What Did We Do Before Pinterest?

Ever wonder what everyone did before Pinterest came around? Oh yea, we probably had lives! But really, do you ever think about it? Do you ever think about how blogging as a whole changed completely? And for you readers who don’t have a blog, it’s different for you too. Maybe you see all of these crazy “pin it” buttons around everyone’s blog posts and wonder what in the world is going on. I know I did at first.

But there’s another aspect of Pinterest I want to talk about today and not how blogging is so different these days (even though that’s the truth). But why does it seem everything is Pinterest-perfect these days?

Pinterest Perfect

How does Pinterest make you feel? Do you feel Pinterest-pressure and do you feel the internet is turning pinterest-perfect? Do you really feel inspired when looking at it? Or do you secretly want to just punch those people with the perfectly huge laundry rooms filled with gorgeous cabinetry or the home that has the super shiny footprint-free wood floors? When I think back a few years ago when Pinterest was just taking off, I thought wow, that’s cool. Something to get inspiration from and bring in new traffic is always good right? And by the way thanks for actually pinning my projects y’all! But with Pinterest and blogging, it also causes you to have to basically be a graphics designer too! I didn’t go to school to be a graphics designer. Oh yea, I didn’t go to school to be a blogger either but whatever. So having to have to make your photos Pinterest-perfect is not an easy task. It takes me a long time! Sometimes I just wish that how a little over 3 years ago when I started blogging, that those same crappy text-free photos that I took would still be acceptable. Ha! Gosh, some of those are SO bad. Very bad.

Or what about the lavish birthday parties and gorgeous dessert tables you see on there? How does that make you feel? Every year I say I am going to do less and less for birthday parties. I won’t say that my parties that I’ve given are like totally awesome or anything, but they are definitely more than I would normally do. Does the pressure get to me to have a beautiful party like that? Sure. Would I be doing it if I didn’t see them on Pinterest? Likely not. Why can’t I just serve up a piece of cake to my soon to be 1 year old in her high chair, take a few pics of her messy face and be done? Don’t get me wrong…I do enjoy a pretty party and like doing this stuff for my kids. I just don’t like the pressure that I sometimes feel with having to have one I guess is what I’m saying. I want to just do stuff that I want to do, not because I saw a pretty picture or because I saw this great idea somewhere–the world is full of great ideas. If we try and do them all that would be insane. I say I am not going to have an elaborate dessert table, and then next thing I know I’m planning 2 of them for the girls’ parties coming up in the next few weeks. True story. I have issues.

Want to know a little secret? I am rarely on Pinterest just browsing. I do get on to pin things I see from other sites and will pin my blog projects to my own boards so my followers can have easy access to them, but other than that that’s about it. I don’t browse just to browse. If I do browse I’ll browse with intent, like I’m looking for something specific (like elaborate dessert tables. Haha). I feel it kind of strips me of any and all creativity I may have. Why? Because you can search anything on Pinterest and it’s bound to be there. It’s already done. That idea you had was not a new idea although you thought it was. If you wanted to make a blinged out toilet paper roll holder with rhinestones or something, I’m sure that would be on there. And I have no idea if it is I haven’t checked! :) So that’s why I choose to just not check any longer.

What’s the point of this post? I don’t really know. I’m a thinker and today I just decided to put these random thoughts on the www. But more so, I’m curious how YOU feel about Pinterest and what you use it for. What things do you like to pin the most? Does it make you feel inadequate at all or that your home isn’t enough? I’ve read a few articles where women seem to really struggle with this and Pinterest, and I want to reiterate again that no matter how clean and tidy my house looks in my pictures, you all know I have no problem showing you our messes either (see here and here), and our home is far from Pinterest-perfect. We are normal, human, mystery items with weird growths get left in the refrigerator for weeks at a time, and our house gets messy.  I’ve spilled it so now it’s your turn. :)

Updated: Maybe I should do a post on the positives of Pinterest as well. I think there are some misinterpretations happening here, so please don’t read this post the wrong way. Keep on crafting, decorating, painting to your little heart’s content. Pinterest is great, we all know that. I shouldn’t have to say that…:)



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  1. That made me giggle. But you are right. Things are over the top for sure. I do enjoy Pinterest still but I do get those feelings.

