The Great Pantry Makeover

Well, well well!  I never thought I could love a pantry as much as I do now.  Actually, I never thought I would even give the pantry a makeover.  After all, it’s just a pantry.  But boy oh boy, how life changing this pantry makeover was.  Seriously.

Let me first give props and a BIG thank you to my Dad.  He really is a brilliant guy.  Now you all know where I get it from.  Haha, JUST KIDDING.  Sort of.   :)  Anyway, he helped me a lot with this project and is the mastermind behind the new shelf/carousel design.  I will show you them later, and I will also write a separate post just about these shelves.  They are that awesome.  And if you decide you want some, which I know you will, he is even selling them now and can ship you some!  Update: Click HERE to read the post with all of the information about the carousels.

Ok, so here is our pantry before.   I love embarrassing myself.

We don’t live like pigs I promise.  And no, we didn’t trash the pantry so I could get some good before shots.  Sadly, it’s been like this for forever.

So instead of me showing you the afters right away, I’m going to take you on a little journey first of what we did to the pantry. Don’t hate me.

First off, I removed everything.  Put all your stuff in boxes and not all over your kitchen counters.  That’s what I would have done originally if my Dad didn’t make me get a box.  But yes of course he was right.

When the pantry was emptied my dad put up beadboard wallpaper for me.  I helped a little by smoothing out the occasional air bubble. :)  I already had a roll of it from another project, but I did end up having to buy 1 more roll for $15 so we could finish the top of the pantry.  While he was wallpapering, I did touch up our shelves with paint. :)

Sorry, in that last photo the paper was still wet, but that’s the only one I took with the whole pantry wallpapered.

Here is the wallpaper I used and got it from Lowe’s.

Next up came the installation of the amazing shelves/carousels my Dad designed and made.  Here is a picture of what they look like.

Don’t let the picture fool you.  These beauties are 20 inches in diameter!

I actually did install them, with supervision of course. :)  It was very easy though.

I drilled all of the holes first.  Here they are after they are installed.

Aren’t those awesome?!?!  They aren’t your typical “lazy susans,” trust me.  Anything made by my Dad is top notch.  They aren’t plastic, won’t bend or wobble, and spin so silently and smoothly.  You can put a TON of weight on these and it won’t affect anything.  They really are awesome.

Ok, so now what you’ve been waiting for!  Here are some pictures of the new pantry.

YES!!  Can you believe that’s the same pantry?  It’s like total peace going in there now.  I know that sounds strange, but everyone operates better when things are neatly organized.  I need these shelves in every cabinet in the house now!

I’ll show you some more afters in a second.  I just wanted to show you the cuteness I had to add to the pantry first. :)  I really LOVED the way Shelley at House of Smith’s organized her pantry makeover.  It’s just beautiful and so I used a few of her tips for organizing.

I did get the same big glass canisters from Wal-Mart, and all of the other new glass jars and plastic containers you see are from Ikea.  They are all really cheap.  About $6 for the big ones at Wal-Mart, and anywhere from $2-6 at Ikea.  Then I bought some Cricut vinyl for $9, cut out pieces with those squiggly scissors (sorry, I know they have a real name but I forgot), then used the chalk pens (bought at Michael’s) to write my label with.  Sarah at Thrifty Decor Chick also did this with her adorable new jars for all of their cereals!

I really love those tall skinny containers.  They are airtight and currently house our cereal, cheez-its and almonds. :)

The pasta and bean canisters…

I didn’t know how I would like having it all seen, but I LOVE it!!  Besides it looking pretty, I love knowing how much I have of something now without digging through all of the packages.  I always seem to buy a pack of spaghetti when I go shopping, but now I know I won’t need to for a long time. :)

I hung a wreath in the pantry, ummm, just because. :)  I had gotten it at a resale shop and wasn’t using it anywhere yet, so I thought this was perfect!

Here are some more after photos!

So what do you think of this makeover?  I seriously am in love with the pantry now.  The new spinning carousels really provided a LOT of extra room.  The top carousel and the bottom carousel hold the taller items like appliances I don’t use every day, 2 liters, dog food, etc.  Really awesome.  Oh, and hubby organized the canned foods.  :)  This was really an all around team effort project!

