Nursery Progress {Baby Bedding and Bed Crown}

Hi everyone hope you had a great weekend!  I’m so excited to show you all the bedding and the crib and the bed crown in the nursery! I mentioned when I repainted the nursery (again), that I was going in a whole new direction than I previously was. So that means I had to say goodbye to my scrabble tile wall project, but I still have them so maybe we can use again one day.

Here is how it’s looking so far and I am pretty much in love.

Bed Crown

Isn’t that bed crown/corona fabulous? More on that tomorrow but it’s from Antique Drapery Rod Company. I’ll give all the details on it tomorrow and maybe if you’re nice, you might get a chance to win one? Hmmmm. ;)

All of the bedding is from Restoration Hardware Baby & Child, and of course I bought during their Friends and Family 20% sale. So it wasn’t any more expensive than anything else I was looking at would have been.

Restoration Hardware Baby Bedding

It’s the washed velvet crib bumper in Petal, washed satin skirt in Petal, and the Italian Floral Medallion Sheet. That sheet has a little bit of their Dove color in there which I LOVE (it’s very close to the wall color in here), and that coverlet is also from RH and was a Christmas gift. It’s the Dove color with “Ellie” embroidered in Petal.  But since I was using Emma’s old crib and repurposing other pieces of furniture for her room, I felt it was ok to splurge on the bedding. :)

I do love the bedding (it’s quite luxurious for a baby), but I do wish they made the ties on the bumper longer. It’s very hard to get around and tie on certain corners of the crib. And since the ties are satin, they seem to come loose more easily which is kind of irritating. But I do still love it and it’s very pretty and elegant. Heck, she’s sleeping on better stuff than we are! Her bedding is made in Italy for goodness sakes. Ha!

Here are a few more shots.

Girl Nursery

Baby Girl Nursery

The bed crown really completes the look and I’m so excited with how her room is coming along. Eeek!  Remember when I changed the light fixture in here for that gorgeous chandelier?  Well it looks perfect with the crown and that made me happy. Again, more on that tomorrow!

Oh, and if you are curious about that white paneled wall in here, you can read the easy tutorial here.

So what’s new? Did y’all have a good weekend? Did you watch Downton Abbey? If you missed it over the weekend, I did a 6 month baby update post if you wanted to check it out. :)



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  1. It’s beautiful, she looks like she will be quite the little princess. Congratulations! (I’m a new reader and follower) Have a great week!

  2. What a luxurious crib! I would want to sleep in there =] Love the wall paneling as well!

  3. LOVELY! So simple and gorgeous! Adore this! ;}

  4. This is SO ADORABLE. Like…ridiculously adorable. Fit for a princess, but not over the top :)

  5. It’s gorgeous! I love the grey and pink together and the linens look dreamy! I love the crown it’s the perfect touch for a princess!

  6. Love it! I have a boy so I am drinking in all the girly lovelies… I hate to be the bearer of bad news though but those bumpers are a major sid hazard :(

  7. It’s gorgeous, Emily! Beautiful job. Can’t wait to see more. :)

  8. So pretty Emily!! I love bed crowns. And this one is gorgeous in the actual crown shape. Princess perfect ;)

  9. that is amazing, love that crown. i kinda want one in my room :) love how it’s coming together.

  10. I normally love your blog and have learned some valuable tips. Your nursery, however, breaks all the rules of safe sleep. Infants should ALWAYS be placed to sleep alone, on their backs, on a firm surface, free of any loose bedding, blankets, stuffed animals and yes, even bumper pads.(these are suffocation hazards) The loose hanging drapery is also a strangulation hazard. PLEASE model safe sleep save precious lives. <3

    • Hi Valerie, I can assure you that I do my best to follow safety precautions, and she does not sleep with blankets, loose bedding or stuffed animals in her crib. The blanket hanging on the side of the crib was to stage this photo. As I said in this post today, more details of the crown will be in tomorrow’s post. I will make sure that the drapery is not a strangulation hazard and will pull the crib out from the wall when the time comes. Thank you for your concern though. Please know I would never do anything to put my baby in harms way.

  11. jalahyacinth says:

    I echo Valerie. Bumpers are BAD ideas and it’s generally suggested to stay away. The room looks gorgeous though.

    • Everyone has their own opinions on hot topics such as this one. Again, I would not put my baby in danger. This controversy is pretty much like whether or not children should be vaccinated. One person will be like definitely yes, or definitely no.

      Thank you for your opinion though!

      • I agree, Emily! I’ve always used bumpers, and I think they are safe a long as they are not too “puffy” and the ties are not so long that they could pose a strangling or choking hazard. Without something soft along the edges, my babies are such active sleepers that they would be constantly bumping and bruising their heads. ha

        Your nursery looks adorable! I just found out that I am expecting our third baby, and since we already have two adorable little boys, are really hoping for a girl this time around. ;-)

  12. Gina Aytman says:

    I love it! You just keep coming up with the cutest ideas! That is adorable for your little princess!

  13. Nancy Carroll says:

    That crown is just FAB!!!

  14. Ooh la la, very elegant!

  15. Beautiful!!! You mentioned that the ties are not very long for the corners, maybe you can add velcro to them so that you can velcro together instead of needing the extra length for the knot. BTW…I always used a bumper pad and my kids are 16, 14 & 12 now. :)

  16. Fit for a princess, very sweet.

  17. I love your nursery!! And your blog. I’m a new follower ;) {I must have been living under a rock to be a new follower!} . I got my baby girl RH bedding too. I love it but I agree, the ties need to be much longer. Have a great week.

  18. I love the nursery bed crown! it is amazing! I would love one for my little princess!

  19. Curious on the length of your washed satin skirt – I ordered it in Dove & it came in at 14″ as opposed to the 18″ length in the RH item description. Was yours 18″? I just ordered another one thinking the one I received is defective.

  20. What color is the medallion floral sheet?

  21. Emily please tell what color is the fitted sheet?

  22. Please tell what color is the crib fitted sheet?

  23. Hi. Sorry to bother you but what is the code I need to get that beautiful mushroom paint color by SW ? Thank you very much .


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