More Painted Interior Doors | Before and After

Hope you all had a good weekend! I actually took my own advice that I gave to my Facebook fans and painted some more interior doors. And I can’t believe I haven’t done this sooner. Seriously. It was super quick and made a huge impact. So which ones did I do?

Well I painted the inside of our front door…

Painted Black Interior Door |

And then I painted our back door.

Interior Painted Doors |

Painted Door |

You can find the tutorial for that crown molding door header here. Another favorite DIY project to add a little charm to your doors!

They look like they were meant to be that color all along. Especially the front door.

Black Interior Painted Door |

I used a paintbrush for both because those foam rollers seem to just soak up more paint on the roller and the brush is what I had on hand. I used the same dark charcoal grey color as I used on the pantry door (SW Iron Ore), and I like it because it’s not as harsh as straight up black, but of course dramatic enough for contrast. I painted about 3 coats on both doors.

And don’t freak out, but the first coat will look TERRIBLE.

One Coat of Paint on Door

Awful right? The second coat is way better and the 3rd coat is mostly for touch ups and you should have a smooth finish.

Here is a before and after of the front door.

Painted Door Before and After

I still have a ton of other doors to do too but I’m off to a good start.

Painted Black Interior Door |

So what do you think? Have you joined the painted interior door bandwagon yet? It gives a richness look to them don’t you think? Not rich like $$, just more elegant I suppose. I love the results! And it’s basically free!



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  1. Saw what a difference ! It looks great

  2. Waaw what a difference it looks great

  3. I painted several of my interior doors grey last year and really love them. I could not deal with the white…it always looked unfinished. I’m so glad I painted them.

  4. That looks amazing!

  5. Really Nice, love the color! Funny, how things right in front of us, that could/would be easy to redo, we overlook sometimes. It really anchors it! Kudos to you.

  6. LOVE IT!! They look so elegant you did a fantastic job :)

  7. What a great way to hide fingerprints that are always present on my white doors!

  8. I LOVE this look and have been wanting to do the same thing but have a question. What would you do with your front closet doors if they are beside the front door. Do they get painted too?

    • Yes, I think I would paint those too. If they are spaced out nicely? My mom’s house is like that and I would paint all 3 but it’s a really big foyer. I think I’d still do it if it were small though. If you are worried it might be too much darkness, you could paint the front door the dark color, then go a few shades lighter on the same swatch for the closet doors. But actually, I think I’d just do them all the same color. :)

      • Thanks so much for your reply! I have a big entryway with lots of light so I think I will take your suggestion to paint them all the same! ;)

  9. Elizabeth says:

    I love it! Question – would you consider painting your other doors something other than Iron Ore or do you plan to stick with the same color throughout the house?

    • I think I’m going to stick with this color on all. I might go a shade or 2 lighter in the mudroom hallway though, because there are 4 doors in a tiny hallway to paint–still thinking on that one.

  10. I have been thinking about painting our new french doors. I just don’t know what color to paint them. I am painting the kitchen what I call linen…..not cream but more light tan, I am using country red as the main color in decor. What would you think?

  11. I painted the interior/exterior of my front door and interior of my garage door SW Lakeshore ( a few weeks ago and love, love, love it! The color coordinates with the accent colors in our living room and both doors can be seen from there. Great decision, but yes, looked very scary as the first coat, and even the second went up! I used a roller to get the paint on there, then brushed everything smooth.

  12. I love this idea – thanks so much for sharing. I think this will really add a nice (and much needed) pop of color to our entryway. Love the inspiration!

  13. All my interior doors are white, boring. I do prefer white trim but nothing says the doors have to be white as well. Great job, they look great and one more inspirational tip for us :)


  14. A few years ago I was viewing a million dollar home and they had black trim and doors! I would never had guessed that I would have loved it. Went home a painted all of mine black but then highlighted it with a bit of copper… to match my iron stair railing. Everybody who comes to my house comments on it.

  15. It does look great! I’d love to paint our doors, but my husband likes plain white.

  16. LOVE!!!

  17. Emily,
    What color are the walls next to the newly painted front door. Is it “Balanced Beige”?

  18. This looks great! I’ve wanted to do this with my front door but I’m apprehensive because it also has side lights with exposed mullions and one of those half moon windows at the top of the door. So I keep staring at it wondering whether I would also paint the sidelights, mullions and the half moon trim, or leave them white. Thoughts? I can’t seem to pull the trigger…

    • Hmm I’m having a hard time picturing what you are describing? I say since it’s just paint, try it out. If you hate it you can always paint it back. But I am sure it will look good.

  19. I love painted black doors. Did you use oil or latex?

  20. AbjaCabjaCal kris says:

    Yep, i joined that bandwagon last winter. I painted my front door, and then we’ve replaced most, but not all our interior doors, and I have the new ones all painted (we’re multicolored right now). I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! Best thing I ever did!

  21. Wow! I am not normallly a fan of grey, but that really IS a great shade that you chose!

  22. Gorgeous! I keep saying I want to do this, but I’m a big chicken – What if I hate it? How difficult will it be to repaint? And on and on. Maybe if I start small, like you did, and just do the front door. :-)

  23. Love it! I have a question, which finish did you use? I was thinking to use semi-gloss.

  24. Love love love it! I have been thinking about doing mine as well for sometime! My husband kind of gave me that look when I told him what I wanted to do, lol! But when he comes home one day it shall been done! :^D

  25. It looks GREAT in your house! I will say, I tried painting ours and I think they look good in an area with light. Our foyer doesn’t get much light and it almost brought TOO much attention to the door and darkened the space even more. Instead of a pop, it was a “blah blah.” <— I just made that a thing. In your house though? I LOVE it! So much cozier!

