How To Decorate With Large Vases and Accessories

First I have to say thank you all for the sweet sweet comments on my smile makeover post! Y’all are so nice and it’s nice you all are rejoicing with me in the new look! :) So today I want to talk about decorating with large accessories, particularly large vases. Whenever you browse around the pretty magazines, one thing you’ll always pretty much notice is a large oversized vase. And if the vase isn’t oversized, the flowers coming out of it will be. Almost an overflowing effect.

I’ve gathered a few inspiration pics for you all to study.

Oversized Vase In Kitchen |

Via Houzz

Pottery Barn Vase |

Via Pottery Barn

Large Decorative Vase |

Via Houzz

House Beautiful Dining Room |

Via House Beautiful

Better Homes and Gardens Neutral Room |

Via Better Homes and Gardens

Large Decorative Vase and white kitchen |

Via Houzz

Oversized Vase on Coffee Table |

Via House Beautiful 

See what I mean? Sometimes I think we try and over-accessorize, and in fact all you need is something large. REALLY large. It makes a statement just on it’s own. I know I’m guilty of over-accessorizing, but I just like stuff. Or crap. And I want it all to be seen. I’m trying to do better though. :)

One thing I always notice in kitchens when they are styled, is that there is at least one big vase with gorgeous flowers, and at least 1 huge glass something or other filled with fruit or limes and lemons for a pretty display. And that’s the only thing on the countertop or island. Another thing is that in most all pictures in magazines, you will see fresh flowers. And man, what a difference a vase of flowers will make. I’m not saying that you need to live in a magazine-worthy home by any means. I just mean that flowers give life to a room and enhance your well-being. :)

And actually, I just got one of these over-sized vases and I freaked out when the box was delivered. It was ginormous. But when I set the vase out to display, I fell in love with it. And now all of my current accessories look miniature and so I think I need huge vases everywhere instead. Poor me. I’ll show you all next week what I did with it though.

So do you need to go bigger with some statement vases or accessories? I know the large vase of flowers on the coffee table in that last picture is just not practical if you have children, but doesn’t it look pretty for the photo? :)



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  1. Great examples! I love them all :) xo Kristin

  2. I love using over sized vases. I have one in the family room and one in the kitchen, and not much else is needed in the room, and who likes to dust all those small knick knacky items anyway….. not me! Life is simpler when you choose an oversized vase imho. xox

  3. Great inspiration pics!

  4. Would you mind sharing a picture of what you did with your ginormous vase?

  5. I like the vase by the fireplace — I never know how to decorate around my home’s fireplace!

  6. See, I love the look, but I live with 4 man-children. Everything pretty I put out is either in the way and moved (no matter where it happens to be put, even in the corner!) or to big/smelly/insert-color-here or, in the words of The Man, ‘just asking for trouble’.

  7. I love to decorate with vases of varying shapes, colors, and sizes. Seeing these photos makes me realize I need to update mine though!

  8. my vases are up high currently after surviving a fall to the ground by a little human. pfew! however in a magazine world my favorite place would be a console table/sideboard or ottoman. Although I like them adorned with flowers on the table, they aren’t very practical and I often end up shuffling them off somewhere to avoid obstruction of dinner guests or family time. I think they should do a “family style” photo shoot. now that would be awesome! ;) I do love those pics though. Especially the PB and BHG which was much more me pre-child lol

  9. I always struggle with large vases. My coffee table screams for something with a higher profile, but I have two small children running around (although they are 4 and 8 now, hmmm), a vase with flowers would be perfect. My solution for cut flowers on the kitchen island is a potted plant! Great inspiration photos. Can’t wait to see pictures of your vase.

  10. I just love pretty….my pretend {in my mind only home…one where my boys don’t wrestle each other in every room} looks just like any of the above with big vases filled with beautiful flowers.

  11. Antoinette says:

    HI Decorchick, Hi Guys!!!
    I’m pretty new to this site and so I’m playing catch up. I would love, love, love to do a lot to my house so that it feels like a home. Scratch that, so that it feels like my home (the one I always wanted). That being said, @ Julie W, I too live with man-children….sniff, sniff, sniff. Oh, someone knows my pain!
    So, I’ve been crusin around your site and I absolutely love it. I should be able to incorporate some of your ideas into my home to find that happy medium we can all live with. Thanks for the inspiration, post, and all the pictures.

  12. Hi Emily, I’m with you in that bigger IS better–BIG lamps with matching BIG shades, big urns like the one near the fireplace in the BHG pic, big vases, big flowers. I recently bought a huge mercury glass lamp on clearance real cheap at Pier One and i love it. The store had it forever and I honestly think everyone else thought it was just too large. I think now my other lamps are too small! They’ll have to go! ( Already purged out some “boudoir lamps”– too old school and fussy.) Can’t wait to see what you do with your vase.

  13. My wife will love this article, thank you for great insider tips. I will pass it along -Hunter

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