The Great Washing Machine Debate

I need your help again.  I feel like we are about to purchase something major like a new house or car or something, but actually it’s just a washer we have to buy because ours broke.  And I’ve been researching them forever.  Not really forever but several weeks now.  Why can’t this be an easy decision?!

First of all, I have decided against a front loading machine so that narrows down my choices quite a bit.

Why did I decide against front loaders even though they look really pretty?

  1. Since we don’t need to buy a new dryer because ours is only 3 years old and perfectly fine, our dryer has the back panel where all of the controls are.  It’s not flat on top like the front loaders with the control panel on the front. So that would look like a really mismatched set and it would drive me nuts.
  2. They are a pain if you don’t have the pedestal base that makes them taller, and that’s an extra $200-250. And I’m not going to DIY one.
  3. They require more maintenance and I’m lazy and know myself and know I wouldn’t do the stuff you’re supposed to do.
  4. They get stinky and some mildew if you don’t care for it properly.
  5. That rubber ring inside the door has to be cleaned all of the time, and well, like I said, I won’t do that.

I’m not hating on you front-loader washer lovers I promise. I think they look so pretty and expensive and they actually were my first choice until I started doing more research on the new HE top loading machines.

Now that you know my reasoning, this is the washer I want after much researching and reading reviews.

That is the actual one I am thinking of and it’s made my LG, and it’s the Wave series. I have done quite a bit of research on them, but like with anything you read reviews on, you can read those few horrible reviews and second guess your choice all over again. Overall, this one has really good reviews though.  And I did a poll on Facebook a while back and it seemed everyone was cheering for the new HE top loaders, yet, people still loved their front loaders too.

But here are my dilemmas:

  1. Are these new HE top loading machines just a new fad and the new cool thing to have?
  2. Do I really need a HE one without an agitator, or should I just get the $300 old school machine with an agitator?
  3. Should I spend the extra $200 and get the HE machine with a 4.5 capacity vs. the 3.7 capacity? The 3.7 looks tiny after you compare the 2 in the store!  And the thought of doing less loads of laundry is very appealing.
  4. Do I need to go to therapy since I struggle with all of these crazy things in my head? Mercy.

Goodness, sometimes I hate that I’m not the impulse buyer I once was. I feel like I have to read every single review out there before buying anything now and it’s annoying!  I do this at stores too, even when I buy clothes.  I annoy myself. Ugh.

And special thanks to my sweet momma who’s been doing our laundry for the past several weeks.  She washes and folds, and they smell so good!  I know, I’m a brat.  But I hope to buy the new machine this weekend or next, so I won’t be spoiled much longer.

So will you help me choose? Should I go with the bigger HE top loader or save the money and get a cheaper regular ole washer? To me, appliances are like furniture.  You want it to be good and last a long time.  And some things you have to spend more money on to get better quality, and I’m ok with that.  But in this case, does the $800-$1000 HE top loader get your clothes more clean than the $300-$400 machine with agitator?

And if you have a top loader or a front loader, what do you like/dislike about it?

See, I have issues and I need help. Admitting it is the first step.

*UPDATE: See THIS POST to see which washer I chose.*




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  1. Emily, we had a set of Maytag frontloaders we purchased when they were the “new” thing…we had nothing but problems with mold around the door ring (known problem-fixed in some newer models). We did have the ring replaced with a new one, our daughter took those with her to her apartment as with one person she doesn’t have to do a lot of laundry. We decided NOT to purchase a new front load washer. I went back to a top load, for a lot of the same reasons you are looking at them. I do have the Maytag Bravos HE machine and LOVE it! And, I love that it does NOT have the agitator inside. The washer holds a ton (we can wash our daughter’s queen size comforter easily), and it really is more gentle on your clothes. I also love that ours has an Oxi sanitary cycle…works like a charm for towels, sheets, etc. I am not a fan of bleach!

    • oh good Lauren, glad to hear that!

      • I had a Kenmore he top loader what hunk a junk only had it for 3 years and already I will never own another one again

    • There is another choice. Maytag makes a top load with front load technology and it has no agitator. Without the agitator, you really can wash more clothes. Since I like to divide by color and sometimes by fabrics, I think the large capacity would be wasteful for me. Good luck! I hate decisions like this!

      • Sue, without an agitator, doesn’t doing a load of clothes with blue jeans and long sleeve shirts get all tangled up

      • Sorry maytag sucks, we have an expensive Bravos series that has crapped out after maybe 3 years…only 3 adults using it. Will NEVER buy any of their products again. Two adults who have raised four children and are now closing in on 60. My mom had a Kenmore that lasted forever and actually CLEANED the clothes! Where are they now?

  2. Stephanie says:

    We replaced a regular top-loader with an Maytag Bravo HE top-loader about 3 years ago and I love it. First and the most important is that it doesn’t matter how big your washer is unless your dryer is big enough. The sales guy gave me the talk about how the washer is more efficient and better at getting all the water out, so our old dryer would be fine with drying the clothes and it would be faster. WRONG. Our dryer is not faster because I now have to either cut my loads in half OR dry two separate loads or hang half of it to dry. Yes, yes, I LOVE my washing machine and it’s lack of an agitator. But, I would tell you to wait until the dryer goes out and get a matching set of whatever so they wash and dry efficiently together. Oh and the stink thing . . . HE front loaders have it too, but with the cleaning cycle it takes care of that problem pretty easily and inexpensively.

    • Thanks Stephanie. Our dryer is pretty big so I’m hoping that won’t be an issue. I’ll have to double check and see what the capacity is. But thank you for the info–another thing I didn’t think of!

    • great point!

    • Molly Malone says:

      “Oh and the stink thing . . . HE front loaders have it too, but with the cleaning cycle it takes care of that problem pretty easily and inexpensively.”
      No it doesn’t. :o) I have a fancy HE huge machine and it has to be thoroughly “de-stinkified” every month. Or every 3 weeks, optimally. Ewww! It does work great, but there’s no way that mold is good for anyone to breathe or wear on their clothing. I know of a few people that got really sick just from the mold, one ended up in the hospital. If anyone has allergies, get one with an agitator, they don’t have this problem – mine never did and I’ve been through 4 since we moved a lot. If you use a lot of bleach, it may keep it clear because the mold is in the lines, but we are a very natural family and bleach doesn’t cross my threshold. If you like chemicals, the HE may be just fine for you. If you like things a bit more natural, HE machines may not be the perfect choice.
      Otherwise, mine is a good machine, but mold is a deal breaker for me. I’m replacing it as soon as possible, it’s a year new.

  3. I also have a top loading Maytag Bravos HE washer (4.3 cu. ft) that I love. The one I have doesn’t have crazy amounts of settings, but the ones it does are perfect for what I use it for. Also love that I don’t have to specify what size load it is, the washer calculates it for you. Detergent is a little more expensive, but if you buy the bigger bottles, it ends up being about the same or cheaper (depending on what brand you use). I also have the matching front loading dryer, so I’m not sure about mixing and matching (new washer/old dryer). Good luck!

  4. Anonymous says:

    I have an HE front loader. I’m still adjusting to it. I kept my old dryer though. Didn’t have the money to upgrade it yet hoping in the next few months. But I have noticed that my old dryer doesn’t take as long to dry the clothes now than before and our water bill went down by about $25.00.

  5. I have to say, I have had a front loading Kenmore He4T for going on seven years now and have had NO maintenance needed, NO smelliness, NO mold, NO need to clean the rubber ring so I don’t know where you are getting your info. The ONLY thing we have to do is leave the washer door slightly ajar when not in use…and I mean SLIGHTLY…not wide open at all.

    Anyway, just wanted to give my experience…good luck with your new washer. I think ANY new washer is nice but remember, if your dryer is not heavy duty it will take forever to dry the large loads you can do in the new washer.

    • Good Lori! I’m glad you haven’t had any issues with yours. :)

      • I have to agree with Lori…I’ve had no issues and all i do is leave my door slightly ajar. Never had any of the problems mentioned.

        • Bernice Hinkle says:

          I am glad for these ladies, but I know so many who do have issues with these new front loaders. I too, researched consumers report etc , HGTV message boards,…etc. I wonder why the “new front loaders” have these issues, when my friend had a front loader from AGES ago, fromMaytag, and no problems. I would hate to leave my dryer door open depending on who lives in my house, kidlets or animals. And then to have to buy the “special” cleaner for smell, as well as detergent etc. How can this be a better way?

          • Molly Malone says:

            It’s not a better way, that’s a total fabrication. These things exist due to government regulations, pure and simple.

            • unanimous says:

              What i would like to know is why don’t we have a choice to still buy the old “inefficient” ones. From what i saw of my HE my old one was cleaning my clothes much better i got myself a HE top loader with an agitator cause i simply had no choice it was either that or a front loader (no thank you) and i hate it. It takes for ever to sense the load, add water, start, add more water and finally wash or should i say “attempt to wash”. If i could find one like i had before, i would gladly trade my HE for it. I want to be able to open the lid when i forget to put in a piece of clothing, not push and wait…wait… wait and clink you cant open the lid, i want to be able to fill the washer to the top if i want to, even if it’s only in my head that it seems like my clothes will be cleaner in more water. I just want to have a choice! Someone took it away why?

              • Sheryl C. says:

                Unanimous: Your story sounds EXACTLY like mine!! I hate this washer, with a passion. We, too, had to have a new washer and was given no choice! I think this another thing we can thank Obama for!! All our energy efficient and water efficient washers and everything else! That is great, if you want it, but I would rather have what works best! If I want to drive an SUV, that’s my business; if I want to have a washer with an agitator that I can open the lid, whenever I want, without it draining all the water out, starting over again, and refilling, then that is my choice! I hardly think all that water draining out and refilling is water efficient! My Dad is 92 and still has an old GE washer, with a stainless tub, agitator and you can open lid at any time. I can wash comforters, quilts, etc. with no problem. I can’t even imagine how old it is but it is still running great! I bought my new one 3 1/2 yrs. ago and am now looking for another because it has torn up! It’s not worth fixing. Just got to find one as close to the old traditional as possible. I love to be frugal, too, but this machine has cost me much more, in the long run, than one I would have paid double for!

              • This is so true sometimes if I use powder detergent there have been times when the cycle finished and pieces of laundry and powder soap were still dry :( I think energy efficient doesn’t use enough water.

              • Anonymous says:

                These changes are part of the “energy mandate” which I think is an Obama thing, I should go look it up. I agree with you guys. All of this totally ticks me off. If I want more water in some of my wash loads I should be able to use it. Etc etc etc. grrrrrrr!

