When Will The Shedding Stop?!

I do love our new rugs from Overstock that are in the living room now, but the shedding of the rugs is quite maddening.  I know the rugs weren’t the most expensive (but not super cheap either), but the quality still seems good, and they are nice and thick with a good pile height.

But I have been vacuuming them every single day and my vacuum canister fills all the way up each time! And sometimes if kids have been playing and rolling around on it, it needs to be vacuumed again because loose fibers come up!  Is that normal??

Please say it is because I do love them.

And I’m willing to keep vacuuming them until the shedding subsides, but it will go away right?  I’ve never had this experience before.

Is a rug cheap if it sheds like this, or is it normal?  The big area rug that we used to have in here never shed at all and it was a Mohawk from Home Depot.

Fill me in please!

And special thanks to Jen at Made By Girl for featuring our home this week on her blog!  An honor indeed.



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  1. OMG – I’m anxious to see answers to this question as well, b/c I have a wool rug that I LOVE in our living room & every day I vacuum & FILL the canister on my Dyson. It’s ridiculous and it’s driving me insane!

    • I have the EXACT same issue with my wool rug purchased from Overstock. We’ve had it since three days after Christmas. I will say that the shedding has seemed to decrease a bit, but I’m still filling the vacuum canister when I go over it. Another six months of this & I’m afraid I’ll see bare floor under it!

    • I have a wool rug from Pier 1, and I love it. My vacuum won’t even work on it. It just creates clumps of wool. It looks awful. We have eight cats, and I need something that works to clean it.

  2. Ditto over here. We have had our wool rug for about 5 months now and I also fill our vacuum canister. However, we have 2 dogs and 3 cats so I’m not sure how much of it is hair. Still, there’s a lot of rug in there.

    • I have a hand tuffed 100% polyester rug when the cat is on it, it shreds like crazy, it will end up being bald soon, I am so tempted to take it back to the shop, is this normal for these rugs.

  3. I hate that too!! I had to return the two rugs at our entry way for the same reason- they were from World Market but the store took them back no problem. Hopefully, yours stop shedding soon because they are fab looking!

  4. My parent’s got new carpet a while back that had that same problem. They were told that instead of having one long continuous string through out it’s made up of short individual strings. Hopefully your rug isn’t that much different then their carpet, but they’re stopped shedding after a while. Good luck.

  5. I have some that have been shedding for years. I think it’s amazing there is any rug left! It will lessen but it may never totally go away (like when you kneel down in black pants – still shedding many years later!).

  6. I have a rug like that (different design) from Pottery Barn. I purchased it brand new in 2007. I haven’t noticed any shedding in at least a couple of years, but like you and the other commenters, mine used to shed like crazy! It is all good now though. You can’t even tell that it had once shed SO MUCH. I don’t think it had any effect on the way that the rug looks! Good luck… I hope that this gives you some hope for those pretty rugs! :)

    • Two years of shedding?! I’m going to lose my mind. I have an open floorplan with two 9 x 15 wool rugs. I feel like my life revolves around vacuuming. They are so large, they won’t fit in any other room except the master bedroom, which has less traffic.

      I spent a lot of money on the rugs & thick pads….is it worth it?

  7. My wool rug from Pottery Barn is 1.5 years old and STILL shedding like that. It drives me CRAZY.


  8. I borrowed a gorgeous wool floor rug from a friend who had it in storage. It wasnt until I had used it for about 2 weeks & vaccuumed not only the rug constantly but the kids clothes as well.
    After asking my friend if she had the same issue with shedding she remembered that was the reason she gave up on it after over a year of perserverance & the reason why it had been in storage …
    Needless to say the rug is back in storage once again…..
    If you have receipts, I would return the rugs now before its too late !

  9. I have a wool rug from Pottery Barn that never stopped shedding. I hate it. A $300 rug rolled up in the garage because of that and the fact that my son has asthma and we can’t use it in his room anymore.