One of my goals was to eliminate as many boxes as possible.  I never really thought about it, but they do add a lot of clutter.  Of course I couldn’t buy a jar for every single boxed item, so I just put those on the right hand side of the pantry.  We don’t eat a lot of boxed foods anyway, so there isn’t much.

Another before just for giggles…

And after…

So how is your pantry lookin’ these days?  I hope you have been inspired to fix it up a bit if it needs it.  I promise it really will change your life!  And when I went grocery shopping yesterday, I spent $50 less than what I normally would, and it was even my “heavy” shopping day.  I really think it was because I knew what we already had.

I wished the beadboard wallpaper was showing up better in my after photos, but it’s the lighting in there.  It really looks great in real life. :)

I will be following up with a separate post about the carousels.  They are so cool!

UPDATE – Please click HERE to read all about the pantry carousels.

UPDATE: 2/10/14 – I am so sorry but the pantry carousels are no longer available.

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  1. Emily – Feel free to come to my house and makeover my pantry if you need anymore DIY projects for your blog. Or if you run out of things to do at your house, my house is available. :)

  2. Those are AMAZING! What a great idea. I love handy dads. I have one too. It almost makes me wish for my old pantry just so I can fix it up like that. Almost. Instead I’ll opt to incorporate that in one of my little corner cabinets that the last owner took the shelves from. Who does that?
    Really a great job!

    • Yes exactly Angela! I happily used my spaghetti noodles tonight from my new jar! LOVED it. :) Now if I could just redo our laundry room, maybe I’ll be excited to do laundry. :)

  3. WOW, WOW, WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I’m TOTALLY doing the happy dance over here! Pretty Pantries make my heart go pitter patter. :)

    Seriously… GREAT job! I LOVE the turn-y table things! How genius!
    Awesome job, girl!!!!
    Thank you SO MUCH for sharing that with me! I feel so honored!
    ~Shelley Smith

      • How exactly are those lazy susan pieces made? I love the idea and while the make over itself is a great DIY I’d love to know how to DIY those turn tables!!

      • Yes, how do you make the turntables? I’m not able to figure this out on my own and I’m sure your Dad won’t want to come to Missouri to make them for me!!

  4. Ok’ I THINK House of Smiths started a trend in blog land.. then Stories of A-Z NOW YOU… CAN I say that I adore the turn tables… HOLY FREAK! that is brilliant! LOVE IT! P.S. I am getting on the ban wagon and doing vinyl or chalk paint on my jars too. LOOKS FAB. have a super day. P.S. did you link this to my CraftOManiac LINK PARTY going on now? YOU SO SHOULD! happy day! Jen

  5. Seriously amazing! when I was reading your post, I had to get up and take a look at my pantry, just to see if it was as “ugly” as I suspected it would be. AND it was. There has been so many pantry re-do’s lately that I might think about possibly maybe tackling mine. Maybe…

  6. LOVE IT! Those lazy susans are fantastic! I would love to buy some for a cabinet that has a hard to reach spot. How much are they? Your pantry looks wonderful!

  7. Your pantry looks great! I just wish I had a pantry that big. Mine is just one small door area, but it’s more than what I used to have. Great job on the wallpaper & organizing!

    Now I have to tell you, that the Lowes BB wallpaper is not nearly as good as the Graham Brown version. Yours looks very nice there in your pantry, but I was in the store over the weekend and saw this version & it’s not nearly as detailed on the pattern as the GB is. Just wanted to let you know in case you decide to do more projects in another spot. :)

    • Thanks Rhoda!

      Yea I know the G&B is a lot more detailed and thick. I had just already had this roll, and didn’t have time to order the other. Maybe next time I will order from your shop. :)

  8. Just. So. Gorgeous!!!
    *sigh* bookmarking this for when we get out of our apartment and into a house that actually HAS a pantry!
    thanks so much for posting where you got the wallpaper from. :) what did your dad use for the spinning things under the turn-tables? my hubby is super handy, so hopefully he’ll make me some too!

  9. This is a fantastic makeover and soo inspirational! You’re dad is going to get a lot of inquiries and business!! I’m sending a link of this to my handy husband right now so we can do a similar pantry makeover!! Love it!!!

