Because I’m Cool Like That. :)

Y’all know I love me some chalkboard paint, yes?  And the only request my stepson had since I’ve been redoing his room is to have a chalkboard wall somewhere in there.  But something about painting black on the wall scared me a little bit.  But, I got over it and got to work, so therefore I’m calling myself “cool” for painting part of a wall black. :)

And at first, I was just going to paint a really big piece of thin wood or something and hang it on the wall, but then it probably defeats the whole purpose of kids being able to actually write on the wall.

The first thing I did was tape a big section of the wall with painter’s tape.

Then I sanded that area lightly with some drywall sanding mesh stuff to try and loosen and remove some of the texture, but I don’t think it did much good.  I didn’t want to sand it completely smooth because then it wouldn’t match the rest of the wall if we ever paint over it.

The rest is pretty self explanatory:

  • Painted 3 coats of chalkboard paint in the taped off area
  • Painted the wall color (Behr Underwater) so I wouldn’t have to cut in around it.
  • Then just made a simple frame around it with leftover MDF that we had from the Paneled Wall. I painted the pieces before I nailed them up. We didn’t even miter the corners, just made a big box so it was cohesive with the paneled wall.

And then we had this!

Yes, the chalkboard already needs to be wiped down. :)

I put a little storage ottoman that I got at Garden Ridge for $20 over there so he has something to sit on while doodling. And I found the cute little rug that matches from Big Lots for $5!

So, painting chalkboard paint on textured walls of course will not be a smooth writing surface, but, it works, and the little fella likes it.

But isn’t it cool?  Am I cool now? :)  Maybe I’ll print out his name in vinyl or something and put above the chalkboard?

What do you think?!  Just a few more things to do in here.  Still waiting for some yellow lamps to show up somewhere too…

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  1. His room is looking really good! I also did chalkboard walls in our playroom and I was also nervous about it. But I’m sure he will love being able to write on his wall, kinda makes you feel like you’re going something bad! Haha.

  2. So cool like that! I love it. He will have so much fun hanging out and doodling. I like the pop of white with the MDF. Did you know they make dustless chalk? Just found out!

  3. Awesome project!!! Just read the comment above and am going to find me some dustless chalk : )

  4. That looks great! I love chalkboard walls and can’t wait until the day comes when I can paint my own. I really like that you framed it out.

  5. Did you know you can make your own chalkboard paint? You can even pick the color! (I didn’t bookmark it, so I have no idea where I saw it!)

  6. How fun! I’ve been wanting to do a chalkboard wall for my boys. I LOVE the color that you chose for his room!! :) I just might need to copy for my boy’s playroom ;)

  7. This looks great! I’ve been on the fence about making my son’s closet door a chalkboard. He has large( 7’Tall X 4’W) white metal doors, that take up an entire wall in his room. I thought that the black paint mught be too much in a 7 year ol’s room, but if I paint a faux frame around it , it might just work. Thanks! Ang

  8. sherri anderson says:

    I like you and silhouette on FB

  9. That is AWESOME!! Your totally cool like that! I would LOVE to do this for Alie. You know what other idea I would love to do for her room?? When we get a house I would love Love LOVE to install a SAFE mirrored wall. Like the kind at the little gym. She loves to watch her reflection in the patio door when she dances and I thought this would be a great idea for her room and an awesome blog post huh? :)

  10. says:

    You are way cool to make that room so totally awesome for your stepson. He’s one lucky fella – I want a room like that :)

  11. That turned out great! Such a fun idea for him!

  12. It looks really good. I need to just take the plunge!

  13. Hi! I just painted a chalkboard wall in my kitchen and love it! We just hosted a party & I drew a chalk mural on it of the guest of honor at Yankee Stadium. It was such a conversation piece. You can check it out here:

    I love how you framed yours out! Looks fantastic!!

    Keep up the great DIY!

  14. It looks great! I love the wall color too!

  15. I love this! I am thinking of doing the same thing in the playroom for my kids.

  16. Love it! Looks awesome! A tip I picked up from my teaching days… a tissue with the aloe in it will erase and make the chalkboard look freshly washed!

