The House Is Painted, The House Is Painted!

OH.EM.GEEEEEE!!!  Y’all aren’t going to believe how the house looks now!  I think I am still chanting that the house has finally been painted.  And if you are totally confused right now about why I am so excited about paint, you can catch up here and here.

If you have been with me on the painting ride, I’m sure you are wondering what color I finally went with.  And it was SW Balanced Beige (but used Behr’s paint and primer in one, in flat finish). I love that paint! You can also read about me possibly becoming a Behr convert in this post.  I decided to go with the Behr (color matched) because I was wondering if the color would look different with the primer in one paint. So I bought a sample of Behr’s formula, and it WAS different.  Much more greige like I wanted, and no blue at all which there was a slight tint of in my SW sample. So I’m thinking the primer made a pretty big difference in the color variations.

So yes, Balanced Beige it was. Remember that was the very first one I liked, but then thought it would be a good idea to keep looking at other colors and buying oh, about 20 different paint samples, maybe more?  Yea.  Awesome.  But I am sooooo happy with how it turned out, if that isn’t yet obvious. :)

First I have to show you the before photos–brace yourself because it’s a drastic change.  And also be prepared because NONE of the before or after photos have been staged.  I’m still redoing lots of things and need to rearrange things, but I couldn’t wait to show you all!


Aaaaand AFTER!

Isn’t that crazy?!?!  Gosh, I just love new paint.  It is amazing how much cleaner and fresher and brighter the house feels now. Oh, and yes I’ll fix those crooked pictures and candle sconces don’t you worry. :)

And remember when Brittany photoshopped our living room for me so I could see what it would look like in the greige I wanted? If you don’t remember, here is her photoshopped photo:

And here is the new (real) living room after painted in Balanced Beige.

Um, they are almost identical! Good job Brittany! :)

Oh, I sold that big area rug too on Craigslist.  I bought a new one that I will show you soon.  And yes, still need to change up that red ottoman!

A few more pics…

And still lots of things to do in the T.V. nook, I know.  But it’s way better than the ugly faux! :)

If you are curious why those little windows are black, it’s because we had a patio built, so instead of seeing all the beams of wood we just had them cover them up.  But I am going to do something to them from the inside to make them pretty.

And one more pic.

Soooo whatcha think?!  It’s a craaaaazy difference and it did take a day or so to get used to, but, I’m in love. :)  It is the perfect greige in our house–just enough brown in it for the warmth, and still grey and neutral at the same time like I was hoping for.

We left the office as is because I still like the color (SW Mindful Grey), and we did not paint the kitchen which is Tobacco Road. But I kind of want to paint the kitchen now too. But not until we stain the cabinets darker.  Shhhhh. :)

Other BIG things are happening this week and I am just about to bust at the seams with excitement, but I will try and keep it together and update you on the progress of everything during the week. :)

P.S.- Yes, we did have to spend a little and hire this project out so I called up our contractor who is very good to us.  I’m sure you understand after seeing those crazy tall walls.  I would have done it but I wasn’t willing to risk falling to my death using one of those big metal ladders that I don’t even know how to properly use.  I did however, paint the little hallway by the staircase all by myself. :)

I’ll be sharing this post at Sarah’s before and after partyThe Shabby Chic Cottage Transformation Thursday, Tatertots and Jello, Funky Junk Interiors, Between Naps on the Porch and The Shabby Nest Frugal Friday.



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  1. WOWZA that looks great! I love the new color you picked!!

  2. Emily, it looks AWESOME! I love the new color. Really brightened things up. Totally understand about hiring the painters. We have a two story foyer and family room (20′ ceilings)…I am sooo not getting on a ladder that tall!

  3. I love it!!! You know I love this color given its on the same color swatch as the color used in my kitchen, family room, living and dining rooms! I think I’m going to use your color in my bedroom or bathroom. Have not decided yet!