  10. Wow! My pantry is identical except mine is 8’x4′ and , it is even painted the same color….lol I showed my hubby, he built mine, I like the lazy susan’s, so guess who’s getting lazy susan’s….thanks!

  11. Your pantry is nicer than most of my rooms! That’s amazing. Will your Dad consider adopting me? I have a few jobs that could use his expertise. :)

  12. Girl, you really rocked it out!! Love that you beadboard papered and added a wreath. You deserve to enjoy a moment when you are getting your kitchen on. lol Thanks for sharing this fantastic job!!

  13. I am in LURVE!!!!!!!!! with the carousels! Beadboard wallpaper was a great idea 2! We are selling our house but I am going to be on the look out for the carousel post because I will have to do that project!

  14. Oh, your pantry redo is awesome! I love it that you made lazy susans on all of your shelves! How clever and you can always know what you have! I looks great. I really like the beadboard wallpaper at the backs.
    Now you’re in pantry love and I’m in pantry envy!! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  15. Super Pantry! What a makeover. You could leave this doorless; it’s so cute now. The lazy susans in the corner? BRILLIANT! VERY Impressed. I, too, am a firm believer that Chaos leads to more Chaos. Great job!

    p.s. Pinking Shears!

  16. This is such a great idea. I might need to adapt this a little for our way to small pantry. Thanks so much for sharing. Now you just need to get your dad to show us how to make those great turn-tables!

  17. It looks great and your Dad did a fantastic job on those Lazy Susan’s! Your Dad sounds like my husband when he does projects. I love the jars you added in, too. I think it is so much easier when you can see what you’ve got {and what you don’t}. Enjoy!

  18. I’m in love girl!!! It looks really great!!! The wreath looks wonderful in there too! Where did you get your chalk board makers from and what section!! I’m having a hard time finding them!!!! It looks wonderful!! How fun!!!

  19. Gorgeous! I’ve been wanting to redo mine too, but mine is about 1/3 the size of yours. It’s tiny! The things your dad made are super cool! Love them! Great job! Where did you get the skinny cereal airtight containers? I’ve been looking for some of those and can’t find them.

  20. FANTASTIC!!! Your pantry is amazing, can’t wait to read about the lazy susans! I recently installed the Graham Brown beadboard wallpaper in the back of built-in bookshelves and I LOVE it. Very easy to install (and I ordered it from Rhoda@southern hospitality!)

    • Thank you Martha! I really need to go ahead and order the G&B one as I’ve heard so much about it. It is just a little pricier, but I’m sure it’s well worth it. :)

  21. #1–I’ve just added house of smiths to my blog list. Thanks for the suggestion.
    #2–I’ve just added pantry as my next project of choice to beautify/make usable again.

  22. I love what you’ve done! The lazy susan’s your dad made are perfect and look a lot more durable than anything store bought. Makes me think about reorganizing our kitchen.

  23. This is AMAZING! LOOOOOVE those carousels — perfect for a pantry! You and your dad make a good team — and it turned out beautifully! We totally must be on the same wave length though — wait til you see next week’s post! :) You have a lovely, lovely organized, pantry, Emily!

  24. OMG!!! This is amazing!!! I am definantly keeping an eye out for your blog about the carousels your Dad made. He’s very talented.

  25. Oh my goodness, this is the most beautiful pantry that I have ever seen! Before I forget, I just want to say: God, I LOVE your wreath in there! You will smile every time you walk in there. I do not have a pantry (you are so lucky), but I DO need turntables like that for my bottom corner cabinet. Your dad is a genius. And he is such a big help to you (you are so lucky) with things in your house. I will wait until you post the cost, etc. about the turntables, I am seriously considering buying one (or more!). Great job!
    Best regards,

    • Aww Gloria you are too sweet!! Thank you so much for the sweet comment. I really love the wreath in there too. Who would have thought? I’ll be posting about them tomorrow or Wednesday. Thank you for loving them so much too! :)

  26. I just LOVE LOVE LOVE this makeover! I’m so jealous!! My dad was working on making me a bookshelf just before he passed away. It was going to be an xmas gift. That was five years ago but It was so nice to have a dad who could just make anything you need anytime! Great job with your makeover!

