$200 Home Depot Giveaway and $5,000 Sweepstakes!!

This will be the last giveaway of this year, and it’s a goodin’ from The Home Depot of $200 + some cleaning supplies! Plus, there is also an amazing sweepstakes of $5,000 that you can enter to win also!

So first up, the sweepstakes. Remember that ornament wreath a posted a few weeks ago? Well it’s in the running along with 9 other blogger projects to win some fabulous prizes. The blogger that wins based on votes will get a $1,000 Home Depot gift card, then for you all that vote, 5 people will win $500 Home Depot gift cards, and the grand prize winner will receive $5,000 to The Home Depot + Proctor & Gamble cleaning supplies, AND a $500 maid service gift card!!! 

Holy smokes isn’t that awesome??!!  So go and vote for my ornament wreath here so you are in the running. :)

Home Depot Giveaway and $5,000 Sweepstakes | www.decorchick.com


Ornament Wreath | www.decorchick.com

Here is the link again to vote for the ornament wreath. Thank you!

And now for the giveaway…

I’m having a separate giveaway here on my site too for a $200 gift card to The Home Depot, + a P&G prize pack of Bounty paper towels, Swiffer 360 duster, Dawn 24oz, and Febreze Air Effects.


  • Leave a comment on this blog post telling us what you’d like to use the $200 gift card for.
  • Bonus entry: Share this giveaway on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Pinterest) including a link back to this post, and then come back and leave a second comment with where you shared.

Easy peasy! Giveaway will run until Saturday, December 28, 2013 and winner will be announced at random. And the sweepstakes will run until December 31st.

Good luck and thank you for your votes!



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  1. Elizabeth G. says:

    I would use the money to buy paint.

  2. Elizabeth G. says:
  3. Stephanie says:

    I would use the $200 gift card to buy a new light over my island. My husband replaced a bulb and didn’t put the shade back on right so it fell and broke.

  4. I would use it to buy a new dryer. Mine keeps shredding out clothes but we can’t afford a new one right now.

  5. I’d buy some closet organizers! Good way to start the new year!

  6. I would use it change my kitchen lights out for something that doesn’t buzz whenever it’s on.

  7. shannon macklam says:

    I would love to put it towards buying a new area rug in my family room!

  8. I would use it for new lighting in my 1954 house we are fixing up!

  9. I would use the money to buy paint :)

  10. We’re in the middle of a kitchen re-do, so I would use the money on something new for that!

  11. We are in the process of buying a house and that $200 would come in handy for things like paint and wood for building projects!

  12. I would buy faucets for my bathroom.

  13. I’d replace all of our bathroom faucets; a few of them are leaking.

  14. pinned–http://www.pinterest.com/pin/400046379371668631/

  15. Ellen Casper says:

    New light fixtures for our family kitchen

  16. Ellen Casper says:
  17. Towards some new flooring. Thank you

  18. My husband has promised to make me a craft table! We would use the money to buy supplies. He is trying to get it done In between trainings and before his deployment this summer. Hes so sweet! Wish us luck!

  19. Tiffany B. says:

    I would love to use the gift card to help finish our kitchen remodel!

  20. Tiffany B. says:
  21. Andrea B. says:

    I would use the gift card to buy and new outdoor grill. We need one bad!

  22. I shared on Facebook.

  23. Lynnette Toivonen says:

    I would use the gift card to do some updates in my bathrooms.

  24. Betty Baez says:

    I would use it to buy paint for my dining room!

  25. Lynnette Toivonen says:
  26. Betty Baez says:
  27. I would use the $200 toward a master bedroom makeover! It’s way needed!

  28. I would put the money towards a new cooktop – I only have only burner that still works!

  29. I would use the $200 towards the front entry door. Badly needs to be replaced to keep the cold Alaska winter out

  30. Vicky McGovern says:

    I would use it to buy products for remodeling the kitchen.

  31. We need to organize our closets so I’d buy tons of shelves and stuff from HD!

  32. ELIZA ELLIOT says:

    I would put it towards a new fridge – ours has been dying forever!!

