Our New Living Room Arrangement! It’s Like a Brand New Room!

You know how sometimes you think moving furniture around is such a huge ordeal, or you are scared to try something, so you just let your furniture placement sit like it is forever? Well that was me. Sure I will move a table or a few chairs around here and there, but for the most part, our living room has its advantages and disadvantages because of the tv placement. Yes, I know you shouldn’t let the tv dictate where your furniture is going to go, but let’s be real here. It did.

But now, I’m in love with how our living room is! It’s so different and feels like a new room!

Living Room Makeover and Arrangement | www.decorchick.com

You know what started this whole thing a few weeks ago? These beautiful new end tables that Birch Lane sent!

Seating Area in Living Room | www.decorchick.com

They are big and really make a statement, and that’s what this room needed. It needed more big furniture rather than wimpy tables that didn’t match and were different heights. These are the Horton end tables from Birch Lane.

Gold End Table From Birch Lane | www.decorchick.com

Aren’t they pretty? I attached the lamp cord going down the back of one of the table legs, and the rest continues under the cowhide that plugs into a extension cord under the couch, so it’s hidden pretty well for the most part. I really wish all homes came with outlets built in the floors. That would be fabulous.

But I really lucked out with those beautiful lamps too (from Homegoods) that just so happen to be the exact finish as the new tables. And they are big, and now we have 2 matching lamps!

Round End Table with Gold Lamp | www.decorchick.com

The little farm behind the chair makes a nice accessory too. ;)

A little funny thing is, that I didn’t actually come up with this placement. When I was in Utah a few weeks ago, I casually mentioned to my husband before I left that if he wanted to surprise me with a new arrangement when I get back, then to go for it! And y’all he did. And did a great job! He completely repositioned our area rug flipping it around, so now more of our hardwood floors show, which is pretty. He moved all of the hard stuff, and I just added the decor touches like the lamps, throws, a few extra side tables etc. And as you can tell, he made the room more conversation style so it’s much more cozy.

Living Room w/Layered Cowhide Rug | www.decorchick.com

I also like how he positioned the cowhide rug too. Everyone can still see the tv, and even have a place for their feet. That = happiness. Too bad I don’t have time to watch it!

One of the things I love now is how when you walk in our front door, you see the beautiful grey leather sofa and new lamp and table behind it. Before when the sofa was on the big white wall, none of it’s pretty features were really displayed.

So this is what it looks like as you walk in the living room now.

Living Room Entry | www.decorchick.com

Isn’t that a nice change?

And it was a shame the sofa’s pretty nailhead and curvy details were hidden before.

La-Z-Boy Talbot Sofa in Grey Leather with Nailhead | www.decorchick.com

The cool little slim reading lamp is from Target and it’s perfect for this spot and swivels easily, and casts just the right amount of light in the evenings for that side of the sofa.

And remember those nesting tables I got a while back, well I pulled out the smaller one and am using it as a side table for the sofa.

Nesting Table End Table | www.decorchick.com

Complete with some blogger friends’ books!

Round Tufted Ottoman in Living Room | www.decorchick.com

I get asked a lot about this ottoman, and that was found at Marshall’s last year I think? Or early this year I don’t remember. But it was on clearance and I was eyeing it for months!

So remember when I asked recently how many lamps were too many in a room? Well this living room is why. I was worried having 4 was too many, but I’ve grown to really like them all in this space now. We have the 2 table lamps, and 2 reading lamps.

Living Room Arrangement | www.decorchick.com

I can’t wait to turn them on each day. Even in the daylight. :)

I love the new look and feel so much more, and for grins, here is what the living room looked like just a few weeks ago.

Living Room Arrangement | www.decorchick.com

And now the new way.

Living Room w/Layered Cowhide Rug | www.decorchick.com

Living Room Makeover and Arrangement | www.decorchick.com

What do you think? It’s so crazy how a set of new tables can cause this much change. Be sure and check out Birch Lane though for gorgeous home decor! I know you’ll have your “want and need” list 10x’s longer once you do. And they are Wayfair’s newest brand that offers affordable items for your home, and I know you all love Wayfair.

Now don’t be afraid to move your furniture around! Or ask your significant other to do it while you’re away. Either will work.

For a complete home tour and paint colors used in our home, please see this post.



