Breakfast Room Updates With New Table and Chairs!

Hi all! Hope you had a great weekend. I finally was able to snap a few photos of our much new and improved breakfast room over the weekend. I mentioned a few weeks ago we took advantage of World Market’s big furniture sale they had and got our new table and chairs from there. And I just love them so much.

Breakfast Room Updates with Table and Chairs |

Where do I begin with why I love it so? I love the round shape, the metal top, the industrial yet traditional look, the mixed chairs, the pop of orange/coral (you all know I love me some coral!), and just that it’s different and not your ordinary breakfast table.

You can read in this post the many reasons why our old table just wasn’t working out for us any longer, so this smaller round one works much better for this space. And it cleans like a dream.

I also kept the same white curtains and the same bamboo shades, and that chandelier is also the same! So really the only thing new in here is the table and chairs but a whole new look.

Breakfast Room Makeover |

Usually I just always keep the shades raised and don’t mess with them, but I lowered them so I could take pictures in here and not have just horrible backlighting with all the windows, and it turns out I really like them all lowered! They still let in plenty of light and they just look pretty. So that was a happy accident. :)

The 2 orange chairs are the Paige dining chairs from World Market, and really comfy.

World Market Paige Dining Chair |

And these other 2 chairs are also from there and called the Wishbone chair.

World Market Wishbone Chair |

LOVE that one and also comfy. I was so over upholstered chairs from the last table I swore I wouldn’t get anymore for a while until the kids are bigger, but my husband helped me choose and he loved the orange too, so we decided to brave it and assign the wood chairs for the kids. They know not to touch or even breathe by Mommy and Daddy’s orange chairs. Haha.

OH, and since we had that highchair that connected to our old table we needed a new chair for Ellie. I hate big bulky highchairs but heard good things about “the one” at Ikea and sure enough, it’s perfect.

Ikea High Chair |

And it was only $15 a few weeks ago!! It’s so light and compact I just love it. You can take that tray off too and pull them right up to the table with you to eat which is really nice. And that highchair has got to be the simplest thing Ikea has to assemble which is another perk. Don’t you hate those crazy instructions on everything?!

Anyway, I won’t hate on Ikea too much because this is the $20 white dish set that I talked about last week and I just love it.

White Dish Table Setting |

Those glasses, also Ikea. I saw the color and that little flower and knew they belonged in our breakfast room.

Ikea Glassware |

Breakfast Room Makeover with Table and Chairs |

And you can’t go wrong with beautiful lilies. I am in love with their scent.

Fresh Lilies |

For grins here’s the old breakfast room (and the old kitchen)…

Screen Shot 2013-11-17 at 10.21.00 PM

And now again with the updates.

Breakfast Room Makeover |

Breakfast Room Updates with Table and Chairs |

Much better don’t you think?

And yes I know a rug would look even better under the table, but as you can see from the old picture I have had a rug in here under the table before. There’s just really no point in that because they get absolutely filthy with kiddos, no matter what you put down to prevent it. It’s much easier on me to have nothing. :)

So what do you think of the updates? I’d love to hear!



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  1. It is a huge change! The wooden chairs really bring your eyes back to the light shade and the bamboo shades. All the textures just work and the pop of coral is the icing on the cake. Love it!

  2. Catherine says:

    Love the change! I think it looks fantastic without a rug, it allows a small corner to “breathe.” I normally love a great rug, but with the light coming through the windows on this little table – it looks perfect as is.

  3. Looks great!! I love the updates. And I hear ya on the rug- ours gets gross even though I put a towel down. Maybe we should start a new trend- tarp as rug?? ha. I think your room looks great w/out the rug!!

  4. I LOVE it, Emily! I was seriously coveting those orange chairs for my dining room, but got a little nervous because we need 6 and that price tag was a little high! But they are beautiful. And look amazing in your breakfast nook! Also, I’m glad to hear you love that high chair too… I’ve heard great things about it and I think we need to bite the bullet and get one too. Bulky, ugly, hard to clean high chairs suck!