              • I really wanted one that I could open without waiting forever for it to pause , in case I forgot to put something in, or it is not balanced. Could not find one htat didn’t lock. I have a Maytag front loader at home, I hate it, have the mold problem, and it is in a closet, the door won’t shut if I leave the washer open. And it’s too late anyhow. So, I bought a top loader Maytag without agitator for my business, it gets delivered today. If I like it, I will buy one for the house, or just go back to the old fashioned agitator top load.

    • I also have a Kenmore top Load HE and after three years the unit is completely rusting out. Never again will I buy a Kenmore.

  6. I was going to say the same thing about the dryer needing to be able to handle the larger load washer. That is important. I had no idea that the front loaders are that problematic. I will be needing a new washer soon. I can feel it coming! And I am just like you and research and ton and that one stupid bad review is what keeps me from moving forward. Which is why it’s taken me so long to buy a paint sprayer and get my kitchen cabinets painted! But I swear, I’m going to take the leap!

  7. I have a top loading HE washer and I don’t hate it, but there are things I don’t love about it. I love that it spins so much more water out of the clothes than my old washer, so they dry faster, but I miss being able to soak things. My washer has a soak cycle, but it isn’t the same. There is just enough water in there to get the clothes wet, but not to really soak them. I have pets and a toddler granddaughter. It seems I’m washing something out of a quilt or comforter weekly and sometimes there are stains that need to soak a while to get out. It just isn’t the same with a HE washer.

    • Thanks for that tip Autumn–didn’t think of that!

    • I have to agree with Autum. I have a top loading HE washer and I feel exactly the same. I have had several loads especially of things like sheets that have come out with spots completely dry. I don’t think the water every touched them. The water amount is not enough to soak things as Autum mentioned and I do miss that! And I have not noticed one difference in our water bill and we have had this washer for over a year. So much for saving water!!

    • I have to agree. The condo association where I live recently changed all of our washers to HE front loaders. Frankly, they are awful, and I wish we would get rid of them. They do not get the cloths clean, especially cottons. They don’t allow enough water into the load to get them clean. I am constantly having to rewash virtually every load and add extra water to the wash. This has got to be the worst innovation since the Edsel!

  8. Could you point to some articles backing up your reasons for not getting a front loader? I had no idea there were certain things you had to do or that made having a front loader difficult. I’m curious to know what you found. I have a front loader dryer, and I was planning on getting the matching washer in the future.

    • Cristina, my reasons came from numerous sites I’ve read, customer reviews (those are the ones I really consider), and talking with the guys at the stores who sell the machines. Most sales reps will tell you up front the ring does have to be cleaned, and the door has to be left open when you are done washing so mildew doesn’t occur. It’s not a big secret or anything. Just part of maintenance. If you just google front loader vs. top loader, you will find a billion articles. :)

      • I have front loaders, approximately 8 years old. The first time my washing machine went out (after about two years), the repair company that came out told me he DOES NOT recommend front loader washing machines. In my unit, (it’s a Whirlpool, but not at home to get specifics) we have replaced the computer board 3Xs, and now another time along with the drain motor. Thankfully, after the first time, I signed up with HomeSmart Plus with my electric company. Currently without a washer, but the repair company sent forms in for replacement through HomeSmart yesterday. Now searching, and WILL NOT get another front loader…ever!

    • Kathy Goodwin says:

      I bought a Whirlpool, front loader Duet with dryer.
      They are the pits. Doesn’t get clothes clean, broke down after a few years. They just don’t make them like they used to. I’ll never buy a front loader again. I need to know the clothes are getting clean in water and agitating.

      • I agree Kathy. I’m in the market for a new set and just can’t grasp the concept of how the clothes are getting clean without the agitation. Also, I like knowing that they soak after washing…Just old school I guess. I read all the reviews about the agitator wearing clothes, but I not only grew up using one, but it’s primarily what I’ve owned and I’ve never had an issue with torn clothes.

        • I totally agree because the fact is they DON’T get the clothes clean. I have had a whirlpool cabrio for about 6 years, and can’t even say how much I HATE it. It is a ridiculous machine–large capacity, but what good is that if it only puts a little water in the load and has very weak “agitation”? If I could just figure out if there is a traditional agitator model that still works like the old ones, I would throw this thing out, but don’t want to get burned again!!

  9. I have four units in my laundry room…yes, with 3 boys in sports, I have a lot of laundry! I have both a top load HE unit without an agitator (Whirlpool Cabrio) and a Front Load LG. The top load units lock up quite a bit with large loads. It gets off balance rather frequently which is a hassle. I’ve never had that happen with my frontloading machine. I also have different dryers. I have a Whirlpool Duet and an LG Dryer. Happy with both! They don’t have to match…IMHO:)

  10. Just an FYI… We have a front loader. It’s a Maytag Neptune and is our second one. We wore out the first one (we have six children) after about eight years. No smell, no mold, no cleaning the rubber ring. The newer ones have a little drain hole in that rubber ring so all the moisture drains off of it, therefore there’s no mold or smell. No maintenance. It will shake if not level, though, but that’s with any one of them. I like that it uses little water compared to a top loader and, since there’s no agitator, it doesn’t beat up our clothes (clothes last longer!). And, I can wash a king size comforter in it with NO problem. :-)

  11. I’m not really a fan of my HE top loader. I didn’t think there was anything wrong with my old washer and dryer. However, I was pregnant and on bed rest and my mom came to wash all the new baby clothes, blankets, etc. She said my machines were too slow and I needed new ones. A few days later she had a new HE Kenmore Elite Oasis washer and dryer delivered to my house from Sears.

    I just don’t feel like my clothes and blankets get as clean as they did in my old machine. I really don’t think the ability to add more clothes to the machine is a good thing. Because they use less water, the clothes aren’t really submerged in water and get a chance to really push the water through them…especially bath towels. Like an above poster said, I miss being able to soak my clothes if needed.

    My son’s pajamas have a urine smell to them in the morning after having a wet diaper through the night. I swear I still smell that urine smell on them after they have been washed and dried in my HE machines. I sometimes have to wash them twice which defeats the purpose of an HE machine.

    I really miss my old washer and dryer.

    • I have had the same issue with the urine smell in my sons clothes and I also have a front load washer. I have found if I add a pinch, and really just a pinch, it takes the smell out and also has helped with the mildew smell in the machine. Maybe it will help you too!

    • Use white vinegar on the piece of clothing to take out the urine smell.

    • I agree 100%!!!!!
      I spent HOURs and HOURS doing research on top load vs front load. Since it turned out to be a coin toss, I went with a front loader. NOW, after a month, I would not get either kind because there is no agitator and my clothes DO NOT get clean because of low water usage! Period! I am so mad about this. Hopefully, Home Depot will allow me to return it so I can get an old fashioned one with an agitator and have clean clothes again.

      • My Sears Oasis just started rattling; 1 service call later I have learned that to repair it (2009 purchase) will cost around$400 because the ball bearings and the door lock are both failing. Now it’s research time for top or front loaders. I was not at all happy even with this older agitator system because it twisted sheets into ropes, didn’t allow me to do a rinse only cycle without fooling the machine by starting to wash, then emptying, No way to soak clothes except to actually stop the machine and ignore it’s blinking lights, and now I’m learning the choices I will have with newer systems are even worse. The EPA and manufacturers apparently don’t care what the job requires; as long as they agree that the water use is low and the parts are expensive.

      • catherine says:

        I totally agree, I have a front load with 4 kids all playing hockey these machines DON’T clean clothes like the old fashioned ones with agitator ! I hate that you cant soke whites in bleech and lets face it. YOU NEED WATER TO CLEAN CLOTHES ! I have found underarmour that still smells like sweat after washing. I would rather do more loads of laundry and know theyre being cleaned than fitting huge amounths of clothing into a front load machine that doesnt even wash my clothes ~

      • yes, i felt the same way, I returned my new front loader, I hated it,
        it took away all my choices.
        i couldnt open it when ever I wanted, it too FOR EVER to wash clohtes, how can THAT save energy??
        but heres the other thing, even with the new top loaders, even those are designed to use WAY WAY WAY less water in both the wash and especially the rinse cycles.
        id had No problem with my older washer, one that i bought new in 2006( just a top loader by maytag), .
        but i wanted to do my part and try and save water and energy too..
        after a lot of research, after the front loader debaucle, I chose to go with the good old fashioned top loaders.
        well its only my clothing, nothing heavy, towles and jeans shirts, I wash them seperate. I never over load my machine. EVER
        I do it just like always , only in a new machine.
        so after using it a few times, I noticed that there were actually DRY spots in the clothing!!!!!!!!!! some of the clohtes wer NOT getting wet, HUH??!! what???
        i NEVER had that with my other washer, EVER.
        PLUS, the rinse cycle, which is so important, to me, to get all the soap out, well, the rinse water only measured THUMB high!!!!!!!!!!!! thats about 2-3 inches, of water. no matter what size load i chose for it.
        i thought i got a lemon, but i didnt, after speaking to the manufacturer, this is how they are made!!!!!!!!
        so many people are complaining about this very thing. not enouhg rise water. or washing water for that matter.
        I only use 2-3 tablespoon of soap, because im so reactive to chemicals, even with that little soap, i was still getting itchy and bad headaches from left over soap residual, in the fibers of my clothing.
        IT was the SOAP, not getting washed out, because there is not enough rise water to do the job right.
        laudnry soap is made using petroleum products, and other toxic chemcials.
        think about it people, your washing your kids clothing, and not getting the soap out, all the yummy flowery smells, that you think are nice, are NOT!
        they are not made from flowers and pinecones, or what ever pretty picure they show on the label of the soap your buying.
        they are made from toxic chemicals.
        you would think that FDA, and EPA, are there to protect us, right?
        they are NOT!, not when there is money invovled.
        im not going to go into all of that.
        this is about poorly designed washing machines.
        you put these clothes on yourself and your little kids, their body heat, makes the smell/chemcials come out even more.
        use a fragrence free soap you say, right?

        that shirt that your kids are wearing, is right underneath their NOSE and MOUTH, they inhale it ALL DAY, ALL NIGHT LONG, the sheets they sleep on, and the clothes they wear, can make them not feel good.
        thats what it does to me, plus it affects my abilityto think and process/retain info.
        from itchy,sensitive skin, to headaches, upset tummies, for no known reason. ( to you) TO HARD TO EXPLAIN HERE.
        this is a really upsetting topic to me.
        i want my old style washer to start being made again.
        i want the CHOICE of having as little or as much water as i want to run thru MY clothes and machine.
        i dont want the manufacturers choosing how much water I get in my washer.
        you could be making yourself sick.
        those headaches that you get, that you cant explain, maybe from left over soap.
        that sorethroat/lung, burning eyes, you get, maybe from left over soap in your clothes.
        that dizziness, or burning mouth, maybe from left over soap.
        skin, and exzema maybe from left over soap.
        think about this.
        please DEMAND from the companies, that they give us back right to choose.
        yes saving water is a big deal, but walking around in soap and chemical filled fibers in my clothing, that makes me feel sick, and maybe YOU too, is a bigger deal.
        infact now where ever i go, when im with people, I can smell the laundry soap oozing out of their clothes, because of the inaduquate amount of water being used on the washers.
        yes people are sposed to be using less soap, buyt they dont, they are under the belief that “more is better.”
        its not!
        ive chemcials reaction now for about 8 yrs, i never ever had any problems with any chemcials, UNTIL, I bought a new washing machine.
        the soap left in my clothes made me even MORE reactive to other things.
        if any of this sounds like you, take a moment and google. MCS.
        sorry, I didnt mean to be SO long winded and whiney, but im pissed off.
        I want more water in my washing machine, i want the choice, I want to choose for myself .
        ok, im done, just think about all those chems/ petro chems, that are not getting rised out of your clothing.