  33. ELIZA ELLIOT says:
  34. Oh I’ve been dying to build myself a new closet – well, the inside of it anyway. Why do builders make closet’s so inefficient? So much wasted space!

  35. I would use it to go towards supply for new hardwood floors!

  36. I need a new toilet. The lid on mine just got cracked. :(

  37. Lisa Wenckus says:

    I would use the money to buy paint and carpeting for my son’s room!! He is 5 and still sleeping in a gender neutral (yellow/green) room/nursery :)
    What a great giveaway!! Thank You!!!

  38. I would buy supplies for a recycling center for my home.

  39. We are about to do some remodeling in the kitchen and in our son’s bedroom so it would really come in handy :) Thanks for the chance to win!

  40. I would use it to buy new dishwasher

  41. Lisa Brown says:

    i would like to use the card to get to a hand truck; they come in handy to move heavy things
    jslbrown_03 at yahoo dot com

  42. Lisa Brown says:
  43. I just moved in to a new place so I would use the giftcard for all the little things that are always last minute necessities.

  44. I’d use it to fix my back deck.

  45. Would love to use it for new tiles around the fire place. I have been eyeing this for a while

  46. Our garage is in desperate need of some organization! We need cabinets, a work table of some sort, shelves…the list goes on. This would be incredible to win.

  47. Lighting! We renovated our home this summer and have wires hanging from the ceiling!

  48. We need a new storm door.

  49. Towards new carpet in spare rooms or making a sun room!

  50. Cindy Flagg says:

    I’d love to get new drapes and rods for my living room.

  51. Amanda Beard says:

    I’d buy one of hose heavy duty shelving units to store my hubby’s military gear on.

  52. I’d use the $200 gc toward a little kitchen backsplash update. Thanks & good luck!

  53. Help out my children with their homes.

  54. We have several windows that are broken and being held together with tape right now, I would be so happy to put that money to use to replace even one of them!

  55. I would probably use it for lighting in my kitchen :)

  56. I REALLY need to get my garage organized! $200 could really help

  57. I would use my winnings to buy more lumber for our family room makeover. Money is short since we are on a fixed retirement income and additional money is always welcomed. Thank you for the giveaway!

  58. Paula Grieco says:

    I’d use it to put towards new flooring in our 13 yr old house

  59. I want to DIY my old old countertops with the countertop kit they sell!! That would be so awesome…then maybe a fresh coat of paint in the kitchen, too!!

  60. We would totally apply it to the flooring we need to get. Our’s is coming up in the kitchen so we need to replace it. This would help a ton!

  61. I sooo need this to fix the hole in my bathroom!

  62. I would use the gift cArd for renovations to my kitchen.

  63. Becky Bixler says:

    We would purchase a second set of attic stairs…we need more storage. :)

  64. I shared this on Pinterest.

  65. Dana Valle says:

    I would surprise my dad with a new chainsaw. :) Good luck. Love the wreath. TY for the chance.

  66. Joy Secrest says:

    I would use it towards the bathroom remodel that we are going to attempt to do.

  67. Donna O'Neil says:

    I would get patio furniture.

  68. Marlene Gomez says:

    I would love to be able to give my husband this gift card. He totally deserves it!

  69. I would love this! New paint for the front doors and shutters and maybe some for the cabinets!!

  70. Stephanie Porrata says:

    I would go towards putting shelves and hanging rack in my laundry room. Now that I’m a stay at home mom with a 11 month old BOY I find myself doing lots of laundry.

  71. I would put it towards buying new pulls/hardware for my kitchen cabinets. First time home owners, so we have a pretty decent list going right now :)

  72. Subway tiles for our bathroom remodel!!!

  73. I would love to buy a new front porch light.

  74. Just moved into my house so could use about anything at HD!

  75. Pick me

  76. amy pugmire says:

    I would love to use it on new blinds.

  77. amy pugmire says:
  78. I would use it to help purchase materials for a backsplash for my kitchen.

  79. I would us the $200 for nrew blinds and some hanging baskets for my kitchen window

  80. I shared on Pinterest, FB, Twitter, and Google+

  81. wild orchid says:

    I could really use new porch lights. The ones I have currently do not work at all!