  27. Wow! This is an amazing transformation. Kudos to your dad! The lazy Susans are the perfect solution for the corners. I wish my pantry looked this good. Unfortunately my pantry is a tall narrow cabinet with deep shelves. Not the most ideal! ~ Sarah

  28. This is seriously awesome! What a great idea to add the lazy suzan. The wallpaper and all those organized jars make me drool:) You have inspired me to get to work on my pantry. – And I could’ve borrowed some beans from you last night- I had to make a special run to the store for some- ha!

  29. Whoa! I can drool over beautiful furniture/room makeovers, but this stopped me in my tracks! I read every word and checked out every picture. I have serious pantry envy! Those lazy susan’s are to die for!! I know I’m using way to many exclamation marks, but seriously, I love it!!!

  30. i love your pantry makeover! it calmed me down just looking at it. wow! you’ve inspired me to get mine in order!
    ps: we have the same recipe box! love it… and congrats on your hundreds of followers! that’s so awesome!

  31. Truly wonderful! Thanks so much for sharing this inspiring pantry! I long for this…but just haven’t gotten there yet! Maybe this will give me an extra push to tackle the pantry soon:)

  32. So, I have a pantry that is L shaped like yours… Will your amazing dad make me a set of those carousals? I’m serious. I’ll pay him. I just want them. They are so awesome!!!!!!!!!

    Love your new pantry. You are one talented babe.

  33. You rock girl~I am totally copying you. Trying to figure out how to fit the lazy susans in my pantry, I have molding down the middle.

  34. This seriously rocks!! I am salivating over your pantry girl!!! My little wheels are turning and I’m making lists as we speak. The Perks pantry is in definite need of a redo, problem is it’s very small…… Great Job!!!!

  35. Fantabulous pantry!!! (and blog) Just wondering if you have a tute for the lazy susan? If you already posted directions/help, I was too lazy to read! :0

  36. The whole thing is brilliant! Those rotating shelves are genius. I am showing them to all my friends with corner pantry’s.

  37. I am SOOO impressed! You went ALL OUT on this makeover!
    Just wanted to say thank you for sharing about the paintable beadboard wallpaper! Love this idea! I can see all kinds of projects with this product!

  38. OMGness, those lazy susans are the best idea EVER!! I would LOVE LOVE to have your pantry. I’ve never seen anything like that. You’re lucky to have your Dad. <3 What a smart idea. This is on my list now of things I want in a home lol…

  39. That is so cool. I love the carousels! You did an amazing job and I love the beadboard wallpaper. I’m hosting We’re Organized Wednesday this week if you’d like to stop by and link up. Hope to see you there.

  40. I had not seen beadboard wallpaper. What a great idea. We’re getting ready to move into a “new” home…and I just might have to get some of that! Thank you for sharing such a great makeover.

  41. This is really beautiful, love the carousel idea. Are they wood? Is there an edge or lip on them to prevent flying cans? I always spin carousels too fast, ha ha!!
    I am wondering about your canisters of flour, rice, sugar, etc…I can’t imagine having to go in there every time you cook to get a measure of something, and also having to reach up that high…are those “spares” – do you have canisters on your counter, or what? Just wonderin’!!
    You did a fantastic job, LOVE LOVE LOVE that wallpaper!!!!

    • Thank you Kendra! There is a clear thing of clear unbreakable Lexan that goes around it. If you look closely you might be able to see it. But no, no flying cans will be happening. There is also some paper lining the shelves so nothing slides around. He thought of everything. :)

      And no, that is where all of our canisters are. I’ve always kept them in the pantry to keep my countertops from getting cluttered. They aren’t high for us. I do have a sugar bowl on the countertop for coffee though. :)

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  43. Beautiful! Your dad is quite talented. Unfortunately, my pantry has those wire shelves, I don’t like. Small things fall threw and its too deep. Either you end up hiding things behind others or you end up losing space. Any ideas for me?

  44. JEALOUS!!!!!!!!!!! I wish I had a pantry at all. But if I did, I’m sure mine would look just like your before pictures!!!!!! I’m desperately seeking some new canisters tho, and you just gave me a great reason for an IKEA trip! ;)
    Thanks so much for linking up!!!!