        • I agree with you Sharon! You are exactly right on EVERYTHING you have stated!!!. I just purchased the MAYTAG BRAVOS XL Top Load HE Washer and the close DO NOT come out CLEAN. The bottom line is the consumer should have the right to add water to their washer.

        • kandee parker says:

          I couldn’t agree more! I want a big washer that uses a LOT of water so that all the clothes are pulled out smelling clean, looking clean, and are WET. I paid $1300 for a GE Clean Speak Top Load washer with Steam Technology…all the bells & whistles. The only thing I like is the light in it and the automatic Tide dispenser. It does not clean. Clothes look dirty and often smell dirty. They need to take off the sticker that says made in the USA because it was not designed well. Every load comes out with 1/4 to 1/16 of the clothes still dry never even getting wet. I need a machine that DOES NOT save on water. There is no savings if I have to rewash a load which already took forever to run in the first place. I have tried switching the settings and amounts of laundry to NO AVAIL. Still searching for a washing machine to replace this one.

        • frustrated with washers says:

          I completely agree, but it’s not the manufacturers, it’s our lovely government who has in recent years decided it was their place to mandate how much water our washing machines could use! Vent your frustration to the source so the manufacturers can once again make great washing machines! Ugh this is so frustrating!

        • I agree, I bought a LG top loader Wave. The clothes never really get clean as was the evidence in the whites. Looking for an old set somewhere to start using. May trade someone my new set for their very old fashioned kind. Pretty frustrating.

      • Anonymous says:

        I have one of the top load no agitator machines and it is so silly to think the clothes can get clean with such little water. Also the washers stretches and tangles the clothes. Don’t get one!

  12. Debbie Ciak says:

    I have a front loader and love it – having said that with kids a top loader is a better choice. Forget all the fancy stuff go for large loads and the ability to choose the best cycle for your laundry. Do you need HE or steam – no. Amazingly our mothers did quite well without that and the additional cost of repairs to those systems make them not worth the extra $$. Unless your thinking of buying Paykel or Bosch they are all pretty much the same on the inside, plastic parts – they break, they break alot if the machine is overloaded. If I may also add in, for anyone thinking that using a top loader means your less likely to have an issue with mold needs to have thier machine taken apart so you can see the mold growing on the liquid fabric softner left on the inside (places you cannot imagine how it got there ). I could write an article on the evils of liquid softners and the sheets we throw in the dryer –

    just my two cents

  13. I would definitely get a high-efficiency model only to save water and energy. I have no idea how they compare cleaning-wise to other models, but since you’ll probably have it for years, the savings (both to your wallet and the environment!) would offset the increased price. I would definitely recommend a high-efficiency model if you have a septic system, since the reduced water and detergent output will increase the life of your septic system — and replacing a septic system is very pricey!

    I wouldn’t mind a larger washing machine than my dryer only because I hang-dry so much stuff, so I rarely dry a full load.

    The only thing I would dislike about a top loader is that I wouldn’t be able to put anything on top! At least without moving it when I wanted to open the machine. I know you’re not supposed to put things on top of a front-loader (while it’s running, anyways), but it’s just so darn handy…

    (Also, Target regularly has sales of its Tide detergent, including high-efficiency. We did some price shopping and found their sale price was less than the regular price at the membership discount warehouse. Plus, you use less!)

    Good luck with your decision! I personally think it’s smart to really scrutinize an appliance purchase, since there are so many options and they are expensive to replace if they don’t live up to expectations.

  14. I have a top loader HE without the agitator and love it. I soak things and have zero issues. I have 3 kids and had 3 animals. I would never go back. I couldn’t tell you about the fabric softener issues because I use those crystals.

  15. Had the front loading HE when they first came out. Sold them for many reasons, some that already been listed. Bought top loading HE and while I like it much better, I am short and have a hard time reaching the bottom to gather up the clothes. Call me old fashioned but I kinda miss the agitator… :)

    • Becky, I’m short too and have to wear tennis shoes and stand on my tip toes to reach the bottom. Glad I’m not the only one. LOL

      • Anonymous says:

        I’m returning my top load he machine. Just bought it a few days ago and it hasn’t gotten one single load clean and I need a step stool to reach socks in the bottom….it should have came with a height requirement.

        • Wow – Becky I’m having the same problem – I’m going to return my washer too! “…it hasn’t gotten one single load clean and I need a step stool to reach socks in the bottom….it should have came with a height short to reach the bottom of the washer!”

  16. We just bought a new washer on Saturday because ours also went out. I bought a Kenmore HE top load without the agitator at Sears and I LOVE LOVE it!! It is super fast and way better than my old washer. I’m glad we spent more money and upgraded instead of getting the cheapest machine like I had orignally planned. This saves time and money something I need with two kids and another on the way. Good luck!

  17. I have a Maytag top load HE washer with matching front load dryer. I like it just as well (no more, no less) than all the other working washers and dryers I’ve had.
    What I dislike:
    The downy ball for fabric softener is a bit of a pain and when it was brand new, didn’t even always open and empty during the cycle. I don’t like having to think about it when I’m unloading the wash, but you get used to it.
    Sometimes it does get off balance and shuts off if i just dump the clothes in without distributing them evenly.
    If I forget something , I have to pause the load and wait for it to stop spinning before I can open the lid to put in the extra item.
    What I like:
    My set will was and dry my king size comforter no problem. (like previously said, make sure your dryer is big enough to handle whatever size washer you’re getting)
    I save a little money on my water bill and use less detergent (i make my own, so it’s super cheap anyway)
    I don’t have to worry about picking the load size (not that it’s hard, but it’s one less thing to think about)
    I use cloth diapers and enjoy the easy settings like extra rinse and drain only without having to put a dial in precisely the right spot.
    Extra things:
    I don’t have odor issues (I’ve had the set since this past summer and simply leave the lid open when it’s empty-which I’ve always done with the regular washers anyway)
    There’s a little window on top that allows you to see how the cycle is doing- the kids enjoy sitting on top and looking at the spinning clothes.

    I figure there will be things I like and dislike about anything I get, so I try not to dwell over it too much and just pick one. Sometimes I pick an item based on simply wanting to try something new. Other times, I pick the less expensive item because I think about what I could do with the extra money.

  18. IMO…. as long as the clothes are clean and the machine is efficient…. why spend the extra money for something fancy when the less expensive option is just fine? There are a lot of things I’d rather spend the extra 300-400 dollars on.

    Plus… I’m not sold on the idea that a machine without an agitator is going to get clothes as clean as a machine with one.

  19. amy mccauley says:

    I have new HE top load and I think it’s great. I really didn’t like the front loads for the same reasons you did but mostly because it’s kinda a pain to get clothes in and out it seems! Also all the maintenance.

    I would say that to go with the biggest capacity AND without the agitator in the middle. I love not having the agitator in the middle! (you can get more clothes in without it in the middle!!)

    I’ve had my “new” machine for almost two years and it is wonderful!

    Good luck!

  20. I LOVE these kinds of posts. You learn SO much for them. I don’t have any advice but after reading everyone’s comments I really stand behind my initial gut response. I like OLD SCHOOL and I like top loaders. I’ll admit I wanted or would have purchased the new fancy shhmancy front loaders that looks so shiny!! BUT after hearing what you found from doing a lil research I wouldn’t buy one now! I’m with you, I do not do all those extra necessary maintenance things. I also like to soak my clothes. And I NEVER over load. The more water clothes have to swim in the cleaner they get. So even if I could add extra clothes I probably wouldn’t and would then be spending that extra money for nothing. Now, I have to add….I would not have to buy a pedestal base, as I am a lilliputian. But you already knew that!! LOL

    • RE the pedestal……I have a top loader washer, but I had hubs build a simple pedestal for the dryer. it was getting hard on this old body bending down to get clothes outof the dryer. It was cheap, easy, and sooo very welcome. It just looks like plywood because we dont go all the way here, but as I said, oh so easy on my bod getting clothes out of the dryer.

  21. I have a HE top-load w/out the agitator. (Sorry, can’t remember the brand, but we got it at Sears.)

    I really like the fact that it doesn’t have the agitator, because it’s easier to fit comforters and bedspreads in there. I also don’t find any of the little holes that I used to occasionally get with my other machine – never knew if that was just because it was old, or because of the agitator.

  22. In December I purchased the Maytag HE top loader without the agitator and matching front load dryer. I love them! One thing to note when loading your top loader. Don’t just dump everything in. You should stack your items around the “nub” in the bottom, not cover it up. It seemed strange not to set the load size or water level at first since the machine senses that on its own. I know some people have issues with laundry smells or things not coming clean, but I tend to think that it might be the user either using too much detergent or loading it improperly. My top loader is perfect for washing my queen size quilt and bedding, as well as bed pillows. Love it!

    • Which one did you get?

      • Anonymous says:

        I have the Maytag Bravos X HE top load washer. I’ve been using it just over 7 months and am very pleased with it. I get Afresh washer tablets that will sanitize your machine and keep it from getting stinky.

  23. I have to say that your choices for not going with a front loader are SPOT ON. I can’t wait to get a top loader.

    Here’s why: I have a very expensive (online price indicates $600-$700) Frigidaire front loader that came with the house that my husband and I bought, which the previous owner chose.

    About a month after we move in, the thing starts leaking on and off. Its very temperamental, if you use it for more than two loads — it will leak. If you only put a small load — it will leak. It always smells like mold even though we clean the rubber ring, leave the door and soap tray open, and have used a specific mold cleaner in it. Actually after I use the no-mold cleaner in it (you have to run it on empty with the soap disc in there) is when when discovered that is leaks if there is no load or small load. Since its HE, i have to buy stupid HE-approved detergent too.