    I believe I read somewhere to vacuum the rugs without the brush or beater bar brush because that just pulls more fibers out, but I never figured out how to do that with my vacuum unless I used the wand. Not fun to do with an 8X10′ rug.

  10. I also got an Overstock wool rug and the “cat” it creates each week just gets bigger. It flows out into the hallway. I have to make excuses to guests to ignore the imaginary pets we don’t have!

    I believe it will stop within 2 months, that’s my guess :-)

    • Anonymous says:

      Laughing at the imaginary pets comment. Maybe I’ll start using that excuse cause I’m in the same predicament.

  11. Wow, I wasn’t aware of this problem. I have 2 wool area rugs and neither of them has ever shed. Guess I am super lucky. They are both really dense and thick. Good luck. Hugs, marty

  12. Well, who knew? I would happily take a shedding rug over my two shedding cats … who leave fur balls throughout my house. ;-)

  13. A couple of things I have learned (just from researching), one-wool is the worst offender when it comes to shedding, and two-as someone mentioned above it can also have to do with the fibers being a “staple” fiber (shorter) rather than a “continuous filament” fiber. The shorter ones shed more. If you rug still has the manufacturer’s tag still attached, you can probably find out which it is…it will have initials such as CF, BCF, CFN it is continuous filament (the good kind).

  14. Hi! I have this exact rug from Overstock. Mine came with a little insert saying that it is totally normal for the rug to shed this much. I, too, am filling up the vacuum each time. I have had mine for two months, and it still sheds the same amount as the first time I vacuumed it. I’m not worried about it because it is still healthy and fluffy!! Hope that helps.

  15. In our old home we had a huge rug that we purchased from Lowes and it did the same thing. I want to say it went on for about 6 months and then it stopped. It drove me crazy at the time, but I finally just had to let it go. I just made sure to vacuum the rug at least once a day. Hang in there girl!

  16. I have a very nice, thick wool rug that shed heavily for about 6-8 months. Used to drive.me.crazy! But, 2 years later, and it doesn’t shed that much anymore and it looks awesome. I still get fuzz on me when I sit on it with dark pants/skirt, but oh well!

  17. I have had a hand-tufted wool rug from Pottery Barn for about a year and a half now. It still fills the cannister up when I vacuum, but it is shedding less than it did last year. But, we don’t have kids yet, so we are not on the floor much, so it really doesn’t bother me. The rug still looks great, you would never know that it shed so much! If you can deal with the extra vacuuming, I would say don’t take the rug back just because of that.

  18. So I have to brag and say I’ve never had a rug shed and I’ve got TONS of area rugs…and I have to also say that my hubby works for Mohawk and all of my rugs are Karastan (a Mohawk company). While I love the trendy looks of many other retailers, I just can’t beat the quality that I’ve gotten by paying a bit more for the “good stuff”!

    • Kim Witman says:

      I work in a flooring store and sold a Karastan wool carpet to an older couple. She called me today in tears because of how much it sheds. Since it cost $18+/sq. ft., I don’t think quality is the issue. Wool sheds.

    • Barbara Kulka says:

      We purchased a Karastan oriental rug last March and it is still shedding profusely. The price was a little over $2,000. I will keep it because it is beautiful, but it is very irritating to see so many fibers in the vacuum cleaner.

      • Boo hoo…that totally stinks! I would go to the retailer and ask what’s up. I have only had one of my rugs shed (it was a second quality so I wasn’t surprised). Also, I’ve read that Dyson vacuums are horrendous on carpet fibers. They are really too strong to be used on anything other than hard surfaces, so I’m not sure if your vacuum has anything to do with it. Just a thought.

  19. I have the Sakura rug from West Elm. It has the same problem! I think it’s the wool material, not the quality of product.
    Jennifer B.