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  82. Jessie C. says:

    I would get paints and tiles for our bathrooms.

  83. wild orchid says:


  84. Jessie C. says:


  85. This would go towards drywall for our basement. We are finishing it ourselves and this would help us so much!

  86. I would use the money to do my sons room.

  87. I need a bathroom light and fan. Would love to win this!!

  88. I need a new front door knob and deadbolt. I would use it for that. Thank you

  89. Shared on Pinterest!

  90. I would use the $200 towards a new washer and dryer. Ours is old and with both of us living on disability it makes it harder to save for a new one, so sure would appreciate winning!
    Good Luck to everyone!!

  91. I also share the wreath on my Pinterest board!

  92. Window treatments

  93. Angela Maddox says:

    The house we are slowly remodeling has a shoplight in the kitchen. I would love to replace it!

  94. Insulation for our roof. We have been needing it for years.

  95. It would go towards a hot water heater as ours is starting to go.

  96. Love a good giveaway that has so many options.

  97. I would use the Home Depot gift card to replace my old carpet with wood floors or laminate wood floors. My house needs some loving!

  98. Denise Rosales says:

    I would use the $200 card for a garage organizational system.

  99. My new house needs some remodeling… this would be perfecto!!

  100. I would buy paint! And a rug :)

  101. courtney b says:

    i would use it to fix the doors in our house

  102. Sallie Fitzpatrick says:

    I’m looking at getting some new flooring- $200 would be a big help!! Merry Christmas!

  103. Theresa M. says:

    I would put it towards a new dishwasher. Ours decided she doesn’t want to work anymore!

  104. We’re building a new house, so we could use the $200 for lights, bath fixtures, window coverings, etc!

  105. refrigerator – mine is 24 years old and it hasn’t worked right in about 4 or more years now – I have to shop everyday for food – it keeps stuff ok but not to buy a lot

  106. I could use this money to pay for our front door that’s really bad and broken.

  107. courtney b says:
  108. Carol Roberts clark says:

    well i have a crack in my bathtub i bought at home depot and iwould use it to go towards a nother bathtub i have had the tub 2 yrs as long as ive been here i redid the bathroom the kitchen and everyroom and still redoing one room which is taking forever so i would put the rest of my money together and buy one

  109. Carol Roberts clark says:
  110. I think I would buy a leaf blower.

  111. Anna Walden says:

    I need new flooring and a patio door !!!

  112. Almost every room in our house is tan. I don’t like tan!!! I would buy a few gallons of paint and put my hubby to work : )

  113. Danyelle H says:

    We’re moving in two weeks, I’d use it to get things for the new place

  114. Sue DeChant says:

    Let’s see, updating the bathroom will take spackle, paint, a new toilet, a new sink and fixture, a new vanity top, paint or stain for the vanity, and I haven’t figured out what but something for the floor. I think that covers it…….for now :)

  115. I would use it to buy flooring for my 1st home!

  116. I would use it towards buying a new front door! :)

  117. Anonymous says:

    I am eyeing a sofa at Pottery Barn and would use the money towards it.

  118. Joan westhoff says:

    I would use it to help buy a sofa I have been thinking of purchasing!

  119. I’m doing my first attempt in DIY to my mom’s house so I would use the money towards all the projects I started, painting, tiling, mudding, and decorating!

  120. oh my gosh I love the Home Depot and I was so excited when one finally opened in my little town.

  121. Joan westhoff says:

    I shared this post on Facebook.

  122. I would love to buy some wood to build a play table and chairs for my girls.

  123. Jenna Lelis Morteo says:

    I would love to buy a generator for emergencies!