    Great Job. and I wish I had someone to paint my downstairs. But for $1000… I figured I’d save that $$$ and use it for furniture;)

  4. HOLY COW EMILY!!!!! That’s all I can say. HOLY COW! Ok I’ll say more… it looks INCREDIBLE! Such a fresh update!!! I know I love paint but my goodness, I reallllly love it now. Such a transformation. You go, girl ; )

  5. It looks SO SO SO GOOD!!! And you’re right, it looks so much cleaner & fresh…that was the same reaction I had when we finally chose a grey.

  6. I love it Emily! Looks so great, perfect greige!

    We hired someone to do our 2 story entryway as well. It’s more gray than greige like we wanted, but yeah, I’m not paying to have to redone :) But we do like it and once we finish our chair rail/faux wainscoting project the white will lighten it up a bunch and get that airy look that yours now has! :)

  7. B-E-A-U-tiful!

  8. I love it!!! It looks absolutley fabulous!!!!

  9. I LOVE it! I’ve been waiting and waiting to see what you went with and it looks awesome!!! Perfect balance of neutral/gray!

  10. I’m so happy you found a grey that worked! And IT DOES!! Currently going through the same paint swatch indecision myself…

  11. I have looked at Mindful Grey for our living room. We want to do the transition to a blue/grey. However, we need to blend with the Margaret drapes from Pottery Barn ( a few years back ) in red/blue and cream. Might be impossible. The blue is a light steele blue and the cream I think would blend with anything. Almost. And the curtain rods are black. Oh, and almost all our furniture is wood or brown. Don’t know how that happened. I just seem to pick brown.

    • Mary, I think Mindful Grey would be a good possibility for a blue/grey. Just depends on the lighting in your home but it sounds like it would work with your current decor. :) But I haven’t looked at the Margaret drapes yet. You could always spray paint or paint your rods too if you wanted so you don’t have to buy new ones. :)

      • Anonymous says:

        I agree. Headed to SW today to get a sample : ) Lighting may be an issue. Our room is not quite as bright as yours but, it’s a good jumping off point!

  12. Anonymous says:

    holy moly girl! thats a lot of wall to paint! I have a two story living room too-and i got a wild hair to paint it myself- NEVER AGAIN!!! I tell ya! I will gladly pay a hefty fee to have it done again if I decide to change it. Yours looks awesome!!!

  13. Wow! That is a huge difference! It really gives the room a calm feel to it and brightens everything up. Good choice!!

  14. I have been waiting and waiting and waiting to see which color you picked because I am so copying! :) Were trying to stage our house to sell and currently its painted Boston Tea Party which is a lot like tobacco road but now I need to paint it a lighter neautral and I think you’ve found the perfect one! So thanks for doing the hard work for me! :o)

  15. How beautiful! It looks great…I am loving your style! I am (finally) officially following you too….can’t wait to see more!

  16. Emily — it looks so good!! such a big difference…so clean and current. And kudos to you for already having everything back up on the walls!!!

  17. Looks great!

  18. That looks good, I mean REALLY GOOD! While I loved your Camelback I love this even more! Right now I have a Taupe, gray/brown on my walls, but they tend to take on a pink tone sometimes. I was just about to get a sample of Sherwin Williams Hopsack because I wanted to warm up my walls, but now you have me totally thinking on this – I may have to try the Balanced Beige – it looks so calming, clean, and elegant!

    Could you PLEASE take some nighttime pictures so we can see how it looks at night with lamps on? Thank you so much for sharing!:)


  19. It looks soooooo good, Emily!!

  20. Beautiful transformation, I love the color greige…what is it?

  21. What a fantastic update! It looks so fresh and light. Of course, I *would* love it, I’m the queen of “beige” lol – but all bias aside, VERY good choice, makes all of your pieces *pop* :-)

    P.S. I don’t blame you for hiring painters. I have a vaulted ceiling in my family room – that I had to paint myself. I wouldn’t paint while no one was here, I was afraid I’d fall off the ladder and no one would know for days lol, thus, I *still* need to get back up there and neaten up a couple of spots. I’ve been putting it off… for a year and a half!