    • Thanks Cristina. So sorry it didn’t work for you in the foyer! Maybe a lighter shade or a lighter grey would work better than the dark black/charcoal?

  26. Hi… I’m really loving this idea.. and I admired the look when you painted the pantry door.
    Let me ask you a question though, do you paint the side and top as well? Or simply the front and back?
    I would love to attempt this concept.

    • I painted the sides on the pantry door because that is open and shut all day long. I did not do the sides on the front door. And I wouldn’t worry about the top either since no one will see that, but that’s just me. :)

  27. Erica Petrucci says:

    LOVE IT! Is this the same color as the outside of your door? And you are going to do ALL doors in your house? Or just a few focal points? Great job and I love your site.

    • I’d like to do most doors (downstairs anyway). The outside of our front door is a very faded black that desperately needs a new coat of paint. I better get on that.

  28. I apologize if you have already answered this but did you use satin or a semi-gloss paint? they look fabulous, and so say for a bathroom and bedroom would you paint both sides? I am thinking so…

    • Hi Shelly I used satin, but if you like a little shine you can definitely use semi-gloss. And yes, I think both sides would be best. Not for every room, but I think for that combo probably so as long as the colors kind of flow.

  29. Like it!!!

  30. Gorgeous,
    Geesh you gave me another project. LOL
    I just primed my bedroom walls, and need to paint ceiling tomorrow. Then I can paint the walls.
    The hardest part of painting is prep and moving furniture.

    Love the doors.

  31. I’ve been wanting to paint my front door that same color, but was afraid it wouldn’t turn out the way I was envisioning. This gives me the confidence to do it! Looks great! Just wish I had a solid door like that. Mine has a window, and the framing for the window is that textured white plastic stuff that yellows over time, and I don’t think that would paint well, so it won’t look as good as yours does. But I think I’ll give painting the door a try, anyway. :)

  32. I just painted a hutch black/dark charcoal gray with a Lowes Valspar- Satin paint- it looks beautiful- but I don’t want anyone touching it too much as it shows a chalky looking mark. Did you add a poly coating to your door?
    Reason that I ask……
    I used a “satin” polyurethane on my front door this weekend (10 years since it was last done) and it’s sooo shiny and guess what ( it’s a little sticky still too after 2 days now…ughhh)- I am the one who also put stain on my kitchen cabinets this weekend…LOL-

    Just viewed your tour and your home is just beautiful! Loved it all… When I saw what you did with the chandelier in your laundry room it made me mad at myself. I just donated mine just like that to our local Habitat for Humanity and they have it for sale for like $100- it’s brass and I would have loved to painted it….never thought of it in the laundry room. Love all of your colors…Ok I have to stop- I love your blog…Keep up the inspiration for all of us!!

  33. Love them! The first thing I did when we moved into our new house was painting the front door like this. Love yours.

  34. Love your doors! Would you happen to know the name of your paint color in your entry? It seems very warm and soft. Thank you!~~Angela

  35. Did you take your door down to paint it? If not, how did you prep for painting. I am hoping to paint mine this weekend. Thank you!

  36. I have a question, what material is your door, my front door is metal and I’m afraid it won’t work as well as if it was a wood door

  37. I love your doors. Where did you get your entry rug?

  38. You are such an inspiration! I love your doors! I took the plunge this weekend and painted my front door. I did SW Sun-dried Tomato and love the color. But, even with very care application, 2 coats of primer and 2 coats of high quality paint … it isn’t perfectly smooth. Yours look beautiful and smooth. What did I do wrong? I used a foam roller and a paint brush to reach in really small areas.

    • Hmm so strange Carol! And I didn’t even use a primer. I used a brush for the entire thing. What paint did you use from SW?

      • Exterior Resilience Satin (outside of front door). Any thoughts?

      • Exterior Resilience Satin (outside of front door). Any thoughts?

        • I still don’t know why you wouldn’t get a good finish. I’m stumped. I don’t know if you need more coats or something? I’ve painted a door with a roller before and it was very splotchy so I ended up spray painting it instead.

  39. My front door looks just like your before pic. I am wondering is your door wood? Or did it have a smooth finish? Mine has a smooth finish and not wood. I am curious how well paint would stick.

    • Mine isn’t wood. It’s that aluminum kind? But it has that fake wood grain looking lines going through. The paint should stick if you use a good paint.

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  41. Crazy question for you – but what is the exterior color of that door? I’ve been playing with the idea of painting my interior doors (with three little ones – these white doors are a definite issue to my decorating aesthetic:) and hadn’t thought about the front or back doors until I saw this….but my front door’s exterior color is painted a different color and I don’t want it to be the same color as the interior.

  42. have you done the doors to bedrooms? we just painted ours white but man seeing this makes me want to change them!!!lol

  43. I’ve been wanting to paint all the doors in my home a dark color like this. Thank you for posting this! It makes making the change a little easier to envision!! One quick question, do you paint the entire door (front, back and sides)? I’m not sure if I want the dark color on the inside of the bedrooms, but I’m not sure I like the idea of having the front an sides painted dark and the back left white…thoughts?!?


  44. Love your interior doors! Planning on doing the same to our interior front door. Can you please tell me what paint you used? Is it a Satin, matte, shinny? Thanks!

  45. I would like your advice on what color for the hardware in black doors. Out doors are white and we just redid our doorknobs and few years ago bc they were an ugly brass. They are now a dark and will need to be changed. Suggestions

  46. What do you think of painting interior doors of a beach house? The interior colors are mainly light and dark blues,teals and grays, and touches of real wood. Wood floors.

    I’m thinking SW Hale Navy instead of Black. Nervous to take the plunge.

    I would love to hear what you think! Thanks, Desiree

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  51. Amazing work !!! The doors are looks like just a brand new.

  52. Thank you for sharing!

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