Bathroom Makeover With Board and Batten, and a Fancy New Fan

Hi all! Man I feel like I’ve been going non-stop lately (which I really have been) but that’s good for y’all since you get to see new projects right?  I love having new things to share and was so happy when I put up some board and batten in the master bathroom! I wanted to give it a little more of a luxury feel without breaking the bank, and easy board and batten was the trick.

Easy Board and Batten Tutorial in Bathroom |

I won’t be doing a tutorial on this because it’s exactly the same as the way I did the board and batten in the gameroom. So visit that tutorial if you’re interested. :)

And P.S.-There is a giveaway at the end of this post for a $100 Lowe’s Card and a Bluetooth Bath Fan from Homewerks.

But first, why did I want a more luxury feel in here? Well because we got this cool new bluetooth bath fan from Homewerks Worldwide to hook up in here! So I wanted to be able to listen to some tunes while soaking in the tub staring at some pretty molding. :)

I had my husband do the dirty work of installing for me. Let me warn you…this fan is bigger than most regular bath fans, so cutting of the ceiling will be involved, and you need access to the attic. That was the tricky part for us but he managed to do it somehow without breaking his neck. I snapped a few pics of him installing, but when he got to the cutting and attic part, I kind of checked out and went to get caught up on Breaking Bad. I did make it back though for the fun time when the music started playing and he paired up his phone.

Bluetooth Bath Fan Tutorial

He is one cool dude let me tell you. ;) I do love having the option to have music in the bathroom now–definitely a luxury feel!

About the Bluetooth Bath Fan: The fan is compatible with most Bluetooth-enable smartphones, tables and laptops from up to 30 feet away. After the initial set-up, the fan connects to your device automatically when it’s in range of the speaker. The quiet Bluetooth Bath Fan generates greater air movement and provides a high-quality, full speaker sound. The sleek, white design mounts seamlessly into the ceiling. Retailing at under $149, The Homewerks Bluetooth Bath fan can be found in stores and online at The Home Depot, Lowe’s, Ace Hardware and True Value Hardware.

So cool right. And I’m happy I get to give one away too!

So remember this is what that bathroom wall looked like before I added the B&B.

Grey Master Bathroom |

Anthropologie Decorative Towel

I just removed that towel rod and got to work. And let me tell you. It’s amazing what you can get done in 1 1/2 hours while your husband takes the kids to Cracker Barrel and the grocery store. I got this ALL done before they got back. No lie. Just made a few cuts on the saw and used the nail gun to put it up. Then of course I painted late at night. But I felt like super-mom.


Remember the coral vanity? Yep still have it and still love it. And I know I’ll get asked again but the towels and rugs are from Anthropologie that I bought a while back.


The board and batten does go behind the door too in case you are wondering if I was lazy…


And wow I really need to paint the door the brighter white like the molding.


Now the peacock in our navy and coral bedroom has a couple of friends…


I found those at Homegoods. So cute right?

I love it so much and it’s such a great and inexpensive way to get a high-end look for less.

Easy Board and Batten Tutorial in Bathroom |

So are you ready for a more luxurious bathroom too? With the Homewerks Bluetooth fan and a little molding you can’t go wrong. And Homewerks Worldwide wants to give one of you a bluetooth fan and speaker AND a $100 gift card to Lowe’s. So there you go. That will buy your molding materials so you have no excuses. :)

To enter just leave a comment with what upgrade you’d like to do if you won the Lowe’s gift card. I could think of a hundred! Giveaway will be open until Friday, October 18th and winner will be chosen via Good luck! And Homewerks is giving away one fan per week through October 15, 2013 on their Facebook page. To enter, simply ‘like’ the page for a chance to enter.

So what do you think of the new fan and board and batten? We sure love it!

UPDATE: Giveaway now closed and the winner is #49, Dana Valle. Congrats!



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  1. With $100 from Lowes?! I would buy new landscaping for my front yard. We just ripped out some really straggly ugly bushes and haven’t replaced them yet. Timing would be perfect!!

  2. I want to upgrade our kitchen faucet and since they are pricey, that $100 would definitely come in handy fo’ sho’! :D

    • P.S. Love the board and batten in the bathroom! I’ve been wanting to do that myself in our guest bathroom. Good to know it’s a quick project!

  3. I’d love to upgrade our bathroom faucet. I even have a faucet at Lowe’s picked out. Your bathroom looks beautiful!

  4. Love your board and batten and would love to do that in my home. I would use the gift card to replace my kitchen faucet since it is shot and leaks really badly. I would however, put that cool blue tooth fan in my bathroom pronto!

  5. I really like the board and batten. It adds a lot of charm and boy does my house need charm. I so need new lighting for most of my bathrooms Lowe’s has a great selection. Pick me! Pick me! :)

  6. I am closing on my new home this month and I have more projects than I can count, but I would spend the $100 from Lowes on board and batten for my powder room! :)

  7. I love your peacock print, the colors are great! We just bought a new house and that Bluetooth speaker would be great in our master bath, and I would spend the $100 Lowe’s card on the Nest Thermostat, we put one in our last house, and it’s a great money saver to be able to adjust your thermostat form wherever if you leave it to high or low :)

  8. Your bathroom looks great! I’d love to update lighting in our master bedroom & bath.

  9. If I had to pick one out of the many we need , it would be new knobs for all of cupboards and drawers in the kitchen!

    Love your blog!

  10. With a $100 Lowes card, I would update my master bath as well. It is just so blah. Love the look of your peacock and coral theme…I am inspired!!!

  11. new floors

  12. Dorothy F. says:

    My master bath is in dire need of help. We keep people away from it, it looks so bad.

