Let’s Go Rug Shopping!

Hey everyone thanks so much for your insight the other day about our living room rugs and Rugs USA.  I’ve been checking them out and found quite a few that I really like!  Wanna see?

Option A.

For some reason I just really love this navy rug.  But I think it might be too dark for our living room?  And not sure how it would go with our black and white ottoman.  But I looooooove it.

Option B.

I like this one a lot too and it’s pretty similar to what we already have.  It also comes in lots of different colors.

Option C.

They have lots of chevron rugs available, and I like how this one doesn’t have perfect stripes.  I know chevron will die soon, but I wouldn’t buy something in this pattern to be trendy. I buy because I like. And this one I like!  And this one seems a little more on the herringbone-ish side anyway. :)

Those are the first 3 options, and the only bad thing about them is that they are ALL wool!  I said I was going to get away from wool because of the shedding. But they are just so pretty I can’t help it.

Here’s the last option, and this is the only synthetic one I’ve found so far.

Option D.

I like this one a lot too!  And all of the rugs I listed have really good coupons out too.

It’s pretty obvious I wanted to stay with the blue shades and a geometric type pattern just because I like our current ones so much. But I’m not opposed to other colors/patterns too.

So which one do you like best? Option A, B, C, or D? And should I risk getting another wool rug?  Help!



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  1. I love them all! I do not think that you can go wrong with any of them although the navy and black might pose a problem. Can navy and black go together in home decor? Start a new trend!

  2. I like ‘D’. The chevron makes me too dizzy, and I don’t think the dark navy would be the best choice for your room. Anyway, the darker colors are the ones that show lint and fuzz the worst!

  3. We bought option b for our bathroom and i’m in love! it’s lighter in person than the picture depicts, but a perfect slate grey. i don’t think you could go wrong with any of these!

  4. I’d go with D! I have had B pinned for a while but a bunch of reviews mention the shedding and pulling. We have a crazy dog so I think it would be a bad choice in our family room. (I also agree with Maggie that the Chevron makes me dizzy!)

  5. B is my fave! :)

  6. If you go with wool again, you’ll be right back in the same mess- take it from someone who has done it. :) They are all pretty, but I would go with synthetic. Could you shop some local stores to find what you want and then search online for better prices?

  7. I am drawn to Option A. There is something about Navy and White together that is just beautiful.

  8. I love them all. I actually have the same rug you are getting rid of and ours sheds some too, but not horribly. I’d say my fave option is D!

  9. They are all beautiful, but D is my favorite. And the fact that it won’t shed makes me like it even more!

  10. “D” …. would be the best choice in my opinion.

  11. I like D. Don’t do wool again! Although, I have a wool rug I love, it doesn’t shedd to bad that i cannot live with it.

  12. I like them all…BUT I’ve gotten sucked into the rug website! So many awesome rugs! I look forward to seeing which one you end up picking.

  13. I like option D…what I was wondering was the other colors seem a little dark, dark run on dark floor with dark furniture…that’s why the color blue in your old rug looks good and D seems to have a little more contrast in color that is!

  14. My favorite pattern is A, but I agree that the color navy wouldn’t work in your room. I say go with D. It’s pretty and it won’t shed.

  15. I like D the best. It solves your shedding problem and it seems somewhat “lighter” visually. It reminds me of a chain link fence. Great taste girl.

  16. It seems silly to replace a wool rug that you love because it sheds with another wool rug that you love that will also shed, doesn’t it? I think the the synthetic one is nice but if you don’t love it, don’t make a rush decision. Also, my experience with navy rugs is that they show dirt much worse than lighter colors, which is not what I expected.

  17. Carol jane says:

    Option B. Other ones are to busy.

  18. I LOVE option A!

  19. I like A, B and D. Judging from your experience with wool, I would definately lean toward D.

  20. SO…can you tell I’m catching up on a gazillion emails!?? So, did you get a carpet yet? I hope it was D! D for David!! LOL

  21. Where can I buy option D? Remodeling an open space and this rug is exactly what I am looking for….



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