  22. Wow! It looks so much brighter! What a huge difference. It’s fabulous!

  23. Very classy, love it!! I am a new subbie and I love checking in, you always have something exciting happening! I’m hooked!

  24. This is a spectacular transformation! I love how cool and serene the space is now– very calming and it opens everything up. Great choice, awesome advice… I feel the itch to paint a room coming on! ;-)
    Thanks for sharing!!

  25. Looks great! You can never go wrong with greige. And the white really works beautifully with that shade without there being too much contrast.

  26. WOWZA! What an incredible transformation! I can’t even believe how different it looks. PERFECT!

  27. Very pretty, Emily!

  28. The color rocks up and down and all the way around. Beautiful. What a fresh color. I love the shot down the hallway towards the door with the light streaming in! Way to go sistah!

  29. Oh it looks so modern and sophisticated with all your black furniture and accents. Nice job!!

  30. I really like the new colors! Very modern and calming. Nice decorating too! I love all the light your windows let into your house.

  31. Looks beautiful!! The stairwell and hall are totally elegant. The light coming through there seems to really define the color. I’m sure you’re going to be very happy with it.

  32. A night and day difference. Beautiful!

  33. Love it! Now I want to paint over my beige…but I have 2 story living room like yours….and we just painted 2 years ago…still trying to figure out how to justify that one. :P

  34. Beautiful! What a difference a little paint can make. And it looks like it brought a lot more light into the room, or am I wrong?

    Thanks for the mention again. You didn’t have to do that.

  35. Hey girlie! Long time no talk! :)
    Your paint looks great, I’m Sooo glad you finally picked a color you love…and it looks so good too! I’m working on my laundry room right now…I’m doing aqua, white and black…it’s looking cute so far! Of course, I’m just now installing board and batten, so it’s gonna take a while, but it’s getting there!
    TTYL & have a great week!

  36. It looks great! Perfect color!

  37. Absolutely LURVE IT! Ok, so just to be clear…it’s SW Balanced Beige color but you actually used the Behr paint/primer all in one flat paint and did the SW color coding? Or did you actually go with SW paint? I want to get a sample for my walls but want to make sure I get the correct sample.

    • Hey Staci, yes that’s right. Home Depot already had SW’s color code into their system so all they had to do was mix it using Behr’s paint. Good luck, and let me know how you like it!

  38. Loving that color!!! I’m such a huge fan of those clean, bright gray paint tones. I have Behr’s Silver Sateen in our open concept living areas, and I loooove it!

  39. Ms Latundra Levertte says:

    Giiiirl….you got it going on with your greige self! If I could, I would take my brush and pallet and cover the world in greige. But you got to change yourself before you set out to change the world, start with the woman in the mirror. So I am covering myself with greige right now. Lol, nah you blew it up! I love it:)

  40. I love it, what a gorgeous color! I’m always amazed at the difference a coat of paint makes, it really transformed your home, so glad you’re enjoying it! thanks for sharing!

  41. Love paint. Hands down LOVE paint. Doesn’t it make you want to scream, or paint again? Or at least have someone else paint for you? :)

  42. Love the gray in your house! It’s the new look and is so refreshing! I painted my boys rooms a gray color and it was a great transformation!

  43. Emily, it looks so good! I’m sure it was an adjustment but I’m glad you are happy with it. Looks fantastic! Can’t wait to see what you do with those little windows.

  44. I love it!! so pretty

  45. And now I’m upset with you because you make beige look GOOD. You actually painted your living room beige ON PURPOSE. And everything pops. Like everything in my drab, beige living room DOESN’T. Which is why I bought paint on the cheap to colorwash and bring charm to our boring apartment with beige walls and cheap honey-colored plasticish trim. And looking at your photos I’m starting to feel regret and wish that Walmart would let me return my clearance mistinted purchases. But then I noticed your trim is white and classy. So, maybe that’s why beige works for you and it doesn’t work for me.

