The Best Leggings Ever and Finds of the Week

I love showing you all things I have found recently that are worthy to be written about. Case in point, the best leggings ever. After all, it is legging and oversized shirt season right? Good leggings are hard to find because a lot of them are see through and will show your lumps and bumps (a/k/a cellulite, a/k/a the worst genetic inheritance ever), but these do a great job at covering it all up and smoothing you out (for the most part) and are just flattering, which is hard to say about leggings.

You will be surprised at where I found these. At a workout clothing store, Athleta to be exact. Um, I love their workout clothes. But they are very pricey so I shop their sales of course. I have however invested in a few pairs of good workout capris though because again, those are also hard to find when you are trying to look good in spandex. It’s not an easy task.

So the ladies at the store told me about these Bettona Jeggings. She said a lot of girls don’t use them for working out in, but for a cute pair of pants to wear with boots etc.

Great Pair of Flattering Leggings  |

When I tried them on I was sold, be warned at the $80 price tag, but worth it. I like how the back of them has pockets too more like a jean.

Betton Jegging BackAnd no that’s not me modeling them above but I wouldn’t complain if it were.

I like the solid black with the stretchy material better than the other material the “heathered” colors come in, but that’s just personal preference. And they do come in regular, tall, petite, and plus lengths/sizes.

I couldn’t find a good shot of me in them, but I do have this one from some Christmas photos we took the other day.


Mostly I’m just showing off Emma’s adorable red pea coat. So cute! It’s from Crazy 8 by the way.

Anyway, so the leggings…good stuff.

Next find of of the week is this set of white dishes from Ikea for $20.

Ikea White Dish Set $20 |

It’s a service for 6! And no mugs! It’s the Fargrik set you can see online here. They come in other colors. And I don’t think you can buy it online either, so I’m so sorry if you don’t have an Ikea nearby!

And lastly, my friend on Instagram, @mommyof5as, posted all of these dollar spot goodies from Target that she got.

Dollar Spot

Such good things right?? I haven’t made it over there yet so I hope there is still some left! I need all of the gold things for sure.

So that’s it for this week. Maybe next will bring more treasures. Did you find anything good? Do you need some good leggings? Try those Athleta ones if so!



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  1. Good to know about the leggings. We have a store not far from us. We purchased two sets of white dishes from Ikea for our youngest daughter and roommates at college, and they have held up wonderfully. Love her little red coat!! They were just changing out our dollar section at Target the other day. Will have to check it out when I get back in town (headed your way to see baby girl).

  2. I bought similar pants/leggings like that at Costco sold by Calvin Klein, they are thicker than leggings and have cute pockets but are comfy and look great with boots. The best part, only $17!!! :) I love having white dishes!

  3. are these low cut or regular cut?

  4. These don’t look like leggings at least not like the ones I wear. I think they’re more like skinny jeans or jeggings.

  5. White dishes are the best! So versatille! Cute Christmas photo sneak peak, can’t wait to see the rest. Love your blouse, do tell where you found it!

  6. Thanks for the tips. Must hit the target $-spot! Those leggings are cute. I have a love-hate relationship with Athleta- some seriously cute stuff but some weird fit issues for me and have had quality issues in the past, too. I may have to check costco per the commenter above- hope that was recent! Also, please DO tell where you found your red blouse. I adore it! My coloring is similar to yours and I have a hard time finding true reds that look nice on me.

    • I know their sizing can be off on their workout tops. I’ve ordered things from the sale online in my regular size and it be way too small. Others are fine. I just try and read the reviews really well before ordering anything online from them. So strange. I wish they were consistent! I have found that their bottoms have been consistent for me though.

      And the top is from Nordstrom Rack. :)

  7. I agree- bottoms are more consistent, both size and quality. I’ve had tops where the arms shrank despite cold water wash/hang dry. I adore my whatever skorts though. Perfect for busy moms.

    Thanks for the info on the blouse! Will have to check there. :) Was it a recent find (I hope!)?

  8. I’m always up for a good pair of leggings that don’t show all the stuff we don’t want to show :) {and I have a lot!} I’ll have to check them out for sure. How funny, I just posted my Target finds on IG and then read your post! They didn’t have very many of that brand to choose from at my Target, but I loved that whole line of stationary stuff they had, so stinkin cute and great for gifts or stocking stuffers.