The New Living Room Sofa!

So remember last Fall when I went to that La-Z-Boy event and designed that room with the coral sofa? Yes, that one. Well, we received a little gift, and I use the word “little” with sarcasm. But that little gift was a brand spankin’ new sofa.

Grey Leather Sofa and Gallery Wall |

And it was a grey leather sofa. My goodness.

If you followed that LZB journey with me, you’ll remember how beautiful that coral leather sofa was that I chose. Ahhhh. It really was. I was this close to bringing that baby home with me, but opted for the safer grey instead. Coral was great for the contest, but I know myself and while it was beautiful, I would probably get tired of it after a while. The grey is a perfect neutral that goes with everything. And no I didn’t win that contest. Shucks!

La-Z-Boy’s leather is just to die for. The cushions are all down filled and upgraded and amazing and you slowly just sink in when you sit down.

Grey Leather Sofa |

This is their Talbot sofa which is a nice transitional style. I love the nailhead detail on the sides.

Nailhead Trim Accent |

So this is the exact same sofa as the coral one, but just in grey.

If you remember, here is our old sofa–all brown leather.

Cowhide Rug in Family Room |

We moved that brown leather sofa upstairs in the gameroom. Everything else is exactly the same.

Living Room Arrangement |

As far as the length of the couch, this new one is not as long. The seat length is exactly the same, but we lose inches from the arms because our old couch had those bigger rolled type arms and extended on the sides. I am glad we didn’t lose the seat length though so there is still the exact same amount of space to take a nap on.

And Yes, I am aware there are some things that need to happen in here. Like, get some matching end tables that are the same height, and a pair of lamps that match. We won’t be able to center the sofa right now with the gallery wall because the kids’ toy chest is back there, and that’s the only toys they have downstairs, so it’s not going anywhere. So if the off-centeredness gives you hives, I apologize. I just wanted to show you how the new sofa matches well with everything else and breaks up all of that brown leather. :)

I might even be daring and try a switcheroo on the chairs with the paisley chair. We’ll see if I get a wild hair.

When I am feeling colorful, I like to use this throw too.

Colorful Throw Blanket |

Zig Zag Blanket |

I am a wild woman I tell ya!

I got that throw at Homegoods back around Fall or Christmas-time last year, so it’s not there right now. Maybe this year?

Here are a few more pics.

Decorchick Living Room |

Talbot Leather Sofa from LZB |

Grey Leather Sofa |

Grey Leather Sofa and Gallery Wall |

We love it so much and it’s WAY more comfy on my bum than our other one. :) And have you seen all of the new fabrics and styles that just came out at La-Z-Boy?? Awesome stuff. It’s basically everything that we decorated our rooms with at the event before they were made available to the public. And now, they are available to the public, so yay you!  :)

You can read about the cowhide rug in this post, and the exact sofa color is EL111753, (in grey leather), coffee legs, upgraded cushions and platinum nailhead. This is their medium grey shade. Not the darkest and not the lightest. A happy medium.

What do you think of the new sofa? We love love love it! Duh, I know. And no, I wasn’t obligated to even write about the sofa. I just wanted to because I truly love it and I am so grateful, and it really was the least I could do.




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  1. I love the sofa and I love La-Z-Boy! My husband has one of their recliners and it is just like new after five years. I wish all my furniture was made that good! I also really like the pop of color with the throw. Very nice!

  2. Lucky Girl! Love it. I really love the big thick cushions and the color is perfect with your room. Isn’t it nice to step outside the box of brown or black?
    I know what you mean about finding just the right end tables cause it took me about 5-years worth of looking. Still sometimes I think I picked the wrong ones. ;)

  3. I love how it helps tie in your chair even more! It looks so cozy. :)

  4. I loved that coral as well! But, I totally get the grey. On something that large that you’ll have for a time, it’s hard to go bold. It looks beautiful!!

  5. LOVE your ornament/ coffee table what details can you share? thanks

  6. Your new sofa looks REALLY good. Love the soft grey. It calms the room. My new sofa arrives tomorrow morning. I’ve gone for a retro look, low slung with contrasting button trim. I’m excited.

  7. N-I-C-E!!!!!! Really like it, I liked the brown too. It will be exciting to see how this evolves in your living room.

  8. Love, love, LOVE IT!!!!!

  9. WOW, That looks awesome AND So did your room… Sorry but I still think you should of won :) Enjoy it, you deserve it!

  10. its so nice furniture and wall color and decorating all over items is wonderful. you give me many ideas and tips for decorate our home thanks.

  11. Wow!! That is really so beautiful and transitional style sofa. Actually, in leather we can’t be fill relax, but Talbot sofa is a relaxed-ability.

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  13. Kacey Brisnehan says:

    I’m loving the grey. Most of my house is currently in that grey hew. I was curious of your paint colors. What are they? Loving the overall esthetics of this room. Beautiful

  14. I’m curious how your leather sofa has held up since its been over a year. Could you tell us?


  1. […] of the things I love now is how when you walk in our front door, you see the beautiful grey leather sofa and new lamp and table behind it. Before when the sofa was on the big white wall, none of […]