  45. Looks awesome! I’m visiting from Strut Your Stuff. THANK YOU for mentioning that you got the beadboard wallpaper at Lowes!!! I have been wanting to do that in my daughter’s room, but I didn’t want to spend $50 a roll to order it from Land of Nod. :)

  46. Wow! That looks great! I just reorganized my kitchen/pantry also. I haven’t added any labels yet. I love the lazy susans you added. What a great idea!

  47. Your pantry turned out awesome! Those carousels are genius…your dad came up with a great idea for these. I loved the bead board wallpaper too!

  48. Yup…totally loving the pantry update! I love the lazy susan idea for a corner pantry…unfortunately mine just has long straight shelves so I still need to dig to the back of each shelf! Please c’mon over and visit my blog too!! Karen

    • Karen, straight shelves are no problem. I can cut the carousels to any diameter after some initial setup time. Only two dimensions are necessary; 1) from the wall to the front edge of the shelf 2) the clearance from the front edge of the shelf to whatever will be in front of it (the back of the pantry door in most cases). Just a 15″ shelf is well over a square foot of accessible space, and will hold lots of stuff.

  49. Wow, your pantry looks awesome. You and your dad could start a home business doing pantry make-over parties. People could have a party, you bring the supplies to show as examples, and people order lazy susans, functional decorations like the glass jars. I think there is a market for that kind of thing. People crave organization, and not only having it look great, but function well. Your dad is very talented too, and it is so nice that he makes it function well, and great quality. I don’t think people mind spending money on something that is good quality.

  50. Oh my goodness, I just scrolled through all your comments because I was sure I already left one, but I couldn’t find my name! I guess that means I get to give you some accolades! Amazing job, the lazy susans are ingenious! Love it!

    I’d love it if you would link up to my Friday link party!
    Have a lovely night!

  51. Please I am begging send your dad over with these oh so cool lazy susans! Love it you guys did an amazing job….wow, there is beadboard wallpaper…this sounds like heaven to me!

  52. Okay, those lazy susans are brilliant! What a great way to use that corner space. My shelves are wire, so I wouldn’t be able to make that work. Darn. Love the glass jars. I’m inspired to overhaul my panty too. thanks!!!

  53. I have been working on my pantry and kitchen too. I am almost finished, but now that I saw your photos – I have to find some fun pictures and other things to hang on the walls. Why didn’t I think of that??? Thanks for the inspiration. I actually love to go into my pantry now and just gaze at all the organized, alphabetized contents. My label maker has been very busy and I am sooo happy.

  54. I keep telling my husband when we build I want a pretty pantry, he looks at me like I’ve lost my mind. Now, I can show him what a pretty and functional patnry looks like! You did a fabulous job, I just love it!

  55. Wow! It must make you smile when you walk into your pretty pantry. I don’t have a pantry but I love the idea of making over some jars to use on some open shelving I have in my kitchen. I’d love to get rid of the ugly cereal boxes and use jars instead.

  56. I LOVE anything that can make things orderly and organized! Very great idea with the lazy susans…I have a dad like that and a hubby like that who can both do such great handy work! I’m linking up from Amanda’s party! Thanks for showing this off!

  57. I didn’t have time to read through all the other comments to see if anyone else already said this, but those scissors are called pinking shears

  58. First of all, I just wish I had a walk-in pantry…so envious! ;) Love your lazy susan idea…it all looks so nice. I think I’d want to just stand there and stare at it all day! Thanks so much for linking up with me! If you could add my button or a link back to me to your post that would be great. Thanks! :)

  59. With the pantry empty, our total time to wallpaper, install the carousels, resupport the existing shelves and touch up paint…..7 hours. I’m sure we could do it in 5 now.

  60. This is the most amazing transformation I think I’ve ever seen! I L.O.V.E. the lazy suzan’s! The wreath makes this a space you WANT to be in and keep pretty! wonderful project!

  61. LOVE it! Everything about it. I like to empty out completely to reorganize too. And those carousel’s? GREAT! the containers and labels? LOVE! Thanks for linking up to another Topsy Turvy Tuesday! I’ll be featuring this tomorrow!

