Rug Updates

I have 2 life-changing things to say today.  That may be stretching it a bit, but that’s ok.

  1. A few of you have let me know the rugs in our living room are now available in an 8×10 size at Overstock!  So if you were wanting the 5×8’s like we have which are still sold out, the 8×10 is available as of now.  Here’s the link for it.

2.  When I talked about the shedding of this rug in this post, I am happy to report that the shedding is getting better. Now I can skip a day without vacuuming it. Haha.  No but seriously, it’s even getting softer too, so I think all will be right in the world now.

So that is the life changing news of the day.  Will you all sleep better tonight now? :)

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  1. I ordered the 5×8 for our home office, and it looks FABULOUS!! It might be my favorite rug, ever. It does shed a bit, but it feels like such a quality rug!

  2. I ordered a rug from Overstock as well and had the same problem with shedding! Glad yours is starting to ease up on the vacuuming needs :) I love your blog, it’s beautiful!

  3. I have the same rug, you have good taste ;)
    Yes, the shedding has gotten better, we got the rug in November and there are no longer any big blue clumps on the rug.


  1. […] if you’re new here you can read about the rugs in this post and this post, and yes, I bought 2 of the same rug and put them together to make 1 big area rug.  No limits […]