  20. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but I am willing to bet that you will be dealing with this for at LEAST a year. We purchased a wool rug from HG’s and it still sheds going into the second year. It has gotten a lot better…but the first 9 months were really bad. Good luck…and invest in a Dyson if you haven’t already :) HEEHEE

  21. I don’t know how much really good quality wool rugs shed, but I had one I bought from Home Depot and it shed for several years- if anyone moved their feet around much while sitting on the sofa, there would be a pile of fuzz around their feet! It never got enough better to be bearable. The only reason I kept it as long as I did was because I loved the colors and pattern- did finally get rid of it when we moved. Bought another wool rug from Lowe’s (why didn’t I learn?)- it did the same thing, but I only tolerated it for a few months before buying synthetic rugs. No shedding at all.

  22. The New Zeland wool rug I purchased from Overstock never stopped shedding so after 3 months off to goodwill it went. The amount of fluff never decreased either. I’ve sinced learned that a good quality wool rug will not shed. I’ve saved for a “good” (expensive) rug and have had no problems with shedding.

    • My wool rug is fron Bloomingdales, cost $1500, two years and still shedding. I thought wool was the best to buy. Big mistake.

  23. I bought one from overstock and it took almost a year before it stopped shedding. The first few months were horrible and I thought there would be nothing but backing left but it eventually stopped. The rug is still in good condition after several years, two kids, a messy husband and a dog.

  24. Hey girl – this is basically the story with wool rugs. The shedding will get better. It just might take a little while. The shedding is always worse with a brand new wool rug, but over time it will get better. Those rugs are fab so I hope you keep them!

    • Thanks for the hope Carmel. I’ll keep at it :)

      • Anonymous says:

        Try having it professionally cleaned to remove the bulk of the very loose fibers and then vacuum with your beater bar off after that.
        Wool sheds and reveals fresh color and fibers underneath the loose fibers. The rug will look beautiful for years because it shows new vibrant fibers as it sheds.

  25. If you will read through the comments on PB’s rug website you will find that the price of the rug makes no difference. So no, it doesn’t mean your rug is cheap! I have read hundreds of comments about rug shedding as I have been rug shopping for about a year……seems that some do and some don’t, sometimes the same rug, same person buying just different sizes purchased. Some eventually stop, some don’t. The variety of comments is amazing. If you love the rug I’d give it six months and if it doesn’t lessen as you go along you may be stuck with it. From research I’ve done I believe it has to do with the wool’s treatment prior to weaving. Was it properly cleaned etc. Since these rugs are all hand made it’s hard to tell what treatment they or the wool have had. You might read PB’s article on how their rugs are made for some insight. Good luck, VBg

  26. I bought a rug from Overstock – LOVE IT. And at first it did shed a lot. It stopped eventually, and the rug hasn’t fallen apart or anything. Still looks beautiful. Don’t stress! (But don’t take my word for it either, maybe your rug was made by someone other than mine was? LOL)

  27. My 8 month old Pottery Barn rug still sheds and makes me crazy. Glad I got it at huge sale cost!

  28. Hey girl . . is your rug still shedding. I have a new one as well that is shedding. . never had this before. Oh, dear!

  29. I had never experienced or heard of this problem until we bought two “oriental” rugs from Sam’s Club in 2007. They STILL fill up the vacuum, or slough-off pieces of fluff. One rug shows bare spots but the other, miraculously, hasn’t! It’s sickening because, while they were not the price of hand-knotted rugs, they also were not cheap. I am not happy, but I would be VERY upset if I had to buy vacuum cleaner bags!!!

  30. Hello. Thought I would mention something interesting I just learned about wool rugs. Wool rugs that are hand tufted are glued onto a backing piece by piece. Wool rugs that are hand KNOTTED are tied onto a backing. If you purchase a hand tufted rug you will experience far far more shedding than hand knotted. Hand knotted rugs will show minimal shedding if any.

    • &@!*&*$!@#%**!! I just looked…. ALL of my GORGEOUS, EXPENSIVE rugs are hand-tufted!!!!!!!!! Wish I had know that was the difference between hand-knotted and hand-tufted!!! I have 2 Giant Schnauzers that do NOT shed and 5 huge rugs that do!!!!!!!!!!!!! Driving me crazy!!!! I have had them for 19 months now!!!!!!!! I could probably fill a vacuum bag every other day!!!!!! still!!!
      now i want to cry… :o(

      • I know this is an old thread, but just wanted to chime in to the poster with the Giant Schnauzers….we, too bought GSs as our protection dogs because they don’t shed and….. now our rugs do. lololol

    • thanks for the infomation .