    I’m pretty sure the gasket seal on the tub is cracked. But with how much that would cost to fix ($200-$300 plus repairman fee), we could just buy a new, simple top loader. Which is exactly what we’re going to do once this gets really bad. Luckily our basement is already creepy and unfinished so the leak doesn’t bother me as much as it should, for now.

  24. We have a {European} front loader and I am not a fan. Thank goodness it does not belong to me and I just get to use it while we’re stationed here. I do clean mine often and there is still mold- and it’s so dry in the house {that jeans air dry in an hour or so}, and I wonder what any other climate would be like with this machine. Plus, it’s really hard on our clothing- lots of little holes. I can’t wait to get back to the States and have my top loading washer back!!

  25. I have a Samsung HE front load washer and dryer and I’m not that crazy about them. I agree with previous posts that it doesn’t seem like your clothes get really clean. I bought some new jeans and after seven washes the blue dye is still rubbing off of them. My white washclothes have taken on a dingy gray look despite the fact that I use bleach and hot water plus the “santize cycle” to clean them. It’s like the soap we bath with is not coming completely out of the washclothes. Not to mention that there are times when I’m convinced there’s something wrong with washer because it barely uses any water.

    I haven’t had an issue with the mold or smell but I think it’s because I faithfully wipe down the ring and clean out the soap dispensers when I’m finished washing. And I leave the door open.

    I also miss my old top load washer and I doubt that I will ever buy another front load washer. I’ve heard good things about the top load HE washers so I’ll probably check those out when it’s time…

  26. Hi Em,

    When we were looking for applicance one salesperson told us that when the LG appliances break, the parts come from very far away and it can take a long time to fix. So we’ve stayed away from them, but I don’t know if this is actually true. I hope not, but you might want to ask about possible repairs. Hope this helps.

    • Although this post is old, I had to comment.
      My LG flat screen TV lasted less than 3 years. It had a 7 year warranty, which was not honored by the company, because it was “discontinued”. We stay clear of all LG products since then.

  27. We have a top-loader without an agitator and we LOVE it! We researched top-loaders and front-loaders and decided that a top-loader was the best bet for us. It is large enough for comforters/quilts, but can also handle small loads. My mother bought a front-loader at the same time and always wishes she had bought the one we got! We have definately seen an improvement in the overall “wear” of our clothes now that we do not have an agitator. We used to get holes in seams and stretched clothes which has not really been an issue since the switch. Our clothes also seem much cleaner and smell different (even though I now only use 2 tbsp of detergent!). I hope that you find the right fit for your family!

  28. We have the exact LG top loader that you are considering. We love it. I was also concerned about the agitator and all the HE hype. However, I love our washer. Our’s is the 3.7 capacity and, for hubs and I, I wash about four loads of laundry a week…including towels! Make sure you use detergent that specifies it is for HE machines or LG will not honor the warranty on your machine. Also, if you want the water to fill up the tub for a big load, then select the Bulky Bedding option and you’ll get a full tub! Good luck!

  29. You remind me if me! Lol

    I should have mentioned we have the ginormous tub. Looooove it! Will never go back! I love everything about my machine!

    Get the top loader without agitator and the bigger tub. You. Will. Love. It.


  30. I just witnessed my most excellent friend go through the same purchasing dilemma. She said “The Wave” has more incidents of expensive repairs ~ however, her husband’s job is such that she can afford the repairs as they come. Plus, she bought the longest extended warranty. She loves it and because she has 4 kids, she bought the biggest one available.

    I’m TOTALLY in agreement with your dislike of front loaders. My family lives in Europe and we actually bought and shipped a top loader to them because they swear clothes get cleaner when in a big tub of sudsy water being agitated and spun like crazy, versus a bit of water being slopped around with non-sudsy water like in front loaders. They are very hard to come by in Europe.

    I bought a Maytag top loader. I am not crazy about it because it is so strong (go Maytag) that it can sometimes tear more fragile fabrics. Had I to do it over, I’d buy a good old Kenmore~ mid price ~ largest capacity.

  31. we just went through this a month ago … after using my daughter’s new he top loader and HATING THE WATER ONLY GOING 1/2 WAY UP ON E.X.T.R.A L.A.R.G.E. LOAD ….

    • sorry for sending this too soo …. to add:

      and hating that, we went to good ol sears and purchased the top-o-the link NON-he … the water goes to the top of the machine and it’s a huge ex-lg load … so deep a wash tub that i practically have to fall in to it to get the bottom clothes … LOL … not cute!!!

      i use costco’s high energy liquid detergent and have for years and get a great clean load and their fabric softener — nice smelling and cheaper than downey, too ….

      anyway, for us bottom line was the water had to go to the top of the machine/tub …. i was not going to settle for nothing else … the price was under $500 and that’s a great price … hope this helps you … if you want the model number, i will get it for you … surgery yesterday and i’m *stuck* on the couch for a couple of days …. i know you will not be dissatisfied if this is your choice … oh, yea, btw, sears machines are whirlpool … great reviews in consumer reviews ….


      • Yes, Darlene, please send me the model # and make.

        I have hated my Maytag Neptune front loader since my husband bought it years ago.

        The clothes just don’t get clean and I send it through about 16 rinses with vinegar (yes, I use the correct amount of HE detergent), and it takes me all day to do one load of laundry. I have allergies and need to get all the soap out of the fabric. Sometimes the material is still stiff from not rinsing properly. My cheap 1998 Jenn Air top load agitator at our vacation home does several loads of bedding and towels in one day no problem. I too will not settle for less than me deciding how much water I use for a rinse cycle. This slush washing/rinsing just doesn’t make common sense.

      • I want the model number for Darlene’s machine too!!

      • Anonymous says:

        Would love to have the model # from Darlene.

      • Darlene, I just now looking – did you ever post the make & model of the washer you liked ?

  32. We have a front loader and I don’t like it, for the very reasons you mention. I have to leave the door open to keep it from molding, and it still smells horrible if you forget a load of laundry in there for even a short length of time. yuk! I don’t think that little tiny bit of water really gets clothes clean, and surely the agitator does a better job cleaning than water just being sloshed around. Personally, if I had it to do over, I would buy a good quality agitator machine. Our first one lasted for years & years, and we bought it used! I’d rather spend the extra money on something fun and/or pretty. :)

  33. I have to say…I L-O-V-E my Lg wave top loader. I got it in the graphite steel color. And no center agitator. Yes we paid a lot for it, but it was the brand new washing machine I have ever owned in our 23 years of marriage. Two,
    I wanted a pretty color. I know…silly, but I just did.
    I have to say, it washes our clothes with amazing power. I love that it does not fill up all the way, that you only need a small amount of detergent and that I can put in pillows, blankets, comforters without any problems.
    I also do not go through a lot of detergent like I have in years passed. Our water bill is a good bit cheaper. I love the glass top so I can stare at the clothes as they wash. Yes…I am still totally excited about this machine. I have a dear friend, who has a ton of money and could buy whatever machine she wanted. And this is the one she chose. But it came after she had bought a front loader and the thing leaked, glass broke out in the front, it was loud etc.

    I hope this helps. I have had my machine for 4 months now. Still in love with it. :):)

  34. This is the washer we have- I also debated like you are. Honestly, LOST SLEEP over it. But I LOVE IT!!! We have had ours for a year and a half (so it may not be the exact same model, but pretty close) I splurged and got the bigger one and glad I did. We’ve had no problems with it at all. We can wash comforters, tons of jeans, etc. It’s great! I haven’t really noticed a big difference in my water bill at all. But I’m washing for 6 people, so I do use it a lot. When it’s done, it sings a nice little tune. The only bummer I’ve ever had is that if it’s unbalanced it will refill with water to balance itself. However, I’ve found if you turn the beeper mode on low, it gives you a little warning so you can do fix it yourself before it does that. Just FYI. I prefer to fix it than have it refill, drain and spin- takes too long. :) Anyway- go for it. You will love them!

  35. In Jan., we bought the Whirlpool Cabrio, the 4. whatever. It is a bigee tub. I love, love it. Top loader, no agitator, HE detergent. I love being able to see the clothes thru the glass top LOL. But the clothes are clean, so for, no mold or smell. I do keep the glass door open for a while after doing the laundry. The guy told me to never use liquid fabric softener in it. Also said if I didn’t want to use those cleaning tablets to use clorox once a month to clean the washer which I’ve done.

  36. I have a top loader for all of the same reasons you give. I hate the thought of extra maintenance or the smell if you don’t do it. I have
    the regular old type with the agitator and it cleans just fine, but does
    wad up the sheets or other clothes sometimes. For that reason, next
    time I will try a top loader without an agitator. I also have a huge tub
    and like that size the best. I say go with the top loader, large tub and
    without the agitator!

  37. I’m a front loader HE convert, on my second machine. First one I made the mistake to buy one not large enough. It was a Kenmore and worked beautifully. The second one is an LG and it also works well. If I had to do over again I would buy a Miele or Samsung. I think they are better than the LG. The feature I love the most on my LG is the sanitizing cycle. I don’t have the steam feature as I didn’t need that, but the sanitizing cycle is great for towels and animal bedding.

    It will be so worth your while to get an HE even if it’s a top loader. The savings in energy and soap powder will pay for the machine in a year.

    Good luck with your decision.


  38. I have the LG Wave washer and matching dryer. The key is to not overload. I think that is the key with any machine. There are times when I think I’m going to get all my laundry done so I wash too much and the load doesn’t come out as fresh and clean smelling as when I load properly. I love my set!