  62. Great makeover!! When I get a walk in pantry (someday) I want those spin shelves! I wish I had a handy daddy. ;0) Such a great idea!! BTW I’m on a never-ending hunt for a perfect paint color for my kitchen. Would you mind sharing your wall color, I love it!!

  63. Thank you so much for this. Corners. They are the bane of my existence. I am so happy to see such a great solution. Seriously, you’ve alleviated one of my many issues.

    The House of Healy

  64. Wow, I love it! I love everything about it, including the wreath lol. I didn’t know there was bead board wall paper…I must have it for my living room!

  65. I LOVE this makeover!! Amazing what a difference it makes. My pantry currently looks like your before pictures. {Sigh}

    Those carousels are just awesome! They create so much more room!

  66. Holy crap this is amazing. the carousels are pure genius. can ur dad come over and do that for me pls? jeez. its pretty amazing lady and u even got a decorative WREATH in there! amazing. i would bring a little pillow and blanket and sleep in there its so pretty :)

  67. I’m so impressed with this makeover (especially the carousels!). I included it in my kitchen DIY post today and linked back. Hope that’s okay. Please let me know if it’s not. Have a great day…

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  69. Emily,

    I LOVE your re-designed pantry! My pantry appears nearly identical to yours in layout & size. Can you tell me the depth of your shelves so I can figure it what size lazy susan I might be able to fit in my pantry? Also, I am not in Texas; can you send me a price to ship out-of state? Thank you so much! I look forward to hearing from you!

    Love 2 Design

    • Hi L2D,

      Standard pantry shelving is usually 11 1/4″ width, some are 15 1/2″. I’ve installed the carousels in both, and in corners where both of the sizes intersect. The standard carousel diameter is 19″ and they fit comfortably in corners like those in Emily’s pantry with 11 1/4″ shelving.

      Our kits are comprehensive and include all hardware, drill bits, spacers and drill guides. If you need more info, contact Emily, or send me an email at

  70. First let me start by saying your home is awesome….. now my sister and I just used the beadboard wallpaper on the kitchen island and we are in love with. I would have never thought to use it in the pantry, but that will be my next project. Great job!!!!!!

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  72. My pantry looks exactly like yours~the before picture that is. I really need those lazy susans, that is such dead space in my pantry right now. Could you email me info about how to purchase some? Loved your makeover, inspired me to start working on a plan to do mine as well. I think I first my have to ban my family from using it though~lol~such slobs I’m surrounded by.

  73. I love this makeover! I WISH I had a pantry this big and organized. I am stuck with a bunch of cabinets, but you did a great job on making your space efficient and beautiful. What a great idea with the lazy susans in the corners!

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  75. I’m in love with this pantry. Whenever we move I’m going to make sure the house has a pantry with this setup so that we can use this idea. I’ll be featuring this post on my blog – thanks for the inspiration!!

  76. hey my hussband is remodeling my pantry and we are really interested in the turntables,that just answered my deliemma, awesome idea!! So how do I get yor dads help?

  77. omg… love the turn tables. (as I’m sure everyone else does too) Wish I had that option in my pantry.
    Thanks for the info on the glass canisters though. I just started looking for those, so I’ll check out Walmart.
    I’d love for you to link this up to my Organizing Mission link party! Hope to see you there.

  78. Are you kidding me? Is that the same pantry? Love it! Love the beadboard wallpaper, love the carousels, love the containers – it’s all beautiful!

  79. Yes! Yes! I’m inspired! It is 8:15 in the evening, but I feel like starting. My old pantry needs paint, a light color so it doesn’t look like a cave. I have a wall I can hang a homemade wreath on. Thanks! I’ve only looked at your site for a half an hour and I love it!

  80. Oh my goodness, I am in the process of organizing my kitchen pantry and I absolutely love what you did with yours. I wish I had the space for your dad’s carousel idea!