  2. I think that Pinterest is just another way for people to feel pressured to “keep up with the Jonses”. If you are going to give into that pressure it would happen with or without Pinterest. Pinterest doesn’t change people, it is just another way to bring out their true colors. I love browsing Pinterest for no reason, but I know that I’m not able to make everything that I will pin. You have to accept your limitations and adjust your expectations…for Pinterest or anything!

  3. Pinterest hasn’t ruined anything that our Culture isn’t obsessed with already. We’re the culture of overindulgence because we “deserve” it. Just serving a piece of cake to a one year old isn’t enough, we MUST now give an entire SMASH cake to them for pinterest/blog photos. (sigh)

    Yet there’s also this side of culture saying less is more. Those truly living simple so that others can simply live. Who gives Americans rights to blow all the money on selfish desires when people who were born in other countries can’t even AFFORD to eat?! We’re commanded to look out for the orphan and widow and instead, that smash cake, those decorations, that extra movie ticket, another pinterest party steals our money.

    There’s gotta be a balance in between looking pinterest perfect, helping others, and feeling satisfied with needs not wants.

  4. Preach it! :-) I feel the exact same way and while I was reading this was thinking about how much less pressure I would feel on first day of school/last day of school/teacher appreciation day if I didn’t see all of the amazingly elaborate gift ideas on Pinterest. LOL!

  5. I think you said it perfectly. As much as the ‘overindulgence’ annoys me, I still participate in some small way. My home will never be Pinterest perfect, nor do I want it to be. I just want it to be perfect for me and my family in real life. So much of what I see on Pinterest is so wasteful, impractical, and has become cookie cutter. I often wonder how a real family can live realistically with so many of the decor and organization ideas I see on Pinterest. That said, there are some really great ideas and beautiful photos of the ideal, just not everyday ideal.

  6. I have thought the same thing!! I occasionally just browse but more often than not I go on there looking for specific ideas for things. I am not one that likes to “keep up with the Jones” but I had felt the pressure to have everything perfect or it was a total failure. I hate feeling like that…. my girls would see that and I don’t want them to grow up feeling that if it isn’t perfect, you aren’t perfect.
    The other feelings I started having were jealousy or covetousness (is that a word??). I would see all the beautiful houses etc. and feel jealous that I don’t have those things!! I had to let it go and realize that they probably don’t have the six wonderfully amazing kids that I have!!! I really am the winner in what really matters!!!
    Thank you for sharing!!!

  7. I totally agree. Another fav blog I read had to explain that she wasn’t going all out for her child’s birthday. Good for her. I told her that at times I might go all out, other times I don’t. I don’t feel obligated either way and definitely don’t look down at anybody who does not. Although I get compliments on my home and love DIY, I have plenty of friends who don’t endulge in decor and some who simply can’t afford it or aren’t into the DIY to re-do things from cheap finds. There should be a balance and the priority should be the people, not the things, pretty or not.

  8. I do browse for ideas, and I have gotten some good ones that are actually doable in real life. That said, it’s pretty cray-cray out there. Now there are rules for when your guy proposes? Seriously? Eight-year-olds get parties that cost 10 grand? Not to mention so many projects are all so homogenized you can’t tell one from the other. I treat Pinterest like TV or magazines. Look through it, get a couple of good ideas out of it and ignore all the “commercials” ;D

  9. I feel like a lot of those “perfect parties” and such are way over the top and probably create a lot of stress for the ones throwing them. Particularly the kids’ birthday parties: I feel like the parents are designing them to show off to other parents, because what kid really cares that you spent 10 hours making the perfect decorations or fancy special food to fit the party theme? It’s all cute in theory, but it’s exhausting just to think about. Are you making memories or making pretty pictures for your scrapbooks? I don’t have children but among my friends/family who do, I feel like there’s a sense that every parent feels pressured to do one better than so-and-so’s party. When we were kids, we didn’t have a big party every year; we had family parties yearly and, every so often, there would be a kids’ party with friends from school. I think it was more special that way. My mom decorated cakes for us each year and that was enough.