  39. In November we bought a Samsung HE top loader. My husband spent days researching washers (he did the research because I though I was content with the old washer and that we didn’t need a new one. Boy am I glad he didn’t listen to me!) This is the one we decided on:
    (The first two reviews I agree with, the second one must not have the same washer as me! Haha)
    I seriously love it! I can do *so* much laundry in one load, it’s ridiculous! I really really really love the sanitize feature. After someone in our house is sick, all their dirty clothes and bedding etc. goes for a sanitize cycle and it makes me feel a lot better about life ;)
    It’s super quiet, when we first got it, I kept checking to make sure it was actually running! (and it’s right beside my kitchen, so you’d think I would have heard *something*!) The only noise you hear is the water running in and the spin cycle. But still way quieter than my old piece of junk!
    I thought I would miss my old front loader (we sold it with our old house and I’ve been using the top loading/agitator washer that was here when we moved in) but I really don’t. At all. I really didn’t like the mildew issues and that is why we decided to go with a top loader. And get this … it cleans itself! Once a month I push the button and it just goes to town and sanitizes itself and we’re good to go! My old top loader with an agitator got so nasty inside all the time. I had to scrub it out with all sorts of cleaners just so I could believe that it was capable of cleaning my clothes. The agitator would get residue and gunk all over it and it just looked nasty.
    As you may have guessed already, I would recommend a top loading HE washer over any other kind. So yeah, there’s my two cents … maybe more. Good luck on your hunt! :)

  40. Elizabeth says:

    I completely understand agonizing over making this decision. It is a large purchase and hopefully one you will not have to make again for a very long time. A year and a half ago, my really old (vintage) agitator washer just stopped. I ran to Lowe’s and bought front loader Samsung washer and dryer. They were delivered the next day. I did not buy the pedestals as I wanted to put my laundry on top of the machines – something that was impossible with my old top loading washer. I have no regrets, love the Samsungs! Yes I leave my washer door open, I do not wipe anything down and don’t do any special maintenance, have had no problems with mold, etc. I particularly love the fact that if I want to steam something or sanitize something, I can do it! With pets and a son with terrible allergies, this is a god send! The washer has a special leveler which prevents the machine from shaking even if the load is out of balance. My old washer shook the entire house!

    You will make the right decision for you, don’t worry. You cannot go wrong with the new technology. Love that they are easier on the environment, saves water (very precious), lower energy consumption, etc.

    Good luck! You’ll be happy you got a new HE Washer.

  41. I have a whirlpool duet. Not that new , but a front loader. Do not like it at all. If you do a small load, it does not spin well, and have to put it back to the drain/spin cycle. What a pain! Also the rubber seal stinks and is moldy. Hate it. Had a problem with this machine from day1. Not enough water goes into the machine, to wash comforters and stuff like that. There are even some dry spots on the items when the cycle is finished. I like a top loader because sometime you need to add laundry detergents or whatever while clothes are washing, but you cant do that with a front loader. Oh and those special and super expensive HE cleaning powders and liquids DO NOT WORK!!!! AT ALL!!! I have to use a good all purpose cleaner and go in there and get all the yuk out of the machine. Not fun. Its really stupid to wash your washing machine after you wash. Cant wait to get something new in the near future.

  42. I purchased one of the HE top loading machines when they first came out. I was so disappointed. I purchased it from Lowe’s and after a few weeks of using it, I would walk through the appliance dept and look at the washers that I wish I had purchased instead. One day a salesman came up to me and asked if I need some help. I told him I was just looking…wishing I had purchased the old fashioned top loader. I was so unhappy with my new washer. He asked where I purchased it. I told him I bought it from them. He then proceeded to tell me that if I wasn’t happy I could pick out another machine. They would come and pick up the one I didn’t like and deliver the new one. No charge…. nada… nothing. I even received a refund as the new washer that I chose was cheaper. I was sooo happy. Emily…just make sure wherever you purchase it, they will let you return it.

  43. Just chiming in with my two cents. My mom has an HE washer WITHOUT the agitator, and hasn’t been happy with it. She doesn’t think it gets the clothes clean well, and wishes she would have just bought a XL capacity traditional washer. After 2 years, she is “gifting” it to my brother and his new apartment, and buying her a new high capacity traditional washing machine.

  44. We are leaving our Kenmore HE4 washer and dryer for our house that is now becoming a rental. Never had an issue with the front loaders and it’s going on 7 years. (gosh I hope didn’t just jinx us). As for new ones we have been looking at similar models as the one you mentioned. The one thing my aunt mentioned about those models you are looking at is the sounds they make. I’m 99.9% sure she has that LG model and she said when she does laundry it sounds like a high pitched rocket or similar. I thought she was exaggerating but then she pulled out the manual and it actually states it what it may sound like. So that would be my question to ask or look into! I know all machines make noise this one is a bit different, but not annoying.

    • Jill, it is my understanding and in reading some of these posts, it’s confirmed, the Samsung is said to be the most quiet. That is the one I wish I had bought.

  45. Ah, it’s like you’re in my head. We’ve been having the exact same debate. I’m glad you opened up this discussion to help me weigh the pros and cons!!

  46. We purchased our Whirlpool Cabrio washer & dryer about a year ago. I have never loved a washing so much. It is top loading & doesn’t have the agitator so it will hold so much more! The fewer loads I have to do the happier I am!! Good luck on your decision!

    • Did you get the platinum or regular can you wash a queen bulky comforter in it? thanks. Is it easy to operate

      • I believe it is just the regular. Our queen comforter fits! Very easy to operate! I love that it holds so many pairs of jeans! It is a life saver for this family of 5! :) Good Luck!

  47. We purchased a Samsun 4.7 Top Loader and dryer day after Thanksgiving 2011. I had bought the Whirlpool the week before but didn’t read reviews…we stopped the w/d on the truck…did not want. I love love this washer/dryer. It has the glass top and I love watching it wash…doesn’t have an agitator but works wonderful. I couldn’t figure out how it used less water but I’ve not had any problem w/clothes not getting wet or clean.. My washer has ALWAYS been my favorite applicance. P.S. This is my third set – have always purchased Kenmore.


  48. W/D purchased @ Lowe’s

  49. Wow! Lots of comments! I have Samsung HE front loaders for about 5-6 years now and I am in love with them. I have no smelly issues and I keep mine closed. No cleaning ever. I use to have the pedastals in our old house, but they wouldn’t fit under our cabinets in our present house. I wish I had them I could give them to you :) I do get tired of bending down, but it works the thighs-lol (thinking positive here). I actually put these guys on top of one another when we rented a home during transition. Now that was cool! I recommend that for anyone that has a small laundry room. You also would only need one pedastal and the dryer is on top. You have researched a lot (good for you), and sounds like you know exactly what you want. Use your woman washer dryer gut instinct (lol) and you’ll be sure to pick some good ones! Good luck!

  50. After reading these many posts on the topic, I’m getting more and more convinced that the old school top loader is the best WASHING (emphasis on washing) machine out there…Unless there is a model that lets you manually set the water level, then I would probably go for the non-agitator models…

    Please understand that if you can SMELL urine or anything else for that matter in your clothes after washing, then it means there are MOLECULES of the substance still remaining in the fabric….this has to be a function of insufficient water, imo….you can rinse a dirty diaper with nothing but water (LOTS) and get rid of a urine smell…

    the only other thought I have is that you might be able to literally add water (using a pail) if you feel the ‘sensors’ are not adding enough water to thorough clean your items and imagine what a PITA that would be!…I have a 20 year old maytag set and i’ve been tempted to replace them just because I’m tired of looking at them, but they work beautifully (still)

  51. I have a Frigidare HE front-load washer and dryer set. The biggest difference I’ve seen is in the amount of water we use. I run a home daycare, and have three almost-adult children who live at home, so I do a lot of laundry. I’ve never noticed a smell in my machine, but the directions told me never to leave the washer door open between loads, and I don’t, so that might be it. The only time we had a problem with it getting our laundry clean was when our water softener broke down and shot charge beads through the pipes, blocking the entrance to the washer, and therefore not letting enough water in to get the clothes clean.
    So, do I love it? Well, I don’t hate it. But if it broke down today, I’d either go with a regular top-loader or an HE top-loader, mostly because of that rubber seal. We replaced it once, because someone (ahem) forgot to clean the wire hangers out of a backpack, and they ripped it. Now it’s twisted, because someone (else) decided to get the clothes out by simply grabbing and yanking, instead of one piece of clothing at a time.
    So basically, the biggest benefit to an HE machine is the difference in water usage. It doesn’t clean the clothes better, just differently.

  52. I have a basic Whirlpool set about 6 years old that came with my house. Old-fashioned with agitator and works well. I can do my queen size comforter and blankets with no problem & they remain in great shape. SO I can’t address the latest models and their pros & cons. However, a good friend is head of the local appliance store’s customer service (not a big box, but family owned) and a few months ago I asked him about some of the new models.

    1. He says the easiest to work on and easiest to have parts for is Whirlpool. thus quicker repairs when needed.

    2. Like Whirlpool/Kenmore, there were several of the new “names” that actually belonged to the same company. You might want to research that and see if you’re paying a company for a name rather than a better machine. I can’t remember the list he rattled off and I thought they were all separate companies and they weren’t….another way to charge more was the best answer.

    Hope this helps!

  53. We had to purchase a new washing machine almost 5 years ago. I researched and researched before we purchased. We were using cloth diapers for our baby. The eco-friendly laundry detergent company said that the top loading machines were better at cleaning clothes (and diapers). She frequently spoke with cloth diaper retailers and they discussed feedback from numerous moms doing laundry. This convinced me to purchase another top loading machine.

    We used to be a loyal Maytag family. IMHO, they are not the machine that they used to be. Our Maytag repairman even cautioned us to not buy another one. I will not admit to the number of Maytag washers we have purchased. They tend to have issues almost immediately after the warranty is up on the machine.

  54. My friend has a front-loading machine and so I’ve seen the problems that come up with it, which was the main inspiration for my choosing a top loader HE model. As some posters have said, the washer uses less water, however, I have not found that to be a problem even when washing bedspreads and other bulky items, as the washer has settings for both bulky (bedding) or heavy (in my case, towels) settings that really do get the job done. As mentioned before numerous times, anytime I get something with a urine smell to it, I simply add a few splashes of vinegar to the load, with some fabric softener (in one of those release balls) to keep the vinegar smell from lasting in the clothes. It really does work!

    As for the agitator…I will never go back to an agitator system again! I no longer pull clothes out in a hopeless knot, nor do I have to put delicate items in a zippered bag to protect them from damage (a major plus in my book as I am sure we have all missed that one bra or spaghetti strapped item that wraps itself into one big constrictive knot around everything else in the load!) I have not noticed my clothes being an less clean having used less water, nor have I had to cut down my load sizes.

    • I would like to say one thing though… I originally started out with a model that had a clear lid, but ended up exchanging it for a solid metal one… I personally find it much better, as the glass lid will start showing mineral deposits if you have hard water… the window steams up everytime anyway, so having it as a “watch your laundry” feature pretty much doesn’t work.

  55. After 34 years of marriage and 2 grown children who have homes of their own, my husband and I replaced our poor old washer with a large capacity, top loading, HE washer. BEST decision ever! Clothes are cleaner and brighter, bedding and towels fresher and the maintenance on these machines is really minimal! Leave the top open after washing until the gaskets are dry and there is no mold or mildew! Laundry has become a virtually brainless task for me. We also bought the dryer (1/2 price if bought with the washer) and it has the refresh and steaming features. If you have a chance to get one, do it! No more ironing!

