Christmas Ornament Wreath

We’re kicking off the first of December with a new wreath I recently made and I think it’s one of my most favorite wreaths ever! Really! It’s a Christmas ornament wreath, and it’s all shiny and silver and makes me happy.

Christmas Ornament Wreath Tutorial |

So pretty right? And of course it’s easy too! Just takes a lot of hot glue and a little bit of time.

And these have been around for a long time but it’s my first time to make one. So I wasn’t inspired by anyone particular and just kind of winged it on my own. Luckily it worked out! :) But they are ridiculously expensive at the stores!

First gather up your supplies.



We got our ornaments at The Home Depot…$19.99 for a 101 count of shatterproof ornaments? Yes, please. The blue ornaments are for something else coming up. Also make sure you have some smaller ornaments too to fill in with.

Then I took a straw wreath form, left it wrapped in the plastic, and then I covered it up with silver ribbon.



It’s a good idea to wrap the wreath in whatever color ornaments you will primarily be using so if there are any bare spots, they will be less noticeable.

First thing to note. When I started making the wreath I did not remove the tops on the ornament. I thought since they were all silver it would be ok. But after the first layer or 2 I decided to take the tops off and it’s better that way so just take them all off from the beginning.


I started glueing on the ornaments in the middle of the wreath first.


And I had my cleaning supplies handy that The Home Depot and Proctor & Gamble sent to me for their Seasons Cleaning Challenge, like my Swiffer 360, Bounty paper towels and Dawn soap.


That was after the first layer. Then for the 2nd layer I just went in between each ornament.


I did that above and below the first row in the middle so I had a total of 3 layers or rows at the end.


Now this is where the smaller ornaments come in handy. I already had some small silver ornaments but you can get those also at Home Depot or the dollar store. But you use those to just fill in all of the gaps. And you really could just keep adding and adding and adding, but it’s up to you to make a sound decision as to when to quit. :)


And then just clean your door where you’ll be hanging it with the Swiffer and you’ll be good to go and hang it up.


Ornament Wreath |

I hung ours on the pantry door in the kitchen and I really love it in there.

Christmas Kitchen |

That’s the main reason why I chose all silver because I knew it would look great against the charcoal door and all of the stainless hardware in there.

You of course can hang with pretty ribbon too, but if you do, be sure and add that early on, like when you are wrapping the wreath form in ribbon.

So that’s it guys! Another simple, inexpensive, and beautiful wreath to make!

Christmas Ornament Wreath Tutorial |

Out of the 101 box of ornaments, I used a little more than half, plus then all the little ones I used. So just make sure you have an abundance of ornaments, and lots of glue sticks on hand. :)

For more holiday wreaths check out my Gold Dollar Store Leaf Wreath. Sharing this post at Sarah’s Before and After Party.



Disclosure: Thanks to The Home Depot and Proctor & Gamble for sponsoring this post for their Seasons Cleanings Challenge

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  1. Looks fantastic Emily!

  2. Simply stunning! I love it against the dark door.

  3. Stunningly beautiful!

  4. I wish this weren’t so pretty. I don’t need another project, but I love it so much!

  5. What a pretty wreath! I love the glitter and sparkle. Perfect addition to the kitchen pantry door.

  6. I love your wreath. I mean it! I have wanted to follow a similar diy for a year or so but was afraid I would lose some ornaments. Why didn’t I also think of using shatterproof ornaments. I just bought some for an outdoor tree and they are so pretty. Your tutorial was the easiest I’ve seen and I would probably do a completely silver one, too, as it fits with my color scheme. My home is decked in silver, turquoise and red this year. I need this.

    Hope you are feeling better. I had food poisoning on my return trip from China many years ago, after I adopted my daughter. It was not how I imagined returning home. Have a great Christmas season.

  7. Oh I love this!! I think I know what I am doing later on this afternoon! Sharing on my FB page and pinning.

  8. Looks lovely!! I really like the all silver- so pretty and classy. Nice work!!

  9. Looks amazing!! Thanks for sharing.

  10. Oh my gosh Emily, I’ve been wanting to make one of these for years. Now that o know they are that easy I’m going to get started next weekend.

    Christmas blessings to you and your family!

  11. Love! Made one of these similar last year out of bell ornaments and this year did multi colored one for a customer. Yours looks amazing:). Love the scatter proof ornaments from Home Depot they are the best

  12. Oh Emily, it is beautiful. I have been wanting to make one of these for a long time, just have not had extra time. Your tutorial is the easiest one I have seen, and I like the idea of using a straw wreath, instead of Styrofoam.

    Once again, you made my day. Great job.

  13. I absolutely love it! :)

  14. Sooo pretty! I think it looks lovely!

  15. Dana Valle says:

    It’s very pretty. Looks perfect on your pantry door!

  16. I love these wreaths and have considered making one before, but you have inspired me. We moved into a new modern condominium this year and are decorating with the bright blues, pinks and greens. I am headed out today to buy the ornaments! Thanks for inspiring me!

  17. So pretty! I’m going to try it! What size is the wreath?

  18. Gorgeous! Silver speaks to me too.

  19. Love! I started making one last night and then ran out of ornaments. Boo! I got all of mine at the dollar store so I’ll be heading back there soon. I’m kind of worried that mine isn’t going to come out that nice – I don’t know what I did wrong!! But I’ll wait until it’s done and then decide how I feel about it. Don’t you hate when that happens?? I’m super excited about it – I’ve been wanting to make an ornament wreath for FOREVER – so I hope it turns out okay.

  20. This is so stunning! I love glitter!

  21. Beautiful! Heads up- I made one last year and was so sad to pull it out of the attic this year-the heat in our attic over the summer caused all of the glue to heat up and all of the ornaments fell off. Make sure you store it somewhere that is relatively climate controlled after Christmas!

  22. Deedra Lonquist says:

    How did you hang your wreath? Did you use a command strip?? Thank you!

  23. I really want to make one of these, and your tutorial makes it look pretty simple. Love the way it turned out! :)

  24. Thanks for the beautiful inspiration and easy instructions. I picked up my ornaments from Home Depot as well and couldn’t be more please with the outcome. I posted a pic on my facebook and my wreath is a hit! Love your ideas!!

  25. Thank you so much for sharing this! My 4 year old daughter and I are making one now! We are having so much fun. Thanks again!

  26. I LOVE it! Thanks for the simple intstructions! I think I can do it. ;)

  27. I made one of these last year. I’ll make another one this year.. they are seriously so much fun to make. I added some bells to mine hidden.. so that way when the door opened it had a ring every time.

  28. Jessica Sather says:

    This looks amazing, yet so simple! I will be trying this out this year! If it turns out, I will have to buy a bunch of ornaments on sale after the holidays for next year.


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