Meet My New Yellow Lamps {A Spray Paint Project}

Do you all remember how I’ve been searching for some yellow lamps for about, ohhhh, 6 months now to go in my stepson’s room? If you don’t remember or are new here (hello!), I have.  And guess what?  I never have found any.  But the good news is that I did find some lamps I liked at Homegoods several months ago.

Well, I liked the bases.  The shade on them is a super light yellow/beige color that I tried to make work in his room.  But they still needed a little pop to them because well, I wanted yellow.  Not pale yellow.  I wanted bright, fun, “hello look at me yellow lamps” yellow.

This photo is a better representation of what color the shades used to be when I bought them.

So I got a wild hair the other day and decided to spray paint them! I’ve never spray painted fabric, but everyone else does it so why not?  I looked on the can to make sure it was safe for fabric too. :)

And now enters this…

A beautiful shade of yellow that the awesome Krylon team sent me a while back to try out.  I LOOOOOVE Krylon spray paint. Their spray nozzle totally rocks, rotates, and sprays perfectly and evenly.  And your fingers don’t ever hurt or get tired. Amazing stuff.

And after I painted them, here they are all bright and sunny.  Not sad and pathetic like they were.

Amazing right??  The power of spray paint still blows me away.

Let’s look at them side by side.

Ahhhh. I love spray paint. :)

And here they are in the boy’s room.

I just love the new bright yellow against the teal walls (and the paint color is Behr “Underwater”).  It adds so much more spunk to his room.

I still have to accessorize in here but other than that his room is pretty much done. It’s been done for a while, I just haven’t showed it off yet.  But I hope to soon so hold me to it! ;)

To get you caught up on my stepson’s room progress, including that wall treatment in the above photo, you can view these posts:

So what do you think of the new yellow lamps?  Have you spray painted anything interesting lately?  I’m all about spray painting fabric now. :)

ETA: A lot of you are asking how the inside of the shade stayed white and asked if I taped it off or anything.  But no, all I did was set the shade on the ground and painted it.  There was no residue or anything on the inside of the shade, probably because Krylon’s nozzle is amazing.  And the paint took to the fabric perfectly!  And dried extremely fast. :)

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  1. They look fantastic Emily! Love the bright sunny color.

  2. I love how the shades look painted yellow! Perfect with the wall color!

  3. Spray paint never ceases to amaze me!! These are AWESOME and the perfect bright punch against that wall. Another winner, Emily! :)

  4. Oh I love Krylon spray paint. Your revamped lampshades are fantastic looking.

  5. You can spray paint lanpshades!?? This is such a great idea. Running to grab a lampshade to paint! Adore the yellow!!!

  6. They look fabulous! Quick question, how did you not get overspray on the inside white part of the shade? I might just try this with a lampshade for my living room, but I doubt mine would look that pretty and clean!

    • Hey Natalie, I edited my post to add this since a lot of you are asking…All I did was set the shade on the ground and painted it. I didn’t tape it off or anything. There was no residue or anything on the inside of the shade, probably because Krylon’s nozzle is amazing. And the paint took to the fabric perfectly! And dried extremely fast. :)

  7. What a great idea! I love the the teal and yellow together. Did you just tape the inside of the shade? It looks great.

    • Hey Kristin, no, I didn’t even do that! Lazy I tell ya. But I really didn’t need to. Their nozzle just doesn’t get spray residue all over. :)

  8. Love them. I have thatsame paint in my cabinet. Never would have thought to spray paint lamp shades…gonna give it a shot!

  9. WOW!! They look fantastic! Any tips or tricks we need to know about the fabric…or does it take to the paint same as any other surface?

    Oh, and hey Krylon people…holla!!!

  10. I never thought of spraypainting lamp shades! Genius! Did you cover the insides of them with plastic while you sprayed? They look fantastic! I have a few that could use a re-do!