  13. Anonymous says:

    I adore boarf and batten and would ptobably have it in every room if the hubs would let me. As for what I’d with $100 I’d either install a sky light tube in our dark hall or I’d repaint the kitchen cabinets. Contemplating a merlot color on bottom.

  14. Kara Burns says:

    With $100 from lowes I would buy the material to put board and batten in my master bedroom.

  15. We’re already in the process of redoing our master bath (and have been for 6 months) and a Lowe’s gift card would go a long way to helping out there!

  16. With $100 from lowe’s i would use it towards new carpet.

  17. Belinda C. says:

    I would update my laundry room… your bathroom and the colors! Thanks Emily!

  18. Been eyeing that fan for a few weeks now. Our bathroom doesn’t have one near the shower (only in the toilet room) so it drives me CrAzY in the summer when the bathroom gets all steamy! Of course, a new fan would lead to more bathroom reno – new vanity and floor tile for sure!

  19. I would use that gift card towards a new vanity for the guest bathroom

  20. What…I would do….it could go towards a new toilet which is needed, new floor or new ceiling. My bathroom needs a total overhaul…in the worst way. Sigh. Plus it doesn’t have a fan and it is needed.

  21. This looks amazing. I actually saw a similar bathroom on Instagram awhile back and have been lobbying to do this to our master! If I won, I’d just do it myself while the hubs was at work one day :)

  22. Liza Hook says:

    I would love to do the board and batten in one of my bathrooms. And both need to be painted as well!

  23. I would use a Lowes gift card for some much needed updates for my kitchen. It would take a nice chunk out of what I need to spend!

  24. My younger sister and husband just bought their first house and are doing some upgrades…I would give it to them to help out! Btw…beautiful bathroom you have!

  25. Very cool. I have a small bathroom that I’ve been wanting to do this on. Thanks! LOVE the peacock prints.

  26. I would use that gift certificate towards a new countertop electric stove….or spend it on Black Friday!!!!

  27. I think I might start snagging some christmas lights early…we just moved into our first house this past spring and I can’t wait to decorate it do christmas!

  28. jessica a says:

    I would love to put the board and batten on a wall in my office

  29. I would love to have a $100 gift card to upgrade my faucet in the bathroom and maybe have a little left to buy my favorite item, PAINT! I love your B&B, looks wonderful!

  30. Gorgeous!! LOVE the coral vanity, love the rugs, love the whole darn thing!!
    We are going to be adding on a much needed mud room between our garage and house (we live on a farm) so $100 from Lowes would be awesome!

  31. Wendy McLean says:

    Almost done with my bathroom remodel and came across this post while searching for trim ideas. Glad to see it’s something I can do on my own. Thanks for the inspiration!

  32. lyndee walker says:

    I would paint my living room and kitchen and install new light fixtures, creatively use b&b to hide tv chords!
    Then this winter install new wood floor! (Really this gift card would create a monster I’m not sure my husband can handle :-D

  33. What to do with a $100 gift card from Lowe’s???? Oh my where to start…….use toward a dishwasher to fill the hole where there use to be one? a new kitchen sink and faucet? paint to redo the kitchen cabinets? drawer pulls for kitchen? the possibilities are endless!

  34. I do love the board & batten! I’m not positive what I would do. Maybe get some stuff to get ready for Christmas? Or get my hubby some awesome new tools? :)

  35. Stacey Lohmeyer says:

    I would LOVE to do the board and batten in my master bathroom! I’ve been asking (nagging) my husband to help me with this project and he’s been making excuses!! BUT I know if I win this gift card and blue tooth fan and speaker , he would absolutely help me with this project.

  36. Oh my gosh – I am obsessed with this Bluetooth Fan! I love it! I would put that in above my bathtub and probably replace the bathroom lighting!

  37. Lowes is my happy place! I would put $100 toward paint for the nursery and some replacement for the boob light that is currently residing in there.

  38. Heidi Smith says:

    I would use the $100 Lowes giftcard towards wood to build the farmhouse table I have been wanting for a long time.

  39. Natalie Floyd says:

    I would do a planked wall in my master bedroom that is completely ignored (:

  40. Mary Pat Roth says:

    PAINT, PAINT, PAINT that is what I would do with a Lowe’s gift card.

  41. ellen casper says:

    We are getting ready to remodel our master bath – I would do what you did – what a difference!!

  42. I’m dying to do a faux exposed brick wall in my sons’ vintage industrial bedroom using brick hardboard panels. The $100 price tag for the amount of boards I need is holding back. What a fortunate coincidence! Sounds like it’s meant to be right? ;) Thanks for the giveaway! Your bathroom looks so great!

  43. I would use $100 to for a new faucet in my kitchen :-)

  44. Beverly Killian says:

    We are trying to makeover our kitchen on a budget. I am getting ready to pain all the cabinets with AS chalk paint so I really really really could use that $100 gift card to use for new in stock countertop’s. I so hope that they send one our way it would be so wonderful.
    Thanks and I so would love to do this look in our bathroom too…very nice!

  45. Lidy Caldera says:

    I need a new kitchen door. My crazy dog chewed up the one we have. :( Your bathroom looks great!! Love the coral.

  46. We are remodeling both our bathrooms. The gift card would go towards some accent tile I need for the shower! That stuff is pricy!!
    Thanks for the give away!

  47. NancyNancy says:

    I Have So Many Projects!! IT Would probably Go Toward New Floor For My Half Bath. (Sorry About All The Caps – It’s The Only Way I Can Post From My Phone!)

  48. Jenna Lelis Morteo says:


  49. Dana Valle says:

    I would also like to do some wainscoting…. but in my kids rooms. Your bathroom looks lovely.