    As for the decorating ideas, I do like those but I do sometimes feel kind of down about my own house. There’s not much out there that really applies to my 700-square-foot bungalow, but I still enjoy looking. I do laugh at a lot of those laundry rooms that are as big as my living room! I would say “I wish,” but the grass is always greener, right? Those people with the giant homes have more to clean, more to heat/cool, more overall utilities, not to mention the astronomical mortgages, etc. At least, that’s what I keep telling myself! :-)

  10. Yes, Pinterest is one big marketing ploy. At first, I thought wow, so cool, great place for creative people, and it is. But, NOW I see it for what it is…someone is trying to get you to; like, follow, subscribe, buy, join or use a product that you didn’t know existed and you didn’t know you needed. And you have to ask yourself, why? I’m not so innocent anymore. It’s a mega marketing tool. Marketing themselves or a product.We are on to you people, the gig is up with the staging, the photography, the perfect houses, the over the top parties. What are we really creating?? Will our children feel that they are more worthy then another child, if they have an over the top party and their friend has cake and ice cream, a few games and NO THEME? I hope not but it is possible! I think we have to ask ourselves that question. Are we creating the standard to be unreasonable, too perfect? Life is too short. The kids just want to be with you and get a cool gift. They don’t really care that everything matched or that you stayed up all night making tissue paper flowers, so it would be magical. And what is up with all the dang contests and the 20 hoops you have to jump thru!! Does anyone really win? I’m onto that marketing ploy too. Thanks for letting me vent. Oh and by the way, I really do enjoy reading your blog. :)

  11. I often feel very inadequate when i see the pintrest stuff that is over the top. I mean a good time here is lemonade or iced tea served in old mason jars, watching the kids play in the sprinklers. Our yard is less than perfect (our kids play in it and don’t often remember to put stuff away after). And so on. But, on the other hand I do appreciate the time and effort that others have put into their postings, and find a lot of inspiration there.

  12. Tiffany B. says:

    Although it is fun to see everyone’s amazingly fun and talented ideas, I sometimes want to start a board “My epic Pinterest fails”. I get so frustrated when I try an idea and it just ends up being one of those “Nailed it” photos. I feel like there has become such a competition in a lot of things. You go to a party and end up leaving thinking “How will I ever be able to top that?!” Not to mention I feel like you can’t have a conversation with your friends these days, without someone saying at least once “The other day I saw on Pinterest…”. Another thing I hate is when you find one of those “Make cleaning 100 times faster/easier” tips, only to find it makes things 100 times worse. I end up wondering what tips I can actually trust. Yes Pinterest is ridiculously fun and I will be first to admit I have been on it for hours, but in the end it seems like I regret it. With that being said I do like that I can bookmark pages I know will be useful, with a picture of what it is, rather than bookmarking a page the old fashion way, through your web browser. Will I continue using Pinterest? Honey, you couldn’t pay me enough to stop! ;o)

  13. I’m obviously in the minority here. I could eat Pinterest up with a spoon (she says as she shovels another mouthful of Cheerios while sitting at her laptop). Pinterest has been instrumental in helping me achieve the champagne taste I crave using the beer pocketbook I have to work with…every thing from clothing to gardening, décor, cleaning supplies…the list goes on and on. I have seen families spend upwards of $100k on a wedding. I see women dress their children in the finest of clothes (and hugest of bows…why?) and spend more on a one year old birthday party than I make in a month. Or that perfect prom dress for their daughter that cost about 4 times more than my wedding dress. Or the purse my friend just bought that would pay my grocery bill for several months. I don’t get it, but then again, I don’t really think too much about it. I don’t for a minute think they are any happier than I am. Pinterest isn’t the problem. Not finding joy in what one has, a lack of confidence in one’s own abilities, coveting, jealousy and just plain laziness are, though. Find your joy, forget the Joneses, be who you are and be proud of being YOU.

  14. I love Pinterest. I like browsing late at night just seeing what’s there. I think it’s like any other form of social media you have to balance it all and keep everything in perspective. I don’t feel pressure by it, I feel inspired by it most of the time. But I’m not on it constantly, and maybe that’s the key to happiness. Everything in moderation right.

    As a blogger as well, I will agree that it has changed the way I blog. A lot of my traffic is from Pinterest alone which I’m greatful, but it has changed the way I blog a bit but I’m ok with it, again it goes back to balance and perspective. I also don’t like when people beat other women up and say things like, “my home isn’t perfect, like all these other women.” etc…..

    the reality is no one is perfect, no ones home is perfect, no ones kids are, etc. whatever fill in the blank. But let’s not make the mom who loves to craft, decorate, cooks, etc whatever feel bad because she likes to do that and is good at it and enjoys it. Just because you don’t that doesn’t mean you are bad and they are good or whatever it just makes you different and that’s ok if you don’t like to cook, or decorate, or craft. everyone has interests and talents that they have and like to do don’t make those women feel bad because they like that stuff and you don’t or vise versa.

    ok, this is getting long….you opened up the box on this one Emily. Ha!

