Some New Mirrors Really Made a Difference! {And Spring Mantel}

Ever since we have had the faux mantel in the entry/living room, I’ve had the same mirrors up on either side flanking it. They were fine, but I really needed something more. Our house has evolved and changed so much since we got that mantel, so I needed some mirrors that look more updated like the rest of the house.  I’ve been considering these mirrors at Target ever since I first saw them. Then they finally went half off so I snagged them up.

Entry Mirror

If you remember, these are the ones I had up for the longest time.

I like the new ones much better!

Coffee Filter Wreath

I dug out the coffee filter wreath that I made a few years ago out of the closet and hung it on the old window. I wanted the mantel simple so I just threw up some blue-green glass bottles I’ve had for a long time too. Also, they were in the closet. :)

Here’s a few more.

Spring Mantel

Target Mirrors

And that’s it! Simple, but a difference and they go with the rest of the house now. It may have taken 2 years to find them, but finding what you really want takes time. :)

What do you think? And yes I stole this chair from the kitchen desk, and that pillow that everyone asks about is that Dwell Studio one from Target but they don’t sell anymore. Boo!



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  1. Love those mirrors! I have looked at them several times too when at Target. I’ll have to see if they are on sale at mine too.

  2. Where did you get the rug from?

  3. Love it!

  4. Very nice!! I have a coffee filter wreath that I made too, and darned if I dont still LOVE that thing!!

  5. Wow those look spectacular! I liked the old mirrors but these ones really do go with the new look you have going on with the rest rest of your house, I love it! And half off on the price bonus!

  6. Beautiful!!! Luv the old window and shutters. :-)

  7. Anonymous says:

    I really loved the stained glass window on the mantel!

  8. I really loved the stained glass window on the mantel!

  9. So cute!! I am new to your blog….what color gray is this? I love it!

  10. Please tell me about those gorgeous chevron vases!!!

  11. I love those mirrors!
    I wish Target in Australia would get as many of the gorgeous items Target in the US is supplied with :(
    Hopefully one day – It is getting better but I do love those mirrors and the chevron vases are amazing!!!

  12. Those mirrors are great! May have to visit target today!

  13. Glad I read all of the posts because I was going to ask about the vases and the answer was there! Love the new mirrors…they seem more bright; great choice!