  56. I have a Kenmore HE top loader washer and dryer and love them! I can stuff so much in that thing it’s amazing! I’ve had no problems with it not getting our clothes clean. I purchased the extended warranty on both the washer and dryer and would definitely recommend that on any that you purchase. We’ve had to have a few things replaced on the washer and didn’t have to pay anything. Plus it includes a yearly maintenance visit.

  57. My 17 year old Tappan washer bit the big one a day before Thanksgiving, so I used the opportunity to snag one of the Black Friday LG front loader sets from Home Depot. The dryer was functional (tho 17 yrs old!) so I simply sold it for $50 and let the buyers haul away my problem.

    I cringed at the thought of sinking nearly $500 on the pedestals, but I’m so glad I gritted my teeth and checked that box! We weren’t hurting for laundry room storage at all, but getting the units up at waist-level means that I’m not the only one who does laundry. In fact, where before I was like a laundry ninja (nobody ever knew when or how I did it, it just got done) now it has become a family activity. So I’d have to say that $500 was well spent!

  58. We had a front loader machine when they first came out about 15 yrs ago. We never had any problems with it until we had had it for 13 yrs. We weighed the pros and cons about them all and about the musty smell but we love the front loader and actually found out that if you have a HE machine, whether it be a front or top loader, the detergent that you use MUST have the familiar HE icon on the detergent box, if not you’ll get the musty smell and with most brands your warranty will be void.
    I actually don’t mind when the rubber rings at the front of the door traps socks because all I have to do is give it a quick squeeze and toss it in with the clothes I just put in the dryer but I also must say that in the 14 years we have had our front loaders I’ve never found a sock that wasn’t one of my daughters socks because mine or my husbands socks just don’t fit. No biggie at all.

  59. We got the Samsung top loaders in 12/11, only b/c the front loaders wouldn’t fit in the tray (2nd flr laundry room). We have had nothing but problems! Clothes are so wrinkled dryer cannot get them out. In fact today, I spent over 4 hrs doing 2 loads of laundry, to no avail. Still wrinkles! I put only 1 pair of my husband’s slacks in a load by themselves and, believe it or not, when I took them out of the wash cycle, they were inside-out and had lint on them!!! We have fought with Samsung & also HHGregg, where we bought the pair. I am so sorry we ever made this purchase. I think, in the end, we will have to eat the almost $3,000 we spent on these. How sad that no one will come to our rescue.

  60. So…which one did you buy? Do you like it? I am going through the same decision right now. I want a tradional top loader – but it’s hard to find reviews on it anymore. I subscribe to Consumer Reports but they only rated the HE ones…. ugh.

  61. Another thing to consider if buying a front loader (never again) is where your dryer and washer hoses and gas line are as many of the front loaders doors are not interchangeable and you will have to lift your wet clothes over the open dryer door if your dryer needs to be on left, washer on right side.

  62. Confused!!!! Some like HE top loaders, some race HE front loaders, some go back to old fashioned top loaders with agitators. I read consumer reports. They say front loaders clean better than top loaders. The do not even do reports on old fashion agitator washers anymore!!! I DO not SEE consistency with answers! Consumer reports say LG and Samsung have fewest repairs. But others say if LG breaks down takes for ever to get parts from over seas!!! What to do???? Go with consumer reports? Go with majority on this website? Seems like majority like top loaders on this website! How can there be such inconsistencies????

    • Mary – I agree with you. I have been doing research for about a week and originally i thought “top loaders, all the way”. Then i hear that front loaders use less water and are better on your clothe so I thought “yes, front loaders!”. My tank tops always seemed to shrink upward (unless i grow 5 inches a week, it’s not due to me getting fatter or anything like that) with each wash. So i knew i didn’t want an agitator, i figured that front load would be best because
      1. I hear leaving the door open helps (now i feel like it doesn’t after reading these previous comments)
      2. it uses less water.

      now, I am even more confused and feel like less trouble will occur with a top load.

  63. So, I came across your blog as I have this debate almost exactly a year after you had it! The question is, WHAT DID YOU DECIDE??? We’d love to know!!

    • I got the LG top loader! Love it.

      • Which LG top loader did you get? Does it have the agitator? Is it the HE? This is a big purchase for our family as we have a son entering college next year (yikes) and two young ones at home still who each are involved in two sports. They have terrible allergies so I want to wash their (and my) Queen size bedding often. I just want a darn machine that CLEANS the laundry without breaking the bank. All the research is giving me a headache!

      • Anonymous says:

        Which LG did you purchase?

      • Do you have a problem with your clothes getting twisted around each other??? I am without anything because my$1100.00 front loader broke down after 2 1/2 years and would cost $1200.00 to fix. No thanks. Thank you.Susan.

  64. And….. Clothes cleaned? Pros/cons. ANY regrets? Agitator?…

  65. preciousb says:

    Lg is now the company formly known as Goldstar back from the eighties (larry goldstar) and samsung as well are made in korea, i understand parts are hard to come by if they are not readily available here therefore are literally are on a slow boat from korea. with nuclear tensions with north korea that may affect speed or availability of parts from that region. digital panels are temperamental and costs upwards of 3-4 hundred to replace, “energy efficiency” is govt regulation on how much water and energy we can use to do our laundry. if the govt wants to speak about energy efficiency then they could really look at our dependency on foreign oil but that’s a whole nother topic……
    my whirlpool dryer of 18 years just went out and am researching what to buy. we’ve repaired our matching xl washer twice for about $70 each time, we bought the set for around $1100 and we have 3 kids now and it’s been a work horse. If the new models are only expected to last around 7-10 years, you factor in what few hundreds you save in electricity, water and soap costs, you will probably negate that in multiple repair costs as well as the upfront cost of the set.
    sorry to write a book but also, called a couple of appliance technicians for their recommendations since they are the ones who are in the know.

  66. Hi – Would love to know:
    1) What made you decide LG over Maytag?
    2) Have you really noticed a difference in your laundry from using ‘old school’ machine to now using the top load HE w/o the agitator?
    Thanks – currently in the middle of the ‘Great Washing Machine Debate’.

  67. which lg model did you get. could you list the model number, so i can look it up and the one you got do you think it would be good for cleaning cloth diapers

  68. Anonymous says:

    We just purchased an HE Maytag Bravos XL Washer 4.6 cu ft. tub – Model MVWB850YW from Lowe’s two weeks ago today. I (like so many others who have posted) did the research, spoke with salespeople, even emailed a dozen or so neighbors to get their advice / opinion. I discovered that this question can yield some pretty strong opinions, both pro and con! I had a traditional top loader, a Kenmore (Whirlpool) for 16 years before it began rusting out and the lid switch broke….again! I didn’t want to put more money into a repair and opted to buy new.

    I chose a top loader for all the same reasons PLUS, I don’t have a laundry room but rather a laundry closet that is located on a rather busy hallway that leads to the garage and bonus room. I just don’t have the room depth-wise to leave a front loader door open and I don’t like the cluttered look of having the laundry closet doors kept open in order to keep the washer door open. The pedestal expense was too much, plus with cabinets in my laundry closet I would barely have clearance and then no place for my laundry baskets! Additionally, my plumbing is configured for washer on the right and front loaders make more sense with washer on the Left. I just didn’t want a jumble of extra vent pipes & cords in the back of an already small laundry closet in order to place the machines correctly.

    HE is certainly different! The water usage IS low, but I have found it effective. I don’t know how it works without the agitator, but it does. My clothes are clean and rinsed well. I LOVE that I have room for Queen sized comforters as well as my King size matelasse coverlet! Out of the 10 loads that I have done, the coverlet (not too bulky but very heavy) was the only thing that created an unbalanced load — but this happened in my traditional washer too. Bra straps no longer get all knotted with other clothing. I can wash linens for 2 beds at one time now! I use vinegar in the softener dispenser almost always.

    ALERT: I haven’t researched to verify but the Lowe’s salesman told me that traditional agitator washers will no longer be sold after 2015. He said agitator washers are going the way of the 100 watt incandescent bulb — won’t be made!

    Good luck to others making this decision. I tell you, buying my car seemed EASIER!! No kidding!

  69. Oops, forgot to put my name above.

  70. Great debate! Just spent an hour observing the Wash cycle through glass top of new LG Top Loader WA456. Entertaining and frustrating:
    Water sensor did not cover the medium load; parts of clothes never got wet even during movement of the drum (a slight back and forth, not agitation). No setting on the machine to increase the water level, so finally added buckets of water manually.
    Rinse cycle equally perplexing. The machine first attempts to spread the clothes evenly by jerking movement of drum (which landed our clothes in a clump on one side), and then shooting a waterfall of water while the drum slowly rotates — no agitation to thoroughly rinse out soap (residue left). The waterfall seemed to waste water as the sensor over-filled the machine (to mount the uneven pile of clothes?).
    Finally, Spin cycle was fine, but longer than necessary!
    Conclusion: Neither efficient or effective. . . wanted to reach in and agitate the clothes by hand! Will call Samsung service, but otherwise try to exchange the machine.
    Thanks for feedback!

  71. Jesse Ritz says:

    We have our 40 year old GE dryer and 25 year old washing machine (the used one wore out) in the barn. They still get filthy work clothes and filthier rugs clean and dry, despite the fact that: the new concentrated liquid detergent is crap; no phosphate detergent is crap; 125 degree hot water settings is stupid. That is a different story, but it is also the reason that your washing machines smell. My mother had a front loader for many years and if you told her that it had to be cleaned once a month she would have pushed it off the back porch. (Another appliance suffered that fate.) Back to HE, front loading, etc. Since the plain ordinary units served us through child rearing days and are still working we replaced them with the same thing. Why? We made the old garage (with the laundry) into a media room and saw a pair of bone colored machines at Lowes for $650 for the pair; free delivery, removal of the old machines (not) and a year to pay, payment & interest free. The 80 lb. block of concrete is gone; replaced with a balance sensor that stops the spin cycle, agitates in an odd way and viola returns to spin with a balanced load. The huge agitator is replaced with a much smaller one. The dryer is nothing special, but has no huge filter to clean/replace… just sweep your moistened fingertips across the wire screen and your good for a few more loads. The washer has to be cleaned with dishwasher detergent, then bleach a few times a year; our water is set to 140 degrees but the new detergents are terrible. We keep both units closed with a handmade ‘throw’ across the tops (not over the controls). Without the ‘staring eyes’ the pair of bone colored machines are hardly noticeable. If they last 30 years I’ll be 100 years old.