    • Oh Andrea totally not my intent to make anyone feel bad who does the fancy parties or who loves to bake etc. I love to redecorate our home all the time (obviously) so it’s basically the same thing. Just thinking out loud today. Not a Pinterest bashing post, as we all know Pinterest is very beneficial as well. But with it comes new things and different feelings which I was trying to convey. :)

      • I didn’t mean you Emily…were trying to make me or anyone else feel bad with this post. I just meant that I’ve seen it on other sites and in other blog posts. I know that you aren’t trying to make anyone feel bad and just having a discussion. Sorry If I didn’t make that clear. :)

  15. Thank you so much for putting this out there! I think there is really a lot of pressure around Pinterest and blogs for that matter. It makes you feel like you have to be perfect and your lived in house just isn’t good enough. I think it’s fun to make everything beautiful and over the top sometimes but I think Pinterest makes us try to outdo everyone. Great topic!

  16. Pinterest is the coolest way I found to gather my thoughts and ideas to create my future home in few weeks. Actually I capture all the great things over there and that gives me ideas..But for me the coolest thing of all, is that it gives me secret weapon to convince my husband that my ideas are not dumb ideas..Somebody else had them and he can picture it on Pinterest..No price for that!

    • I use Pinterest as my secret weapon too! Great way to show my non-visionary minded husband what the end result will be!

      • I have begun using it for the same reason. It is so much easier to show my husband a picture instead of trying to describe it. Yes, balance is the key. I am aware when I will be easily tempted to discontentment with the state of my home, yard, wardrobe, diet etc, so I try to steer clear of Pinterest in those moments. I do find great inspiration there though and sometimes I search the humor section just to laugh at the end of a long day. I am learning… and relearning that though I can’t accomplish many of the DIY projects that I see and know I can do, because of my three precious kids, I remind myself that they will only be young once and ultimately those projects don’t mean anything in light of eternity. I pin now, so that when my kids are older and my time is more available, I will know what I want to do. Thanks for this post, Emily! It’s nice to know others sense the same propensity to feel inadequate by what we see in others’ lives. Thanks for showing us the realness of your life.

  17. I am a ‘Pin’head’ I enjoy viewing pins and pinning my items. i think it is a great place to share. I do need to get better at pics though. All in good time. Still learning…

  18. I have made a lot of recipes on Pinterest. I have found a lot of bloggers to follow and enjoy and be inspired by on Pinterest. I think it is a great tool to have. But then I was one of those people who loved bullitin boards anyway. It helps organize better than my bookmark feature in my browser. I do try to pin original stuff. It doesn’t bother if the photos are perfect. I wish I had proof that I do clean my house, that moment before the shoes start breeding at the entry and dog prints on the window or the floor. Oh well, a picture says a thousand words…but it is onlya split second of captured time. Technology can push you forward or drag you down. I choose to be inspired, and that includes Pinterest.

  19. I stayed away from Pinterest as long as I could, because I knew – I KNEW – that I’d get sucked into the black hole and never come out again… and I was right. Then I thought, let’s take this addiction to the next level. That’s when Pintesting was born. I was making the recipes and crafts and trying the DIY and tips, so why not share the results in an unbiased way so that others could not be tricked and disapointed by the photoshopped beyond recognition pictures. So now I test, review and rate Pinterest pins on 5 criteria on a 5-point weighted scale. I was going to let every meal, snack, craft, etc. become Pintesting blog fodder, but after my husband asked me to scale it back, I think we’re finding a better balance.

  20. I always had my idea 3 ring binder which included cut out pictures of ideas I loved…I no longer have that binder but instead something easier and way more organized in Pinterest. I dont waste my money on magazines anymore. We recently moved into a new home and I have found it a wonderful tool as I start to decorate. When we retired from the Army, I sold almost all of my decor because I was just tired of looking at the same things and now I can look back on my boards for ideas or even common themes/colors to use in my new home. As far as feeling like I have to do anything…no I do not feel like that at all. If you choose to “one up the neighbor” what joy do you find in creating special things for your family but when you do it in love and from the joy of crafting/decorating those hours spent creating that perfect dessert table makes your heart swell. I think it is all in what YOU get out of every detail.