  50. Love it! I’ve been playing with the idea of board and batten in our dining room, so that $100 would definitely come in handy.

  51. Love you Board and Batten project, it really looks great! If I won a $100 gift card from Lowes I’d get one of those Bluetooth fans :)

  52. Brittney Withers says:

    I NEED new carpet :)

  53. I need to do some updates to our bathroom as well. All of us would love that Bluetooth bath fan. I really love the new look of your bathroom!

  54. Love the board/batten. We need some paint upstairs….would love to win!

  55. Stephanie House says:

    I would put a chair rails & boxes on my dining room walls! I need to break up the blue! Then if there is anything left over, oick up some curtains for the kitchen over @ lowes! … Great bathroom! Mine needs a total overhaul!

  56. Susan Trickett says:

    My list is endless but I would probably buy molding for the living room or maybe fruit trees for the garden, or maybe paint.

  57. Sherri Smith says:

    Lots on my to-do list. Bit, if I won the card I would most likely update my outdoor lighting.

  58. I would LOVE to replace bathroom faucets and light fixture and do the frame around the big mirror and put in new flooring…but, I would probably use the $100 for a new kitchen faucet because that is the biggest need right now. I love replacing/doing new things to our home so much, though, that replacing that faucet would still be exciting! :)

  59. I would buy new mirrors (two) to replace my builder mirror in my bathroom to go with my new fan :)

  60. Amy Sparks says:

    I would finally find the chair that would fit my craft table since it is an odd height and I always end up standing! But, that fan is so cool, I had never heard of such a thing.

  61. I would love to reface my master bathtub! $100 from Lowes would be amazing!

  62. Looks awesome! I agree with you, everything looks better with moulding! We did small board and batten in our entry way and now I’m dying to add more.

  63. Wendy Macfarlane says:

    I would love to do a backsplash in my kitchen.

  64. Kelley Little says:

    We are in the process of updating our hall bathroom. We have been in our house for a little over a year and it is SO past time to update the 1970’s lighting…you know the big, ugly globes hanging from the gaudy gold chains! Ugh! Please, lol…rescue me!!

  65. We are building (haven’t broken ground yet) and I was actually planning on putting board and batten in my dining room instead of the regular picture frame wainscoting. The fan would be cool to in our new master bath. Thanks for the opportunity.

  66. Love it…and on a side note, I love the Peacock Homegoods find. I am going to paint something similar. Inspired! I really need to update my craft room. It is unfinished and I am working on it bit by bit..

  67. I would probably buy some new blinds with the $100 gift card.

  68. Stephanie E says:

    I really need a new garbage disposal!

  69. i want to board and batten my utility/entry room with hooks for booksacks and school equip.

  70. OOh, some new things in kitchen!! THanks!

  71. I love love love the board and batten and you may have just inspired me to paint my vanity!!!

  72. Would love a chance to win!

  73. Heather B. says:

    Not sure if I would add board and batten to our bathroom or redo our stairs. Either way, I could really use that gift card!

  74. Alicia in Lucas says:

    I would buy a new prelit Christmas tree or outdoor decorations for Christmas.

  75. I would use your DIY tutorial to board and batten my bathroom! Love it!

  76. Only $100? LOL I would buy new Christmas decorations. I love the holiday aisles at Lowe’s!

  77. Love the board and batten. Also need new flowers for the yard. So a toss-up..on what I would spend it on.

  78. There are some galvanized outdoor lights I have my eye on.

  79. erin meerzaman says:

    My husband’s office is in need of a major update and I want to do it with board and batten so that $100 would go a long way to geting it done!!

  80. Cindy Schwerdt says:

    With $100 at Lowe’s, I would add some gorgeous trim to our masterbath just like you did. I love it!

  81. I am always so impressed by what you young girls can do now a days. In my day, only a man was allowed to do that. My daughter owns a company call Rawxies and I am always amazed how she can fix some of her very large equipment. By the way, your bathroom looks amazing and yes, the wall really kicked it up.

  82. I’ve been wanting to do board and batten in our hall bathroom!

  83. Suzanne S. says:

    I would love to win a $100.00 gift card. I would buy some tile for my kitchen floor. Your bathroom is beautiful!!!

  84. If I won that gift card from Lowe’s if would definitely get us started in redoing our bedroom. I’ve had ugly white walls in there for about 10 years. I really need a bedroom make-over and that Lowes card would sure help. Thank you.

  85. What wouldn’t I do with a Lowe’s gift card? I can’t even narrow it down to one since there are so many projects!

  86. I would replace my master bathroom vanity, and paint the bathroom a soft blue. Maybe find some really great towels and shower curtain. LOVE your MBath! I want to do the B&B in my Master Bedroom, the b&b white with a navy kindof blue above. Thanks for the chance!

  87. I can think of a ton of things to do with that Lowe’s card, but I’d probably buy paint for the guest room and some tools to help fix up our patio roof that suffered from a leak earlier this year.

  88. I just got back from Lowe’s with a new shower head. We’re in the middle of updating our bath and anything would help!

  89. I would put board and batten up in my dining room!

  90. One upgrade for sure is a new washer and dryer but some painting is in order.

  91. This is a fun giveaway! My bathroom needs a new toilet and faucet.

  92. I would upgrade our tile around our fireplace (paint it) and replace our banister in our entryway!

  93. I have pinned your board and batten tutorial on Pinterest. Cannot wait to do this in my bathroom – this is so much easier than putting up wainscotting. To round out my new look I would spend the $100 gift certificate on a new lighting fixture for over the sink. Love all of your tips and tricks. Thanks!

