Time For a New Breakfast Table

Let me tell you a little bit about how I operate as a person, in life, in general. When I get my mind set on something, I make it happen. Usually. Lots of times I wake up feeling totally inspired to repaint a room or use my miter saw. And it has to be done that day. Or at least started. Then lots of other times I won’t do anything major for a month or 2. I go in spurts. I write my posts the night before because I’m inspired to do them at that time. I’m not much of a scheduler.

Soooo, with that said, the other day, Friday to be exact, I woke up hating our breakfast table. Like, even more so than I already did. I am SO over the counter/bar height of it, but most importantly, the table and chairs are way too big and bulky for the space. One of the main reasons I dislike it so much is because it has 4 legs, 4 corners, and sharp edges and it kills me when the baby runs into them. ALSO, the other horrible thing was the upholstery on the seats. I shouldn’t need to explain that part, but not good for kids. At all. I have been on the hunt for a new one for a year now. Yes, really a year! So don’t think this wasn’t a planned out expenditure because it was. It just happened to be that I needed it yesternow. :) And receiving an email from World Market that day that their furniture was going to be 25% off all weekend (with code SCURRY), ummm, that might have added to the current breakfast table hate and force me to get in the car and head there.

But can we talk about breakfast tables for a minute? I don’t like them. I do, but I don’t. Why? Because they end up all looking the same. You look at 100, you’ve seen 1000. There is nothing unique about them usually but that they are just either square or circle and lots of times come with those windsor type chairs with the spindles. You know the ones. Especially the light oak colored ones. No offense if you have those–I had them too. I just knew that our breakfast room could be so much more you know?

Besides my taste in furniture having evolved and really finding out what I truly love, the breakfast table did not make the list. I wanted something DIFFERENT and not all matchy. I liked the idea of having a bench, but those really just go with the rectangle tables and I wanted a small round table this time. And not all matching chairs. And for reference, here is the old table we used to have in our room.

Breakfast Table | www.decorchick.com

Wow, this is a long background about a table! But really, everything has a story right? And the moral of this story is that we bought this before I knew what I was doing. Just like our all leather furniture in the living room. ;) Okay, so what did we get? We got the Cooper Round Table from World Market.  I saw it online and knew it would be perfect, went to the store and it was doubly perfect so it came home with us. With the 25% discount it was $299, which I think is a fantastic price for a good looking table like this…

World Market Cooper Table with Metal Top | www.decorchick.com

That’s it and how they styled it on World Market’s site. I can’t show you it in our breakfast room yet because I need to do a few things. Of course, right? But isn’t it perfect? It’s the right size, cleans easily, and is just my style with it being traditional and modern with that metal top. It’s unexpected and I haven’t seen anything like it before. They have a bigger version that’s a long rectangle (more for an actual dining room) that has a metal top too that I think looks fab.

I am just so excited I don’t have to climb up into chairs anymore to eat! This table can be used to play cards and board games too so I think it will suit us well.  And I know I don’t usually post on Sundays, but I wanted to get this out there in case you wanted to take advantage of the 25% off sale too at World Market! It ends on Nov 3 and the discount code is SCURRY. Everything non-furniture is also 15% off.

So, what kind of breakfast table do you have? Do you love it or is it just meh? It’s hard to find a good one! That’s why I love WM because their stuff is different, and good prices. And seems to be made well. And no this isn’t a sponsored post by WM, I just love them and want to pass on deals. Even at the full price I’d buy that Cooper table! I’ll tell you about it more and show it in our space as soon as I can, promise.



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  1. I like it! I like round tables, especially in the breakfast area. In the new house I have a round table with a banquette for the first time and it’s so much better and cozier than the old rectangle one we had.

  2. Oh this is gorgeous. I love the metal top, how fantastic is that and the base is stunning. Can’t wait to see what chairs you put with it. Hugs, Marty

  3. That is a fantastic table – especially for the price! We have a few World Market pieces – the Lugano bench and the metallic dresser, I forget its name – and have found them to be very well-made. Plus, at that price point, I don’t have a come apart if the kids scuff it up, I like to say that we are not in an Ethan Allen stage in life right now. :) I think WM is just as stylish as PB or West Elm and a fraction of the cost.

    We needed more seating in our kitchen so we moved our dining room table in this year and gave away our decade old kitchen table. I loved finally having the opportunity to go the bench/mismatched seating route, it just makes the room more interesting. :)

  4. Very nice, I love the metal top for easy clean up. I wish I had space for a breakfast table and a dining table. I can’t wait until I see yours stylized.