    • Hand tufted wool rugs aren’t glued, they are punched through the backing and not knotted. After that multiple layers of fabric are glued onto the back using latex adhesive.

  31. You will not believe this. I just googled “new wool rug is shedding is it cheap”. This website came up and when I looked at your rug from Overstock…it is the EXACT SAME RUG that I was googling about. I got it about 1 month ago and it is still shedding like crazy. I LOVE this rug and I really do not want to return or anything but it is getting a little (ok, a lot) irritating. Let me know…

  32. Anonymous says:

    I ordered three 10′ x 14′ wool rugs from Overstock (Safaveih brand) for our bedrooms and they shed horribly still after 1 year. I hate them now.

    • Anonymous says:

      Pottery Barn Kids boys rug – three years old and it is shedding worse than ever. Little blue fibers create dust bunnies all over the house (even downstairs; the rug is upstairs). I hate the rug. Super cute, but a real mess. Ihave to vacuum/swiffer my whole house DAILY or it builds up. HATE IT.

  33. I just purchased a carpet from Overstock. They have really cute looking carpet but this is my first experience on shedding carpet so I’m upset. Some people said their carpet sheds up to 2 years by then I’ll want a different carpet. This was not cheap and I’m not sure what to do. Should I just deal with it. I usually get throw carpets from Target and this NEVER happened. So upset!

  34. Dear Tanya

    I finally couldn’t take it anymore and returned it to Overstock. They actually were very nice about returning it and even paid for return shipping. I kept mine for about 6 weeks with no end in sight before I threw in the towel. I hope this helps!

  35. Betty Shubert says:

    New home, new hardwood floors, new 5×8 that sheds like crazy, vacum daily full canister each time, used a lint roller, the entire filler, still fuzz, wonder if scotchgard would help? Love the rug hate fiber everywhere.

  36. I just received 1 or 6 wool rugs I ordered online. I LOVE everything about it but the shedding. I emptied the Dyson canister 3 times already. I think if I use the suction feature w/o the beater bar it would only eliminate the number of times I empty the canister. Maybe I’ll do that when I’m in a hurry. Glad I don’t have children or cats in the house.

  37. OK, I will start using the Furminator tonight. If there is hope that it will finally end.

  38. Funny, funny, too funny. I bought a Thomasville wool-tufted rug from Sam’s and ditto. I am experiencing all of the above. I filled a 13-gallon trash bag in two days. I vacuumed the rug, an 8′ x 10′ by the way, diagonally, in s-formation, veritcally and horizontally. I was/am determined to stop the shedding but the rug is winning right now. I too vacuum what amounts to small animals or “cats” out of it and can fill up the canister within minutes. Thank God I have a Dyson as well! However, if we lay or sit on it we leave looking like Chewbbaca or Bigfoot. We laughed our butts off, at my 15-year old nephew, on Christmas Eve. It looked like he was wearing a wool shawl after he got up for the rug. Needless to say, I have invested in lint remover rolls, also from Sam’s. I am quite tired of the wool balls and wool bunnies all over the house. I am also afraid I am going to end up with just the backing one of these days or bald spots, but other than that the rug is great…haha. I may return it. I have never vacummed or swept the floors as much or as often than I have since I bought this rug.

    • I eventually had to get a new rug. The shedding NEVER stopped! Ugh.

    • Was the rug you purchased the flower pattern…design jamison brown? I bought the rug and the shedding was horrible. The more I vacuumed the worse it got. Did the shedding ever stop. I’m considering taking it back. Thanks

  39. So relieved to see all these comments about wool rugs! I thought I was jinxed or something. I finally bought what was, for me, a fairly expensive rug from Homegoods, a Broyhill brand, and it is CRAZY how much it sheds. I’ve had it for about a month now and it has decreased but it is still a daily issue. Sure hope it eventually stops!

