5 Tips and Ideas To Decorate for Fall

Hey all! I wanted to do a post about 5 different ways you can decorate for Fall and give you a few tips and ideas since it might seem like a daunting task. With as many styles as I like, I’ve had several different looks each year. And often times I’ll do different styles in different areas of our home just so I have a variety. There are just too many pretty things to choose from this time of year so it’s easy to be indecisive!

Fall Decorating Tips and Ideas | www.decorchick.com

1. Mix Metals.

Who says gold and silver don’t go together anyway? That’s a downright lie. DO IT. You can see the example of that in my Fall display table with the big mercury glass vase. The gold pumpkin, the silver gourd, and the mercury glass vase all compliment each other nicely I think.

2. Go Glam.

On my glam mantel last year I had lots of gold shiny things, and lots of glitter. If you’re feeling fancy like I was, then just go for it. A girl can never have too much glitter and sparkly things.

3. Add Textures.

Wreaths are a fun way to add lots of textures to whatever area you are decorating. Use foliage and fabrics to create one that’s special and unique. You can see that wreath on the door’s tutorial here, and you also might want to check out my yarn wreath and the burlap deco mesh wreath. All good examples of texture.

4. Go Rustic.

I was really feeling the antiquey/rustic vibe a few years ago with this mantel. I still love that look. Use antiques, old heirlooms, outdoor items, and old metals to create that rustic feeling. The wheat that I placed in those tin vases completed the look. See the rustic mantel here.

5. Use Metallics.

Again, more sparkle. You really just can’t go wrong. In this entryway I used blues and silver metallics. My rub ‘n buff pumpkins also made an appearance, which added some more gold and silver to the mix. Still a look I really love!

Goodness, I told you all I have many styles I love! It’s so fun to go back and see how I have done things and whether or not I still like them. And I do still really like each one which is amazing!

Fall Decorating Tips and Ideas | www.decorchick.com

I hope these little tips help you. Which do you try and do you in your home? Or are you like me and do many? Wonder what look I’m going for on this year’s mantel….hmmmm. To be continued.



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  1. So pretty. Just finished my foyer console table (posted pics yesterday-would love to know what you think).

  2. I love all five them! The branches in your mercury vase look lovely. I am sharing your link on my weekend reflections tomorrow.

  3. So lovely. I like all five and you have inspired me to start decorating for fall. Even though it is still so hot here were I live.

  4. Wow…brilliant decorative ideas you have covered in this post. I want to get my home redecorated then of course I will need some ideas and your post is perfect filled with so many fantastic ideas. I am glad to have your tips with me. Thanks for these beautiful suggestions.

  5. I love your fall mantle. Beautiful! I am still working on my fal mantle@

  6. Hi Emily, I came across your blog while looking for top home decor influential bloggers who might (or might not) partner up with me. This post was written last year already. I look forward to reading more of your stuffs. Love your selections for fall decorating ideas. .