  5. I am the same way lol, when I was reading your post I thought of myself from the leather living room set that I hate now and am dying to replace yesterday to the hunt for furniture. All furniture is like that when you are hunting you have seen it all a bunch of times everything is so matchy and the same. I had a wooden table for our dining room with chairs that had fabric cushions and a huge hutch. I wanted something different too. Didn’t want round cause I have to fit five at the table every night and up to ten or more during the holidays. Didn’t want square corners either, and chairs had to be easy to clean. I found my set at Haverty’s and picked different chairs then they had with it. I also ended up getting the buffet and two end chairs with nail head details in a print to break up the matchy feel. I was same way with my bedroom didn’t want a set that all matched and wanted it to look vintage glam. I actually ordered our first headboard online cause I was on a tight budget and wanted something upholstered, tufted and with nail heads. I ordered brown cause I had a lot of browns back then since than I am into color big time. I ended up a year later buying a new bed from Z Galleries that is wingback and gray goes nice with my thrift store and craigslist vintage French provincial dressers which I reprinted white with silver pulls than found some amazing silver metal embossed night stands with mirror fronts at home goods and first time I saw them I left them cause I wasn’t sure they would go but ended up getting lucky and finding them again about six months later:). That is unusual with Home goods. I can relate and sometimes I picture what I want in my head but it doesn’t exist. That is what we are going thru with the sofa living room hunt. I want a large sectional cause we have a long narrow living room, also want something tufted or with nail heads, love leather for easy cleaning but I like the fabric cause it is more comfy. I did find a sofa with customizable pieces at Crate & Barrel but expensive. Ibalsobfont want a coffee table anymore have a wood with glass top and iron insert under glass, gorgeous table, but hate cleaning it daily and bumping into painful edges, I want two large square ottomans in a contrasting print or texture to the sofa with storage maybe and then will use as coffee table but can be used as extra seating or to make the sectional like a large bed to snuggle with the kids when we watch movies. Lol. Wow that was a lot. I love world market. They closed the store by me but I love Buddhas, Asian, Moroccan and India pieces which they always have lots to pick from:). Love your new table and hoping by Christmas to have decided on a new sofa and rug. I redecorate and repaint a lot drives my hubby crazy but interior design is my passion, I have done a lot of projects over the passed five years for clients but it isn’t always busy cause of the economy and a lot of people don’t have the money to pay for a designer and buy all new pieces etc, but I am always redecorating my own home. I love the holidays cause decorating for them feeds my creative needs and keeps me busy on the decor for that holiday but have a list, very long list of what I want to do when the holidays are over which is all linked to my Christmas wish list. Painting dining room, got new pieces for the buffet and table top, doing a beach coastal feel inspired from our stay at a gorgeous rental in the Florida keys. Living room needs a new tv console and furniture, rug and more, new art which I think I am just using my own photography put on canvas and metal or wood, than we plan to update our bathrooms! Can’t wait for that. We gutted our home five years ago when we purchased it and replaced everything except the two bathrooms that had been updated before we bought it but not my style. Love your blog and always check out all your posts. Have a wonderful weekend and sorry for rambling just read your post and thought of myself lol. Glad you found what you were wanting:).

  6. Love it and love your long explanation of why! I am in a similar situation… we’ve got a pretty decent size rectangle table with six huge chairs that we NEVER sit at, we just pile stuff onto it on a daily basis. Its not family oriented… and we don’t have a formal dining room, this is just off of our kitchen, so I am looking to find that perfect round table to fit all 6 of us! Oh and something that will go with our new dark hardwood floors! Thank you for sharing! :)

  7. Great table! I am in the market for a dining room table. I think my husband and I are going to furnish our combined living room/dining room — we are going to get a dining room table! (We’ve only been in our home for 10 years!)

  8. Love this table! And I love World Market, too! I purchased our table from WM about 6 years ago. It is rectangular, but it has a huge leaf that stores underneath. It’s been a great table! Hope you enjoy your new one.

    Also, I love reading your posts, and I subscribe to your newsletter. You have wonderful ideas!

    P.S. I’m so glad your brother-in-law introduced me to your page; he’s my chiropractor. ;)

  9. Well, the site is down for a while. Lol, Good job you! (not meant to be sarcsastic!) Love the table! Can’t wait to see pics!

  10. Shanna Pretzsch says:

    Love it! I’ve been looking at different ideas for breakfast tables and this gorgeous and inviting! Thanks for sharing:)

  11. Gorgeous table. Yup, looks like Decor Chick rocked their site ;-D. WorldMarket.com is still down.

  12. That’s really pretty. I, too, have a round light oak table that I’m sick to death of. I bought it back when I was trying to fit into a life role I just don’t belong in. After making a tectonic shift in taste I now have my heart set on a retro dinette set. In order to get it in the color and shape I want (square in red cracked ice) and to get one that, based on the reviews, will survive daily use, I’m going to have to have one custom made. There will be no awesome $299 table for me. But it’s going to look so good once it’s in here.

  13. oH my word, I have seen this table in real life… and its incredible!!! I love it! I keep telling Chris it will go in our forever home… haha! Yes, the one I am forever dreaming about, LOL! We actually own an old farmhouse that we do NOT live in which would look incredible with either the rectangular version of this or an antique chef’s table. I can hardly wait to see you finished breakfast room!!

  14. I love the table. Hubby and I love antiques so both of our dining tables are antiques. Not everyone’s cup of tea, and I like a lot of new stuff like your new table. Can’t wait to see your new breakfast area- the WM styling is nice except for the entirely too small rug.

  15. My breakfast table is a great, round vintage table in tiger oak. It has a wonderfully unique base ( not the typical pedestal) that I painted black. The chairs are Henrendon, caned back beaties that I painted black and had professionally reupholstered. I love the look!

  16. I have a round black Eero Saarinen reproduction tulip table. I love it so much I’d marry it if I could. LOL. But, since it was more expensive then most breakfast tables, I opted to go with very simple straight back wooden chairs that I found during a Joss & Main sale. They looked great together. Every time I walk in my breakfast room, I smile because I love them. :)

  17. Around a year ago I too went to a round table love it!! I have yet to buy anything at WM

    Kathy :)

  18. Here I was hoping the new table would be the one you were posting on Craigslist :) Very cute!!!

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