  124. I’d use it to finish our bathroom remodel.

  125. A comment
    (That’s what you asked for…lol!)

  126. We’re savings towards a renovation in our boys bathroom – it is really needed!

  127. Would buy materials to make a fireplace mantel.

  128. I just moved into a new house that has NO ceiling fans!!! Definitely need those!! Thanks for opportunity!

  129. voted, pinned and tweeted @HeatherAnneK

  130. I would use the money to buy a new light fixture for my dining room.

  131. hmmm ive been waiting to get a new drill this might be just my chance thanks

  132. Shaiza Zahid says:

    I would use this $200 for buying my very first circular saws and jigsaws!!
    the cost is holding me back!! :/

  133. Sallie Fitzpatrick says:
  134. Michelle H. says:

    I would use the money for a new ceiling light fixture! :)

  135. Oh what fun I could have at Home Depot! I’d probably spend it on organizing stuff for the garage!

  136. Jennifer B. says:

    I would use the gift card to buy new window shades for our bedrooms .

  137. Remodeling my bathroom! It needs a major update!

  138. Allison K. says:

    I will use it to go towards new faucets and cabinets.

  139. I want to buy tools!! $200.00 would certainly help!

    Thank you!

  140. Allison K. says:

    I shared on Facebook :-)

  141. I shared the giveaway on Pinterest.


  142. I’d put it towards a new window in my office!

  143. I think I’d buy an area rug. :)

  144. A new saw!

  145. I’d use it to buy paint to repaint my daughter’s bedroom.

  146. Building a house, so wow, a million things; blinds, paint just to name a few.

  147. I would use the money for backsplash materials for my kitchen. I voted (your wreath was the best project, I think) Hugs, Leena

  148. I would definitely use it for new flooring!

  149. I posted about the give away on face book

  150. I posted about the give away on Twitter

  151. Great contest! If I won, I would use the $200 towards a new water heater. Ours is decades old and I would love some hot water!

  152. I would use the Home Depot gift card to buy paint for our new house! Thank you!

  153. Christina Donaldson says:

    Voted! I made an ornament wreath, too, after your post! Love it! If I won I’d put the money toward new patio furniture.

  154. Renie Handler says:

    With the $200 gift card, I’d get a new rug for my living room, my older one needs to be replaced so badly!!!

  155. I’d get a new sink for my kitchen. My current one leaks and is getting the floor under it stay wet!

  156. Shannon A. Wakefield says:

    I would use it for paint and of course crafting supplies!

  157. I would use it toward rug for the hallway!

  158. That would be a nice start to my “new flooring fund” :)

  159. Heather B says:

    I would use it towards new granite counter tops for my kitchen.

  160. Heather B says:
  161. After Christmas sales…most of our decor is just old and worn out. And some things for the household. Everything is wearing out.

  162. No money for Christmas so would probably use for belated Christmas gifts. Can shop for nearly all at Home Depot.

  163. I would use the gift card to buy myself some small electric tools that I could use for making DIY decorating projects.

  164. I posted on FB.

  165. I pinned on Pinterest.

  166. Shared on facebook several times and pinned on Pinterest.

  167. I shared on Google+

  168. rachelle baker says:

    We would use the gift card to finish our huge laundry room project!

  169. Oh, my. I would use a $200 Home Depot gift card to buy supplies to build shelving in my kitchen. I really need more storage.

  170. We are building a cabin in Alaska in June and this would come in really handy for the supplies for the cabin. Such a great prize!

  171. Going through a kitchen remodel, this would help in so many ways :)

  172. Antoinette says:

    That’s an easy one for us…..a lawnmower. Yeah, our baby has given us her all and is about ready to call it quits. :)

  173. Terri Bell says:

    I would love to win the money! I could buy a new dishwasher! I could buy some trim for the doors. Seven doors and trim was missing when we bought our house the people who lived here before ripped them out. Don’t understand why but they did.

  174. I would use the money to purchase an Infared heater…we’ve had to turn our thermostat down because of the cost.

  175. Shared on Pinterest – http://www.pinterest.com/DanasChocandSun/
    Would use towards a new washing machine!

  176. I would buy trim to do the hallway, paint for my son’s room, and supplies to build a garden.

  177. I shared on pinterest :-)

  178. Amanda Butt says:

    I would probably put it towards a watersoftener or molding!

  179. Stefanie Gladden says:

    I would use the giftcard to redo my bedroom – new paint, new doors!