  72. Mrs twiggy winkle says:

    GE makes a flexible care washer. I love it. Supposedly one of the few still manufactured and the only old style washer sears carries. I had purchased an energy efficient top loader the month before and returned it to sears before the time return limit had expired, but I would have taken the loss and thrown it over the hill myself I hated it that much I have never hated anything more. Impossible to use, lengthy impossible to alter cycles and load options. Set it and forget it, because you cannot change anything once the load starts like change water level, spin twice or change cycles. You will be standing at your washer forever waiting for the load to “balance”. If the clothes are too wet after the load is done, and you want to spin them again, the washer has to REFILL with water and rebalance and then respin….these machines were designed by someone who grew up using coin op machines, and doesn’t know that there is more to washing clothes than putting them in and getting them out of a machine. My new GE has a decent energy rating and gives me the flexibility I need to wash clothes efficiently and sensibly. I am going to treat it like gold because I dread the day it has to be replaced and I can’t find this style again

  73. I spent 3 days researching info on washers and am glad I did…My wife and I wanted a new machine after our 20 year old whirlpool finally gave out….You all know the struggle to find a machine that compares to your “old one” well I have done the research and this is what we decided on….
    1) Must have agitator.
    2) Top loader, not front.
    3) The machine does not determine how much water is enough for a load–I do.
    4) Conventional detergent
    5) Made in USA (is made in WI)
    6) Warranty (3 year)
    7) Mechanical timer/controls vs. electronic boards etc.

    The speed met our criteria… It’s not cheap, and with the plain way it looks, you think–why am I paying so much? But it is a heavy duty washer. The speed queen doesn’t really go after the retail market. You have to go to a mom and pop type store as the big boxes don’t sell speed queen…
    It met all my criteria. The Speed Queen to comply with the government regulations will only fill up 3/4 of the tub maximum, or you can always keep the knob turned until it’s as full as you like. Or go to YouTube and search speed queen water level and watch the video and adjust it to your liking…
    My clothes are immersed in plenty of water and vigorously washed in an adequate amount of laundry soap and then rinsed out clean. with the model 542 you have the option for an additional rinse…
    The speed queen’s plainness is an asset. No high-tech computer board to break. They kept it simple, and focused on the one important thing–clean clothes. I am a service manager at a chevrolet dealer and know how important the value of a product can be and this product exceeded all of our expectations!

    Check out to learn more about these heavy duty washers!

    • MIke Perez says:

      Man I am glad I found this site and read your words I am exactly at the same spot you were wanted the same things. I have been going nuts with the big stores and the sales and models and it just was not adding up all the reviews good and bad trying to find the ONE I was going to spend good money on. In todays market only a couple of brands have a 10 year warranty on the motor. I was using that as a base but was not finding the companies supporting the rest of there product, boards going out after a year just crazy. I think Im sold on Speed Queen so far after 1 hr of research I have all ready spent two weeks looking at the others now to actually go see one Saturday and hopefully they have in stock. I too have a Whirlpool washer and dryer Imperial series 34 years old and i have replaced minor parts and the washer is now leaking oil and maybe its time,the dryer still works.
      I am very excited and Im sure my wife will be too glad we have good neighbors that let us use theirs.

    • I had a Maytag agitator washer for 19 years and NEVER had to clean it. Granted, there are only two people in our household, but I still did a lot of laundry. It finally died and we bought an LG HE washer and matching Dryer. Yes, it cleans our clothes beautifully and spins them almost dry, which uses less electricity in our dryer. However, You MUST clean the interior of the washer with a cleaner which you can purchase and run it through the CLEAN cycle of the washer machine. Would I buy HE machine again?………no. I would go back to the agitator machine. Just because I like the idea of lots of water cleaning my clothing…..but that’s me.

    • Hi steve, does the Speed Queen still com with mechanical controls instead of electronic. If so, do you know which models?

      Thanks, Darren

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  75. I had a Maytag agitator washer for 19 years and NEVER had to clean it. Granted, there are only two people in our household, but I still did a lot of laundry. It finally died and we bought an LG HE washer and matching Dryer. Yes, it cleans our clothes beautifully and spins them almost dry, which uses less electricity in our dryer. However, You MUST clean the interior of the washer with a cleaner which you can purchase and run it through the CLEAN cycle of the washer machine. Would I buy HE machine again?………no. I would go back to the agitator machine. Just because I like the idea of lots of water cleaning my clothing…..but that’s me.

    • In the USA manufacturers were having to learn how to make front and top load consumer products cheap enough that they would last and meet the tightening water efficiency requirements. People who bought the early front load models had bearings going out and gaskets tearing along with vibration and mildew issues. Over time the models are getting better as engineers are able to identify and fix issues with the new front loaders. Since there is less water the time required to clean a load is longer then the old washers. Top loader vibration issues are less severe and can be used on home floors better then front loaders. Front loaders are great in concrete floors but may cause vibration issues on regular floors. Again improvements in cancelling out vibrations are improving in recent front loader designs. Mold issues are being addressed. First off it is my personal opinion that mold grows better when hard water deposits are present in a front loader. If you have soft water the issue is less likely to occur. Also with a front loader keep the front door open when not in use. Run bleach through the machine in a washer cleaning mode as suggested in the user operating manual. With water efficient systems the detergent must do more work. Use a top rated detergent like Wisk Deep Clean liquid or Tide Vivid powder. It is my observation that all of these new washers are harder on cloths then the old water wasting top loaders. The old washers agitated clothes through water to get clean. The new washers rub clothes against each to get clean. I have seen the washers improving over time. Prices are dropping as engineering improvements filter down from top line models to the less expensive models. One thing is true, the new models are filled with electronics and are more complicated then the old models. For that reason I can not believe they will last as long as the old, simple mechanical Maytag we had that lasted for 30 years.

  76. I have been plagued with an LG front load washer for nearly 3 yrs now. It takes FOREVER to do a load of towels or clothes esp if you select 2nd rinse. It gets out of balance easily and will try FOREVER to correct itself before it just gives up. If I wash more than 1 bath towel, 1 extra lg towel, 4 hand towels and 4 wash cloths, it cannot spinning out! The machine is a 4.5 cu ft machine. The service repair person told me that this machine cannot handle more than 18lbs of wet items. How is this ENERGY EFFICIENT? It’s not. It retains water in the soap draw so I have to pull it out and carry it over to the sink after every wash, splashing water on the floor as I go. My mom had a Kenmore front loader when I was young. The door opened top to bottom and was also a scale so you could judge the right amt of clothes to put in. I paid $1,000 for this disaster of a washer. Whoever designed these new machines never did laundry.

    I REALLY WANT A SPEED QUEEN top loader but it sadly only comes in white. I’d kill to have my old Whirpool top load off-white washer back again.

    The LG matching dryer is fast – it’s only problem is that it rips clothes if the lint screen isn’t perfectly flush. Clothes can get caught on one of the sharp lint screen plastic corners even if it sticks up a fraction of an inch.

    Also, I’ve read that LG doesn’t allow negative reviews on their website. I tried and always received an error message until I gave up and found other places to write truthful reviews. The other thing they do is stalk you as soon as you get the appliance for a review. You will generally be happy until you gain some experience which only happens with time.

  77. OK, I know this is thread was started two years ago and you have long since made your purchase, but I wanted to say thanks for the insights and laughs! It really does seem like such a crap shoot. I’m researching now because my six-year-old LG machines — both the washer and the dryer — are broken again. I’ve spent more than $1K in repairs on these units and will never buy LG again. I didn’t have any problems with parts taking a long time to get, but the repairs were always super expensive because they had to replace large parts (like the whole electronics board) when only a small thing on it was broken. Best of luck with yours … the range of experiences really makes one think that it’s kind of the luck of the draw, whether or not you get a good one. I shudder to think how many hours I’ve spent thinking about this.

  78. Well i to am at this point, my 6 year old whirlpool ( with agitator) still works, but i find it is NOT cleaning anymore.. i bought the set brand new , well so ive been sick over this top load, front load with and without agitator business and this is what ive come to :
    1. everyone has something GOOD and Bad to say about every type..
    2. i have come to the conclusion that i still have no idea what i SHOULD get..
    I don’t want to deal with washing my washing machine.. that’s just nonsense! I want my dirty kids and husbands clothes clean~! that’s all i want, i don’t want to deal with any of the above mentioned “crap” for lack of better .. i don’t want to deal with leaking, cleaning, not enough water, having to re wash etc.. soooooo that being said im still on the fence on this. but i will say this, up until around a year ago, my set with the agitator i never had issues with. so im leaning towards getting another set with agitator, just because i think i need another 5-7 years to think about which machine im going to go with , front, top, without agitator etc. why must it be so complicated , were all in it for the same thing, CLEAN CLOTHES!!! and frankly im so tired of reading review after review, good and bad, that im just done. the sad part is , i don’t think most of us would be agonizing over this if they weren’t $700+ EACH for the washer and dryer, its such and expensive purchase , everything has gone up, and quality has gone down. i believe i paid $1000 for my set 6 years ago, now all these fancy machines are 1000 each , who wants to drop that kind of $$ on machines that have both good and bad reviews . This just stinks!

    • Molly Malone says:

      I just have to reply because I sooo agree with you!!! I’m having the same trouble with getting a decent dishwasher, so I do get it.
      I have a top loading HE machine that’s about a year old, and cost a bloomin’ fortune. A fortune to me is $850.00, just so you all know. I hate it. I’ve given it long enough, and I still hate it. Here’s why:
      1 – It spins too fast and presses wrinkles in everything.
      2 – Unless you are very and I mean VERY computer savvy, it is difficult and complicated to set.
      3 – It does all your thinking for you, you have many options but cannot over-ride them.
      4 – It has mold issues. ALL HE MACHINES HAVE MOLD ISSUES!

      Here are the good points:
      1 – It uses almost no water – good for a desert, and the state of CA.
      2 – It has a HUGE tub, mine holds 5 cu. ft.
      3 – It is quiet.
      4 – It has a million different settings. If you can figure them out, it’s kind of fun.

      It all comes down to what matters most to you. Mold matters most to me – we are allergic! So I’m getting a replacement with an agitator. I’m lucky my husband doesn’t yell, because here we go again!

  79. Anonymous says:

    Hate to tell you this but top loaders are horrible too. Maytag Bravos quiet series 400…I will try to be nice here….is faulty in every way. First and foremost, it started putting two tiny holes in everything that is delicate. It started with my husband’s favorite tshirt we had to throw away. Then my cotton undies. And, my husband refused to think it was the top load washer so continues to put his tshirts in to clean them and every other one has holes in them. I bought a laundry bag to see if that would help him out (they still get holes). We had it checked out by repairmen (two) & drum & they claimed drum is smooth. Read online this is just a thing that occurs due to the spinning, knotting of items in washer and items getting caught in holes of drum. Read that getting new drum (which is costly) does not help. I started washing my delicates by hand in Woolite like I used to do. But, yesterday I found two tiny holes in some lightweight fleece pajama pants (xmas gift), 2/21/2014 that was last straw for me. Looking for new machine. Second, all your clothing spins so fast, no matter what setting, it seems that the tub is going to bust out of the machine (it is loud). I am looking for front load (Samsung, LG or GE). I would rather clean rubber gasket with warm water & baking soda & lv door open….than have ton of holes in clothes I cannot replace. I think they should have a lawsuit about this. We have not even paid for it in full yet.