  81. Hi Emily, Found this link on Pinterest. I don’t think Pantries/Larders seem to be as common (these days) in England, (it tends to be cupboards instead) but the 1930 house we are renovating with our son had one, and I’d love to update it along the lines of your wonderful make-over. Love the lazy susan’s, brilliant idea (Clever Dad). Hope my clever husband will be able to do something along the same lines, I imagine shipping yours over would be prohibitive! Never heard of beadboard wallpaper though. Regards, Jacqui

  82. I seriously wish I had a cornered pantry. Those turntables are GENIUS! Pass that along to your dad for me. Now to see what I can do in my pantry

  83. Loving those turntables! I too wish I had a cornered pantry. So I have a question about the big glass containers you got at W-M… I purchased some at Target today, but noticed they do not have a seal on the lid. Are yours sealed and in your opinion do you think it’s necessary? I prefer sealed, but would love your feedback, since you have them and have used them. Thanks! :)

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  85. The rotating shelves totally make this project! Seriously the most inspiring pantry makeover I’ve ever seen! It turned out soooo beautiful!!!!

  86. WOW! THIS will be my next project! Are you finding that pouring everything into clear jars still works for you? I have a feeling that I’d start to forget or not have enough jars for all the dry goods. How is it working for you? BUT I AM DOING THIS..Right after I finish my floors. Your blog is excellent! I’m doing a paper flooring technique to replace my crappy carpet. I did it in my powder room already and loved it so much I’m going to do the rest of the house with it. (You can see it if you want on my blog at

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  88. I would like to say this is one of the coolest things I have seen in a long long time!!! We just built our home and have a super long pantry and I hated the corner until now, now I am going to so be doing this project before the Thanksgiving holiday!!
    Thanks for sharing your craftiness with me (and all of us)!!!

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  92. If your Dad can’t keep up with the demand for these awesome lazy Susan’s, would he consider selling Instructions for DIYers? I would love to make them myself, and I’m sure I’m not the only one.

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  94. Wow!! You’re pantry looks stunning. I’m so jealous. I go through and organize ours every 3 months or so, but it never lasts for very long. I love the clear jars and containers! And your Dad’s lazy susan’s are amazing(mine is a corner pantry too)! Maybe I will add a makeover to my New Year’s list of to-do’s!!

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  97. Just want to say thanks for the inspiration. I found this on pinterest and thought I could never use lazy susans because my pantry and kitchen are so small, but I found the perfect sized ones at ikea, and it worked fabulously!! Thanks again!

  98. how did you get in my house? that before picture looks alot like my pantry! haha…actually I think mine worse…great idea! :)

  99. Hi! Just wanted to let you know… I just had a pantry built into my house two weeks ago, and yours was my inspiration! Despite the fact that most people seem to be jumping on the bandwagon of using stencils in their pantries, I still think beadboard wallpaper is the prettiest and most classy way to go. So, that’s exactly what I did. I also bought carousels for each of my shelves. :) The pantry has only been functional for two days, but I LOVE it so far and so does my husband!

    Thanks for the inspiration!

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  103. do you have directions of how your dad may the lazy susans? i have a pantry that look nearly identical and i think the corner turning shelves is the secret. thanks for sharing.

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  106. I’m so jealous!! Your before pic of your pantry looks like my current pantry! Boo! Question tho, where did you put your Swiffer? Oh and I love the lazy susans your dad built!!

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  109. This just might be the best use of space I have seen!! The before and after pics were sent me right into my pantry….yep it is definately a candidate for this wonderful solution. Kudos to both you and your Dad on a job well done and for your graciousness in sharing this! Now the big question……are they available for purchase? I am in Michigan

  110. Pingback: Pantry Optimizing | Less Equals More

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  112. Beautiful! Your pantry looks to be the same size as mine, so I would love to try to do this. Couple of questions; what did your dad use around the edge of the ‘lazy susans’, what kind of hardware did he use on them and why did you add the extra slats of wood, going vertical?

  113. Beautiful! I have a question for you. What are the dimensions of your pantry closet? Would love to know how it compares to mine. When we built I just put in the wire racks to save money. Want to do more now. As for storing in plastic and glass, I do the same. I also save old plastic containers from animal crackers, almonds, rice, etc. (a lot from Costco comes that way). Carefully remove labels and use Goo Gone, before washing. The best part is that my kids (7 and 9) can get snacks and screw a lid back on where they used to leave other packages open to go stale, spill, etc. Anyway – would love to get those measurements. Beautiful job!

