A White Kitchen Update – 1 Year Later

Remember a little over a year ago I finally got my dreamy white kitchen? Well I want to give you all a little update on how the painted cabinets have held up, and if I still like my decision to go all white!

White Kitchen Update 1 Year Later | www.decorchick.com

Still one of my favorite rooms in the house.

White Kitchen Makeover | www.decorchick.com

And remember since that makeover over a year ago, I painted the pantry door charcoal

Painted Pantry Door | www.decorchick.com

I like the grey door MUCH better.

So the verdict on the kitchen is….

So how have the painted cabinets held up? GREAT! There has not been a day where I regretted having them painted. If anything, I might have done a 2-tone kitchen with white uppers and grey lower cabinets, but maybe next time. :) I do love the brightness the all white gives though.

As with anything that is painted and used daily, you will have some wear and tear. Fortunately though everyone is pretty careful around here, but little chips will happen if a door is slammed against something, like the wall next to it.


I just have to take some of the paint and touch it up. No big deal.

Do they get dirty? YES. Don’t expect to have white cabinets and them not get dirty. They get dirty just like any other color of cabinet or wood cabinet. You just see it more easily on white cabinets, which isn’t a bad thing. Just requires more effort on your part to clean them!

Would I choose oil paint again or go with latex? DEFINITELY OIL!! I have to say my painter was right even though I fought him on the oil vs. latex debacle. Go with the oil folks. Especially in the kitchen where you’ll be wiping them down a lot. Remember my coral painted vanity in our bathroom? I used latex enamel on that one, and can tell a big difference between it and our kitchen cabinets. The oil paint gets so hard and is extremely durable. More than latex.

Have the cabinets yellowed at all from using oil paint? No, not that I can tell.

White Cabinet and Hardware

Creamy White Cabinets | www.decorchick.com

I still love our kitchen so much! I still can’t believe it used to look like this!!

oak cabinets

Such a difference.

White Kitchen Makeover | www.decorchick.com

Again, to view everything in detail about this makeover, please visit the white kitchen makeover post. This post was just to update you on things I thought you all would want to know, specifically the painted cabs since I get a lot of emails about that.


I also have written a post on how to paint your cabinets and get the wood grain out, so check that out as well. I put in tips from our painter.

I’d have another white kitchen in a heartbeat though, so if you’ve been on the fence, just go for it. :)

Any other questions for me? Leave them in the comments! Have you painted your cabinets yet?



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  1. I’m happy to see your cabinets have held up. It’s been just over a year since I painted mine, the difference is that I did use a latex paint (Cabinet Coat) and there is not a chip, scratch or dent to be found. I also painted over top of an existing oil based finish, without priming.

  2. I love the white cabinets and the countertops and backsplash is lovely. I think you couldn’t have found a better match. I went with knotted pine cabinets throughout the house but my next kitchen will be white.


  3. SoCalLynn says:

    You have a lovely kitchen, and I love the darker pantry door. We painted our kitchen cabinets white over 6 years ago. They have held up well. As for keeping them clean, I love them because I can immediately see the dirt and can wipe it down with a Magic Eraser, whereas if they were darker or stained wood I might not necessarily see the dirt. My cabinets stay much cleaner now that they are white.

  4. Hi! Love the cabinets, they look great! What color wall paint did you use?

    Thanks! :)

  5. They look great. I can’t wait to paint mine. Unfortunately with putting in the pool; I will be painting them myself!

  6. Thanks for letting us know the difference between oil and latex for kitchens and bathrooms, so that is what I will do – use oil. I have medium grey cabinets and always wanted a bright white kitchen.

  7. Soooooo glad I found this post!!!!!!
    We are building our dream home now and I have wanted white FOREVER. Everyone has been trying to talk me out of it because ,”They get dirty”. I say….”Just clean them” DUH!
    Beautiful kitchen!

    • All of the woodwork in our house, kitchen cabinets included, is SW Alabaster in the oil-based formula. It’s been 6 years and 3 weeks and it all looks great, no yellowing, minor chipping where we rub against the raised panels or the vac or broom handle bumps. By the way, we used rubbery things rather than the felt pads as bumpers to keep doors from banging on walls or other doors. drawers all have blu-something feature that soft closes the drawers and prevent them from banging closed.

  8. Such a dramatic difference! We’re getting ready to move into a new house with antique white cabinets & I’m so excited! The light colored cabinets make such a huge difference!

  9. LOVE Everything you do to your home! Quick couple of questions – how many doors and which have you painted darker?

  10. So, so pretty! We painted our cabinets too, and while it was SO much work, totally worth it in the end. Your kitchen looks happy and beautiful. =)

  11. Your cabinets still look great. Love the white kitchen. I have a white kitchen too. It still looks brighter than all other colors even if it gets dirty lol. And that charcoal door! Swoon. I go to the specific post to find out the color. Oh and I’m glad you had success with oil paint. I love oil paint although I don’t use it that much.

  12. You totally redid your kitchen. You could have easily updated your cabinets with all easy close drawers and doors and just replaced everything for the same cost and been done in two days. Why in the world would you want to be with out a kitchen for a month unless you don’t even cook. You people make no sense at all. You had such a few number of boxes, you could have had state of the art cabinets for under $10000 and never been with out your kitchen.

  13. The product seems to be fantastic while…. Be thankful regarding generating.

  14. The tiles look so beautiful with the countertop!
    Where did you get them and what is the color?