The Great Outdoors {The Patio Reveal}

I don’t think I’ve ever shown you all our patio, and we actually have a nice one!  We had it added on about 2 years ago.  Having a patio is pretty much a must in Texas, and when we bought our home all that was there was a tiny little square piece of concrete, and a little bitty overhang that did nothing at all. After the patio was built it was SO nice to have.  But there was a problem and it was this.

Are y’all singin’ Sanford and Son right now?  It’s ok, I’ll let you.  Besides the obvious that the patio needed to be CLEANED, we had this big table right in the center of it so we weren’t able to utilize all of the space. It was a temporary deal from Craigslist, but that “temporary” deal turned into about 1 1/2 years.

See what I mean? Just too big.

But Craigslist to the rescue once again, and now we have all of this for only $250!!

I looked and looked and finally found the perfect set and couldn’t be more happy!  This is heavy wicker too…not like some of the other wicker sets I’ve seen where it seems they will blow away with a gust of wind.  Now granted, the cushions are not my first pick, but that’s what came with the set and they are still in great condition.  I hope to find some on sale this year, but gosh, patio cushions are amazingly expensive!  And I can’t even find some big enough that fits this set.  These are like extra wide and deep seats.  Even the deep seat cushions that I have found at a few stores aren’t the same size as these and wouldn’t fit right.  Weird. But the faux coral centerpiece looks great out here!

Here’s the full patio all cleaned up.

Better, right?!  Can you believe I never have had any plants out here until now?  Now I can’t stop and want more.  It just adds so much life out here.  My mom recommended I try some Coleus (I have 3 now!), Blue Daze and some Creeping Jenny.  She was right, and I LOVE all of them and they have held up exceptionally well.  I’ve had almost all of these plants for 2 weeks now and they still are alive and kickin.  I feel like such a gardner. ;)  Oh, and I also bought a rubber plant and put some ivy in a little pot on the side table. I’d like to eventually add a few hanging plants as well.

And a few more because it’s just so pretty now!

And did you know you can even buy a hose reel that is somewhat decorative?

We needed a new one anyway for the front yard, so I had my husband switch them out so we can put the “pretty” one back here. :)

And just for grins, this is what our patio looked like before we even had the patio built.

This was taken right after we had the new slab poured.  See that tiny overhang?? What’s the purpose, builders?

And here it is today!

It really is a blessing to have a covered patio and we are so grateful!  And I’m grateful to Craigslist for an awesome deal on patio furniture because outdoor furniture is expensive!

Oh, and the little outdoor rugs are from Garden Ridge. They have a great selection of rugs, indoor and out.

So have y’all been decking out your outdoor space too?  I’m having lots of fun now and can’t wait to go back to the nursery for more plants. Sanford and Son no more I say! :)

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  1. Wow, that’s pretty gorgeous! I’d love this added to my house but our patio doors and windows are pretty high up, so we definitely need steps going down.

  2. The patio looks awesome! We are lucky to have one at our house and we just got it updated. But it needs some serious decorating love.

  3. I just got a new set of patio furniture the other day and HATE the cushions as well! Instead of buying new ones, I’m going to make a few slip covers and a couple of lumbar pillows! Easy and cheap!

  4. Hey that looks fantastic! That was going to be my suggestion that you just make/have made some slip covers for those cushions that actually FIT! It looks really great!

  5. Everything look great… love the new patio and the furniture, You guys will make many fun times out there…. have a great week


  6. You are indeed blessed to have that space! Love the transformation… enjoy!

  7. That original overhand was even tinier than I imagined! Your patio transformation is awesome!

  8. Love it! and if you really want to see a scene from Sanford & Son-come to my backyard! not pretty. and Love your Craigslist find! awesome!

  9. Why don’t you just make slipcovers for your cushions out of outdoor fabric? JoAnn’s has it on sale at 50% off frequently. Lots of great updated style/patterns/colors.

  10. Emily – your patio is beautiful! I just love it!

  11. There is a company local to Phoenix that professionally recovers outdoor patio cushions. They have a big list of fabrics to choose from. Maybe there is a similar company in your area?

    (Would you like me to post the link?)

  12. That’s a great deal for patio furniture! I will definitely check out craigslist next time we need new stuff! Looks great. :)

  13. Your patio looks great! Smart move to add two ceiling fans. My front and back patios are on my to do lists for this summer.

  14. I fell 10 degrees cooler just looking at your terrific overhang and the pretty new furnishings.

  15. It’s gorgeous, enjoy it : )

  16. Looks really nice! I love design of your outdoor space and no, have not a clue why builders make those tiny overhangs & small patios. Of course, I’m sure it’s to save $$$. Where are you in TX? I’m in the DFW area.

    Enjoy your outdoor living!


  17. What a great addition! you guys did a fab job designing it…and love the new set. And can we talk about how good your grass looks!!?? and in this heat?!?!?