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  120. Oh my goodness, I so want marry your pantry, and live there forever in pantrimonious bliss. The corner carousels are GENIUS! So simple and yet it is as though I hear angels singing…..the chalkboard canisters, beadboard wallpaper….all of it….LOVE!

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  124. These are awesome. Wow, I’m so impressed with the organization and difference it made. Bookmarking this for the future when I have a large pantry and need the carousels.

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  126. I purposefully went hunting around for ideas for a “real” pantry….one that has real people food and supplies (not beautiful 3 gallon glass jars labeled “Vanilla Whey” and the ridiculous like that!) I have an under-the-steps pantry; 3 sides and 2 corners. I’m thankful for it, but in no time it’s a mess. I want to keep only foodstuff~no mops, coolers, and the like, so I’m actually organizing on several levels right now. The corner carousels are a-MAZ-ing. So: how can I get a few??? I would LOVE 3-4.

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  128. I would have lined the lazy-susan platforms with some rubber-like material to keep the cans etc. from centrifuging off when using the wheel.

  129. Crazy! your pantry is identical to mine! Almost makes me wonder what the rest of your house looks like. Is there tutorial onhow your dad made those lazy susans or can we buy it anywhere?

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  131. Love this pantry. Hubby has been asked to get ready to build me one just like it. I absolutely think it will be wonderful. Let you know later.

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    • I’d like to do this in my son’s room, maybe in the corner. Any ideas how to do it? He is Autistic and trying to find “just the right toy” can be stressful for him and I.

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  137. Love the pantry! I found your page as I was researching ideas for redoing mine. How big is your pantry? Mine is very narrow but I’d love to use some o your ideas.

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  140. Your pantry re-organization turned out great! It’s amazing how quick they fill up! I love to see other people’s organization to help me figure out what to do with mine. Your pantry was one that I used for inspiration as we built ours which I posted on my blog today.Thanks!

  141. I love it……….I did what you did with the boxed food about three months ago. I did it on my own . I had never seen it done before so I had my own ideals…lol. Your pantry looks wonderful. How much does your dad charge for the lazy Suzie’s that is used on the shelves? I am interested in purchasing some for my craft room and pantry. Please le4t me know. Thanks and have a great day…Marcella

    • Sorry, I just saw the comment above that these are no longer for sale. Would it be possible to share the hardware used to make them spin? Thanks a lot! :o)

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  159. I sure wish that you all had given us the specifics on the Lazy Susan so we could make our own at least now that you don’t sell them anymore…..Dimensions, materials, etc. I just found this today and as I was reading saw the new update about them no longer being available :/

    • So sorry Chrystal. I have said over and over again, like for almost 4 years now that they are just too difficult to try and write out directions for. Trust me, I would have done that a long time ago.

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  177. Just saw a pin today of your pantry! Love it. Working on getting a pantry built and yours looks like it would be perfect. What are the dimensions of your pantry? Was very sorry to see that the lazy susans are no longer available.

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  182. Fantastic! I love it! Can’t wait to do the same to mine as I have a very similar sized pantry. The glass jars and containers are my favorite. What a brilliant idea! Thank you for sharing.

  183. SO jealous! It looks wonderful! You’re soo lucky your dad has time to help you. My dads talented like yours but he never has time to help me and my husband can’t even hammer a nail, so no luck with that :) My old apartment had a great pantry and now I have a tiny kitchen and no pantry :(

  184. Hello!

    Looking good! I love how the pantry looks nearly unchanged, but actually adds quite the punch. :)
    The plates are the best, I have to agree. Overall, amazing makeover!


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  201. i have the exact same pantry in the before pictures. I have and it seems like you had wood support running down the exact corner preventing a lazy susan to go back there. Then the after picture there are 2 supports on either side of the corner. Did you cut he original support out in the corner and add new supports running down either side of the Susan’s? Do you think the wood supports are necessary? Can I completely cut them out?

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  205. oh my god that’s amazing! I want to grab my tools and do that same even though I don’t have that much stuff ! that’s how much i loved this!

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  219. Please take your cleaning supplies out of that area. Keep food and cleaning supplies separate from each other.

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    • If it were an easy DIY I would definitely share the how-to! But I have explained why I haven’t before. So sorry! My Dad used to make them and sell them to my readers, but he just isn’t able to any longer.

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