A Smile Makeover | New Porcelain Veneers and Crowns

Well guys, today’s post I’ve been very excited to share with you all. You might think I’m nuts, and that’s okay, but it’s these types of makeovers that change your life that are the best ones. When I posted about losing all of 75 lbs of the baby weight a few months back (which I consider one of my best makeovers), something else happened too. Another life process. One of those things in life that you just usually find a reason to put off for years and can make up all sorts of good excuses, and justifiable ones at that! But, I’m thrilled to say that I quit making excuses and made this happen….my smile makeover with new porcelain veneers and crowns.

Porcelain-Veneers | www.decorchick.com

Yep. Mama got some new teeth! Now let me back up a bit. I won’t give a full dental history or anything but there are a few things you should know before I go any further.

  1. I’ve had weird teeth ever since I was a little kid. I had extra teeth, crooked teeth, teeth that were fused to the jawbone, you name it.
  2. I am no stranger to oral surgeries.
  3. Braces didn’t fix my teeth.
  4. I was in a bad car accident when I was in about 4th grade that caused some trauma to my mouth they believe.
  5. My gums have always been more prominent when I smiled resulting in a “gummy” smile.
  6. I have 2 dental implants.
  7. I had 5 crowns done when I had my implant surgery about 13 years ago.
  8. I smile and laugh a lot, but I was always self-conscience of doing it.
  9. I have always, always, always hated my teeth and gums.

Okay, so that’s a little history for you.  My existing 5 crowns needed to be redone so bad, and it was actually my weight loss post that really got this all into motion. You see, when my sister was over here taking my photos of me for that particular post, when I was editing the pictures I then noticed how awful my teeth really looked. Here you go. These are the pictures you don’t typically see. Brace yourselves.


You will notice my teeth seem really short, lots of gums, and lots of unevenness.

Then when I laughed and smiled big it was even worse.



Wow. I still can’t believe my teeth looked like that for so many years. Like I said I was very self-conscience. And I kid you not, I went and consulted with 3 different dentists the next week after I saw these pictures. I had to suck it up and just pay for new teeth when I actually really wanted hardwood floors in our bedroom. But I am SO glad we were able to do it and just went for it.  I have been talking about new teeth ever since my husband and I met.

Anyhow, like I said, I went to 3 different consultations with different cosmetic dentists. One of them was one of those “fancy” people who advertise in the airline magazines and such, another was a total jerk, and the 3rd consult I had was the winner. I’d highly recommend getting different estimates and such and going with who you feel comfortable with. You know, kind of like you do if you are remodeling your home or something. You don’t choose the first guy ever.

And because I loved my dentist SO much and his staff, I’m going to give him a little shout out because they are that good. Those of you in the Houston/Sugar Land/Richmond area will be lucky, so check out Dr. Tyson Harrell at Harrell Dentistry. They are behind Bucees’s. :) They had no idea who I was or what I do until after everything was finished. And since I was so pleased with everything I told him I may write about it and mention his name. Dr. Harrell is very advanced at dental work of course, but it sounds to me like the internet and blogs is a foreign thing to him. And DIY stuff. Hilarious.  And I have a little theory just from my previous experiences in the workplace and in my other consults. But when you have a happy staff and can genuinely feel that from being the customer, chances are you are working for a good company and likely have a good boss. I could tell these were just good people, and good people that knew what they were doing.  Okay, anyway back to my teeth. The moral to that paragraph is to do your homework and go with your gut. Maybe they will even give you the Decorchick special or something, who knows. :)

Before I could just automatically click my heels and get my new teeth and have a pretty smile, Dr. Harrell sent me to his periodontist for a consult to have some gum work done. I ended up having what’s called a “crown lengthening” procedure. I was not happy about that at first, but knew it must be done if I’m about to invest all of this money into new teeth. I used to think gum surgery sounded so horrifying but it’s actually not bad at all. Like, at all. That surgery needed to happen so I could get an even gum line. So they go in and remove some tissue, and a little bit of the bone around the tooth so your new crowns can essentially be longer. More tooth, less gum.

This was taken on the day of the surgery. Excuse the gore.