  94. I would use the $100 towards some tile so we can re-do our tub surround. THANKS for the chance!

  95. Perfect timing…just started the bathroom remodel. We dont have a fan and need one ….this is perfect.

  96. Sandra Ross says:

    I absolutely adore this process, I think I can even do it in the rental I am in. Will have to double check with Landlord. Love the coral cabinet. I have a picture of a piece of Art on my phone that I use as an inspiration piece for an upgrade to my bedroom. I’d love to show you has the perfect touch of coral in it.

  97. I would tear down the wallpaper in my bath and retexture and pain!!

  98. The $100 gift card would be so helpful with several projects I have going on. Right now I am waiting on contractors to rebuilt my back porch that was damaged. The gift card would be great for this project. Every little bit helps especially since this project wasn’t by choice. I would also love to be able to continue romodelibg my craft room. There is no molding so the $100 would pay for this step in the redo! Love the bathroom remodel. I did the same in my bathroom and love it! The coral cabinet inspired me when you first posted it!

  99. Rita Mayle says:

    Would love to get a start on some changes in the laundry room! Need workspace in there and somewhere to hang damp clothes? An exhaust fan would be welcome and better lighting? Is this too much to ask…never!

  100. We’re in the middle of remodeling, so I would definitely use it on paint for the 2 new bedrooms!

  101. Tiffany Galvez says:

    I’d love that fan! Just think, I could tune my kids out while Iin the shower! ;). With the lowes card, I think my kitchen needs a revamp. Maybe a new backsplash and a new paint job?

  102. I can use it for guest bathroom update. I’ve been dying to frame/replace the builder’s mirror and yellow-ish countertop.

  103. I would get started on making a headboard for my master bedroom! And then maybe some paint for the walls! Thanks!

  104. I am trying to get my bathroom done, also! I was going to try beadboard, but decided I loved the look of board and batten instead! Thanks for posting the pictures of yours. My husband always acts like whatever we do is irreversible!!! hahahaha! Now I know without “trying it out”!

  105. Geez my entire mud-brown interior needs to be repainted. I want drop cloths for the window treatments in the great room – I’ve got 4 windows that need 9-foot long panels!

    I’ve got a couple of things waiting to be built. I need a new sander. I need a new light kit for my bedroom fan.

    Now I can’t decide!

  106. Erica Petrucci says:

    I too could think of hundreds of things and practically live at Lowe’s, but right now I’d like to put a cool tile backsplash in my kitchen and add a little desk with granite top.

  107. 100 Bucks from Lowes,,,sounds like a perfect way for me to finally get that battery operated cordless saw so I can actually do my OWN projects,,,I hate having to ask to borrow the Hubby’s tools or have to ask him to cut something for me, ,,,or “when you get a chance can you,,,” – I like being able to do things on my own when I get the whim to do so, and some new tools would be a pretty cool way to start!

  108. Sara baker says:

    I’m trying to figure out how we can update the countertop in our kitchen. Thanks for the opportunity!

  109. Deanna Tornow says:

    I would buy some new paint to freshen up our place :) Love the luxury look of your master bath :)

  110. I can’t believe this was acomplished in so little time! It looks awesome.
    With $100 from Lowe’s, I would purchase some much needed shelving for the laundry room.

  111. kathy viviano says:

    this is the time of the year to plant trees, bushes, bulbs, etc. — I would use the prize to upgrade my garden!!

  112. A new backsplash!

  113. Christina says:

    So many projects and so little time. A crafting space is my next big project but a Bluetooth speaker fan in the bathroom would definitely go to the top of my to do list.

  114. I would put up some beadboard underneath my bar and then board and batten on my stair wall. Great giveaway! Your bath looks FANTASTIC! Have a great rest of the week. Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

  115. I would buy new light fixtures!!

  116. I have so many projects that I want to work on it would be hard to just pick one. I would love to get started on our master bathroom and It really needs some new lighting plus towel bars etc.

  117. Heather Scalf says:

    I would put that money right into my teeny tiny and very outdated bathroom!

  118. I’m putting in 2 new bathrooms so I would love a Bluetooth fan and with the $100 I would buy new wallpaper for my old pink-tiled bathroom. Jo @ Let’s Face the Music

  119. With a $100 certificate, I would use it toward making my kitchen over. It really needs to be done!
    Thank you!

  120. With $100 I could work on finishing up the built-ins in our office!

  121. I would use the Lowes gift card to buy a new floor for our kitchen Thanks for the opportunity!

  122. Oh my! I’d have to say I’d use the $100 for paint probably or o replace some of the lighting in my kitchen.

  123. Loretta T says:

    I want to replace my floor and since I have a very small room $100 might just be enough!

  124. Speaker fan is awesome! I am in need of a playroom renovation for my toddler!

  125. Love the BB in your bathroom. I have so many projects lined up but with the gift card I would first redo my laundry room. It has a nice new set of LG washer/dryer but no storage in the room.

  126. Stephanie R. says:

    I’d love to do a breadboard or planked ceiling in my master bathroom

  127. If I had the Lowes GC I would retile my bathroom. Love this giveaway and what a cool new ceiling fan you got!

    Jennifer @ Decorated Chaos

  128. Kaitlynn Nielsen says:

    When you first walk in my house I have a big wall that is desperate need of a face lift! Your blog gave me the brilliant idea of what to do for it so I would use the 100 for that! Your blog is my favorite thing to read for ideas for my house!

  129. julie Smith says:

    AHHHH!!! I LOVES ME SOME LOWES! I am reallly wanting to get started on putting in a patio under the deck. This lowes card would be a great start!! thanks for the chance to win it!