  40. Bought a wool rug from OneKingsLane on a 70% off sale. It’s hand tufted and made in India. Never had a rug shed so much. All over my house, my dogs and our clothes. Love the rug and the pattern. My dining room rug also made in India still sheds after 20 years — luckily we don’t use the room much. Love the rug — makes the room pop but will seriously consider not taking it when we move.

  41. UGGG…. just got the same rug as you from Overstock… 8 x 10 on black hardwood floors… OMG! Love the rug but will call overstock!

  42. I bought a rug from Home Decorators Collections about 6 years ago (maybe more). It shed a ridiculous amount for about 2 years without fail. At one point, I even purchased a metal dog hair brush and spend 45 minutes brushing the entire rug from end to end, hoping that would solve my problem. Truth be told, I don’t even know if it made a difference. All these years later, it still sheds a tiny bit every now and then, but it’s nothing like when I bought it.

    One of the posters above mentions the difference between hand-tufted and hand-knotted rugs – and the fact that hand-knotted rugs shed less. This appears to be the case (based on my own research) HOWEVER, hand-knotted rugs are MUCH more expensive (sigh).

    So it seems we’re stuck with nice looking, reasonably priced rugs that shed like nobody’s business for YEARS, or we have to make the big investment in hand-knotted rugs.

    Someone above also mentioned synthetic rugs which are OK (I have one of those too) but they don’t have the same look and feel.

  43. Are these rugs made in USA or foreign country. Just wondering. my daughter moved into a new place with new carpet, wall to wall and she fills her canister every day with fluff!! I used to think this problem was because of it being cheaply made. But I learned alot here! SIGH!!

  44. Bad news. Many wool rugs have the fibers imbedded, not linked together….plus a healthy dose of glue. Take a look at back of rug. Can you see the knots or does it have a cloth backing? And if you think the shedding is bad….check out your air filters.

  45. I also purchased a wool area rug from Overstock that is still shedding. I was hoping it would stop soon but now I’m scared it won’t ever stop. I’ll be shopping for a replacement. I never thought about my air filter going to check it now.

  46. Marilyn McGrath says:

    Hi all, I have wool rugs that shed also. I called the manufacturer of two of the rugs, and they said do not use the beater bar (the rotating part of vacuum) and just vacuum with suction…

    It seems like the carpet would never get clean…tried it today, (without the beater bar) and of course, the canister did not fill up. However, I just bought a new Sharp Rotator/Navigator vacuum and that obviously is too powerful for handtufted rugs.

    So….do we return our powerful vacuum or the not- so- substantial imported wool rugs?! I guess the vacuum goes back!

  47. I have 3 Karastan area rugs in my home and they provide so many fur balls you would think we own a cat. They look great right after a vacuum, but an hour later the fur balls begin to return. I am going to try and spray scotch guard on them to see if that helps, or have them professionally cleaned!

  48. My rug is at least five years old. It still fills the vacuum cleaner bag every other time I vacuum. I have decided to give up on it and throw it out. I have a very nice hard wood floor – I can live without the rug.

  49. Incredible! This blog looks just like my old one!
    It’s on a entirely different topic but it has pretty much the same page layout and design. Wonderful choice of colors!

  50. Oh, and here is a link that describes how to reduce shedding. http://goo.gl/vDZM9

  51. I’ve got the best wool carpet imaginable in my bedroom from an American company called Earth Weave, I believe it is (also 2 years old.) It’s all natural, everything, and hasn’t shed at all. Such a relief!
    Conversely, I have a Crate and Barrel wool area rug in a back bedroom, but its presence is all over the house. All I have to do is run my hand over it, comes away with shed fibers. I vacuum it fairly regularly with a Miele upright, with and w/o the beater bar, or I just use the wand. I’m thankful it’s only 3 x 5. I’m throwing it out as soon as get a replacement.