See, not too bad right? It seriously didn’t even hurt much. Maybe a few advil’s worth? It sounds MUCH worse than it actually is. Trust me. I’ve had numerous mouth surgeries and this was nothing. Healing time was about 4 weeks and then my temporary teeth were made and placed in.

I thought the temporaries were fabulous and was worried the final crowns and veneers wouldn’t look as good! Haha. Here’s the temps.


See why I was worried about the finals? I was so happy with the temps!  By the way, we did 8 new teeth total on the top instead of just my previous 5 so it would all be more uniform when I smiled. Have I mentioned I have a big smile? Yea.

But another big part of this smile makeover I think is that when I went to meet with the ceramist, who actually would be making my new teeth, he thought it would be a good idea to lengthen the new crowns a bit more (even more than the temps) because he thought they were a little short. He’s the expert so we went with that and am so glad it worked out.

I love my new teeth y’all.


Porcelain Veneers | www.decorchick.com

I had no idea of a crown lengthening procedure and didn’t even know it was possible to do what I had done. It’s truly a dream come true. I still catch myself trying to cover my mouth or think I’m smiling too big or something and something bad will show. Then I look in the mirror and am reminded I have a new mouth and that I don’t need to hide it any longer. It still astonishes me.

Here’s a before and after side by side to compare.

Crowns Before and After | www.decorchick.com

I won’t be doing all kinds of selfies or anything because I still look ridiculous when I do them, but I do feel better when it’s time to take a picture. I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Harrell so I hope if you are local you will check him out. His wife is also the other dentist there and is super sweet. Again, this is not a sponsored post by any means. I just love sharing good information when I have it. And having a good dentist is essential.

P.S.-did you all know that when you say you want really white teeth that a lot of dentists call it “toilet bowl white?” Yea, news to me too! I love bright white teeth and think it’s so pretty, even if it’s not the natural yellow color. I don’t understand why you would really want yellowish white teeth if you are paying for them, but to each his own. I say flaunt the white stuff baby! But then again, I’m also the girl who has always said I just want a mouth full of white dentures when I was a kid, so…..

Want to talk teeth? Is there something you’d like to do to yours too? I know dental work is not a drop in the bucket financially for anyone. And if it is then God bless you! But it’s something you need to save for and work towards because it will change your life. I’d love to hear your teeth stories!



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  1. Looks fantastic!

    • Congrats on the weight loss, too! It’s so important for mothers to take care of themselves, too.

  2. Oh wow – I love your new smile!! Love love love it!

  3. Gorgeous new smile. It’s amazing what a small change will do for our self-esteem. Keep smiling and keep laughing out loud!

  4. Looks fabulous, congrats!!!

  5. Your smile is AWESOME. You definitely selected the right doctor. I had extreme buck teeth as a child and wore braces to correct all that during my teen years. I thought I was done with correcting my teeth, but by the time I was in my 40s and 50’s my teeth had moved inwardly into my mouth. Sort of slanting backwards a bit. NOT HAPPY. SO, I once again chose to wear braces from age 57-59 and love the results, although when we age our gums begin to recede, so I am considering porcelain and veneers to hide the fact that there are now spaces between my teeth at the gumline which could not be fixed with braces. My teeth are straight but still not the complete look I want out of my smile. HEY… at least I still have all my own teeth and will be 60 next year. Floss Floss Floss People!! It’s so important in keeping your own teeth. Love your smile, Emily. You did the right thing.

  6. You look FABULOUS!!!! Love the makeover!! Congratulations!!

  7. Kim Marie says:

    You had me at Buc-ee’s! Bwhahaha. I live in Brazoria County, the birthplace of the amazing Beaver! LOVE your new teeth. They are beautiful. Such an nice blog post. You look lovely! (makes me want to go to the dentist…..kinda…..I am truly phobic of them) :(

  8. It looks fantastic!! I grew up with very crooked teeth and was always self conscious too, I would cover my mouth with my hand anytime I smiled. Finally when I was engaged my fiance was deployed and I went ahead and invested in Invisalign braces and it’s made a HUGE difference for me-I actually like my smile now. Such a big difference with self-esteem. I’m so glad you love your smile now too!