  130. I would buy paint! We need some sprucing up around here!

  131. Debra Pashkowsky says:

    Love the board and batten look. If I was the lucky winner of the Lowes card I would trim out the opening going into a hallway.

  132. I would use the card for a new light fixture on my front porch! The fan sounds awesome!!

  133. Your bathroom is beautiful! I love the cabinet color!

  134. Love the board & batten! Looks so professionally done too.

    I’d love a new rug for my living area ~ the $100 to buy it would be awesome! Thanks for the opportunity to win.


  135. Anne Haun says:

    Love your bathroom redo. I would love to use the Lowes card to update my 12 year old bathroom – first off, get rid of the wallpaper and gold fixtures!!

  136. Love the board and batten in the bathroom and really digging on the coral vanity, and wishing my husband was as handy as yours! For my purchase: I am desperate for a new light fixture in my guest bath. Old and ugly thing has to go. Thanks for the chance to win

  137. winning the Lowes gift card, I would probably purchase paint for my stairs going to the lower level, have been thinking of doing a faux runner. Love the board & batten look! The bathroom speaker fan would be cool too!

  138. Your board and battan look so, so nice—it totally changed the feel of your bathroom. If I had a gift card I would definitely put it toward wood to do the same in my bathroom. Thanks for sharing your talent!

  139. Your bathroom is beautiful and I love, love the coral!! I rent, therefore I paint!! I would use the card to buy more paint to spruce up my living room before the holidays.

  140. Oh man, the $100 would go toward the VERY low budget bathroom remodel we are doing. Thank you sagging floors in our 100+ year old house!

  141. tami mishler says:

    i think i will put it towards a new kitchen faucet…. the kind you just touch and the water comes on, that would be nice or i might buy a new ceiling fan for the guest bedroom

  142. I’m closing on my new home tomorrow so the $100 would be great for paint, lights, new hardware!!

  143. Oh my! Paint my kitchen cabinets & trim out the space between dining room and living room!

  144. Anonymous says:

    Love the new look! You make it look (almost) easy! I would use the $100 towards a new dishwasher…ours is ailing!

  145. I would LOVE that bathroom fan!! The $100 gift card would go a long way in updating my laundry room and repairing the kitchen!! Love the coral and those peacock prints! Beautiful!!

  146. Love your new bathroom look! I could definitely spend $100 at Lowe’s! I’d start with some shelving for my “studio”/”girl cave.”

  147. I would use it to purchase paint and some white shelves to update our laundry room.

  148. I would redo our master bedroom! It is super blah right now.

  149. Your bathroom looks peaceful! I would use it to up grade my closet!

  150. I have all sorts of ideas for my hall bathroom. Starting with beadboard and molding. Yep yep. That $100 to Lowes would be awesome. So would the fan.

  151. Leah Nelson says:

    First of all your bathroom looks great! Second, I would love the bath fan and gift card to Lowe’s to upgrade my ugly builder grade fixtures!

  152. I am actually working on a bathroom as I read your posts. A new shower head/fixture would be wonderfu, and I need a fan [with music] of course. Thanks once again. I want to move into your house….LOL it is beautiful.

  153. a new showerhead here…..or new sink fixtures……or so many choices!!

  154. Carolyn G. says:

    We are nearing the end of a complete remodel of our vacation home in the NC mountains…soon to be our permanent year-round abode. One looming project is all of the bedroom closets. We tore out the old shelving and hang bars, so now we need to start from scratch and design closet systems that will maximize storage. (We are downsizing from a much larger home, but even after purging, donating and selling off lots of stuff, I think it will still be a challenge to find a new home for everything in the smaller digs.) A $100 Lowe’s card would help get a great start on that project.

  155. I would actually love to do board and batten in my kitchen! I think it would look great.

  156. Vanessa L says:

    We just bought a new house, so my Lowe’s list is a mile-long. We’re planning to do board and batten in the hallway so this could definitely help out with that.

  157. Katie Slade says:

    I have so many projects I want to do. Including board and battan in my kids bathroom. But I think I would buy outdoor Christmas decorations with a gift card to lowes.

  158. Tabathia B says:

    I would upgrade the bathroom by replacing the sink and the toilet and maybe the floor

    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  159. I

  160. With a $100.00 gift card to Lowes I would put the flooring in my bathroom. With new flooring and a Bluetooth fan I may never leave the bathroom.

  161. Debbie Wilson says:

    I would love to be able to replace the sink in the guest bathroom! The one in there now is chipped up pretty badly.

  162. Rebekah Beasley says:

    Built-ins on each side of our fireplace!!

  163. I would put up board and batten in my office!

  164. Stephanie Hobson says:

    $100 would put us well on the way to updating our bath with fresh paint, towels, and a rug. And to score that fan too would be perfection!

  165. Love it! I would put the gift card towards new tools for future projects:)

  166. Denise Rosales says:

    I’m inspired to do the same to my bathroom. Looks like a project even I could do.

  167. Krystal D says:

    So we purchased an old home and as much as I love it it needs lots of work. It has no fan in the guest bath, which is bad for showers and for people using it. I would love to purchase a fan that also has music double score! We also need to fix some smaller projects around the house.

  168. I would put in a new bathroom vanity light!

  169. I want to do a white plank accent wall in my guest room with strips of utility plywood. Any excuse to use my new nail gun!

  170. PhylisHeraldRN says:

    I would build a new headboard for out bed & paint most rooms in the house.

  171. I love your bathroom…especially the board and batten. I’m not sure we have the talent to do that though. What we really, really do need is a hedge trimmer, yep, that’s what the $100. from Lowe’s would go towards…thanx!

  172. Just found the perfect old dresser to redo my girls bathroom so I would use the 100 towards tile or sinks and faucets.