  180. Stefanie Gladden says:
  181. Amanda Butt says:
  182. Definitely would buy paint!

  183. Tools. Good tools necessary for any DYI project.

  184. Shared on twitter!

  185. Becky Neal says:

    A new sink faucet! Ours had never fit or worked right and it moves everytime we turn it on…..not to mention the leaks! Help!

  186. I would live to win this giveaway!

  187. Sheetrock to finish my daughter’s bedroom, and a new ladder since our’s broke. :) Thanks!

  188. Shared on FB. :)

  189. I would buy lumber so my husband could make me an entry bench. =)

  190. Our kitchen disposal just died, so I would use the gift card for a new one. :)

  191. Paint! …and a new window. It’s broken. So practical, but would LOVE to have the help!

  192. I’m giving my living and dining rooms a new facelift this next Spring, so I would use it to buy lots of paint.:)

  193. I would donate to my aunt, who just moved into an apartment, after losing her house to foreclosure. This would be such a blessing for her!

  194. I would use the gift card to buy a new light in my kitchen.

  195. we are building a room onto our house so the money would go to that.

  196. I’d use the money towards new doors for my home.

  197. sheri street says:

    I would use this to help on remodeling our house

  198. I would use that much needed gift card to continue with my “acre of mud” landscaping project.
    We have a LONG way to go.

  199. I would use it for lumber to build barn doors in my house I am remodeling.

  200. I would buy my mother in law a new patio door that doesn’t lock her out of her home when she goes out to water her plants.

  201. I shared it on Facebook.

  202. Ann Ruggles says:

    Maybe a new dining room light fixture?

  203. I would use it towards building a shed in the back yard! I am tired of the mower being in the crawl space under the house!

  204. to update the kitchen or the bathroom

  205. Kristen T. says:

    We could really use this to turn our extra room into our first baby’s room – closet shelves and lighting are the number one needs!

  206. Lady Delores LeBoeuf says:

    More Mr. Clean Magic Erasers & Refinish kits to redo all my sinks, they are chipped really bad and those kits are expensive for me….thank you very much….Happy Holidays…..

  207. I would use the card to buy supplies to build shelves for the closets in my basement.

  208. Lisa Kubin says:

    I would use the card to buy the materials to build an outdoor fire pit.
    Lisa K.

  209. Lisa Kubin says:
  210. Love Home Depot! I need to replace a tree that we lost last year, $200 would just about do it. Thanks for the giveaway!

  211. I would use the money to buy decor for my home.

  212. Victoria C says:

    I would use the money for paint to redo our deck next year.

  213. I would love to do some redecorating in the guest bathroom, and I can always use cleaning supplies!

  214. I have a basement “study” where I discovered mildew behind some bookcases!! I need to get rid of that, find a way to cover up the existing golf wallpaper, prime and paint the bookcases (one of which has damage from dampness), and repaint the room.

  215. julie Smith says:

    i could SO use this for supplies in making a patio under my deck!!

  216. julie Smith says:
  217. Hi! I would use it for putting in some shelves in my sons room to put his legos on. If I had leftover I would add a pretty light to my laundry room or possibly put in a new vanity in my little bathroom.

  218. I need to finish my bathroom makeover; I would purchase shelving, sink hardware, and moulding. (I think you should win; your project is easy, inexpensive and is a real DIY that looks more expensive. )

  219. I would buy paint to update some rooms

  220. I’m thinking paint, or some organization stuff for the garage

  221. I’d put it towards a new fridge or dishwasher, both we’ll be replacing in the next year or so


  222. I need wood working tools! :D

  223. Finish the bathroom remodel I started 2 months ago:)

  224. I would get new gardening tools for springtime.

  225. we could use new lighting in our hallway

  226. Donna George says:

    I would use it for new bathroom fixtures

  227. Donna George says:
  228. Danielle T says:

    i would buy some new lighting for our house with the gc!

  229. I’d love to use a gift card for a new bathroom vanity!

  230. We’re saving up to buy a bathtub for our hall bathroom.

  231. I have no idea what I would buy!!! I need new countertops in the kitchen…..this would be a nudge in that direction!!