  9. You look amazing!

  10. Aren’t Harrell and Johnson wonderful? We LOVE them!!! You look totally fabulous!!!!

  11. You look absolutely beautiful!! Your weight loss and new teeth – WOW! Good for you!! It gives me hope to lose the baby weight I have been carrying the last 4 years ;)
    Ps. I love the black tee you wore the other day with your new pink tool belt/goggles etc.!

  12. You look amazing!!! Thanks for reminding us all that we ARE worth it! As a mother, wife, caregiver, money watcher, I have a self imposed restraint on money I spend, especially on myself. Almost as if I’m not worth it or money could be otherwise spent in more pressing places. I am worth it. Have wanted to get braces for a while. I think I should!

  13. You looked fabulous either way but I know now you FEEL fabulous and that makes a world of difference!

  14. I’m having similar work done and sitting here with a mouth full of sutures after having skin grafting surgery (that part was not fun) before an implant and am looking forward to it all being over. Your smile looks awesome and I know the thousands it cost you so smile big!!

  15. You look so beautiful! I am a part-time dental hygienist and truly think your teeth look fantastic. Smile away, girl!!! :):)

  16. I have wanted veneers since I was a teen for spacing and gaps in my teeth. My mom had hers done while I was young and I knew then that I, too, had abnormally small teeth. Nothing happened then because “I had perfect teeth. No need for braces and never a cavity!” After having my wisdom teeth pulled at 24 the gaps got worse (I regret everyday having them pulled!). I had a consult and had the money but just couldn’t justify spending it. Now, years later, I don’t have the money, we’ve spent thousands of dollars on repairing our children’s teeth (we’re not even to braces yet, just knock outs, infections, and cavities), and I regret everyday not doing it when I had the chance. My hubby loves me in spite and swears he doesn’t notice, but I change too much of my life because I am self conscious. All that said, good for you!! Dont ever think about the money again!

  17. You look absolutely stunning! I can’t wait to meet you In Real Life one day so I can give you the biggest hug and see your beautiful smile in person. You are gorgeous! xx rayan – the design confidential

  18. Absolutely beautiful! I think our childhood dentist drilled our teeth for money. Tons of silver fillings…dating myself. About ten years ago I slowly switched them to all white fillings and never looked back at the money spent. A smile is always worth the thousands of dollars spent. I always tell my kids to appreciate their smiles…and all the money we have spent obtaining them! They were never old enough to hate their smiles so some days it escapes them of how much of a blessing it is to have straight white teeth. I imagine when the first girl tells them they have a beautiful smile they will be thankful!

  19. Good for you Emily, you look gorgeous either way. I honestly would have never noticed unless you pointed it out, but taking time to do something for yourself whatever it is, always a confidence booster.

  20. It looks WONDERFUL!

    I had my own extreme dental makeover – it lasted over 3 years – braces, implant, crown and that “crown lengthening” you mention. It’s so worth it because I was always self conscious about my smile and I feel much more confident now!

    • Yay I am so happy for you Ginny!! It is such a long process especially if you need dental implants because of the healing time, but in the long run, it’s definitely worth it. Well things might be different nowadays with implants because I had mine done several years ago so maybe healing/recovery is quicker now. So glad you feel good too. :)

  21. I think you are very brave to show your makeover; some may give you negative
    Feedback but you look gorgeous now. I,too dealt with body issues and made
    the decision to “fix it”. Almost ended a relationship but
    It was my issue not his and in the end it went well.

    • Glad to hear Cathy. I of course hope I don’t receive negative feedback, but I hope instead I might reach someone that didn’t know these procedures were available or an option like I wasn’t aware of. I’m just really thankful I found out about crown lengthening as I think that’s what made the most difference in this makeover.

  22. Congratulations! You look so beautiful! All the best!

  23. oh look how pretty you are!! and i thought losing a 75 lbs is the most exciting makeover!♥

  24. Your teeth are beautiful! I had very crooked teeth growing up, and didn’t get braces until I was almost 19. Straight, beautiful teeth make such a difference in how you feel about yourself! Now if I could just get motivated to lose weight!