  173. Hmmmm, so many projects. Maybe towards finishing the downstairs.

  174. Love the board and batten – we are thinking of doing that’s to our bathroom too this winter! I would use the gift card for paint ! We bought the house about a year ago and wanted to see how the rooms looked brought the year before choosing colors but we are ready now!

  175. The b&b really gives the bathroom dimension. We are at an in between in our house, we have been renting, but might be buying. The landlord is going to take a look and talked about tearing out the old and putting in a new bath and tile.

    • I might add that once that is finished I will be doing the painting. I am hopeful that he lets me pick out the tile color also.

  176. I would add new lighting fixtures in our daughter’s bathroom, plus add a more efficient shower head.

  177. I so need the $100 gift card. We have two bathrooms out of commission. One is almost done (a year and a half later) the other has to wait until me have a little more money (shower wall has a big hole in it). There may be a fight over where the fan would go. Master bathroom or kids bathroom. If I let the kids have it they may never get out of the shower!

  178. I’d use it to finish my basement bathroom!

  179. Just an hour ago I was on the Lowe’s website trying to decide on a bathroom vanity that I will need in my kitchen renovation, which will include my tiny powder room. When I get new tile on the floor, I want to get rid of the pedestal sink and put in a small vanity. Of course, I also will need faucets and I just ordered some grasscloth for the dining room above the wainscoting that I just stained. We are going room by room and doing lots of renovations, so I’m at Lowes every day at times. Would love to win a gift card! Love your bathroom and how bold you are with the color!

  180. Wowzers! I am loving that Bluetooth fan and board and batten. I can’t believe you did your work in just an hour and half. I would use the $100 Lowes card on building my 3 kids new counter height desk for our homeschool room.

  181. I would love to put some crown molding or board and batten in my dining room. Thanks for the great giveaway!!!

  182. I’m working on my husbands office. I would use the card for building materials to make shelves for his office.

  183. Catherine says:

    I would get new bath fixtures for my master bath!

  184. I would use to the card to frame my plain bathroom mirror to give it some oomph! I also need to desperately paint my master bedroom and would LOVE to add a board and batten wall to give it some sophistication. Thanks for the chance to win one of those AWESOME fans!!

  185. Joanne Polyak says:

    I would like to buy a linen cabinet for my husbands bathroom if I won. The coral vanitty is a pretty color!

  186. Christina says:

    With $100 frm Lowes I would buy the paint I want and paint my hallway and living room. I am ready for a change.

  187. Love the makeover! If I were to win, I’d like to remove the doors from our coat closet, and build out “lockers” for the family to hold our backpacks, bags, etc.

  188. Cute! I need to paint my basement!

  189. J. Johnston says:

    I would definitely use the gift card towards new lighting in our master bath!

  190. I need to do a lot of painting!

  191. Jennifer Garner says:

    I think I would get one of these Bluetooth Bath fans–so cool

  192. I love your board and batten! I have been wanting to do this in my bathroom! If I had an extra $100 to upgrade something, I would use it for a new floor in my bathroom…to go with the board and batten! :) And a bluetooth fan would be the cherry on top :)

  193. Wow, with $100 from Lowes I would buy the really cool blinds for my French Patio doors, the ones that are encased in glass that you never have to clean (are there any other kind?).

    Love the Board and Batten, it turned out great again. We did traditional wainscoting in our front bathroom about 2/3 up the wall. What a transformation, it adds such easy elegance to a room.

    Keep up the great work!!

  194. brenda nelson says:

    Love the bathroom re do I would use the gift card towards more/better storage in my modest craft room.

  195. Rebecca Brewer says:

    Our bathroom remodel is halfway done and currently stalled. This would be a nice little infusion to get things going again.

  196. I definitely need some more crown molding in my house so that’s probably what I would do!

  197. Antoinette says:

    Right now, we have a gaping hole over our kitchen table. I would definitely use the gift card for insulation of a light fixture.

  198. Trish C. / Mama B. says:

    Window treatments for our freshly painted, but stalled, breakfast room would be my pick!

  199. Three ladies, living in a tiny home…what couldn’t we do with a $100 at Lowes? We need all the help we can get…thank you!

  200. Stephannie says:

    I would LOVE to do the molding in our living room! We have our first home and it’s colors and decor are extremely dated and need some shine. A contrasting molding would be PERFECT to give it a little oomph. That, and the bathroom could use that new fan (and the molding for the same reason as the living room!). ;)

  201. Kathie Mennetti says:

    What a great look in your bathroom. Our half bath needs a new toilet… $100.00 would be a start.

    • Woooow 100bucks!!!… That will help for our little/big/Huge proyect of remodeling the kitchen!!!!

  202. Summer crow says:

    I would have to redo our staircase if I won. It’s in desperate need of some help!!! Hello holes in the wall from a teenager moving furniture!!! Lol.

  203. The whole room looks amazing!
    Crazy about the board and batten and I’d love to copy that look in my breakfast room. Just the ticket to freshen it up!~

  204. I would put beautiful chandeliers above my kitchen island.

  205. Like you love the coral vanity, I love a bright shade of pink. Hubby bought me a gorgeous comforter set, so it’s time to repaint the bedroom!

  206. If I were to win the gift card I would share it with my daughter who wants to put up board and batten in her front entry-way. I would purchase the materials and her Dad could help her put them up! I love how your bathroom looks ~ stunning!

  207. Christine Green says:

    I would totally get rid of the peel and stick laminate and put down tile in our bathroom! The board and batten is really makes your bathroom look amazing!

  208. Tessa Siegfried says:

    I’d give our master bed/bath a facelift!