    • Hey Cheryl, I updated my post to add this since everyone asked. But no, all I did was set the shade on the ground and painted it. There was no residue or anything on the inside of the shade, probably because Krylon’s nozzle is amazing. And the paint took to the fabric perfectly! And dried extremely fast. :)

  11. ok now Ive tried to spray paint a lamp shade and it DID NOT come out as nice as yours!
    Those look awesome! Im so loving yellow right now too!

  12. Wow! Who would think? (not me, that’s for sure!) Those shades are improved 100% now!

  13. Hi,
    So funny you posted this. I just did a big boy room for my son and the lamps are one part I did not finish. I considered spray painting them and then I thought about the shades and whether I could the shades a color. I think I might try this. Thank you!

  14. i love the metal style lamp with the pop of color being the shade! brilliant. that’s one lucky bonus son you got there!

  15. they look awesome!!!!

  16. The shades look amazing and the bright yellow is perfect for the room. Fabulous. Hugs, Marty

  17. Love the color and boy, am I a jerk for not knowing that you can spray paint lamp shades?

  18. Oh, I love this… I am so going to try this as I have been wanting new lampshades. This is perfect!!!

  19. Great way to get a splash of color! Can’t wait to see the whole room.

  20. Absolutely great job!! I’m new here so I clicked on the paneling project because I melt for wood trim paneling. I LOVE it so much!!!!!!!!

  21. What a great idea! Looks FANTASTIC!

  22. I love the bright yellow, it definitely pops against that wall color! I can’t believe the spray paint worked so well…I’m going to have to give it a try.

  23. Kristin @ No Ordinary Cole says:

    I’ve never thought to spray paint lampshades, but I have two in my bedroom that I might have to try! Do you find they still put off a good amount of light? I know with them being bright yellow, that might help.

  24. Oh wow! I’ve thought of painting them with craft paint, but this didn’t occur to me. Great idea and I love how they turned out!

  25. Gina Rodriguez says:

    Great idea!! Classy as usual! Love it :)

  26. What a great idea!!! They look great! I was just looking at that exact color-it came out awesome!

  27. Emily~I have spray painted many things, but not lampshades! I just pinned it :) I LOVE the colors in this room!

  28. This totally rocks! I was expecting to see yellow lamp bases and was very pleasantly surprised to see painted lampshades. I’ve got to try this.

  29. Looks great!

  30. I love the yellow against the teal walls, beautiful. I was considering spray painting a shade I have and now I definitely will. Thanks, found you through Tip Junkie =)

  31. Such a simple fix – they look perfect. I love quick and easy ideas like this and am going to add it to the DIY Daily page on my blog.

    My best- Diane

  32. I love Krylon too and that Sun Yellow is awesome. Great lamp shades.


  33. Love the wall colour and those shades!


  34. I have two white lampshades on my bedside lamps that could use a little pop. Thanks for sharing this technique!

  35. Hey There, these look great!! I have thought about spray painting lamp shades before. But my hubby thinks that when the lamps turned on at night you’d be able to tell. How you noticed if they look streaky or weird when they’re on? Thanks! = )
    ~ Catie
    Please feel free to email me back. Thanks!!

    • Hi Catie! Actually at night they look really cool. With these particular lamps turned on, it seems to be a little more orangey/yellowish at night which looks neat. But no, no weird streaks or anything that I can see. :)

  36. This is insanely cool! I love it! I think I really should let the power of spray paint reign supreme in my room, too!

    Relatable Style

  37. can’t wait to try it this weekend for hubby’s room! man cave time…….

  38. i have spraypainted the vintage ginger jar lamp bases. first use Krylon primer- I use gray let it cure for 1 day then I chose color and get 2 coats. I shop at thrift stores so I had been afraid of getting shades. they can be dropped in bleach/ water solution. Now sprayed. yellow looks awesome. Im thnking of doing the same in my boys room.!!!

  39. Man… you’re brilliant! I love spray paint, but I never thought about painting a lampshade.

    I am SO doing this!

    Love the bedroom makeover. Especially the lamps and map against the teal wall.