  25. Beautiful! But to tell the truth…I’ve read your blog for like Forever and I’ve never noticed that your teeth weren’t perfect. You are so lovely anyway, I just never noticed. I will now. ;) Big Congrats.
    To be our best we have to feel our best. If one little thing *that may feel like a big thing* is holding us back it surely needs attention and to be taken care of. That way we can put that foot *smile* out there and feel good about it. Congrats again and Good for you!
    I do have to say, OUCH! I hate the dentist. I love my dentist, but I hate going. If my ears weren’t so close to my head and I couldn’t hear everything that was going on maybe just maybe it wouldn’t be so bad. I’d rather see my OB/GYN weekly than have my teeth cleaned. Every 6-months I dread it until the next time.

    Jake’s a Girl

    • Aw you are so sweet thank you. In any pictures you have seen of me, it took probably 50 to get one that was decent enough where my teeth didn’t look so bad. Really. And you are right. I wouldn’t exactly call the dentist fun, but seems to be tolerable the older I get. Probably because I’ve been through a lot of it already since I was little. Hang in there and bring headphones next time!

  26. WOW! That’s amazing! Good for you for doing something for yourself! So many mamas don’t take the time, money, etc. do something for themselves! So, congrats on that and the weight loss! Awesome job!!

  27. They look great!!

  28. I have a probably really dumb question! What are veneers? Do they cover up your existing teeth? I understand the gum stuff you did, but how did you get the uniform, white teeth? Thanks so much! You look great.

    • Not a dumb question! Veneers just require less of your natural tooth to be shaved down for the fitting. Since I already had 5 crowns, most of my new ones were crowns also. But for the teeth that were not previously worked on they were just shaved down some for the veneer layer to go on top. So the ceramist communicates with my dentist to know which to make etc., and the ceramists makes the porcelain color the same for all of them, so you get the same shade on all of the new teeth. Hope that helps?

  29. How wonderful for you! You were gorgeous before but it is nice when we feel confident about our looks. Congrats on the after-baby loss as well – that’s always hard!
    Happy for you!

    All the best ~ Sharon and Denise – BeBetsy

  30. I am SO happy for you. There is nothing like having nice teeth. I so totally get why you did this. Your teeth and smile are now every bit as beautiful as you are inside and out!! Yay YOU Emily! I’m genuinely thrilled for you :)))

  31. Stephanie says:

    You Look Beautiful!!!! You always have looked beautiful!! But your confidence is out of this world now!!!!! Its amazing how much your teeth can impact your self confidence. I say that because I know. I was 13 years old. I lost 3 front teeth due to a k-9 tooth coming in crooked eating the roots of two of my big girl teeth (That I knew weren’t supposed to go!!) I had braces to work on getting my smile back, but I never thought it would take as long as it did. I had the temporary flippers, during my braces and after for another 4 years. I would never take them off, so it got to the point where I didnt let my gums breathe and I was on the verge of getting Gum disease. (I felt as if it was one thing after another, I swore I probably would never see a beautiful smile ever again) I was so self conscious about my smile until I turned 19, I didnt want my father to pay for anymore dental stuff so when I turned 16 I got a job and when I turned 19 I had finally saved enough to get my surgery for my Implants. And finally in Nov 2008 I got my teeth all done and fixed!! I Cant help but smile!! And the fact that I get so many compliments for my smile quite often, makes me feel sooo much better!!

    I know the feeling of not being comfortable with your smile!! SOOOOO Please SMILE AND FLASH THOSE BABIES!! Because you look ABSOLUTELY STUNNING <3

    • Oh yes I used to wear the flippers too. And I am SO happy for you Stephanie!! I know exactly how you felt. And going through that during peek teen years wasn’t easy either. So happy you have a beautiful smile now too and thank you SO much for your sweet words. :)

  32. You look MAHVALOUS!! Beautiful!

  33. Had to join in the chorus to tell you how great you look, I think it’s mainly because you’re so happy! I went through the braces stage of being a teenager and I always said that if any of my kids ever needed extensive dental work we would find a way to pay for it all because it’s so important to be able to smile freely your whole life. My big question is – what kind of mascara do you use?? Your eyelashes are amazing! Take care, Martha in Ontario.