  18. Looks great. We’re planning on soem major backyard renovations next year. I’ll file this away for inspiration!

  19. love it! Structurally, it’s beautiful, but aesthetically, it looks so inviting now!

  20. Looks great! It really made such a huge difference to put that seating area there! Nice!


  21. Wow, that’s a beautiful patio! Wish we had one like that!

  22. Can’t tell your lot orientation, or if your patio needs them, but some outdoor drapes would be so striking under those tall arches! I concur with the comments of slip-covering your cushions. You can buy clearance yardage of outdoor fabric & whip up something in no time. Monogram it a la Pottery Barn…

    • I’ve been dreaming of hanging up some curtains out here for a while now, but it’s just not practical down here where we live. It is SO windy and I know myself and know I wouldn’t take them down when it rains. Don’t you have to do that? I’m just afraid they’d mildew with the humidity down here…

      • ha! I was going to tell you we use a misting system to cool our patio area – but we don’t have humidity!

        Ballard has some gorgeous grommeted outdoor curtains made from that Sunbrella fabric that inhibits mildew & resists fading. I was actually thinking you could make some with painters’ tarps & large grommets from a fabric store. You could probably make some kind of tie-back with velcro to secure them in the wind, maybe?

        Does Curtainworks make an outdoor drape?

        • You may have decided on something (or no drapes) but I am working on an outdoor drape from the many Pinterest ideas. They use 1/2 inch electrical conduit as rods($2/ 10 ft) , Ikea clips ($3/10 pack), and drop cloths or sheers. And of course ORB paint. I found that Home Depot has a fantastic price on drop lotus online. Double pack of 6×9 for $10-$11. Free shipping to the store or over a certain dollar amount for home delivery.

        • Silly auto correct — not lotus, drop cloths.

  23. It looks AWESOME! I’m so jealous. Our patio currently looks like your first before with a ton of brick on the side that was leftover from building the house. Hopefully, by next summer it will be covered and be a space we can actually enjoy. I love your Craigslist find and your grass is looking really good :-)

  24. Craigslist is obviously awesome. ;) Your deck looks so nice and inviting. I love the arches!

    I’d love for you to check out my giveaway for 2 canvas pillows. Happy 4th!

  25. What a gorgeous transformation! My patio is similar to your “before” and we have no shade in our yard. We would love to have it covered like yours, but I’m wondering if having the roof over the patio makes your indoor rooms darker? less sunlight getting in b/c of the covered patio? Thanks!

    • Thanks Elizabeth! And oh goodness, this house gets tons of light because the back of the house faces West. And we’ve actually put solar screens on all of the windows in the living room because it was SO much and hot. And we still get plenty of light even with the patio and the screens. And that’s mainly because we have the large windows still above the patio that are not blocked. But if you don’t have all of the windows and/or a 2 story house, yes the light would be a little less if you were to build a patio. :)

  26. Awesome!! I love the covering! You have it decorated so cute! We are in the process of laying our own patio {a little tiny one!} but we are using patio tiles and my goodness it is quite a project!! Even for a small patio… but the before & afters are great motivation!! :)

  27. I really really love that patio you added and redecorated. Your decorating skills are out of this world.

  28. Lovely patio. The new furniture looks wonderful. What a beautiful outdoor space for you and your family & friends.

  29. Your patio looks like a great place to hang out!

  30. Don’t you love Craigslist? ;-)
    Your patio looks gorgeous!

  31. Meg LaSalle says:

    Great job Emily! I get a few moments to come look at your site as I decorate my house. – thank you thank you!!! Saved me a ton of money.
    May I suggest – has great patio cushions. Maybe they’ll fit when you are ready to replace.
    Blessings! And have a great 2nd birthday party!!

  32. Hi there! I’m your newest follower! Your blog is wonderful! I love the ceiling fans on your patio and the rug is very pretty too.


  33. love the furniture and the plants make it pop!

  34. Emily, your patio is FABULOUS! We are in the process of designing an outdoor space and, since you are in Houston too, I thought I would ask if you mind sharing the name of the company that built your patio? I have been putting off getting quotes because I don’t want to do the “phonebook flip” (do phonebooks still exist?); I’d rather go with a company that is recommended.

  35. Hey, just wanted to say I love your patio, and was just wondering how much you ended up spending on the construction part. This is definitely something I would love to add to my space, but just need to know how much to anticipate cost wise. Thanks!

  36. This just gave me some great ideas. I’ve been thinking of getting rid of the crudy deck and doing a patio instead. I really like yours. Of course I have no clue when it will get done as I’ve got tons of projects ahead of it.

  37. We had an outside covered patio/fireplace built a few years ago but I wish I had seen this before we designed our area. Love, love, love what you have done. And the new Craigslist find — perfect. I’m a BIG believer in Craigslist. I can ALWAYS find an inexpensive answer to my needs. Great job!!!

  38. Love the everything except…..just have to say the columns are lttle to pointy at the top for me….

  39. Hi, who did you get to build your patio. I Iive in the Houston area.


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