    • Hey Brittney, it’s not a real beige though. When we moved into our home a few years ago it was ALL beige (SW Nomadic Desert) and I couldn’t wait to get rid of it. This color is way more grey in our house with a touch of beige. Maybe try doing a grey that has some brown undertones like this color does and maybe that will bring more interest to your apartment! :)

  46. What a lovely color, Emily! The spaces are nice and bright. I totally would want to hire someone to paint a big job like that, too. I still love my caramel-y tans… but greige is definetely growing on me! Thanks for some inspiration.

  47. Love the color. Sometimes picking a perfect neutral is tricky. Glad you’re happy with it!

  48. I can’t believe the difference. Paint always surprises me at the difference it can make!

  49. Oh I am love with grey paint! I’ve been debating what color to make my living room where I have tobacco colored leather sofas and cream panels on the windows. I think you may have convinced me! Your home is beautiful. I’d love to have you link this to my VIP party today!

  50. Do you mind me asking why you went with a flat finish? I love the look and feel of flat, but I feel like it get’s marked easily. Is that your experience with it. Love the lighter and brighter feel!

    • Hey Kelli, I just love the way flat paint looks. And I am not a big fan of any texture on walls, and to me, a flat finish kind of hides the texture. It doesn’t really hide it, but if it were a satin it would be slightly more shiny in certain light and you can see the texture more. Flat definitely does get scuffed up more easily, but I’d rather just touch up those areas with paint when needed. :)

  51. Lovely color…very serene. Came by from Naps on the Porch!

  52. Beautiful Emily! A very elegant color gray is. I love how beautiful it looks and your house is gorgeous.


  53. LOVE the paint! Your house looks gorgeous. It’s so perfect for your space.

  54. Love the new paint colors. I am in the process of lighting all my colors too. An idea for those windows maybe some type of shutter, even a plantation style.

  55. Oh how i’ve missed your blog…. So glad i am back!

    The changes you have made are FABULOUS!! It always amazes me what a little paint can do.

  56. The curtains look awesome! I have a suggestion for the spaces above them. Wood. As in a raw chunky rustic piece of cypress either all the way across the top or inside of each individual space. Also make ssome of your shelves cypress as well. The dark wood shelves are a little to dark and matchy with your furniture. Love the house. Great job!

  57. I LOVE the color you picked out, it’s perfect! I totally feel ya about all those paint swatches on the wall – picking out the perfect paint is a LONG process :) Well worth the work though!
    I’d be honored if you’d link up this great post to The After Party at 3 Meadow Lake Cottage!


  58. Your house looks so good, Emily! It’s amazing how much bigger and more open it looks. Love your color choice!

  59. I’m thinking of repainting my LR this color – would you mind sending me the formula? Pretty please?!

    Also – how many coats did it take to cover your old color? My walls are a golden yellow… and the thought of not having to prime is heavenly!

  60. L.O.V.E. the new color as well as all of your Before pics (the ones with all of the swatches). My living room looked like that for months and I had one cousin who would come over and comment on my growing paint swatch wall every time….some people just don’t understand! :)

  61. Hi There!

    Came over to your blog after I saw your guest post on Traci @ Beneath my Heart. W-0-W! Loved looking at your pictures. Thanks for the info on the paint. Its exactly what I want to do with my living room. So tired of the “tumbleweed” that was painted in my house. Suppose to be a neutral, but I swear there is some pink in that paint! :( Anyway, I enjoyed looking at your pics, your house is beautiful! Thanks again.

  62. Hi there,

    Found your post through a post re: different paints. Anyway, you house looks beautiful!

    I really like the balanced beige, but according to the SW site, it looks completely different from your pics. Did it look this different to you before putting it on your walls?


  63. Hey, I LOVE your paint! Its the perfect gray Ive been looking for, but when I purchased a balanced beige sample from SW, it is VERY taupe/brown…?? Was the switching to behr paint & primer what gave it more of the gray look, or is is just the picture? It is more gray in person or taupey?

  64. We’re going to be painting our living/dining Balanced Beige and are trying to decide on a color for our base & crown. We want more of a creamy color than white. What color is your trim?