    • Aw thank you Martha I really appreciate it!! And haha, it’s called “They’re Real” by Benefit. I got a free sample at Sephora and LOVE it. Definitely will be buying the big size. :)

  34. Your teeth are gorgeous!!! Rock and Roll with those pearly whites now, Decorchick!!!

  35. Wow! Congratulations, that is so exciting for you! When you don’t like your teeth or smile, that has a huge impact on your confidence. You were gorgeous before, but now you have the confidence to go with it. Very happy for you, that dentist did great work.

  36. Absolutely stunning transformation! You can’t even tell that there was ever even an operation done!

  37. You are so beautiful!! Congratulations… I know how good it makes you feel! But then, like someone else said, I thought you were lovely before. One thing I did for myself a few years ago was lasik eye surgery. It was a splurge, but it was so wonderful not to reach for my glasses on the night stand first thing every morning just to see what time it was! I had worn contacts for years, but what freedom to be able to see without any corrective lenses. Yes… well worth the investment!!

    REALLY happy for you!

  38. I absolutely. Understand your new smile is beautiful. I had braces in highschool and they pulled two teeth. Now in my fifties. I have a gap between my two front teeth and some other movement. So depressing you are an insperation. I can relate to your obsession.

  39. Amazing! Absolutely beautiful!

  40. Amazing Emily!!

  41. Yowza! You were gorg’ before but the new veneers do make a difference! I am all for whatever gives a person more confidence because that is essentially what makes you more beautiful! Speaking from my own teen nose job! :)

  42. Thank you for sharing! Emily…I took your advice and got the app…..total 37 pounds to date! Yeah. As the weight came off I notice my teeth….let me tell ya..we could share teeth stories. Totally the same. We did the length and 6 teeth..at da..new smile now for about a month. Why oh why I waited. Sooo sooooo happy for you.

    Ok..what’s next? :::big smiles to you:: sharyl

  43. You look gorgeous!! Congratulations. :)

  44. How beautiful and congrats on the weight loss too! What an accomplishment to be proud of!

  45. You look great! And good for you for sharing! Being self conscience of your smile affects everything. Its so hard to share our weaknesses/insecurities and I am sure there are many out there very encouraged by this. Thanks for sharing!

  46. Lovely lady. Lovely smile

  47. Beautiful!!!! Luv the new smile :-)

  48. With eyes like those, who is even looking at your teeth! Both teeth (and eyes) look beautiful!

  49. You looked beautiful before, but you’re even more beautiful now because it just shows on your face how happy you are. I love your new smile. Your teeth are so purty. :D

  50. Meg Nelson says:

    Your teeth look great. Good for you to post the story and pictures. Your smile looks fabulous. Nice teeth are just…..nice! Even though I don’t really know you I am happy for you that you got your teeth fixed. I can tell you are thrilled with it (and have every right too).


  51. Awww Sugar – you are absolutely gorgeous!

  52. Lady Delores LeBoeuf says:

    Fabulous, you were so brave..

  53. Wow! What a difference! So beautiful!

  54. Thanks for sharing your experience! You really do look amazing! I also had no prep veneers, and a similar procedure like crown lengthening done too. I show my before and after photos all the time. Their is nothing better than being able to smile bright! It’s sad that so many people live without smiling because of their fear of the dentist, or fear of the cost of the dentist. Lol I would love to show off your case to some of my patients as well if you don’t mind. It’s always good to hear from someone else who’s had positive treatment done. I have been working in the dental field for over 12 years. I love hearing when people have great experiences like you did. I work for an amazing dentist as well in Medford, MA. We see patients like yourself all the time. I love how you understood how important the crown lengthening was to get your desired results. Most patients need a lot of educating before they truly can understand how amazing they will look. I also think your lab “chemist” made the permeant crowns a little longer. That made a huge difference! They look really natural and gorgeous! Congratulations on your new smile!

