New Outdoor Patio Additions

Hey guys! Today’s a happy day since my Alabama family is coming into town and staying a week! I’ve been crazy busy like a mad woman getting everything cleaned up and ready.  And the outdoor area wasn’t left behind either. You all know this summer I’ve been creating different WoCave’s, or places that I feel inspired and empowered. To me, that also means places that I can relax and chill. So for this particular WoCave mission I have some new outdoor patio additions to get me to that happy place. :)

Outdoor Chair Cushion |

Remember our old cushions? They were old and dated and came with the set when I bought it off Craigslist, and definitely needed to be replaced.  Well I only had enough money to buy 2 new sets of cushions for both chairs, so I still have the same old ones for the loveseat. Saving up for that!  Regardless though, I think the overall look of the patio now is much improved. :)

Wicker Patio Furniture |

I did have enough money to buy that new green rug too! It was only $50 at Lowe’s and it’s a big 7×9 size. Here’s the old small one we used to have that got really faded.

Yes I know those cushions are hideous. Can’t wait to get the matching ones for the loveseat soon!

Anyhow, it’s still wayyyyyy better. :) So to celebrate my happy WoCave with my new cushions and rug, me and my baby girls had a little fun night out on the patio! (hubby showed up a little later too, hehe)


We all loved playing with the AWESOME Polaroid Instant Print camera that came in my last mission box from Skinny Cow! Yes, it prints pictures right then and there!

Polaroid Instant Print Camera - Prints pictures immediately! |



It even records video too. So old school right? I haven’t seen a polaroid camera in years! It’s awesome.

Then we had some fun treats too.

Party Treats |

A little adult juice in the redneck wine glass, and of course our ice cream and s’mores!

We had lovely ambient lighting too with these lantern string lights.

Lantern String Lights |

And then we ended the party with a little sunset watching.


I love the WoCave concept of having one outdoors. It’s special to me because a., the decor looks much better now, and b., because I can enjoy it alone, AND share it with my family. I know the WoCave is usually an all-women sort of place, but that doesn’t mean my husband isn’t allowed to partake in the fun me and my girls have sometimes too. :)

Outdoor Patio |

For my next and final mission, I received another big box of items.


Junk Beautiful |

Any guesses what I’m challenged to do? I’m still pondering it all. :)

So what do you think of the new patio additions? I am definitely not sad to see the palm trees go bye bye! Oh and you can see the full details on the first patio makeover here.



*Thanks to Skinny Cow for sponsoring this post and including me for this campaign. All thoughts and opinions are always my own.*

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  1. Loraine Thomas says:

    Yes I agree the cushions are much better now. What cute girls you have.

  2. really like the seat cushions.

  3. You have Alabama family? See, another reason I really like your style. Do they Roll Tide or War Eagle? The furniture looks great and your girls are so adorable.

  4. Good job, DecorChick ;)

  5. Love the new cushions! Are those things not crazy expensive?! I waited until they were on sale *swing cushions* like dirt cheap then bought outdoor fabric *dirt cheap too* and covered them with something I liked. ha. I’m cheap and almost had a heart attack at the prices when I was searching for new. Ouch! I love the patio set.
    Your little’s are so darling. I see the baby is daddy made over in the profile pic. Our new little grandson is filling our hearts to overflowing.

    Jake’s a Girl

  6. The patio looks great! The new cushions go very well with the older ones and nobody will even think about them being older if you don’t mention it. Love the lantern string lights – so cute! The rug’s great too – really makes a patio feel more like a room! I think your guests are going to love the new patio! Hugs, Leena

  7. Love the new striped cushions with the touch of green…may be a bit too sophisticated for those lovely wine glasses you have lol

  8. Where are the lantern lighs from? My patio could use those !