  232. I would use it toward a hot water heater.

  233. Baby #2 on the way and an empty room for their nursery. Need decor ASAP!

  234. I would use it towards new bathroom light fixtures. Ours is original to to the house and outdated.

  235. I need a new storm door!

  236. Would love to win it for my mother in law.

  237. Mary Jenkins says:

    I would use it to set up a container garden on my patio. I have urban homesteading dreams!

  238. I would probably get paint to paint my daughters’ bedrooms — each daughter is finally getting her own room! (They are twins and like to share.) BTW, I just voted for you! I’ve found that the Home Depot sweepstakes doesn’t work well on Explorer — I had to use the Firefox browser to get it to work properly. (I wasn’t able to enter my vote until I switched to Firefox for some reason.)

  239. I would use it for a light fixture for our foyer. Thanks!!

  240. I would buy some paint.

  241. April was in CT now CA says:

    I would use it to spruce up our yard when spring time comes!

  242. I would use this for gardening supplies!

  243. Mary Beth Elderton says:

    We are about to redo our bathroom–the whole bathroom

  244. Mary Beth Elderton says:
  245. Christie Ferguson says:

    I would buy paint with it. I want to paint our entry way and dining room a beautiful shade of grey to go with all the red accents in the dining room. Crossing my fingers!! :)

  246. I would use it to buy paint for my bedroom.

  247. I found the best idea for a built in bookcase for my living room. This would be a great way to get started on it!

  248. I would use it for new lighting and paint in my kitchen. Thanks!

  249. I want new french doors for my patio and would use it to help get them.

  250. I need a new kitchen sink and this would be great to help me buy one

  251. We are planning on renewing our cabinets with Home Depot and it would go toward that!

  252. I would use it to buy the new NEST thermostat.

  253. This would go right toward the small generator my husband wants for our camper!

    coriwestphal at msn dot com

  254. Tabathia B says:

    I would use it to replace the kitchen flooring

    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  255. Tabathia B says:

    shared on facebook https://www.facebook.com/michelle.barrett.562/posts/751986924830808

    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  256. Two of our bedrooms are in dire need of a new paint job! I would use it on that!
    Digicats {at} Sbcglobal {dot} Net

  257. I shared on Facebook as Carolsue Anderson

  258. molli vandehey says:

    i would give the card to my husband, as i was unable to buy him birthday or christmas presents this year.

  259. I would use it to buy my husband a kreg jig that he has been wanting

  260. Suzanne H. says:

    Cute idea! I just voted for you and posted it on Facebook. Good luck!

  261. Melissa L. says:

    I would use the gift card towards a spare freezer. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  262. Just bought a new house…would love to buy bathroom hooks and towel rods!!

  263. I would use the gift card towards some tools for my husband. Thanks!

  264. mary anne says:

    A new rug!

  265. Sarah Rudolph says:

    I would update a few of my bath faucets! The current ones look so cheap! Thank you for having such an amazing blog- such great inspiration!

  266. I would love to win this to help redo my bathroom. I also will share this on my facebook page.
    Good Luck to all. Maybe for one I will actually win something? LOL

  267. Organization for my playroom – it is out of hand! :)

  268. I would use it to fix our bathroom

  269. I would so buy a new dining room table (I HATE MY CURRENT ONE)!

  270. My boyfriend and I moved in together this year.
    Two months before Christmas our condo flooded.
    We were really excited to celebrate our first Christmas together, decorating, helping the space become festive. Including a tree. But instead we have been painting, repairing and renovating. Our Christmas tree this year was a tree made out of painters tape on the wall :P
    We would use the card to purchase more supplies to help complete this project.
    Even though it’s been a lot of work, and there is still a lot more to go, the time spent has brought us closer together.
    Well worth it :)

  271. shared on Facebook

  272. I would help my daughter and husband build a much needed front porch:)

  273. Wendy sommers says:

    Scroll saw

  274. I would redo my counter tops

  275. I would get my kitchen floor in front of my sink fixed and the leak under my sink fixed. My floor is very weak and spongy and I’m afraid to walk on it. Thank you…

  276. I will use to the money to finish my kitchen project

  277. Jennifer Reynolds says:

    A new light/ceiling fan for our kitchen since it gets so very hot in there.