  55. You look STUNNING!! Congratulations – your teeth look beautiful (and so do you!) and I’m so happy for you!

  56. Beautiful and I bet you will smile even more now!

  57. You are a cutie, either way, but your new teeth are beautiful, and I’m glad they make you feel so wonderful.

  58. You look gorgeous! So happy you were able to do this for yourself :)

  59. New Teeth look great and im glad you are happy with them, I must say though from one person with messed up teeth to another yours were not bad at all…I had a spare k9 & 2ndary tooth on the opposite side that grew inward towards my tongue, all on the top jaw which caused my 2 front teeth on top to cross over one another in almost the shape of an X, if that wasn’t horrifying enough I had 3 molars break while I was eating all within a month & I had a recessed gum at the bottom and numerous fillings,caps, etc. I got so sick of it all I had them rip ALL of my teeth out and give me dentures (this was 3 years ago when I was 36 years old) I thought my problems would be over…but now im having problems with my dentures fitting right…(no pins in jaw to scary for me to do) Wish I would have had patience like you and had something else done, they do look beautiful, but of course to someone like me the ones you started off before getting these ones I would have taken in a heartbeat!

  60. Wow!!!!! You look gorgeous!!! Can I just tell you U totally never noticed before!!!!

  61. They say that a SMILE CAN BRIGHTEN UP THE DAY! And that holds so true in your Before and After photo of the smile make-over. Your smile looks absolutely BEAUTIFUL! And looking at it from my computer screen is actually brightening me up right now x
    Just one question: Do you think that SCALING the teeth is a good option? Does it help to brighten up? Or does it have some side effects like weakening of teeth and gums?

    Jessica x

  62. Hubby got 6 new top veneers this year and they look so good. He was glad he did it too! You are beautiful!

  63. Antoinette says:

    What a beautiful smile

  64. Wow, great work. A great smile can really help someone from the inside out. _Chuck.

  65. What a beautiful smile! Congrats…can’t imagine how life changing this is. I have never had the best teeth…and have always been afraid of the dentist..I go but not as often as I should. Can I ask how long the whole process took for you from start to finish? Thanks!

    • Hi Kerri thank you! My entire process including the gum surgery took about exactly 2 months total. If I did not have to have any surgeries or anything, 3-4 weeks is the norm I believe. :)

  66. You were down in my end of the world! Your new smile is beautiful!!!

  67. Really good work done here.

  68. Ofelia, from Mexico City says:

    Congrats, beautiful smile! I need to do something like that, I need save money fist, while this kind of procedures are not cheap at all.

  69. Beautiful!

  70. Beautiful new smile!! Good for you! I gave myself the gift of porcelain veneers for my 50th birthday and have loved them ever since, just wished I hadn’t waited so long.

  71. kristie a. says:

    Yea for you! Your smile looks fabulous. I got braces when I turned 40, followed by the same gum surgery you had and 2 ceramic implants for missing teeth. Like you, I hated my smile for way too long. Sure we could have bought a small used car for the price of my new smile, but to me it was worth it. I have a lot more confidence now! Keep Smiling!

  72. Oh my! Teeth or no teeth, you are gorgeous! Of course, I’m glad you have the bright, white “toilet bowl” smile you have always wanted. Thanks for sharing your victory in finding a wonderful, reputable dentist. I have one here in the DFW area and even though he thinks I’ve abandoned him the last year (busy keeping grandchildren), I can’t wait to get back in his chair and get me some toilet bowl white of my own…and finally get to the implant specialist!

  73. Gosh your just a beautiful person!! New teeth or not……and it seems your personality makes your smile so pretty- Love a person who loves to laugh and smile….thank you for sharing your transformation pictures….from the weight loss to the new teeth-Just a beautiful person!!!