  209. Ahhh this would be awesome!! I am currently working on a bunch of projects — adding board & batten to the living room (never done it but your blog has inspired me and made me believe I CAN do it so we will see! ha!), I want to do this exact thing to my master bath, as well as the dining room… also working on the 2nd phase of my mudroom makeover! And Lowes is conveniently right down the street.. I think they are going to start knowing me by name!

  210. We definitely need to get going on out master bedroom.

  211. Lord willing, we’re fixing to add a living room and master suite onto the house so we’d use it up in a hurry! I love that coral vanity!

  212. Amanda Buccieri says:

    new closet systems!

  213. Our entryway needs to be brought out of the 80’s, badly. I would buy the materials to paint it and build cubbies and a batch. Love the colors in the bathroom you did. Great job!

  214. Oh I would definitely get a ceiling fan for our loft! thanks for the great giveaway!

  215. I want to do board & batten in my side entrance/laundry room. But now that you taught me about the Bluetooth fan I must have one! I don’t think I would every tire of a coral vanity, it’s fabulous, just fabulous!

  216. With $100 Lowes gift card…there are so many projects on the list but I think I’d go with painting my side door hallway as well as my kitchen. The new puppies DESTROYED the paint job I did last year but they’ve outgrown “eating” the walls since then…finally! lol.

  217. Vicky McGovern says:

    Every room needs something upgraded, so this card would come in handy for many items. Also need a new fan in the bathroom.

  218. we’re about to close on a new home- a fixer upper! It would probably be used to purchase some white paint to cover the dark brown molding EVERYWHERE

  219. We just bought a home and I am completely redoing an old dresser into a vintage buffet for our formal dining room. This would help me get the molding, stain and paint I need for the project!

  220. stacy grogan says:

    Emily, my upstairs bathroom is in dire need of an updo, I’d add B & B as well, paint my vanity, take down the gross shower doors and maybe add trim around my builder grade mirror. :) thanks for the opportunity!

  221. I would buy some paint for my boys room and some wood to build a few things, too.

    I love how the coral vanity pops now. the board and batten really added that extra vavoooom! Great job!

  222. Love your bathroom Emily! I would love to do a complete overhaul on my master bath, but I’m thinking it would cost a tad more than $100 (maybe $101!!)!!! I also want to pull up the carpet on my stairs and paint the stairs as well as get some trim to add a sofa rail in our new addition, then paint that room (it’s still has white primer on it). Thanks for sharing.

  223. I would love to do board and batten in my dinning room.

  224. Tough call…either lighting for the bathroom or a new faucet for the kitchen sink. Your bathroom came out beautifully!

  225. My oldest kiddos are almost 3, and it’s time to make their bathroom pretty :) I’m leaning toward the board and batten look myself!

  226. Leigh Healy says:

    I’d definitely use mine towards my soon-to-be teenage sons room! It’s time!!!!

  227. We recently built the bed for our little one. Would love to put the gift card to use by adding built ins around the bed.

  228. With the Lowe’s gift card, I would do the beadboard project I have planned for my powder room.

  229. I would use the $100 to buy supplies to convert my tub into a tub/shower. Living in a 50+ year old house can be hard sometimes!

  230. I would use the Lowe’s card to help buy more supplies for my kitchen remodel!

  231. Love the fan and speaker, what a great idea. A $100 from Lowes would be wonderful. There are so many things I need. #1 is paint for the Master Bedroom and bath. It is currently a bright green. Yes the room has deep green carpet, but let’s enjoy it, the walls, SCREAM green. I also need a new kitchen faucet. I have to admit we bought a really cheap one to begin with but we were really broke at the time.

  232. Probably I would do something in my master bath. My house was built in 2000 so it looks very 90’s in there. Lots of brass. Yuck!

  233. Love the bathroom updates. I would use the gift card for paint for my daughter’s bedroom. We are in the process of updating to a big girl room.

  234. faux board and batten in dining room, thanks!

  235. Harmony B says:

    Would love to have a new deep bathtub that you actually soak in

  236. Jeannine B. says:

    I would use the card to help with my kitchen/dining remodel!!! Love the fan and wall treatment!

  237. Lowes GC??….I’d love to create some built ins in our family room

  238. Amy Keogh says:

    What a cool idea to have a Bluetooth fan! Our first floor half bath fan sounds like a jet plane taking off and is “on the list” of things to replace one day. I also heart the b & b and admire you for installing it yourself! Maybe one day I’ll get the tools and courage to do this.

  239. Molding and Chunky Trim for me!

  240. The board and batten looks great! That exactly what I would like to do in my master bath! You always make it look so easy…. I’m really gonna break down and attempt it one of these days!


  241. I love the board and batten. It looks great! I could totally do that in our bathroom too. I would use the Lowe’s card for some supplies. Love your ideas, thank you!


  242. Melissa M. says:

    This looks awesome! I would love to do that in my house! With the $100 Lowes gift card, I think I would paint my master vanity and had some new hardware.

  243. I have been reading you for years but just added you to my Bloglovin’ list today. I would buy gold paint and add some storage to my bathroom. I am on a gold kick right now. I am in awe at how quickly you did that – I have watched woodworkers work their magic, measuring is no joke!

  244. Wow! The board and batten looks great! I would be doing some of that in my bathroom as well, hopefully sprucing up with some paint too.

  245. That master bathroom looks AMAZING! We are currently renovating our newly purchased home so a $100 Lowe’s gift card would be like gold to us! We’d probably end up with materials for crown molding and/or for a board & batten wall in our dining room!

