month from there and sent it back. I couldn’t handle it. I am a huge fan of west elm rugs and I also look for the cotton ones so I can stay clear of the shedding. Do you have a Home Fabrics nearby? They have inexpensive ones that do not shed. Sorry, friend. Feel your pain.

  9. I bought a beautiful trellis rug from Sam’s Club a couple of months ago. No problems with shedding b/c it’s an indoor/outdoor rug that lays right over my carpet. The best part is that it was only $60!! I will try to send you a pic on facebook.

  10. Are you near a Capel Rug/Rug Outlet? They have lots of options & larger sizes (so you could have 1 rug instead of 2). They carry lots of synthetic & natural options. Are you near a Pottery Barn outlet? They always have rugs.

  11. Dyson has an option to not use the roller bar making it a suction only vacuum.

  12. Are you going to sell these. I’d be interested.

  13. I’m not sure of the quality, but I saw some really cute rugs at Tuesday Morning a few weeks ago.

  14. Crystal S says:

    Last year I bought a 100% wool chevron run from rugsUSA, and it is still shedding. maybe it’s the wool rugs. you might have better luck with a wool blend or synthetic.

  15. I feel for you! I had a wool rug that I put up with for 5+ years because I loved the colors & pattern so much- the shedding never got better. Stupid me, bought another wool rug when we moved- same thing, but didn’t keep it more than a year. We bought some synthetic (olefin) from a local shop- no shedding and they can be taken outside and hosed off, but haven’t had to do that yet.

  16. Elizabeth says:

    Wool rugs are natural fiber, no chemicals. Yes, they shed for a very long time. I have wool rugs all over my house, as I have hardwood everywhere. I chose wool because after doing research on all the synthetic fiber rugs, I knew they were filled with toxic chemicals. I’m sticking with my wool. No synthetics for me – ever! My kids and my animals are safe on wool.

    You might check out natural fiber rugs such as bamboo. Make sure you research the fibers in whatever you select as some have as many as 400 toxic chemicals that outgas into your home exposing everyone to these harmful fumes. Carpet is notorious for this. Just be careful. There are natural fiber rugs and carpets available. They may cost a little bit more, but they are so worth it.

    I’m the first in my family to have any kind of cancer and found out when both my boys were in diapers – late stage breast cancer. Doing tons of research leads me to believe this was due to environmental factors – toxins being outgassed into my home. I was diagnosed when I was in top physical condition, ate a very healthy diet, exercised every day, no family history.

    Sorry for the long explanation, but I do think it’s important. Especially since you are expecting another little bundle of joy!

    Be well!

  17. Heather D says:

    Sending a new, awesome wool rug back as we speak. 30 day trial and it just won’t stop shedding. Love RugsUSA; great pricing and service. I have just replaced all of the rugs in my house for a new look…back on the search for a family room one though…

  18. Aww. Those rugs are pretty. Too bad they have to go. I have had luck at HomeGoods. Also, I have had good interaction with Plush Rugs, though I’ve not worked with them.

  19. I also bought a wool rug from Overstock and returned it after a few days because it SHED SHED SHED. It was very annoying. It looked like fur everywhere. We just kept our old one from Home Depot and I’m still on the hunt for a soft, chic, NON Shedding rug. I’m weary of buying rugs online because you just never quite know what you’re going to get (unless the rug has lots of positive reviews online). I’m hoping I’ll find a good one in person at a furniture/hardware/home decor store locally. But it seems like the prettier rugs are the wool ones! boo!

  20. I needed a 9’x12′ rug for my living room and was having a hard time finding one that large that I could afford. I finally found just what I wanted at the most unlikely place – Home Depot! The one I got was by Lanart and they had several Lanart ones that I liked. It is hand hooked polyester. They didn’t have that size in the store so they delivered it (free delivery). The images on their website are horrible and blurry but they have full size rug samples in the store.

  21. What a bummer! I hate it when you invest in something and it ends up not working. I actaully bought my chevron rug on Amazon of all places. I have been eyeballing some cool ones on Overstock too. Joss and main often has great deals too that are very tempting. I hope you find something fun.

  22. just a tip – if you haven’t already decided… my last 2 large room sized rugs, I have purchased at Lowe’s (the home improvment store – do you have that there?) they have a large selection of very nicely priced LARGE rugs… various styles etc. and they are great quality!!! their prices rival the online (Rugs USA) prices, and no shipping cost, atoo!!!
    I have been happy with my purchases and I know you could find one you like, since their selection is so large… hope this helps!!

  23. I have to say, I always thought it was so silly to have a run onto of a rug! But, I guess they really do make carpets that are best placed on to of a carpet. Go figure! LOL

  24. Ever thought about indoor/outsoor rugs? Im hoping for the script rugs from ballard designs, They are indoor/ out door & the huge are $160, runners are about $50. They are very high ratings & consumers say they are so easy, no shedding & rinse or hose off. They also have the prints on similar style as yours.

    • Please excuse my typos, stinking fat fingers! :) I love your blog, thank you for the inspiration :)

  25. I would love to use a couple of your great ideas. Thanks a Decorchick and please carry on the gratifying work.

  26. Anonymous says:

    Reading the reviews has got me very nervous, I had to file a dispute with PayPal to get my refund fortunately I paid thru PayPal. I ordered a rug from them and then realized immediately I ordered the wrong item size. Their site states orders may be cancelled if they have not shipping within three days of ordering. So I cancelled the order. I got a cancelled confirmation and waited…nothing, waited no refund to PayPal.. called waited nothing. I finally got an email stating sorry accounting error. Then wait another five days and told it will be refunded. We are talking immediate with PayPal. Three weeks later and being told three times refund error, I had PayPal escalate to have them be involved in the disputed charge. Funny once they involved I got refund same day as I filed claim. I had to cancel another order due to daughter said no she did not want that rug. Did so hours after order placed. My charge card is charged and I sit and wait for confirmation as to whether the rug is cancelled or shipping. I have emailed numerous times and keep getting automated replies. SO I don’t know if I can keep looking for the right rug or if I am going to be stuck with one we don’t want. They DO NOT GET BACK TO YOU!!! They charge immediately and do not like to refund for unshipped merchandise. BUYER Beware. The prices look good but do your review homework. You will be happier in the end. Well it is now 10 days later and they never cancelled it. So I am waiting for shipment of rugs I immediately cancelled and emailed numerous times about. I emailed thru their site daily to cancel. Now I get UPS notification from them, but it gets better, the rugs still have not shipped. I am so discouraged. Their site clearly states may be cancelled within three days. Well I cancelled within hours of ordering.

  27. I just saw this post and I wish I lived close to you and could by your “cast offs”! :) Loving your blog!


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