  5. LOVE IT! Especially the orange chairs. Thanks so much for sharing! It is so much brighter and lighter! Victoria

  6. I think it looks much, much better without the rug; I always thought the rug looked a bit off somehow in the “before” pics.

  7. The table makes such a huge difference! Can you tell me where you got the window shades from?

  8. Absolutely beautiful! Thank you for including us in your blog post today.

    ~ World Market

  9. Waco Bayless says:

    Very pretty! Love the colors and accessories you chose.

  10. LOVE the orange chairs!! and yes a rug has no place in a dining space with little ones…I learned that lesson the hard way when my kids were young – great transformation!

  11. Love the new table and chairs! World Market has some great stuff! I too, have that same high chair and love it!

  12. Love it. It’s simple, practical and modern and looks great!

    BTW- How do we find out how the Design Dash contest is going? :)

  13. Love it, particularly the orange chairs. I can’t believe what a difference it has made to the room.

  14. So, so much better and I like the blinds down as well. Love what you and your husband chose – very nice !!! The whole room looks new.

  15. Wow, the whole area just glows now! It looks a lot more warm and inviting. Kudos to you for being brave with your color choices; the end result looks great!

  16. Absolutely beautiful! Love it!!

  17. Love the orange chairs, the style & so comfy looking. I like the orange glasses from ikea too. it looks like a wonderful place to have morning coffee & conversations.

  18. I absolutely love the change! And yes.. the roundness is perfect. I wish I had an area off my kitchen to do that..but instead I think I’ll make a special place in the family room looking out through the french doors into the back yard. You have inspired me so much ! thank you Emily!

  19. Just gorgeous! I love all of the pieces. You have a fantastic eye for design. =)

  20. Deborah Bobo says:

    It is beautiful. When my kids were young, I made a painted floor cloth. You can just mop it and it looks as good as new.

  21. Melyssa Rodriguez says:

    Such an.incredible difference w/o much expense. In love w/orange chairs. Great choices

  22. I love the color pop of the new chairs, and I love the new table!

  23. Love the shape and colour of those chairs! Looks great!

  24. I really like the idea of a “breakfast table”. I wish I had enough room in my kitchen/house for that. So cute.

  25. I really like the idea of a breakfast table. I just wish I had the room in my kitchen/house to do it.

  26. Cindy Schwerdt says:

    Love it. It is so much more warm, inviting, interesting and stylish. Love the orange/coral. Those chairs are going to look awesome with your new sofa.


  27. LOVE the whole new set! Beautiful design and colors, the wishbone chairs are my favorite they are so awesome :)

  28. I love your breakfast area; it’s so pretty! It looks so good with all your updates. I was thisclose to buying those wishbone chairs for my dining room a few weeks ago- I love them!!

  29. Fabulous!

  30. I love it!!! It really makes the room feel more open now. Maybe the round table instead of the square makes it seem more accessible and roomy? Either way, you did amazing!! I think World Market has really been stepping up their game lately. I have those same chairs but in the gray color and always get compliments on them and they are really cozy too. Enjoy!

  31. Love this…how amazing that a table and chairs could change up a space SO dramatically. How much was that table….love it. Great job with the POP of orange.

  32. Are you still loving this table and chairs? I’ve been eyeing it. I’m just afraid it’s too small?

  33. Just bought the cooper table and I love it, can’t figure out chairs. Does the base finish of table match the chairs?

  34. I have thought about bamboo shades, and it also looks like you completely removed the blinds from your back/kitchen door. Do the bamboo shades offer privacy? Especially at night, can your neighbors see in? Your kitchen looks amazing! Very cozy breakfast nook!

    • People could see in at night yes. It would look blurry to them though, and not totally clear if that makes sense. But since they do allow light to come through, when it’s dark you can see inside. Hope that helps!