  278. Becky Bixler says:

    It would get us started on the new sinks for the bath.

  279. I would the money towards the purchase of a drafty window in my sons room.

  280. The $200 would help us pull up some old carpet and replace with wood flooring:)

  281. Shannon P says:

    I would buy a paint sprayer, or a tool bench,. I have so much on my wish list from a Home Depot!

  282. Tina Nguyen says:

    I would use the $ for making my house feels more like a home.

  283. I would buy new lighting for my kitchen island

  284. I would love to win a Home Depot gift card! I would put the $200 towards window treatments!

  285. Shared on Facebook.

  286. I shared and linked it on my facebook page:)

  287. I would use it to buy paint to spruce up my ‘craft nook’!!

  288. 2 Ben Franklin’s would be super helpful for a new storm door! It’s freezing out!

  289. I would use the $ towards new flooring in a bedroom!

  290. Xann Olsen says:

    I would use the giftcard to change the hearth of my fireplace. I am going to paint the brick but would also like to change the hearth.

  291. This is just what I need to ring in the new year! I’d spend the gift card on a kreg jig and wood for living room book cases.

  292. I voted! Love your wreath! I would use the giftcard to buy paint. We finally bought our own house again and the whole thing needs to be painted on the inside. Love your Instagram account :)

  293. I would build, build, and build some more. Oooh and buy myself a new table saw :)

  294. Would come in handy as one of my front step railings is loose.

  295. I would use to money to build a new front porch because our old one is falling apart!!

  296. Darrah K. says:

    I’d use it towards flooring for my daughters unfinished princess room. She’s been waiting for it since September but we can’t afford to replace the yucky stained up rug left in there from the original owners of our house.

  297. New Year, new projects..not even sure where I’d begin, but probably by replacing our leaky fridge.

  298. I would use the gift card towards a new kitchen sink!

  299. To build a new front porch because our old one is about to fall down!!

  300. I would use it for some tools. Trouble is we need so many I wouldn’t know what to start with! Maybe a Ryobi table saw? So many possibilities :)

  301. Sally Pagel says:

    I would use it to finish up my bathroom remodel!

  302. AllisonD. says:

    I want to build a couch for my living room that had storage in it when you lift up the seat.

  303. There are so many ways I could use this. I need new carpet in the hall, organization in several parts of the house and some new paint.

  304. I want to get a kreg jig so I can build a farmhouse table.

  305. just bought a new house… Would use it for bathroom materials

  306. Lori Wise says:

    Not sure what I would use it for yet. You have so many good ideas on you blogs that it will be hard to decide.

  307. Pamela Milogradov says:

    I would buy mulch for our yard and wood to make frames for our builder mirrors!

  308. Monique Harroun says:

    Omgeeeee I was telling the hubs today that tomorrow is organize toys day and just found the perfect storage shelves on Home Depots website

  309. I would use it to purchase shelving units for my basement. Thanks for the opportunity!

  310. Aubri dickerson says:

    I would use it to buy lumber and paint to build night stands/secret cubbies for my boys :)

  311. Aubri dickerson says:

    Shared on Facebook.

  312. Upgrading kitchen and bathroom.

  313. Amber sells says:

    I would use the $200 Home Depot gift card for new shades the years have not been kind to my current ones! Would be nice to be able to open and close them again without them falling apart.

  314. sue fromm says:

    Electrical supplies to upgrade service in whole house

  315. I would use to put towards some new floors.

  316. Wow, i could paint the boy’s rooms, and make the dropcloth curtains for the downstairs too!

  317. I would use it towards my new tile backsplash in my kitchen
    thanks for the giveaway!

  318. shared on facebook

  319. I could use this to help with our family room flooring that we will be starting.

  320. bran fonteno says:

    I want to use it for board and batten in my entry!

  321. Christine says:

    I would use the gift card to buy my husband an air compressor. We are replacing our old brown, hollow ’70’s doors throughout the house with pretty white ones. My husband is having to paint them with a tiny air compressor he has. He does one swipe and then wait for it to fill up again. I would love to help him out since he is working to update our house!