    • Annonymous,

      I too have found that this washer is very hard on the materials and we seem to be replacing clothing items much quicker. I have the stain problems and the fading of my bright colors as well. I think is just a very rough machine all around, but I can’t afford to replace it, just bought this year.

      I’m very sad, noise is one thing, but having to repeat loads of laundry–is time consuming and definitely not energy efficient. Not sure what to do about it. :(

  80. Anonymous says:

    The washer that we have is a Whirlpool Cabrio Platinum. The last Cabrio that we had, it made A LOT of noises 7 years old started to get unbalanced started to flash the “ul” code then we got the platinum washer. The dryer is the same but different has the clear lid on it 2 years old still works great. I like Whirlpool, Maytag, and Kenmore. I HATE FRONT LOADERS AND COVENTIONAL WASHERS AND DRYERS

  81. I bought Maytag HD Bavroso XL top load about a year ago and I’m finding stains in my medium colors. I am a nurse and wear a lab coat over my uniform at all times. I find splatter type stains in the sleeves, behind my knees, on my butt. These are not grease stains or food stains. They finally go away after third washing and pre-treating them is not working. I have tried different types of soap, powedered and fluid, I have used softerner and not. This is very irritating and was wondering if anyone is has a solution to this problem. Oh also I have added extra rinse. I have always own Maytag and never had a prblem until this one which supposed to be energy and water effcient, but if I have to wash my clothes three times, this is not helping.

    • Molly Malone says:

      Could your stains be mold/mildew from the lines? This is a huge problem with HE machines, mine included. It’s a very expensive doorstop… :o)

  82. Two years have passed since you posted on this subject. I wonder if in that time if anyone has found a machine that actually washes clothes, and can do a 20-minute load in under an hour and 10 minutes without braiding the laundry into knots?

    I hate my (expensive!!!!!!!!!) Samsung SO much that I occasionally think seriously about simply doing ALL the laundry by hand, even the bluejeans. I mean, what a da**ed nuisance, waste of time, hassle, and headache! I bought the top-loader for the same reasons you did, and will say I haven’t had problems with mildew or with enhanced back pain. But as for the pain in the tuchus? Wow!

    Every. single. stitch. of laundry has to be packed into mesh bags to get around the braid-the-laundry effect. That of course doesn’t do much for getting the laundry clean, although it doesn’t seem to matter because this machine is capable of running a load for upwards of an hour and still delivering items with bone-dry patches that have never seen a drop of water.

    Next week i plan to go back to Sears to ask if they still sell an old-fashioned, unecological top-loading agitator-type washer. If not, well…I guess I’ll either start taking my clothes to the cleaner to be washed or wash them by hand. You can pay for an awful lot of French laundry bills for what this darned Samsung cost!

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    I would like to share an experience which might benefit others shopping for a new washer. We too replaced our old stinky front loader with a no agitator top loader (Samsung model # WA5471ABP) in 2011. Overall this has been a good machine – washes lots of clothes, quiet, with a lot of nice features. However, it does have a design flaw that you should be aware of. The plastic bleach dispenser sits in the metal housing of the machine in the front left corner. Over time, small amounts of bleach somehow end up on the metal housing and this leads to rust which can leach back into the machine drum leading to rust stains on your clothing. I contacted Samsung about this problem and was told that: the unit was out of manufacturer’s warranty (duh!); the problem was cosmetic, and that there were no recorded complaints about this issue to spur an investigation for possible recall. I noted that the representative on the phone did not seem to be recording my complaint for any type of registry, and when I inquired why, they blew me off. HOW DOES SAMSUNG KNOW THAT THERE ARE NO COMPLAINTS, IF THEY DO NOT REGISTER THE COMPLAINTS THEY RECEIVE? We had purchased our unit from Lowes and had also taken the 4 year Extended Protection Plan (EPP) . I spoke with several levels of support at Lowes EPP finally landing in the ‘Executive Support’ division. They told me that rust was a cosmetic problem (aren’t washers supposed to remove stains, not cause them?), and that the EPP contract only covered ‘mechanical and electrical’ problems with the machine’s function. When I asked them to direct me to the section in the EPP contract that said this, she was unable to do so, but replied “believe me this is the case”. Anyways after weeks of phone calls and a written complaint by certified mail, they finally agreed to send a tech out to “evaluate” -not fix- the problem at their expense. The tech told me that this was a common problem in washers with bleach dispensers, not limited to Samsung. He had repaired over 15 units himself. After he left I was contacted and informed that they were declining my claim, as the problem was cosmetic, and caused by exposure to a caustic chemical – eg. bleach (really, I had the audacity to put bleach in the bleach dispenser). TAKE AWAY MESSAGE: do not purchase top loader machines with plastic bleach dispenser in metal housing, and think carefully when considering a product manufactured by Samsung, or warrantied by Lowe’s EPP. Finally, if you have been similarly affected by this rust issue, would you sign my petition at IPetitions:
    I would appreciate it very much. Good luck.

  87. Don’t buy a front loader. They are all plastic inside top of them. I’ve been told by repairmen they are made to break and repair and parts are expensive. Repair guy says go get the plain Jane no bells and whistles in the back of the store and wash for years and years! Mine stays broke. Lg has a lot of work to do in my opinion. But most of them do this!

  88. One other cautionary tale about washing machine design. Stay away from machines in which the plastic bleach dispenser is located in the metal housing of the machine. You will inevitably spill some bleach on the metal housing which will lead to corrosion and rust stains on your clothing. Neither the manufacturer, nor the third party extended warranty will repair this as both claim it is cosmetic. If you want a machine with this bleach dispenser design, make sure you never use the dispenser, but rather pour your bleach directly into the wash after it has filled with water. You will save you a lot of money and anguish.

  89. The Problem:
    This old thread is still on-topic, and I’d like to add our recent experiences with top-loaders. We purchased a HE top-loader made by a large Asian electronics company from a home improvement chain store in June 2013 for $749 US. Unfortunately we didn’t ask our friend Google for references and we had the most unpleasant experience with a consumer appliance that we’ve ever experienced as a result. It worked well enough for 13-months, even though I wondered how in the world it could clean without an agitator. Then my wife had the misfortune to accidentally clean a pillow stuffed with polyester “fluff”. The pillow got caught in the rather large gap at the top of the basket, ripped, and then disgorged its fluff into the wash water. This had the effect of clogging up the water extraction pump. This cost $237 and of course wasn’t covered by the 10-year motor warranty. The basic warranty period for everything else is one-year. Then, about one month later the washer dumped an entire load of water onto the floor because the extraction pump had ripped off of it’s mounting on the bottom of the wash drum. After some research I discovered that this plastic pump problem is a design defect that is fixed by installation of an improved pump mounted on the base of the cabinet, not on the drum. Even though the washer was out of warranty I managed to convince the manufacturer’s service center to pay for the upgraded pump, including labor. But then, 21-months after purchase, the washer started to have “issues” with the spin cycle. It would start to spin, then stop when the tub started to bounce around inside of the cabinet. It would then add water, “pulse” it a bit, pump out the water, then try the spin again. After many cycles of this it would eventually come up with a “DC” error and stop. My wife would usually be able to get it to finish spinning by manually adjusting the clothing in the basket. Further Google research revealed that the problem “might” be a defective plastic balance ring that might have leaked something (water? oil?). It also might be a defective “spider” fitting. This is a bracket on the bottom of the basket that connects the basket to the bearing on the bottom of the tub and then to the direct drive motor. This bracket is apparently made out of a metal that creates a galvanic couple with the stainless steel basket and quickly “dissolves” away. There are actually photos of this on the web! So after being into this thing almost $1,000, and with reports of additional serious design failures (corrosion, split drums, bad smells, etc), we decided to cut our losses and replace the washer.

    The Solution (hopefully):
    My favorite appliance parts store, when told of the problems I was having, just laughed and said they would NEVER recommend the brand we purchased, or another large Asian company either. They recommended that we consider going with Speed Queen. The SQ AWN432 top loader model is basically the commercial washer that you see in laundromats without the coin snatcher. It contains almost no plastic parts and has a heavy transmission with steel gears. There are no computer circuit boards, no displays, no playing of music, and no WiFi! It does only one thing: wash clothing well. Yes, it has an agitator and you can fill the tub to overflowing with water if you want. The lid doesn’t lock, and it has a three-year warranty. Oh, and it’s “Made with Pride in the USA”. So we purchased one two days ago and it’s happily washing away as I type this missive. The thing sits there like a rock, even when spinning throw rugs. It’s heavy, almost 200-pounds. It’s certainly premature to project reliability, but I’m encouraged…

    What now?
    We’ve still got the Asian washer in the garage. I was thinking about repairing it myself, assuming it was a defective balance ring ($85 for the part). But with the other design failures reported on the web I now wouldn’t want to cobble it together and sell it to some other “sucker”. I can suck it up myself as a lesson learned. Does anyone want a nice-looking two-year old washer? (full disclosure: it’s a POS!) I might try to get the manufacturer to “buy” it back on a pro-rated basis, but this is obviously a long shot. The web reports at least one class action lawsuit for a corrosion problem where rust would drip onto clothes and stain them. But this suit was dismissed, not on the merits, but on conflicting state laws.

    My wife just finished the throw rug load and she said, “Look! They’re clean!” Spots that the other “HE” washer didn’t touch are now history.

  90. Wow, this is a great thread. I am very disappointed in the total ruin of our wonderful appliances. This is a topic that makes me feel physically sick. Just very upsetting. I live in Guatemala now and have purchased a new washer for our son and family who also live here. It is the model: Whirlpool 7MWTW1704BM. The first moment I tried it I was disappointed. The Regular cycle is a SLOW agitation speed such as the delicate cycle is. (There is difficulty getting some help on this here at this moment and maybe always.) DOES ANYONE KNOW if the new top loaders with an agitator are NOW dumbed down to having just ONE speed? If so, I will cry and continue to be disappointed, but if not, then we need to have our brand NEW washer serviced. PLEASE SOMEONE COMMENT! Thanks soooo much!

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  92. The operating system debuted alongside the Nexus 6 smartphone and the Nexus 9 tablet this past year and has been steadily rolling out to third-party hardware.

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