How Many Lamps are Too Many?

So I want to know, how many lamps do you have in your living room? Our living room recently got a little big switcheroo by my hubby when I was out of town last week. So props to him because I actually LIKE it!

But one thing I hate using is our overhead lights that are in the 2-story ceiling fan. I don’t know why, but lamps are just more cozy. We have always had 2 lamps, and one floor lamp in there, but now we have more because of course you know when changes are made, new stuff just magically appears. :)

I posted a pic of our new lamps on Instagram (are we friends there yet?), and then I went to Target and got more! I’m insane I know.

I have no idea what the “rule” is on lamps. I really don’t care if there are rules, because I know that extra lighting is always key to making a room feel more homey and intimate. But I’m happy to say we at least have matching lamps now!

So if you remember, this is what our living room looked like before…

Living Room Arrangement |

And you’ll have to stay tuned (hopefully next week!) to see the new arrangement. It’s WAY different. Check out our home tour tab to see more of our home!

But how many lamps….How many do you have?

Have a wonderful 4th of July, and God bless the U.S.A.!



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  1. Hi, my name is Pat and I have a lamp addiction! :) Seriously, I love them and have to check them out everywhere I go. Target has some beautiful choices! I just cannot “do” overhead lights…too harsh. I think lamps make a room feel warm and cozy.

    I’ve had a ton of technical/computer issues so haven’t been able to visit. Hope you and yours have had a fun and safe 4th!


  2. hi, i have gadzillionsof lamos. i also hate overhead lighting, especially in the living room. i have 4 task lamps by chairs an sofa, and 2 just because..ambient lighting is so warm and cozy. i see some displays onhgtv shows withmaybe one lamp. lets get real folks. cant wait to see your lamps . sorry for spelling and keypad on i dont know how to use yet!

  3. I say have as many lamps as you want. It’s your room, so if you have reading areas, conversation areas, etc you may need several lamps in one room.

  4. I have four lamps in my living room – two floor lamps & two table lamps. I’d have one more if I could figure out how to plug it in where I want it.

  5. How many lamps are too many? I don’t think you can ever have too many lamps. ;) We only use the runway lights *overhead* when we are doing something close up or working on the TV cables. The rest of the time it’s lamps all the way.

    At my count *not counting apt. in the basement* we are sporting 17-lamps through out upper 2-floors.

    Hope your 4th. was filled with fun! Ours was spent helping ds put siding on his new outbuilding. Can you say, Hot & Sweaty. :D

  6. I have four in my living room. I think what matters is having them spaced out somewhat evenly.

  7. I figure you can never have to many lamps. They work as decor as well as can light a room. I currently have five in my living room and think they all go well together

  8. I love lamps. I usually have 3-4 depending on the size of the room. It’s great to be able to just relax with one light on if you want to or to have the whole room lit up!

  9. I have to chuckle at this! I am notorious for the amount of lamps I have in my living room–right now it’s 8. One chandelier, a pair of sconces, a pair of candlestick lamps on the fireplace, two table lamps, and one accent light. I believe every room deserves three levels of lighting–task, accent, and general. Make it work!

    • Sherry Knight says:

      I ran across your past after googling “how many lamps are too many” . I’m so happy you have 8 because I have 5 and want 2 more but if I count my chandelier I’m at 8 with you!!! So when people make fun of my lamp obsession I’m going to use your justification I mean explanation. ;-)

  10. alston nobel says:

    Great design of lamps in living room.

  11. I have 6 :) &; they’re all different