    • Oh Missy you are just too sweet. Thank you SO much! It has been the year of makeovers that’s for sure. xxoo

      • Thanks for sharing your story. I have seen your blog before, but had no idea you live so close. I live in Richmond & am very familiar with the Buc-ee’s near Greatwood. I found your post by searching for dental veneers in SugarLand. I have my 1st consultation tomorrow & another next week. I need to make an appointment with Dr. Harrell after reading your post. I don’t want to put names in a post (unless for something great as you did), but my appointment tomorrow is with a Dr. J near a Lake on Hwy 6. Next week I am going to one of the “fancy” dentists that does smile makeovers for Miss Texas. Would you mind sending a message back with the name of the “jerk” you had a consultation with so that I can avoid? I am 62 & have bite problems & tmj, so will probably do 4 or 5 consultations to compare opinions.

        Your smile is beautiful – fits you perfectly. Thanks for your information!

  74. Are mini dental implants very similar to dental implants? Can they be used to take a place of a back tooth? I really need to repair a missing tooth ASAP and would appreciate your reply.

  75. Could you possibly give us an idea of the price range of something like this? Just curious if we’re talking thousands of dollars or what? Thank you pretty lady!

    • Hi Jill, yes it is thousands…You could expect to pay about $1,000-$1,500 per tooth from the research I’ve done and that’s what I paid. I did get an estimate from somewhere that charged 2k a tooth! Yikes. I think that is too high though.

  76. You were beautiful before, but your new teeth take your beauty to a whole other level! They look great! I’d like to do this someday…

  77. Debbie Green says:

    You look beautiful either way, but good for you!!! Congrats. I cracked up that you got your teeth when what you really wanted was new hardwood floors! Good choice, not as many people see your floors, but a beautiful smile that gives you confidence is priceless!! :)

  78. You look beautiful!!! I have always had horrible teeth and got worse as I got older. I have three missing in the front (2 on top 1 on bottom) and several missing in the back. I hope to one day get my teeth fixed I constantly am self conscious about it covering my mouth etc. like you said.

  79. I had a traumatic head injury in the military and my face had to have major plastic surgery and all my teeth were crowns, a funky bone yellow type of crowns. They were shaped correctly, but they looked like I smoked a zillion cigarettes and drank gallons of coffee, even when I don’t touch either. I dropped $15,000 and have had all new very bright white and beautiful crowns and implants put in. The catch? After so many years of smiling with my lips tightly shut, HOW DO YOU LEARN TO SMILE and show off those beautiful teeth? Any advice? This (I hope) will boost my self esteem and help me get over some of the major disability issues I still have from that accident. Thanks.

    • Hey Jo, I still have those moments too. When you feel like that, go over to the mirror, smile, and you’ll remember those beautiful new crowns are THERE! Sometimes I have nightmares that I still have my “old” teeth!

  80. Reading articles written by dental patients like you is why I enjoy my job as a cosmetic dentist. It looks like your dentist did a great job, and there are many dentists around the U.S. that are changing lives by providing a true burst of confidence to patients with veneers!

    Your smile looks fantastic!

  81. Your smile looks beautiful! My daughter has large gums, I wish there was a way I could approach her without making her feel self conscious. It’s not like she hasn’t mentioned it, she’s aware, but I still feel like if I say something it would hurt her feelings. Oh well I doubt she could afford a smile make over and I can’t afford one for her..right now anyway..maybe someday..I would love to see her smile look like yours

  82. Your smile looks great! I’m about to have all of my top teeth crowned and I’m nervous about it. I’m only 37 and have a history of dental issues. Which of yours are crowns and which are veneers?

    • Did my work in Costa Rica. Wayyyy cheaper than USA. I would go back but just not see the dentist I used for my final crowns, because my crowns are super rough for some reason. The implant work done was perfect though. 3200.00 for 4 implants and 2800 for the crowns over them. Another good dentist there only charges 450.00 for crowns over implants. I paid 700 per crown which is high there. Just do your research.

  83. Wow, what an amazing change! The veneers look super wonderful too! In fact, this makes me want to get some veneers. I mean, they can totally transform your smile!

  84. My crowns I just got in Costa Rica are so rough I can’t stand it. They have done nothing to make this right. I am sad.

  85. Nice work. I am devastated after a bad job. I am curious where in you mouth do you have the crowns?

  86. I’m so glad you posted this! I’m having crown lengthening done in a few days and I’m so nervous!!!! Your smile looks amazing!


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