  17. U da mom!

    (When my youngest needs to practice his spelling or needs to doodle, I let him use dry-erase marker on the sliding glass door… He doesn’t realize he’s actually cleaning for me when he “erases” his work. HA! ~ I’m sneakiy like that!)

  18. Emily, it looks great! We painted an ENTIRE wall in our youngest daughter’s room with the chalkboard paint and she LOVES it!! It’s great for writing her schedule on, reminders, and fun sayings for the different holidays. Guess that makes me “cool” too??? LOL

  19. Wow, that is a very cool thing to have a chalkboard wall… very cool! I think I want one for my room!

  20. I LURVE Chalkboard paint! So fun! This is just darling!!

  21. When I was little a girlfriend of mine had a chalkboard wall and I was soooo jealous!

    Very cool of you to do :)

  22. You can never have too many chalkboards! Very cute!

  23. cute!!!!! i love chalkboards!

  24. You are so cool like that!!
    What a great idea!
    It turned out really cute!!

  25. Cute! Good job!

  26. Emily,

    Love the way the room is all coming along. I haven’t been able to find anything yellow either or at least cute enough to paint. I take it back, I did locate yellow lamps online, designer ones for oh like $500 a piece lol. I figure that was a definite budget buster. If I see anything out here, I will holla at ya ;)


    • Ha, I think I saw those same designer lamps online while googling “yellow lamps.” lol.

      • Hey Em,

        I just came across white resin lamps at Target for $9.99 about 12 inches in height. No shades though – they are the room essentials brand. I have been howevering over Target like a hawk and I think they might be a new style because I haven’t seen them around and they aren’t on the web yet. They might be coming your way.

  27. Super cute! I’ve been wanting to do that in my girls room. We just have to free up a wall! =)

  28. I love me some chalkboards. I have them alll over my house. Chalkboard everything. It’s my obession.. hehe :)
    I love this . it looks nice..

  29. Yes, you are one cool mom! I think it’s great that he knew what he wanted in his room and asked. Neat kid!

  30. I love the frame. It makes it looks really finished.


  31. Very cool indeed! I’d love to do that somewhere too! Was so great to see you and Emma today!!

  32. Yes, you are totally cool for doing such a cool project for the little guy.

  33. im a new follower… I love your chalkboard wall – i just did one for my son not too long ago! Come by if you have a chance :)

  34. Looks great!! We did this inside my daughters play house when she was little – the kids loved it!

  35. YES it’s cool, and YES you are SO TOTALLY COOL! :-D
    Thanks for partyin’ with us today!

  36. You are brave! I was thinking about doing this in our playroom but I’m hesitant because I don’t want the chalk dust to get on the carpet (have you had any issues with this??)…I’m thinking that I’ll have my hubby build a chalk ledge to hold the chalk when the kids aren’t using it and hopefully that will catch some of the dust…and then maybe I’ll be a cool mom like you!! :-)

  37. You are brave! I was thinking about doing this in our playroom but I’m hesitant because I don’t want the chalk dust to get on the carpet (have you had any issues with this??)…I’m thinking that I’ll have my hubby build a chalk ledge to hold the chalk when the kids aren’t using it and hopefully that will catch some of the dust…and then maybe I’ll be a cool mom like you!! :-) (p.s. I LOVE the paneled wall!)

  38. Meghan Elaine says:

    Such a cool wall! We did a chalkboard for my son’s wall too. Only we thought it would be great to make it magnetic so we made a portable metal one. Only…it was so heavy we had to screw it to the wall and it was kind of a big process and more than one time my husband said ‘why didn’t we just paint the wall?!’ yeah…maybe we should have. I love yours. I had thought we’d move the cool chalkboard to the laundry room when my boy outgrew it. But hey, it is what it is :)

  39. Looks great! I love chalkboard paint, and love how you framed this out. The paint color in there is awesome too! Very striking with the white frame on the chalkboard. Well done!

  40. Love it girl, so perfect for your wall and home, great project !!!


  41. I love it!! We just did the entire lower wall of my kids’ new playroom in chalkboard and I was so nervous when it first started coming together – all that black. But it seems to work okay. I love the trim you put around it.


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