  21. I love looking on pinterest for ideas or specific projects or just to be looking at beautiful spaces. I Love architecture and old buildings, homes and molding. I never feel pressure or jealous of anyone’s homes, parties, photos etc. I don’t spend hours on pinterest either, there are weeks I don’t even go on there.

    I don’t look at the huge laundry rooms (that I love) and feel anything but wow’d by them. My big thing is huge walk in pantries I love them, it’s about dreaming for me. Maybe because the house I have now isn’t my forever home or my dream home but I am having fun making it as pretty as I can with the budget I have while I own it.

    Emily you should have the party you want to have and not feel any pressure at all, who says you need to post the party pics on pinterest or blog about the party? If you take the pressure of fearing it won’t look perfect for pinterest off the table then you will be more inclined to decorate or plan the party the way you truly want to have it, if that means two big dessert tables then do it! No one is expecting you to pin pics from the party! If that expectation is gone so is the pressure!

    I don’t blame pinterest for anything other then giving me some great ideas or letting me get lost for an hour here and there looking at spaces that I think are beautiful. But then again I’m not the jealous type and my attitude is if a big house or expensive parties etc make someone happy so be it who am I to say what should and shouldn’t make someone happy?

    • Good Dria I am glad you don’t have any issues with Pinterest and glad you enjoy the inspiration and eye candy that’s on there, because there is a ton for sure.

  22. I don’t feel pressure the way you do. I have a blog but it’s main purpose is to keep the family up to date. If a picture sucks, it sucks but I still put it up there. But I am like you in that I don’t browse – I use Pinterest to pin ideas I find from around the WWW, all the blogs I follow and magazines I read. I do find it interesting that you do feel pressure to be pin perfect – for me I read blogs for ideas and inspiration – the pictures don’t need to be perfect.

    • I don’t really feel pressured to be pin perfect, as we all know I am far from that! I just meant that I do struggle with having some of the over the top things and having the text on my photos just right like others do. It comes with the territory.

  23. I don’t browse Pinterest anymore either. For one, I don’t have time. I need to use that time for blogging. And secondly, I agree, it kind of ruins my creativity. I came up with a post and have been working on it for a couple of weeks now. I resisted the urge to look for something like it until today. And then I found it had been done before. I hate to post it now because it’s all over, but I really did come up with it on my own. Just a lot of other people did too! Oh well. Although Pinterest is a great resource if you’re looking for something specific, like you said. :) Keep the good thoughts coming!!

  24. HI Emily! Just my 2 cents here! I have never gone to Pinterest. My friend wanted me to, but I never got around to it. I have a few blogs like yours that come to me, by the time I read these, and then also click on you folks stuff I may have missed, I am busy.THEN I go to Hometalk everyday…soo much time just doing that! I do not need another venue to suck my time. As it is, I zip through many days blogs on that very thing, kids birthdays..etc. I like seeing what crafty , DIY, landscaping, furniture remakes etc happened on these blogs plus Hometalk. I spend waaayyy too much time on here as it is. and I have gotten to know several of you and enjoy your email responses! I don’t need a bijillion of you, just 6 or 8. Love you and what you do!

  25. I’m an artist and having said that…i’M VISUAL AND LOVING PINTEREST. I guess at my age, I don’t worry about what you spoke of above. I am just enjoying finding beautiful ideas and the places that offer beautiful items. It is just plain fun.

  26. I feel you. I love going on it for the same reasons you do-to search for certain recipes or ideas, too overwhelming instead. What really gets to me is that I will make something and the first thing someone says about it is that it is cute–and they saw the idea on Pinterest. Whether or not I saw the idea there is irrelevant, my creativity is immediately questioned/devalued. I know everything has been done before, it’s just a bummer. Otherwise-I love to look at everyone else’s ideas (:

  27. I have this problem sometimes I’m sure a lot of people are guilty of where I get an idea to do something in my life, and I say, I’ll look for it on Pinterest. Then I pin a bunch of ideas and am so proud of myself even though I actually didn’t do anything. I feel so satisfied having taken what seems like the “first step” that I stop there.

    Luckily that’s not always the case. I actually use Pinterest a lot for saving recipes. I used to have massive amounts of favorites for links I wanted to save for later. Folders upon folders and subfolders within subfolders. It was so hard to find anything. I like how Pinterest is very visual and organized.