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  1. Wow I’m impressed that your husband did that! He definitely has an eye for design (like mine does). Isn’t it great when our husband’s take an active role in our design choices? I love it (most of the time) ;)

  2. Love it. He did a great job and pretty new lamps and tables! Where is the tv anyway? I’ve yet to see it and it’s definitely not on the home tour.

  3. Please send your husband to my house to rearrange my den furniture. And my home office. Maybe a bedroom or two. Looks great!!

  4. LOVE it!

  5. It looks fantastic! Love the layout. I completely covet those side tables; unfortunately, they are WAY out of my budget.

  6. The new tables are gorgeous! Love the new furniture arrangement too, that beautiful sofa needed to be showcased! :)
    Just wanted to tell you that I’m the “Kimm” in the picture that Bridget sent you from Haven! I figured you’d have no idea! :)

  7. He did a wonderful job. Funny how a new layout can make all the difference on how a room works, and looks. Been redesigning mine over and over in my head the last few days. In the family room, we have the TV… yes thing tend to focus on it as it sits above the fireplace. Now after seeing yours, I am going to take a serious look and get things moving!
    Luv the new layout. And the lamps! Who is to say how many lamps are too many?!
    Hugs, Gee

  8. Looks fantastic! Much better for conversation! I would love to add one more chair to our room, but not sure where. Might just have to try moving things around again ;-)

  9. This looks great! It definitely has a much better flow to the room! I have that little brass reading lamp. And I love to turn it on in the evening too! Just makes the room feel homey! Love your new tables, everything looks beautiful!

  10. I love how iot turned out, the detailing on that couch is gorgeous! I wish I could re arrange my living room, but there is no solid wall with entryways, walkways, windows, and a fireplace it leaves me with pretty much just one option. :/

  11. Your hubby did good! Love it!

  12. GORGEOUS! I love the new layout and all of the details of your living room. It’s perfectly curated and I’m just drooling over all the wonderful patterns, colors, and set-up!

  13. It’s absolutely gorgeous. I love the blue and silver lamps!! The grey leather sofa is to die for, well ok not die, but it’s outstanding. I love the color, nail-heads and the curved arms. I love leather but, hated the big fat arms I’d seen on so many sofas. . Your sofa is stunning. Annnnd the wood floors. They look like the floors we had in our Townhouse. We bought a ranch. Getting too old for stairs. ;) If I may so rude as to ask you what it’s called, who makes it and where can I get it!!! lol

  14. I love it! Such awesome choices. I’ve got to get my hands on those end tables. Can you share where you purchased the drapes (also what color are they…any other info you can provide)? They are amazing as well! Congrats!

  15. I’m a furniture mover. When I was teaching, it used to be my holiday thing to do. Now that I’m retired, I do it when ever the urge takes me. I really like the way your new arrangement looks. It’s cosy and friendly. I too wish all homes came with power outlets in the floor. I like your idea of running the cords under the couch. I might try that one. What a great husband you have!

  16. Wow! The room looks so inviting, sophisticated and classy! I love it!

  17. Such a lovely space! I adore the end tables and the wall of frames. So clean and fresh. Great job!

    -Sayeh, The Office Stylist

  18. WOW! I LIKED IT BEFORE..BUT NOW IT REALLY SAYS WELCOME ! COME AND CHAT!!oops caps, really am not yelling at ya! Loving it!

  19. Your living room is beautiful .. Just the right balance of chic and cozy:-) how did you decorate your tv nook? Our living room has kind of same layout as yours and i am not sure what to do with the tv nook besides putting tv there;)

  20. What a good information. Thank you………..

  21. Christina says:

    Since when did a $449 side table become an “affordable” option??

    They are lovely though. And Kudos to your husband on the layout – sometimes we just need a fresh pair of eyes!!

  22. Love this room! I just found your website and it has a lot of great information. Can you tell me where you purchased your rug? It’s just what I’ve been looking for. Thanks

  23. Those are stunning lamps! They add more sophistication to your living room. I suggest you replace the two brown leather sofas with the gray and printed ones. They suit the room better. But that’s my opinion; you’re still the expert!

  24. alston nobel says:

    Awsome Living room arrangement.

  25. This article is genuinely a pleasant ߋne іt assists new the web users,
    ѡhο are wishing in favor of blogging.

  26. My family room has 2 story ceilings and I have no clue how to paint it! Did you hire the professional to paint yours? Love it!!


  1. […] just has to come home with me. I love it! And that cowhide rug is the same one we have in our living room, and that bed is the same upholstered bed we have in the master! Love […]