  52. I have 3 wool rugs. 2 are KAS rugs. No problems. The 3rd rug was the most expensive, it is black and red and gold – From Bassett. It is 4 years old and it STILL sheds terrible. I moved, and the wear pattern is now different, and here we go again. The parts that didn’t get the wear that do now, are the worst spots. I am not sure it will EVER stop shedding.

  53. Glad to see everyone can post comments about their own rugs, but not offer any sort of solution to the OP’s problem. What a waste of time!

  54. We bought 2 wool rugs from Crate and Barrel. Both are beautiful, warm and comfortable to walk on. But we too are experiencing dust bunnies. It is absolutely frustrating. We use a carpet sweeper (manual) and a daily turn gets a lot of it up, but the traveling dust bunnies need to be dealt with every few days or so.

  55. It’s not about wool, it’s about the way the rug is made. All this “hand-tufted” stuff you see now is the problem. The fibers are shot through the back with a gun, but since they are not held in by any knots, a latex backing is applied and then a coating of something else over that. If you can’t see your rug’s pattern when you turn it over, it is going to shed. Unfortunately if you want large area rug you are going to have to pay several thousand dollars, or else live with shedding and replace your rugs every 4 – 6 years. There’s just no way around it.

  56. Hi,

    Everybody seems to be the same thing over and over again, and I am not seeing a solution from this person who has this website. WHAT IS THE SOLUTION PLEASE IF THERE IS ONE? Could you please post that solution rather than empathizing with people over and over again the same way. Thanks.

  57. Jenny creet says:

    I also have the same problem with my hand tufted rug shedding every time the cats on it the pile is every where, it’s going to end up being bald soon, I am so tempted to take it back to the shop to get my money back. Is this normal for hand tufted rugs, and what would be best type of rug to buy, not too expensive.

  58. I learned quickly after buying one of these rugs from Overstock.com. I first bought an 8×10′ hand tufted wool rug for $350, which I did not like at all. I thought I could deal with the shedding, but found the wool was also very hard and when it inevitably got on my couch it made the couch itch like one of those Christmas sweaters that ended up going to the Goodwill. I think the shedding and dust would have lessened over time, but it was never going to stop shedding completely and the wool on those rugs is of a very low quality. Return shipping on the West Coast was only $35, just ask for the return within 30 days. I ended up buying a hand knotted rug for $2,000 (some of the additional expense was due to the intricate design, but you’ll have to pay at least twice as much). It has shed a bit in the beginning with vacuuming, but we’re talking a small clump of wool, compared to several vacuum canisters with the other.

    Bottom line, hand tufted wool rugs shed a great deal, are more dusty and usually made from hard, itchy, low-quality wool. Hand knotted rugs are labor intensive and much more expensive. Either way you get what you pay for.

    • Thank you for all the answers. I bought a wool beautiful rug from overstock in January 2014. It is now September 2014 and I am writing about the shedding. I so wanted a lovely wool rug. But.. I am sure I will be buying a synthetic as I also have this horrible shedding. I entertain a lot and I have to vacuum every day because of the fuzz. It has not lessened at all.

  59. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on cormar carpets primo plus.

  60. My wife and I are also experiencing an Overstock rug’s shedding. I’m surprised that companies and stores are selling such defective merchandise — which people are attracted to by their relatively low price (for a wool rug). This morning I was trying to do my yoga on that rug, which shed particles all over my yoga trousers. No fun. I think ours is going back to Overstock.

  61. Anonymous says:

    not to many people mentioned the size of the carpet, mine was 8/ 10…from lowes 250.00, love the rug ,but it sheds like crazy, mine also fills the canister, was gonna take it back unfortunatley theres blood spots all over it now and I used a brush to clean it which ruined the fibers so I guess I have to chalk that one up as a lesson learned

    • I have two rugs from Overstock.com which I am THROWING OUT!! I have been vacuuming, praying, vacuuming and more for over a year and they will not quit shedding! I thought I had a problem with dust and have been dusting like mad. I even invested in four room air purifiers to help with my “dust” problems. Yesterday I was sitting in my living room, having just cleaned like a crazy person. The sunlight was shining in just right and my foot brushed onto the rug and yikes!!! Fiber city! It looked like I in a sandstorm of fibers. I found this blog this morning after having already decided to get rid of the rugs. Now after reading all the horror stories about Overstock.com rugs, I am happy I’ve decided to pitch them. What a mess!

