The Boy’s Room Makeover!

Well, I’m finally going to reveal my stepson’s room today.  I started his room pretty much exactly 1 year ago, but that doesn’t mean it took me that long to finish it.  It’s actually been done for quite some time, but I just haven’t written about it yet. :)  He is in the tween years too, and I think this room fits that age point without being too young or too old looking.

Anyway, here it is!

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Here is the before of his room.

Big difference, eh?

The room started out by us putting up the $40 paneled wall.  That alone made the room so pretty. Uhhh, I mean, manly. :)

And then I made him the chalkboard wall and framed it out with the same MDF I used for the paneled wall.

Yes I could have cleaned the chalkboard for my photos, but I didn’t want to erase his artwork.  And you’ll notice the ceilings are really high in here too, so I painted the slope the teal color and the top of ceiling white just because I thought it would look cool. And I think it does! :) Oh, and I’ll add a source list at the bottom of this post for everything I used.

We used the bed he already had but I just pushed it against the wall like a daybed and to make the room more spacious.  The chevron bedding is from Wal-Mart. I bought this one in the store, but it’s a miracle it’s still online because I got this a year ago! My how time flies.

Curtainworks sent me the hardware and the curtains to hang up in here and they look great.

They are a silver/grey shimmery color but it’s kind of hard to capture that against this bright window. Gah!

ETA: The curtains are NOT purple. The lighting is weird in here. I can assure you all they are silver/grey like I originally said above.

And the telescope we already had because we are space geeks, but I thought it looked cool in here so I left it.

The Expedit shelving unit is of course from Ikea and it stores his toys, legos, and other miscellaneous things that end up in here.

You can read about the spray painted yellow lampshades in this post too.  They are still holding up fabulously! And the cool world map decal came from Curly Q Wall Decals and Decor, which I talked about in this post.

Here are a few more full room shots to complete the reveal. :)

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And that’s it!   We’re very happy with how it turned out.  Just wish I would have showed you all sooner!  I didn’t want to add many accessories in here because I didn’t want to take away from the paneled wall or have the room be too busy.  The wall alone makes enough of a statement.

So what do you think?! Have any of you tried the paneled wall yet? It’s so easy I promise!

Source List:

  1. Paint Color – Behr “Underwater” (Gorgeous color)
  2. Click here for $40 Paneled Wall Tutorial
  3. Click here for Chalkboard Wall Info
  4. Click here for spray painted yellow lampshades
  5. Chevron Bedding – Wal-Mart
  6. Curtains – Curtainworks
  7. Wall Map – CQ Wall Decals
  8. Shaggy Rug – Garden Ridge (and it’s soooo comfy)
  9. Small accent rugs – Big Lots

That should do it.  I’ll be sharing this post at Sarah’s before and after party tonight, Tip Junkie and Weekend Wrap-Up Party. :)




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  1. I love the paneled wall! I think I might try this in one of my bedrooms. Thanx for sharing! I found your blog from Pinterst…XoXo

  2. Great job. Not too much…yet unique. The teal walls and purple combo…I like. Curious how you decided on that. Such a functional room. Tres chic.

    • Purple?? What is purple? If something is showing purple on your monitor I apologize. It’s a very difficult room to photograph, but purple didn’t cross my mind.

  3. the colors are definitely teal and white on my monitor….I love this, good job.

  4. I love it!! I love the teal with the white paneled wall! (I don’t see purple anywhere, either. )

  5. Love the wall map! I want to get one for my husband’s office. Also the curtains are GREAT, I could see the shimmer.Surprised a boy would like them, but they are really cool.

  6. Soooo pretty… uh… I mean handsome :) Seriously, you did an amazing job with the space! Walmart bedding? Brilliant find!

  7. I wish you’d come over and do one of those fancy paneled walls for me. Would you? Please? Thank you. It would not be so easy for me. The room looks AH-MAZING. And I love the wall color too, fab. Great job!

  8. Looks good! I really like the wall color, and of course the paneled wall. Can’t wait to do one of those in MY room this year! I just posted about my boys’ room on Friday, and I think it’s funny that we both have chalkboard, maps, and an expedit. We must both have amazing taste ;)

  9. What a transformation! Great job on this boys room! I don’t think there are enough boys rooms to check out…way more girls rooms. Thank you for sharing this with us. Tell me this, does he keep it clean? I would be so grateful if my 13 year old Son would keep his room clean…It’s a constant mess, no matter what I do. ;)

  10. You know I”m swooning over that beautiful paneled wall!!!

  11. Funky Junk Interiors says:

    Gorgeous! Your panelled walls are like no others! LOVE the wall tone too.


  12. Whoo hoo! I LOVE the walls! I’m a sucker for some awesome paneling :)
    Definitely a cool room for a “trendy” dude. ha!
    Nice work girl!

  13. Love it. Those panelled walls are awesome. They would look great in any room, but you are right, they do look ‘manly’ in here :-)
    Great job on the total makeover. I am sure the boy is very happy to hang out here and mess up his new room.

  14. What a great idea! Would look great in so many rooms and add so much…my husband and best buddy made beams for our kitchen ceiling using a similar process. So affordable and such a dramatic difference. Great job!


  15. WOW! I LOVE how awesome everything looks. I bet he is just as happy as you are. :)

  16. What a great makeover… mature enough but not stuffy!

  17. The finished product looks awesome! Perfect timing with the reveal, since we’re in the process of painting our paneled wall in our nursery… inspired by yours :)

  18. Love this! I am currently redoing my boys rooms and i’m already thinking we have too much going on in there! Love this and the IKEA! laura

  19. It looks great, Emily!! I love the wall….and the chalkboard and map are great for a boy’s room! I know he feels special having such a great space just for him!

  20. great job room looks great

  21. Looks so great! I know how you feel … I’ve been planning and plotting and buying stuff for my teen son’s room remodel for more than 6 months … and am now in the final “devil in the details” stages!



  22. Love the white wall! It adds so much to the space!

  23. You did an awesome job! I bet he loves it so much! Great inspiration, I have a six year old and he is ready for something a bit more grown up. I love the map and the chalkboard especially!

  24. The room turned out great. This past fall we redid our son’s room. He’s a teenager and his room real needed an update. I posted some pics of it in my blog. I gave him a magnetic wall in his room, which he loves.

  25. Love this, especially that wall. I’ll hold on to this and get it featured on Craft Gossip!

  26. Looks awesome!

  27. What an amazing space! The wall color is beautiful! He’s one lucky boy!

  28. Cute! Uhh…I mean…studly?! ;)

    That color is great!


  29. Very cute! The colour is perfect, I’m amazed the room is so light when I would have thought the teal would make it dark.

  30. Wow! As if it isn’t wonderful enough what you accomplished, you were picked up in the latest issue of Craft Gossip (3/17)! Great pic, great job, CONGRATULATIONS! (loooove the board &batten, love the dark green…just love it)

  31. Zane Allison says:


  32. Can you tell me the wall color you used -and brand. Please? This is the color I am looking for to do in my dining room.


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