  322. New ceiling fans for sure! Thanks for the giveaway!

  323. Melissa Lynch says:

    I want to build some shelves in my daughters’ room, make a ruler growth chart, replace my kitchen sink, and the list goes on!

  324. Suzanne S. says:

    I would like to win this and buy new tile for my kitchen.

  325. My 88 year old grandmother just moved in and this would be a fabulous way to start the transformation of her bathroom into a handicap accessible space!

  326. I would use it to get a few tools and finally finish fixing up my craft room:)

  327. Towards our bathroom remodel!!

  328. I have macular degeneration ( I am only 53) & I need new ceiling lights for my kitchen

  329. Bathroom remodel!

  330. I would use the $200 to purchase a new vanity for our fabulous 1984 bathrooms!

  331. Mikel Daves says:

    I would use the giftcard to finally landscape our front/back yards!!!

  332. Åsa matsson says:

    I would use the money towards a bathroom remodel!

  333. I would use it for molding.

  334. Mikel Daves says:

    Shared on facebook

  335. Åsa matsson says:

    I liked this on fb and pinned on pinterest.

  336. I need lots of paint!!

  337. Appliances

  338. I would buy supplies to finish remodeling my kitchen

  339. Dawn Clark says:

    I would give the gift card to my parents who have been in the process of remodeling their home for years and keep running out of money because they are always helping out their adult children. Every little bit helps!

  340. Katy Campbell says:

    We are saving to buy a shed for the backyard, but I’d also love to buy paint so all out builder painted walls could look loved :)

  341. I would buy paint, paint, and more paint! Biggest bang for the buck by far!!

  342. I would buy paint to paint my daughter’s room – it was on her Christmas list for Santa!

  343. Brandy Kurth says:

    I would finally build my daughter her daybed.

  344. I would use it to organize my boy’s closet.

  345. Meaghan Smith says:

    I would replace the gross carpet in my living room!

  346. Meaghan Smith says:

    I shared it on Pinterest

  347. I would get started on our basement!

  348. Happily voted for you! It would go towards a new washing machine. Have a Happy New Year!

  349. Back again! Shared via Facebook. Best of luck to you. I’m on Central time, too (Missouri), so you still have more time for votes.

  350. Julie Brinton says:

    I desperately need a new shower, and this would help me get started!

  351. I’d put toward tile and backerboard for our bath remodel

  352. cheryl m. says:

    We are building a house so I could use any amount of money to Home Depot. With our many trips, I think our local Home Depot employees may know our names by now.

  353. I would use it to buy a ladder so that we can paint the outside of our house.

  354. Would use the $200 gift card towards shelving items to finally get my office organized

  355. I would put the 200 dollars toward a new floor in my kitchen. The present linoleum is simply shot.

  356. Would love new flooring

  357. I’d buy a mirror and window hardware.

  358. I would use the $200 for a new lawn mower and fire pit to do roasted marshmellows with my family

  359. Karen McBrayer says:

    I would love to win!! There are so many things I could buy.

  360. Paint to paint my house. I have too many rooms to paint.

  361. shared on pinterest

  362. We need a new bathroom light!!

  363. Patrice H. says:

    Shared on Twitter, Google+, Facebook and Pinterest! I would use it to add stone to the front of my bar. So many marks and scuffs have been left from jeans and people kicking it that I think the stone would eliminate that problem! Thanks!

  364. Patrice H. says:

    Shared on Twitter, Google+, Facebook and Pinterest!

  365. Megan Warren says:

    l would put it towards finishing our basement!

  366. Megan Warren says:
  367. Danielle Atwood says:

    I’d buy paint! I want to paint my whole house but the funds are not there.

  368. abedabun dawn says:

    I would buy a hot water heater. I really really need one.

  369. Anonymous says:

    Paint, paint and more paint!

  370. We would use it for either paint or wood :]

  371. Elizabeth Bee of Apex says:

    Thanks for your blogging and GiveAways. I would use the gift card for lighting fixtures. Trying to brighten up my 1950s house.

  372. Sue Clark says:

    The gift card would help purchase a washing machine for my daughter and family

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