  62. I have a wool area rug that cover my living room floor and I’ve only had it for three day but ya they shed a lot and get all over my son clothes and all over his shoes I regret getting it I tried returning it for a different rug but there saying I can’t so be very careful when purchasing a wool rug because they cost a bit more there thicker like better. Quality but more work to keep your home clean from the shedding of the carpet get everywhere not worth it.

  63. I purchased a Karastan rug from the Carpet Shoppe in Springfied and have owned it for 3 years. It is still shedding fur balls. They drift throughout the house. I would never buy another. It too has filled my vacuum with enough fibres to have made another small rug.

  64. I purchased a Karastan rug from The Carpet Shoppe in Springfield in 2012. It is still shedding fibres and they migrate all over the house. I have filled up my vacuum with enough fibres to have made another small rug. I would never purchase another.

  65. I recently bought a very large wool area rug and it was a little pricey. Still sheds but they did tell me at the store NOT to use the beater bar on the vacume. The beater just pulls up the fibers and fills up the canister. A customer in the store who also happened to buy the same rug a while back, told me the same thing. Don’t use the beater bar.

  66. I purchased a beautiful 9×13 wool rug from the DUMP paid $2000 and it SHEDS LIKE CRAZY! Don’t think it will ever stop, and I love my rug it is gorgeous, but the shedding is driving me crazy!

  67. Just purchased $7k Persian riff and $600 shah type rug at same store. The Persian rug, hand woven never sheds. The shah rug sheds like crazy. Have vacuumed 22 times yesterday and rug still fills canister. Not sure if I should return. You get what you pay for.

  68. cleanFreakmike says:

    Whoah man,,, I had no idea that rugs shed. My dog is a shedder and I’m insane with that alone-and you find hair because I’m a guy-but a super clean freak,, (straight too, LOL) But I have to keep cleaning or else there’ll be so much of her hair, that I could sleep anywhere and it would be cushion’y..lol

    Alright anyway, it turns out, that it isn’t my vacuum-that it’s the damn carpet! Man my mind is like, blown. I’m over here vacuuming and thinking my vacuum is shot-and that it won’t pick up this hair-that it’s collecting it into big “balls” and then leaving it in chunks every where, but it’s the carpet!! LMAO.. This is so bazaar to me..

    I guess I can use my shop vac to go over it once I use the regular vacuum. I like using a vacuum because it has spinning brushes to get loose crumbs that want to go hide deep into the fibers, not to mention the spinning brushes bring back the tone/colors in the fibers where a shop vac will just suck out, and leave the carpet looking dull..so I guess that is actually one solution,, use your vac, and then a shop vac type vacuum that doesn’t have spinning brushes… Sorry, I’m on a caffeine high right now, buzz buzz buzz!!

  69. sherles stuff says:

    you guys are forgetting that the wool cleans the air and is very healthy for you unlike man made fibers, so having said that i put up with the sheading

  70. One main reason that rugs shed so much has to do with how they are vacuumed. I have a lot of handmade rugs and some of the upright vacuums are way to hard in rugs. Essentially a beater brush tears up rug fibers. Never use a beater brush on a handmade rug, except to vacuum it from the other side once or twice a year. You will be surprised how much dirt gets into the rug from the other side. Use a gentle brush without the beater. Otherwise, the rug will shed terribly. If you beat your hair, it will also fall out!

  71. I’ve had an Overstock rug that was NOT cheap and it has been shedding for over a year. It constantly looks filthy and the fuzz gets all over everything. Do yourself a favor do NOT buy an Overstock wool rug


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