  246. A $100 Lowes Gift Card would be used towards new light fixtures in our Master Bathroom.

  247. Elizabeth says:

    Hi! Love the bathroom! My hubby and I have been eyeing that fan so it would be amazing to win! As for the gift card up until an hour ago I would have said to go towards repainting our bathroom vanity however my almost 2 yr old just managed to break off the faucet on our tub so I guess I’m gonna need a new one!

  248. $100 could help me frame out my ugly, builder’s grade mirrors in my bathrooms so that way it would look pretty while I was enjoying the bluetooth fan speaker!

  249. I would use the $100 gift card to update our kitchen. Maybe add some new shelves or add a fresh coat of paint.

  250. Jonathan Baker says:

    I’d love to use that $100 card to get a fan for our kids room!

  251. After a summer of outdoor work, it’s time to move indoors! We really need to clean out and organize my husband’s shed (AKA The Women Hater’s Club!) so I would use my winnings from Lowe’s to purchase some organizational items like shelving.

  252. Oh I love ur bathroom remodel. I have one that would perfectly suit. I would love to ha ve lowes make this a reality for my family. They do so much good in the world!!! Thx lowes! Thx decor chick. Love ur site. Mary :)

  253. Totally would do a bathroom makeover. Love that fan! so fun.

  254. I would buy a bronze faucet and an awesome new shower head for my bathroom with that sweet $100 gift card!

  255. I love how it looks with the coral! Makes everything more luxurious! I’d use the gift card to frame my bulky commercial grade mirror and a new shower curtain to spice up my 1950s light blue tiles (that are all over-as high a the batton). Ha!

  256. Our house is pretty much a sea of builder grade lighting. And the ugly $8 bathroom lights are the first to go!

  257. I love the board and batten! We’re in an apartment right now, but if I had the option, I’d redo the vanity and mirror situation. Right now getting ready for work in the morning is a struggle—not to mention that we’re newlyweds so we’re trying to get used to it anyway! First opportunity—double sinks!

  258. total bathroom redo is in order at our house ;)

  259. I’m saving up to do board and batten in my foyer. I love the fan. That is awesome. I need a better fan in my bathroom, it gets way to warm in there.

  260. I would love to update the lighting in my guest bathroom!

  261. The board behind the bath tub looks really nice. If I had $100 gift card to Lowes, I am not sure what I would get. There are so many fun home decor items there.

  262. I loved the peacock pics!

  263. I need a new floor in the utility room and new paint in the bedroom.

  264. My bathroom needs that fan! Even with window open, it gets fogged up. Love you bathroom!!!

  265. We really need a new vanity, or at least a counter top. The bath fan would be really nice, too!

  266. Linda Carson says:

    I would purchase bathroom faucets!

  267. Lowes + $100 = a fresh coat of paint, board & batten for my master bath!!! Throw in a fresh coat if paint & more board & batten for my daughters room!! Woohoo.

  268. I would do some painting in the family room.

  269. Sharon Seprodi says:

    I love the look of the soft and satiny board and batten. We are building a pole barn new home and would love to do this in one of the bathrooms. Elegance without the cost. Thank you for sharing. <3
    Sharon (laborer to carpenter husband)!

  270. I would use it to finish up a pathway that we started with a few more stepping stones and some fall foliage.

  271. Board and batten for my hall bath. Love the look.

  272. Melanee Packard says:

    I LOVE the re-do! What a difference some molding can make, huh? And WHERE did those rugs come from? They are absolutely DIVINE! I would add molding to our guest bathroom like you did here! It would be GLORIOUS!

  273. We live in an apartment, so if I won, I would gift the card to a friend who has a home & is too “house poor” to make the improvements she wants to. Fingers crossed! :)

    Oh, and when I do have a home someday (I hope) — B&B for sure! Yours looks great. :)

  274. Oh man, what not to do with $100 gift card??? Well, for sure paint for my hallway, fix up my backyard, paint my daughter’s bed we made her ourselves, etc. :)

  275. With a house that was built in 1925, the list is long and I’ve always got a project, or seven, going at once. However, I am digging that funky colored bathroom vanity. Something along those lines would go great on my nearly complete master bath facelift. I’ve got half painted cabinets in the kitchen in multiple sample colors and my black thumb (or spider mites) killed all of this summers freshly potted front porch plants, plus the porch stairs are shot. And who can’t resist refinishing a killer mid-century craigslist find? Blah, blah, blah…I could drone on and on, but I’ll spare you the drivel. Ta ta for now.

  276. Wow. And we even really NEED a new fan in the bathroom. I would want to do exactly the same thing with the walls in our bathroom (SO needs a change!), but I would have to put it toward replacing a broken window. :( Hope I win!

  277. No doubt – the boys bathroom! We’re in the process of repairing right now due to a leak in the bath area. There was “common” mold coming through the walls – YUCK! (The previous owners had painted over all of it) The ceiling in the bathroom is peeling off – that will need replacing… and the tub will need to be re-caulked/sealed. I would definitely “board and batten” the walls in their bath – so this giveaway is EXCITING for us! :):):)

  278. I would so put up board and batten in the bathroom and frame out my builder grade mirror!!

  279. Man, what would I do with the prize? Definitely could use an upgrade in our bath…or perhaps the kitchen…then again, we need a classroom now that we’re homeschooling. :)

  280. Olivia Rubin says:

    My brother in law spent the day tearing down bathroom ceiling so he could install new lighting. The whole bathroom needs to be gutted. This would help so much

  281. April was in CT now CA says:

    We’d LOVE a new firepit!

  282. Speaker Guy says:

    Does your bluetooth speaker still work? I’ve heard mixed reviews on this fan/speaker and wanted to hear from someone who has actually had it up for a long time before I pulled the trigger.


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