    When I was young, I used to cut different kinds of inspiration out of magazines and use a glue stick to make a collage of my finds to decorate my notebook covers. I also had a bulletin board above my desk of magazine photos that inspired me.

    I do agree though that Pinterest makes us compare and makes us want more. It’s like watching HGTV or the wedding show channel and feeling like you have to have everything you see for your house/wedding/etc. Actually, magazines kind of did that to me when I was young. It’s so hard not to compare, but I still think overall Pinterest is a great way to share ideas. Plus even if nothing gets accomplished, it’s free entertainment that for some might even be therapeutic.

  28. Pinterest can sure suck me in. And there I sit sifting through dozens of pins. And I just read the other day that 80% of pins are just the same ones recycling over and over. One think I hate about Pinterest is when the photo does not link to a website. If I like the photo enough I want to learn about what it is. There have been a few times that I’ve tried recipes or crafts I’ve seen on Pinterest and they have not turned out.
    Well I guess it’s just a time-waster. I could be doing worse things.

  29. Here is my two cents worth. I don’t use/browse Pinterest. I am familiar with it and have chosen to not use my time that way. For me, blogs can be just as bad as far as presenting the “perfect” home/life/kids/job/vacation/spouse. So many use the ruse of being thrify or DIY while they spent tons of money on their projects. I know a lot of the big bloggers get materials from manufacturers as a way of advertising but many don’t. My reading list of blogs has been purged of almost all and is pared down to a few. I’ll admit I am amazed at the number of young women who stay home and have fabulous houses and what appears to be high income. Wonder how I missed that years ago?

  30. We had a counselor (a real doctor) come to our MOPS group last year to speak about women’s mental health. There is a very real phenomenon they’re studying that revolves around Facebook and users’ levels of contentment. Basically, the more they use it, the more they compare themselves and their lives to others.’ And you also have to factor in the matter of most people choose to ONLY share the good stuff, which makes it look like they live a charmed life.

    I think this could very easily also be applied to Pinterest. I still love finding ideas on the site, but it does make me feel inadequate, especially as a blogger. I have to remind myself that many of those posts are sponsored and the blogger received promotional items, etc. It sucks to not have the budget for DIY! ;)

    Thanks for sharing this post!

  31. Anonymous says:

    Some day I will start all those projects I pinned and cook all those recipes and have 8 weddings from all the pins I pinned. Some day :)

  32. Some day I will start all those projects I pinned and cook all those recipes and have 8 weddings from all the pins I pinned. Some day :)

  33. Pinterest is bad for me because it makes me want to do so many projects and make so much food that I can’t afford!

  34. I love all the comments. I’ve grown a little bored with Pinterest, but when I’m needing some inspiration for a certain project in mind and can’t get it to come to fruition, I turn to Pinterest. I know I will never be able to have the extravagant, but I can take those ideas and figure out a way to get/make something similar for less. Pinterest is also kind of like my fairytale storybook (if I could have it all with no worries), this is what I might like!

  35. I hate Pinterest. It’s eliminated rich content in favor of overly photoshopped DSLR expert photos. It’s disheartening because some of us have really, really good ideas with loads of creative things to share but no money to drop on a nice camera and photoshop.

  36. I took your post in the “tongue in cheek” way in which you intended it. I use pinterest in the same manner you do. I can’t believe that in the beginning I thought I might even DO most of those projects/ideas I pinned! :) One thing I can tell you is that while I have wasted more time, I’ve saved $$ by not buying so many decorating magazines. So there you have it. Like most of life… pinterest is best used in balance. (Not to say I’m balanced)! :) HA


  37. My issue is more with Craftgawker than Pinterest. It is a totlaly perfect world out there. As a blogger granted if you get your project up there it is a jackpot but the way they reject the submissions make me cringe. The reasons are mostly due to the photo quality. Even if your project or actual DIY is genius or 100% original (never attempted on) everything depends upon whether it is magazine worthy shot, which I think is totally unfair when you consider that a majority of the bloggers are not photography experts.

  38. although i spend a lot of time on pinterest, i think i should cut back a lot. i will never have the money or the time to do all of those things. and i also feel jealousy and inadequacy at times, looking at what other people can do. i don’t like to feel that way. facebook does the same thing. everyone always posts about their wonderful vacations and good stuff, it seems all they have is good stuff, even though logically i know that isn’t true. pinterest and facebook are twin sisters, aren’t they?


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