  40. is it safe to spray paint the inside of the shades. I saw an amazing picture of shades painted on the inside with metallic gold. I’m worry about the paint being flammable and getting to hot when the light is on. I asked the man at the paint store and he said he would not use spray paint on a shade because the paints are highly flammable? Please help, I really want to try these shades.

  41. Looks great, but not when you turn them on. I used chocolate brown and at night, you can tell they were spray painted.

  42. How does it look when its dry and the light is turned on? I love the idea!

  43. How lovely! I have two shades that I want to paint the same color, but one is green and the other is pink. Do you think that the paint would cover the color? Do you think that the light would shine through them differently since they would be starting out with a different “base coat,” so to speak?

  44. Traci Dowling says:

    OMG I love this! I have lamps similar to this in my master and have always hated the shades! I would much rather paint them than buy new ones so this is perfect! I assume the only prep work involved is ensuring they are clean and free of debris along with doing this is a well ventilated area? Like outdoors?

    I have used spray paint before but now I just may lose my mind!

    Thanks for sharing!

  45. ana baldonado says:

    OMG! I’ve been looking for the PERFECT yellow lamp shade for 3 months now, or even teal would be good but sadly I can’t find any. All the ones I’ve seen are too dark, not bright enough. I bought this exact color from Krylon last week and I am spraying my accents yellow to match my house scheme. Teal + yellow + grey :))
    Happy decorating!

  46. Searched painted lampshades and found this. Awesome! Running out today!!

  47. The yellow makes the lamps pop. They make the room look so much brighter and prettier. I bought a few table lamps from Their lamps are very pretty. They make my room look much brighter and more beautiful.

  48. Thanks a lot for sharing this with all people you really recognise what you’re speaking about! Bookmarked. Kindly also consult with my web site =). We will have a hyperlink trade arrangement between us

  49. Hi, I know I’m posting very late compared to the original posting, but I just came across it. I have been looking for this color shade for months, and even paid $140 for a pair that were delivered looking lime green and had to return. Saw your pics and ran out and bought 2 white drum shades and the can of Krylon and I can’t believe for $34 I actually got the shades I wanted! Never thought about spray painting as an option. Finally my living room is complete :) Thank you

  50. when you spray painted them, did it filter out the light/block the light through the shade? I am considering spray painting a pair of my own but I want to make sure that light will still come through the shade a bit

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  52. I love spray paint, my hubby used to poo poo me about it but he got a sprayer attachment for his compressor and has come to love spray painting things. I’ll have the try the Krylon because my hands hurt so badly after I’m done with a can. Finally someone was smart enough to fix that problem, thanks Krylon. Oh, the lamps look fab, by the way.

  53. OIdIowaGirl says:

    I have dyed fabric shades successfully. I have also sponge painted vintage paper shades successfully.

  54. I’m glad to see someone has tried this and it works! I’m considering doing this for my master bedroom makeover.

  55. I was wondering if you ever thought of changing the
    layout of your blog? Its very well written; I love what youve got to say.
    But maybe you could a little more in the way of content so people
    could connect with it better. Youve got an awful lot
    of text for only having 1 or 2 pictures. Maybe you could space it out better?

  56. When painting a lampshade is the heat from the lamp a concern?

  57. LOVE the lampshades!
    I am thinking of doing the same to two vintage lamps … currently being rewired for safety.
    I am also concerned about the lampshades … Does this paint make them more flammable … is the Krylon paint heat resistant … enough for a 50 or 60 watt bulb?

    Thanx for any info you may have on this

  58. Your lamp shades are beautiful. I am wondering what they look like with the lamp turned on? Any difference?

  59. santiago benites says:

    I attempted to spray paint an ivory colored shade using a satin black spray paint, and ran into problems. The shade was covered in a burlap material, which soaked up a ton of paint. I used the entire can of satin black, but afterwards it looked all splotchy, and very uneven. I had to purchase a second can of paint, and go over it with two more coats to get it even. So, for a total cost of $20 for paint for one shade, I think that I’ll consider just purchasing a new shade next time.

  60. Did you spray vertically or horizontally?


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