  65. I am SO glad I found your blog. I am going through much of what you went through with paint color. I am in love with Balanced Beige, and the slightly darker SW Tony Taupe. Your house looks gorgeous with BB. I have cream carpet, am about to whitewash our brick fireplace, and we have a camel colored sofa that is staying, so thanks to you I am leaning toward a darker color for contrast. Your wood floors look great with the paint, but I fear the cream carpet I have will be too muddled.

  66. I love your house! I was also looking at Balanced Beige as a paint possibility for our new house. I was just wondering, is your entire house painted that one color, or do you have variations of greige tones throughout your home?

  67. Hi!! I TOO am in love with Balanced Beige. We’ve decided it’s the perfect shade for us…..however, we’ve tried color-matching several times at Home Depot so we can use Behr’s paint and it’s turning out slightly off each time. We’ve taken the SW sample to Home Depot to color match and used both their automated computer system code match (Home Depot actually has the SW Balanced Beige color code stored in their computer) AND asked them to try manually matching our sample twice now and the codes (and colors) come out slightly different each time. Actually I think it comes out a bit lighter. So I tried asking them to go slightly darker than the manual match and now it’s too dark (25% they say is the least amount of change they can make in the computer). Did you run into this problem?

  68. Hi, i have been trying to make a paint decision for the house we are building, and i have gone through a number of samples. I have been leaning towards balanced beige, as well. What color did you use for your trim? Congratulations on your decision; i know that is a load off your mind. Thank you, Beth

  69. I love the balanced beige with the color on the stairwell…can you please let me know what the paint color is on the stairwell above the white?

  70. Hey there! Do you use Twitter? I’d like to follow you if that would be ok.

    I’m absolutely enjoying your blog and look forward to new posts.

  71. Hi! Where are your leather couches from? Thanks!

  72. I’m so glad to have found this post and know I’m not the only one who puts a gazillion paint swatches up on the walls in my house before picking a color! I currently am on the hunt for a greige paint color and love your choice! I’m going to head out to our SW paint store tomorrow and take a look at their greige paint choices! Thanks so much for this post! :)

  73. I love this! We painted our kitchen Mindful Grey last year (LOVE it!) and we’re thinking about a beige for the rest of the first floor. I’ll definitely look at this shade!

  74. This really is way a lot better than a brick & mortar esatbilshmnet.

  75. How many coats of paint did you do?

  76. I have read so many posts about the blogger lovers but this piece of writing is actually a nice piece of writing, keep it

  77. I love your new pics!!!! Just a question the color in your “before ” living room pics is exactly what I am looking for- LOL do you remember the color?

  78. Hi Emily !

    Like many others , I love the transformation of your home … especially the stairway. You stated it was Balanced Beige on the walls, do you remember the color you used for the batten board? Also, some comments have asked if you ran into some color matching problems. I too am curious. If you did, do you have the formula Sherwin Williams used to replicate the Behr version?

    I apologize for all the questions. My husband and I bought a small condo as our first starter home. We have had to be super creative in how we use our space , as well as with paint colors. I am hoping to accomplish what you did and make our space appear larger by lightening the paint. Thank you for being such an inspiration !


  79. Beautiful color, beautiful hall way. You have a very good taste. I’ve been looking for this color for a long time. Greige! Do you remember the Behr’s paint’s reference that matched the SW Balanced beige ? I’d like to go with the paint and primer in one like you did.


  80. I know it’s been a minute since you painted, however, I LOVE your paint color!! We recently moved into a house we love with yellow walls….. AWFUL! Every one except 2 are some form of yellow, dark gold, or darker gold. The serenity I feel when I look at your pictures is the feeling I want invoke in my house. Would you mind posting the formula so I (and others!) can have it matched at HD? I have a sample pot of Balanced Beige from Lowe’s but it’s no where near the color depicted above. Very dark
    Thank you for sharing your home with us!

    • Hi Tammy, I would suggest going into Sherwin Williams for this color (balanced beige). Color matching at different stores never produces the exact result you are looking for…

      Also keep in mind that paint will look different in EVERY home, so it could be a trial and error thing.


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